Let’s go to Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

I want to ask you first…

If I say about cars, motorbikes, jet ski, what do you want to prefer first?


Yeah, you must have money first to buy them…


If I say about motor show, what first thing do you prefer?

New cars? New technology? Yeah!!! You’re right dude.

But bonus thing you never know from motor show in Thailand was…

Yeah!!! Booth babe, race queens available in Bangkok Motor Show!!!

For Thai people if you say to your friends to go to Motor Show, first thing your friends mention is “booth babe”. What is the booth babe? let’s check it out.

Booth babe is a woman who is hired for attracting customers near booth to come in each booths for interesting products, services or activity. Booth babe ever appeared for more than 30 years ago in Thailand. First time booth babe in Thailand isn’t sexy as same as this year. They worked as same as sales consultant. That was same as diplomat of booth.


Actually booth babe isn’t boomed much in Thailand for 30 years ago. But now booth babe career is boomed extremely because booth babe profit is so very great, but booth babe must invest to high quality cosmetics and skincare items and casting project is so very tough. Damn!!! Very hard!!!

OK, now I tell about how to go to Bangkok International Motor Show 2016 without your personal car.

First, you come to Victory monument and seek bus No.166.

Second, sit it and you said to ticket seller “Park Kred”

Third, bus No.166 is going on expressway, but if it go out from express way by keeping left, you stand up and wait in front of bus door. Don’t forget to press ring button for telling driver to stop at bus station.

Fourth, you cross the road to opposite side, then you enter to Muang Thong avenue.


Fifth, if you can’t tolerate to walk with 2 kilometers to Impact, Muang Thong Thani, you hired motorbike TAXI, but if you don’t be serious with time, you walk walk and walk to Impact Muang Thong Thani. I used this method and this is also amazing. It take me to be relax.


You should come to Victory Monument before 11:00 AM. That was very great time.


Finally I walked to Impact with Challenger zone. Yeah, that’s it. Bangkok Motor Show’s sign was so very big.


Then you enter to nearest entrance and you will see ticket counter. Price cost was 100 Baht. (2.84 USD). After you purchase, yeah!!! Let’s go baby!!


There are 4 zones of Bangkok Intentional Motor Show. First zone you can reach it easily is “Sound and motor care zone”, second was “Motorbike”, third was “Accessories” and forth was “Car manufacturer zone”.



Roxanne in real life hahaha.

For my opinion, I wanted to say Bangkok International Motor Show in this year wasn’t great as same as last years. I don’t know why…. First reason was booth babes in this years didn’t appear often and many booth babes are hired from last years. No new booth babes in here.

Booth babes at accessories zone. They’re friendly. Actually they’re my friends since I wrote my exhibition blogs in 2013.

Second, many people!!! Yeah!!! Many people in Bangkok Motor Show. That meant this exhibition was for buying cars, products not showing booth babes extremely as same as Motor Expo. I saw to many booths in Bangkok Motor Show and many things were affordable. That was so attractive.

Not only car, watch can buy at Motor Show too.

But if you want to flirt booth babes, I regret to tell you about booth babes in Bangkok Motor Show couldn’t give any opportunities to let you talk with them more than 1 minute due to many photographers wanted to take photos with booth babes, and if you only have smartphone or tablet to take booth babe photos, some booth babe focused to photographers who had DSLR camera. They didn’t see you.

“Valley of the fairy” Someone said.

So I took some photos with Third person view of photographers. Due to many photographers loved to take photos with booth babe and no one knew their behind the scene, so I took these.

Finally I came to my home. I felt disappointed to Motor Show in this year due to no new appearance. Same booth babe, same booth formation, same accessories, same ticket fee, same place, same traffic problem. Not for booth babe newbie photographers. But for customers who wanted new car.


But… I warn you about… Bangkok has the most problem of bad traffic. Can you raise more bad traffic by purchasing car more?




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