The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 4 “Japan”

Part 1

After that bad moment that happened to Dada and her friends, now everyone wanted to know why Dada was targeted to kill. Many Facebook pages administrators or Twitter users created this question to find the truth and debated together. This moment was so hot and everyone who play internet knew it all.At DSI, the secret investigation.


White, Best’s father walked to his room in DSI building. He held USB flash drive he got from Best to open some files inside USB flash drive.

He attached USB flash drive to USB socket. Then he double click to flash drive icon on desktop. At DSI many computer were iMac for preventing viruses.

After that inside USB flash drive, there were 1 file. It was video clip that was really suspicious. White double-clicked it to watch what it was before he wore earphone.


“Ah crap. Japanese AV.” White blamed when that video clip he opened was Japanese AV. He closed that video clip immediately before he pull that flash drive away with his disappointment.

After that another investigator who was female and wore DSI uniform came to White.

“Sir White. We got some clues with Sanctuary club.” That investigator said to White. “We will meet this clue at conference room.”

White nodded and he followed DSI female investigator. 2 minutes later, White and female investigator came to conference room.

“Hello White.” Another DSI investigator who were sitting at chair in conference room said hello to White.

“Hello.” White replied.

Then investigator leader opened slides, video clips and some photos via projector in conference room for comparing situation from Siam Paragon and Sanctuary club.

“These video clip came from CCTV camera.” DSI investigator leader described what happened between burnt Sanctuary club and Siam Paragon, the place assassins were assassinating Dada. “Look at this. There are same assassin costumes. It ever came to Sanctuary club, but I don’t know it was reason for burning Sanctuary club. It only walked around inside. Nothing was suspected.

Then DSI investigator leader called to White.

“White. You ever said to me you got USB flash drive from assassin. What file are they contained?”

“Only Japanese AV.” White answered. “It’s nonsense.”

“And now do you have that USB flash drive?” DSI investigator leader doubted there were some files inside USB flash drive.


“Can you let me open it?”

“Huh? This contained Japanese AV. It’s porn video. Leader. Do you want to watch that?”

“It may have some intels.” DSI investigator leader said. “Send it to me.”

White didn’t have a choice to refuse. If his leader wanted it, White opened his wallet he kept USB flash drive and he picked a thing DSI investigator leader wanted to him. He slided that USB flash drive to leader for letting leader open it.

With only insert USB flash drive into leader’s notebook, that notebook had blue screen of death instantly.


Fuck!!! Virus!!!

Leader blamed immediately and smacked conference table with his hand unconsciously.

“Why can you open this drive?” Leader asked.

“I used iMac at my room.” White answered immediately. “There are only Japanese AV.”

“And did that have any clues, such as logo or something. I think that Japanese AV producer or publisher may tell something.”


White knew too. Finally he said..

Do you have some piece of paper?

“I have.” Leader answered and he brought piece of paper to White before he picked his prn and drew logo that appeared in Japanese AV.

“Leader. Do you know about this? This is logo it appeared in Japanese MV.”

That logo had cat shape. It was smiled cat. Leader analyzed what this logo came from. Finally he said. “That cat…!!!? I know!!”

“What is it leader?” White asked and leader said.

Fuck!! It’s Tiger, the organized crime! Isn’t it dead from Bangkok?

When leader frightened a lot with “Tiger”, now conference room were pressured without anything appeared. Everyone could touch that pressure. It was really severe and invisible.

Finally suspicious organization appeared.

At Chris’s room.


When he was creating new mix song at his home in someday,  he opened Facebook for posting his new mixed songs. But before he posts, he saw Dada’s contents who his friends on Facebook shared from Facebook pages.


“Dada….?” Chris said when he saw Dada on Facebook news. With his curious mind, he clicked that contents to watch how about Dada. He dragged cursor on computer display onto that content and clicked it. Then next tab of web browser appeared. Within 5 seconds, content about Dada appeared to let Chris knew.

