Let’s go to National Book Fair 44th “The hope” @QSSNC

This is the necessary hope to make

Someone ever told to Thai people about Thai people read books average 7 lines per year. I don’t know is it true to say about that? I can’t complain and answer to question I can’t know. But actually in Thailand, educational system is failed. That can take damage to every students who are learning.

One of reason… they don’t read any books more.

So Thai government creates many campaign about reading a book, such as “love to read”, a project that commands every students to read and summarize what are they reading on “love to read” diary, then send to teacher everyday, but this project is failed because students aren’t honest to read, they read at final day and summarize at diary to get infamous points. That isn’t good.


But don’t worry, now many Thai people love to read many books because celebrities at social networks created their novels or fictions to sell. Some celebrities recommend books to read at their social networks. Actually books in Thailand are middle of low and high price. Approximately 200 Baht per book and 200 Baht for some Thai people are so expensive. So National Book Fair is created to promote book selling.

Concept of National Book Fair 44th is “ความหวัง” (The hope)

We hope Thai people feel profound to read real book.

We hope everyone know more knowledge around them.

Because knowledge isn’t limited in school or university, so we hope many books will give the way to the truth.

This is the paradise of reader!!!


Why? Because National Book Fair has many booth that discounts books to be affordable. Some booths has book with 199 Baht, but that is “Buy 1 Get 1” promotion!! That is one of the greatest deal of purchasing book ever. I researched many booths in National Book Fair and I saw every booth discounted every books. With cover price, I didn’t believe. Calling to merchant to knew true price. Every merchants in National Book Fair were so kind, but please didn’t bargain to them because they already discounted to get big deals for customers who came to National Book Fair.

There are many advertising stick to trees.

There are many genres of books. From lovely novel to religious books from Buddhism, Christian, Islam or Hindu. You can find it and read with sample before you buy it. Every merchants in National Book Fair are kind and friendly. They smiled to every customers who visit to their book booth. Only you walk near each booth, merchant sees to you and said “You can ask me for more information.”


But I confess about this is so annoyed. I like method of Apple Store that sellers stand away from customer. If customers want to buy, they walk to seller themselves. Seller walks or greet to customers directly make customers feel stress, hesitated and walk away from booth. I don’t know why I walk away if sellers greet me first. But I feel I am little thief who read books in bookstore for free and don’t decide to purchase books I read.

By the way, there were only 30% of booth that sellers greet to customers first. Do you know when you want to purchase any books, customers must read first for deciding to purchase.


This event is suitable for all ages who love to read many books, manga is available in this event too. Or politic books, biography books, history books, sport books, kid books, books from celebrities, You can buy or collect manga you missed. This is the paradise of reader!!!

For international reader

This expo welcomed every international readers due to there were some international book booths such as Kinokuniya, Asia Books, Bookazine that sold books with great deals. For new books, they discounted starting at 15% (average 20%), but I recommended to Bookazine that sold with promotion “Buy 1 Get 1 free” with 199,299 or 399 Baht. So you could get another book for free.


For “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, it made me to be interested. When I walked to Asia Books X Bookazine booth, I saw to “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” immediately. It was big sign to let another one saw it. So I thought about “What is Buy 1 Get 1 Free?”

I saw to many books at “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” zone. Oh!!! There were many international fictions at here. Actually I interested to read international fictions to learning using words, language to write any fictions. And those books were 199 Baht (normal price was 299 Baht or above) and buying 1 to get 1 free. Oh!!!

That was very great deal!!

But… no any recommendations to any books at this zone. So I saw to many books’s name and decided to choose. Luckily, this booth wasn’t interested from another Thai reader much due to Asia Books X Bookazine sold only international books. So choosing interested fictions were so easy. I chose The Family Corleone by Ed Falco and Zoo by James Patterson who wrote with many chapters! I picked up these books and went to cashier. Cashier was so kind and friendly. I gave 100 Baht with 4 notes to her and she gave change back 1 Baht.

