More information about “The Urbanist 2”

The Urbanist is my original novel that set story to nightlife community and influencers. Because everyone want to be influencer and get more money to survive from the urban city. There are many methods to get more money and look like being famous people is the best way to do, so many people want to… Continue reading More information about “The Urbanist 2”


[AD] Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch

Inside Rondo's home. Now Rondo was watching something. "Hey Rondo!!" Freya who was staying at Rondo's home asked. "What? Freya?" Rondo asked. "What is that?" Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch!! This is first time in Thailand, with launching the greatest game from SONY Playstation! In the name "Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch" Receive "Uncharted 4"… Continue reading [AD] Uncharted 4 Thailand Midnight Launch

The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 1

Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Meow..... Roxanne opened her eyes and she saw around her. She just woke up. Her body was so refreshed to welcome next day. Actually her cat name Puifaii (cotton), Khao Manee cat woke Roxanne. Looked like Puifaii was hungry. It needed breakfast now. It still licked Roxanne's face… Continue reading The Urbanist Chapter 7 “Roxanne” Part 1

Let’s go to Songkran Festival, the water wars in Thailand

Let's shoot, baby! Shoot them!!! Take down them all!! Oops!!! Alien prepare to invade humans!! Drench that fucking guy!! Finally one of the insanest festival in Thailand appeared again in the name of "Songkran Festival". This festival you can shoot water to everyone who carry colorful water gun!! No one cared how to drench insanely.… Continue reading Let’s go to Songkran Festival, the water wars in Thailand

The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 6 “Praewa”

............ "Praewa......." Someone called Praewa. ............ "Praewa.... Wake up!" ............ Part 1 "Hey!!! What are you sleeping? Now 7:00 AM. You will be late!! Wake up now!!" Today was Valentine's day, the day that sucked couple's money to buy chocolate or flowers to their lover. But... This day was Saturday... No learning, but have important… Continue reading The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 6 “Praewa”

The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 5 “Jane”

Actually Jane was assassin of Tiger organized crime. No one ever knew she was assassin. Ben didn't know too. He only knew Jane was psychiatrist from Samitivej hospital and she was fired due to her treatment was violated to patient. Only Jane knew herself what she did everything. She hid more things you didn't know.… Continue reading The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 5 “Jane”

Let’s go to National Book Fair 44th “The hope” @QSSNC

This is the necessary hope to make Someone ever told to Thai people about Thai people read books average 7 lines per year. I don't know is it true to say about that? I can't complain and answer to question I can't know. But actually in Thailand, educational system is failed. That can take damage… Continue reading Let’s go to National Book Fair 44th “The hope” @QSSNC