Know about Dada, a girl who everyone in this world want her to die.

Yesterday at Siam Paragon, there was unbelievable moment occurred when Dada, Salvador’s daughter was targeted to assassinate at some milk cafe at 4th floor, Siam Paragon. And now investigator found important evidence about DSI’s new sniper rifle “Artemis”. Look like that was prototype aue to Artemis sniper rifle now is under development and need more experiments to use in real DSI’s mission. For information about Artemis, DSI will announce later.

Who is Dada?

Dada is Salvador’s adoptive daughter. She was orphan when she was a child. But Salvador fed her until now she was 19 and she learned at Assumption University with faculty of communication art. She is so popular because her attitude is so greater than another one and she is so cute. Many guys and butches tried to flirt her, but looked like she denied them because someone said she is already in a relationship with her close friend.

Why everyone in this world want Dada to die?

Due to Dada closes to Salvador very much, and Salvador is a leader of liberal politician. In Thailand, liberalism is forbidden but Salvador want to change Thailand with liberal. So Salvador is targeted from conservative influencers around Bangkok. Capturing Dada is deserve. Everyone may know where Salvador is.

Trivias about Dada

  • Dada ever was whore.
  • Dada ever had pregnancy, but she aborted.
  • Dada adultered to her ex-boyfriend. She was so slutty.
  • If you want Dada as your wife, you’re commiting suicide.

First time Chris read that news, he didn’t believe immediately. That was fake news.

“Fuck this fake news!” Chris blamed to that news he ever read on Facebook.

Everyone thought as same as Chris. They blamed with comments under this shitty post on Facebook a lot.

“Fuck that shitty fake news. Dada never did this.”

“I met her at university. She is so cute and friendly. I have selfie photos with her.”

“She is so innocent. She never did this.”

“Hey!!! Don’t stay at beautiful world. She love to go to Safe House nightclub often on every Friday. Until Safe House is terminated because of this bitch Dada!”

“Really? But if she love to go nightclub, she also had One Night Stand.”

“Fuck that piece of shit news asshole. You knew Dada only her appearance.You never meet her in real life and you wrote this shitty news. FUCK YOU!”

For Chris, he shook his head for disagreeing journalist logic. Not only news from URBANISTNEWS.COM, many Facebook pages used this opportunity to do nasty thing for letting another one knew them. They made clickbait news and post it to Facebook. There were 6 news about Dada that was bad news. But it’s too late. Many Thai Facebook users knew this news quickly. They believe that news certainly without knowing anything from Dada’s mouth.

That made Chris felt pity to Dada more. He wanted to say directly with Dada, but Dada still blocked him on Facebook.

2 weeks later.


Dada didn’t know what happened with her. After suspended penalty was finished, Dada came to university as usual with her close friends, Toto and Best. But looked like Dada knew something was unusual because when she walked to Assumption University’s gateway, security guards saw to Dada with insulting sight. He didn’t say anything. Dada could felt that security guard of Assumption University wasn’t same as earlier day.

Until Best said. “Hey!!! I will check my Facebook first. My girlfriend may send something to me.” That Best’s Facebook checking made Dada and Toto stopped walking. Best unlocked iPhone screen and he opened Facebook appication. Certainly, Amp sent something to Best. It was shown at message notification. He opened it at read Amp’s message.

Amp : Best. Look like Dada is in danger again. Many Facebook news feed, there are many fake news about Dada spread out widely. Tell Dada to open Facebook and announce everyone to know the truth now. If Dada don’t do this, it will harm her life at future.”

When Best read Amp’s message successfully, he opened Facebook news feed and he saw many awkward and weird news about Dada. Someone wanted her to die. Someone wanted her to confess everything. Someone said “Wait Dada to speak.”. Someone said “It’s not true, but look like Dada didn’t play Facebook?”