But… she gave free Thai > English > Thai (with roman writing) dictionary. Oh!!! So I got “Buy 1 Get 2 free!” What the fuck is that? It was so badass deal I had ever seen.

Actually free dictionary I didn’t use it. But it was useful for foreigners!!

But… International zone didn’t make for any foreigners much. It made for Thai people who wanted to know English or study English because at Asia Books had many books of learning English, or preparing to test TOEFL. Only “Buy 1 Get 1 free” fictions was so greatest deal for foreigners who came to National Book Fair.

Books I purchased

There are 6 books I bought from National Book Fair. With great prices, it was so attractive to me a lot. It compared to Steam Sale who Gabe Newell teased to gamers often. All of booths in National Book Fair discounted their books they sold. Many books I interested a lot. Many books I wanted to purchased, but due to limited budget, so I chose only interested books to read.

So… which books did I choose? Let’s check it out.

Wake up! liberalism…


Written by Chatcharint Chaiyawat
Published by Green Panyayarn

In Thailand, liberalism is moderate forbidden. Some websites that give liberal knowledge are blocked by government due to not suitable for Thai politic. But this book can tell about history of liberalism around the world. It mentioned with Der Wandervogel, Youth group in Germany that didn’t care government’s suggestion. Hippie, people who didn’t care to generic lifestyle, but they were persuaded by LSD cult and technology cult by capitalism. That is really interested story you read it and you get knowledge.

Price : 17x Baht from 220 Baht (I forgot exact price so I put “x” to approximate) Free 2 bookmarks from Green Panyayarn publishing
Pages : 245 pages
Words per page density : High (25 lines, less paragraphs)
Genre : Non-fiction



Written by Sir Thomas More
Translated by Kulatida Bunnayakul (Kunnakin)
Published by Arrow Classic Books (under associated by Owl publishing)

I just bought this book and I didn’t read it yet. But at Utopia cover, translator said it was classic literature that said about the city of paradise. I wanted some idea about idealistic city and I already heard Utopia since I learned at high school, but I didn’t know how to research it. Finally look like someone wish me to see Utopia book. It was translated to Thai language and its price was so affordable surprisingly.

Price : 100 Baht from 185 Baht.
Pages : 199 pages
Words per page density : medium (22 lines)
Genre : Classic novel

Betting Lover


Written by 7’x
Published by Jamsai Publishing

Sometimes I wanted to research or know feeling of romantic fiction who writer wrote to girl readers. And now this genre was growing to be popular than earlier years. Look at this cover. Characters are so sweet and attractive. Although I’m a guy but I don’t care to read romantic fictions for girls. I want to know what girls are thinking and feeling when they read romantic fiction. And you just know instantly about this fiction published by Jamsai, the most popular romantic fiction publisher in Thailand. Actually I know girls’ feeling when I translated Pinky Promise. That is so mystic and cryptic for guys.

I didn’t read Betting Lover yet. I bought many books so this book is in queued to read.

Price : 152 Baht from 179 Baht. Free 4 bookmarks from Jamsai Publishing
Pages : 245 pages
Words per page density : medium (28 lines)
Genre : Romantic novel

The Family Corleone


Written by Ed Falco
Published by Arrow Books

This is the most hardcore book I’ve ever read. It is international book that used English language. I read it 68 pages and each pages in this book had many words. That is so insane as The Game by Neil Strauss that has many words per page. From writer of The Godfather, so The Family Corleone may have sequel continue from The Godfather or alternate story of The Godfather. Ed Falco, writer of this book wrote very well. He described atmosphere in fiction simply. When I read this, I felt characters in The Family Corleone were lively. When some character felt sad, I felt sad too. That was incredible. For speed reader, this book welcome you. You can read quickly and you see picture as same as watching movie.