“Dada. Look at it.” Best said to Dada and Dada saw to Best’s Facebook news feed. That was it!! There were many posts were condemning Dada relentlessly. When Dada read everything at Best’s Facebook, she frowned and asked to Best, Toto. “What happen to me? I’m not crime!!”

“Dada. Please activate Facebook again.” Best said. “And say everything of your truth. If you still hide yourself, someone will create this shitty news more more and more. Your truth only make everyone don’t be crazy with you.”

Dada smiled and she said. “OK. I know what I should do. At lunch time everyone should know me more. I will record my video to let everyone know. Toto, before having lunch, come with me.”

“Yeah, Dada.” Toto said and smiled to Dada. Dada smiled back for accepting Toto’s reply.

Then Dada, Toto and Best walked to their bench they always sat inside cathedral of learning. But someone who dressed nerdy glasses and had braid hairstyle walked to Dada and she said. “Hello Dada. Can I selfie with you?”


“Hey!!!” Best tried to forbid that girl who wanted to selfie with Dada, but Dada clapped to Best’s shoulder and she nodded to Best.

“Yeah!” Dada answered to that girl before that girl stood against Dada and she held her smartphone to take selfie.


“Thank you ver much.” That girl said. “You’re not same as news on Facebook said about you.”

Dada and her friends smiled when that girl didn’t believe Dada’s news on Facebook. After that, Toto said to that girl curiously. “You’re welcome. Um… I think I remember you. Are you administrator of Net Idol Facebook page?”

“Yes.” That girl answered immediately before she smiled with her happiness. “I’m Noel. Nice to meet you Dada. Everyone misunderstand you. I can help you from fake news.”

Dada smiled before her friends followed to smile. Noel will help her from the enormous misunderstanding from many people on Facebook.

“Thank you Noel.” Dada said and grinned.

“Ah good bye Dada. See you again.” Noel said and she waved her hand to Dada before she walked away from Dada. Now Dada grinned deeply.

“Hey!!! She will help you, Dada.” Toto said. Best smirked.

30 minutes later, Dada, Toto and Best came to classroom. Now today these 3 people were learning about history of communication arts. When Dada came to classroom, everyone welcome Dada warmly.

“Hi Dada!!!” Bash, Dada’s classmate called to Dada. “How about you? I worried you a lot.”

Dada smiled and she said. “Now I’m OK. That time was really mad!!”

“Hahaha.” Bash laughed. “And how about Toto? Do you think about him more than friend?”


“No way Bash. She always be my friend although she still has small boobs.” Toto substituted to say. Dada felt pungent to Toto who said about her small boobs again so she smashed her elbow to Bash immediately.


“Toto!!! Stop saying this.” Dada felt shy and she said to Toto directly.

“You don’t agree the truth?” Toto replied and made troll face.

“And who the hell let you say this?” Dada argued to Toto a little.

“Hey!!! Don’t lie Dada. Everyone already know you and Toto can be in a relationship in ther future. Now I have girlfriend and I know that sense. Toto, you will not be single soon.”


Then Dada and Toto laughed together. After that some guy walked to Dada’s classroom and he said. “Dada, can you selfie with me?”

“Yeah. OK.” Dada accepted to him. Then that guy selfie with Dada, but he embraced Dada’s waist. Toto saw that guy’s behavior was unusual so Toto touched to that guy’s arm away from Dada’s waist.


Until that guy took selfie successfully. Then he walked away without saying anything as Noel.

“You’re really hot, Dada.” Toto said and smiled.

“Because I’m Net Idol, so I always have many people want to selfie with me.” Dada answered. “And this can tell everyone I’m not arrogant and bad habit as another one who posted rumors and spreaded all of internet.”

“I know. But that guy embraced your waist. Didn’t you feel something? Why did you allow him to touch more?” Toto asked with his worry.

“Hey!!! I don’t care.” Dada smiled. “I’m public figure. Embracing or touching me isn’t severe than I think. But if someone kiss me, that is really weird.” Dada said and doubted with a few seconds. “Or you’re jealous me?”