Price : 199 Baht from 350 Baht Free Zoo (International fiction) & Thai > English dictionary
Pages : 437 pages
Words per page density : High (35 lines)
Genre : Crime novel



Written by James Patterson
Published by Arrow books

I ever read James Patterson’s fiction “Truth or Die” but I felt I didn’t know what story told about. Due to I read with limit time so I read quickly. I confessed to myself I remembered casino scene, but after that I forgot it. James Patterson’s fictions have many chapters but each chapter has only 3-7 pages. He wrote fiction very well as same as Ed Falco who wrote The Godfather and The Family Corleone, but James Patterson’s fictions use words less than Ed Falco’s fiction so you can read each pages quickly. And you can read quickly to this fiction due to James Patterson describes atmosphere very well and high details.

Price : Free (Actually price is 199 Baht but I buy The Family Corleone with Buy 1 free 1 promotion)
Pages : 486 pages
Words per page density : medium
Genre : Thriller novel

Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu (Our love confession exercises | แบบฝีกหัดสารภาพรักของฉันกับเธอ)


Written by Toko Fujitani
Translated by Suwaphat Songmuang
Published by Animag Books

Another romantic fiction by Japanese writer Toko Fujitani and translated to Thai by Suwaphat Songmuang (Wait… Translator’s last name is same as Thanaerng who performed as “Jane” in Hormones The Series). I finished reading this only a day and language writer wrote was very simple. This romantic fiction lacked with conveying atmosphere. There were many character’s dialogue. So speed reading didn’t welcome much. But illustration in this romantic fiction is very beautiful as same as girl manga. And this fiction you can knew character’s mini biography. So you can know their background that another fiction don’t give basic information from each characters.

I read it and I can predict sequel simply. Look like romantic fiction must read with details and you can feel appreciated from stories.

Price : 195 Baht from 220 Baht (Free 3 bookmarks from Animag books)
Pages : 221 pages
Words per page density : low (22 lines but many paragraphs)
Genre : Romantic novel

Day After Day


Written by Wongthanong Chainarongsingha
Published by a|book

This book is Wongthanong Chainarongsingha’s diary or his recommended articles he has written since he was a day’s founder. Writing style is same as diary. So no scripted story, no happy ending, bad ending, but linear story. Actually I wrote diaries so I learned this writing diary skill first.

There are many stories from another people and writer wrote to convey how about them. As same as short stories that every stories are ended only one chapter.

Price : less than 200 Baht from 235 Baht. (Free 2 bookmarks from a|book)
Pages : 459 pages
Words per page density : medium (24 lines)
Genre : Diary, Short story



Written by William Le Queux
Translated by Lord Saranuprapan
Published by Thai Quality Books

Writer wrote the meaning of Rasputin was “Satan in saint’s appearance”. I knew about history with Rasputin with a little from history teacher in high school. After I graduated from high school, I learned in art university that taught only history of art (such as Renaissance, Roman, Romantic, Art Nouveau, etc.). Until I saw this book at Kinokuniya bookstore at EmQuartier, but that time I focused to English books for practicing English skills.

Finally Rusputin (Thai language) appeared again, but this appeared in black market at National Book Fair. This book translated by Lord Saranuprapan since 1924, so this book is very very old than I think and language from Thai translation is so outdated. Some words or sentences was so ancient. But speed reading welcomed. You can imagine or visualize what this book want to say.

Price : 208 Baht from 260 Baht (Discounted 20%)
Pages : 400 pages
Words per page density : medium (26 lines)
Genre : History



This is “National Book Fair”, but not “International Book Fair”, so this event is made for Thai people only. For Thai, this is the greatest book fair ever in Thailand that exhibits twice per year (in April and October, but October called “National Book Festival”). You can get books with great deals you can’t receive from another book expos in Thailand.


  • Many insane deals for destroying your money in wallet.
  • As same as “Stream Sales”
  • You can get many books with affordable prices at here.
  • You can meet writers at here.
  • Pinky Promise is available at a|book booth.
  • You can send book as gift to Thailand Post booth.



  • Not for foreigners. 98% of books they are sold use Thai language.
  • No wrapping plastic service to take care books’ cover.

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