“No!!!” Toto lied…

“Hahaha.” Best laughed. “Dada. Do you know Toto love you?”


“Love as friend, but not girlfriend.” Dada said. “He always said to me he wanted girlfriend who is white skin, big boobs, V-Shape face. As same as booth babes. But look like he fails to flirt booth babes often hahaha.”

“Or your flirting skill is suck?” Best asked to Toto.

“No No No!!! I’ve just gotten bad luck. I flirted some girls who were already in a relationship.” Toto said.

“Why don’t you interest some usual girl?” Dada doubted. “Look at our classmates. I think they were cute and suitable to you.”

“I feel so-so.” Toto said. “Nothing interested.”

Then Japanese student came to classroom Dada learned. Her name was Akiko. She came from Japan and lived at Japanese village in Thonglor. Akiko went to Dada, waved her hand and she said. “Hi Dada.”

Dada waved her hand to greet Akiko too. “Hi.”

“Dada. Do you know our university will open booth in Japan Expo at Central World. I want you to be presenter of our Japanese booth. Can you dress with Kimono costume?”

Dada didn’t think anything. She instantly said. “Yes.” That made Best and Toto doubted with Dada’s decision.

“Good. So will meet me at Japanese club in the afternoon? Are you queued?”

“Look like I will come to you lately. I have some personal job.” Dada answered. “But don’t worry Akiko. It won’t take long time.”

Akiko smiled due to Dada accepted her request.

“Thank you Dada. We need you to be booth ambassador. See you again in the afternoon. Good bye.” Akiko said and leaved from classom Dada and her friend were staying.

“Hey!!! Dada.” Toto said. “Look like I need to flirt this girl. Is she single?”

“Huh? Do you want to flirt Akiko?” Dada asked. “Yes, you can. Akiko is single. Run to her now!!”

“OK.” Toto smiled then he ran away from classroom to Akiko immediately. Then Toto saw to Akiko who was listening music from her phone. Toto ran to her relentlessly until he approached Akiko from behind.

“Hi Akiko.” Toto said to Akiko and smiled. “What is your phone number?”

“Huh? Do you want to flirt me?” Akiko asked directly.

“Yes.” Toto answered. “Your smiled is really great.”

Akiko felt in love with Toto instantly because she never got any guys who flirt her directly. Then she gave phone number to Toto by picking Toto’s iPhone 3G and dialed her phone number.

“Thank you.” Toto said. Then he walked back to Dada and Best inside classroom.

“I got it.” Toto said to Dada. “Thank you Dada.”

Dada smiled when Toto will get away from single. After that she created this status.


After learning at first subject, Best wanted to have lunch with his girlfriend, but Dada appointed Toto to recorded Dada’s announcement and upload to her Facebook.


“Are you ready Dada?” Toto asked.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

Then she said

“Hi ^_^ My name is Dada Cupcake and many people misunderstand me severely. Someone know I ever pregnant, someone know I am a whore, someone know I am arrogant, many people said this and spread together without knowing the truth. First time I feel so-so with this, but finally I can’t tolerate every news they created to invade me. I already know everyone in the world always have love and hate. For love, I feel happy when my fans love me. But for haters, they created fake news to attack me. Why did you do this although that everything you said were bullshit? Why don’t you have your concentration to decide what is wrong and right?

I never pregnant. I never was a whore. I never was arrogant. You said hi to me, I will say hi back.

And Toto, my close friend still be my close friend, not my boyfriend as you think.

I feel sad when you believe fake news more than everything from me. For any presses who wrote bullshit news, I forgive to you, but you must apologize me if you have dignity more. You can criticize me. You can blame me severely, but you must have reason to do that. And I always recommend compliment is greater than criticize.

Although my dad is organized crime leader, but why? I never do any crime. I use my life as same as another people.

If you want to meet me, at Japan Expo that will appear at Central World, you can say hi at ABAC booth. I will be presenter of Japanese club. So don’t miss this. Let’s meet me together.”

After Dada finished saying, she smiled and she uploaded her video to Facebook.

Finally Chris could go away from hospital. Now his wound on his head fixed sucessfully. Chris thought to that night a bottle of beer was thrown to him. Looked like his friends ever was at Route 66. Her face looked like Jane. But he didn’t think much.

Part 2

“Dada.” Toto asked curiously. “Is your dad organized crime leader?”

Dada answered directly. “Yes. Everyone know my adoptive dad is organized crime leader. You’re first people you know from me, not from video clip.”

Toto shook his head and said. “I just know. And why do you always say your dad is adoptive?”

Dada paused her answer with 3 seconds. She breathed in deeply and answered. “He isn’t my real dad. I don’t know who is my dad, but I ever had my mom since I was child. Last time brought me to travel at amusement park ‘Dream World’. That time Dream World just opened. No trees as same as this time. It was very hot. I remembered I cried a lot when I sat at roller coaster with my mom, but my mom screamed extremely with her happiness. Ah… That time I was 5 years old. Very childhood. The weirdest thing in Dream World I have ever seen is I entered to Haunted House with my mom. I always remembered that ghoul who approached me directly. It made me frightened and panic a lot. I always cried in Haunted House, but my mom hugged me. That time I felt my mom loved me a lot. I miss that time, and… my mom too.

Now… I don’t know where my mom is.”

After that Dada cried with sadness when her mom went away from her. She didn’t know what time her mom will come to her again.

“Why did your mom lose away from you?” Toto asked to Dada curiously.

“I don’t know. Last time I saw to my mom, that was 6 years old. She said ‘I will come again if I am ready.’ After that she lost from me with long time. I don’t know how to contact her.” Dada explained.

“What is her name?” Toto asked Dada’s mom’s name.

“Athena.” Dada answered.

“And your adoptive dad?”

“Salvador.” Dada answered.

“For Salvador, I ever heard that name since I was grade 11. My friends ever said to me, but Athena, I only know she is Greek goddess.”

After Toto said, looked like Dada cried heavier. She missed her mom a lot. She cried relentlessly until her tears dropped down to the floor. Toto couldn’t tolerate what Dada encountered with bad moment in the past. He picked his napkin and absorbed Dada’s tear gently.

“Dada. Don’t cry.” Toto said.

“Can we meet my mom again?” Dada asked to Toto.

“Yes.” Toto answered without being sure to Dada’s mom, but Toto’s attitude was so positive so he saw everything had probably to have miracle. Then Toto embraced Dada uncounsciously and saw to Dada’s eyes before he touched Dada’s left hand on Dada’s lap. Now atmosphere had only 2 people, Dada and Toto. Dada didn’t feel romantic as same as this. This was first time she got. For Dada’s heart, she didn’t know herself she love Toto and Toto didn’t know from his heart he loved Dada too. Toto chose to hug Dada. He didn’t want Dada went away from him. Now Dada’s heartbeat had strong rhythm. With love she couldn’t desribe as any words, she received it directly from Toto’s hug.

“How do you feel?” Toto asked.

Dada didn’t say anything, but she replied with big grin before she leaned her body to Toto gently.

Toto didn’t know what Dada want to tell something. But after that time, he felt guilt that he did to Dada more than friend. He thought a lot what it should do.

Meanwhile Dada’s video clips spread together as viral. Many users on Pantip created question what Dada wanted to say about. But she confirmed her dad was real organized crime leader named “Salvador”.

Nothing she wanted to hide. But someone who just knew Dada was organized crime leader’s daughter, friends in Facebook decreased with more than 700 people.

They just know Dada was dangerous girl who some people want her to die!

10 minutes later. Dada came to Japanese club in ABAC. It was decorated with many Japanese stuffs, such as traditional Japanese room, Japanese songs, Idol stand, many manga, anime DVDs, green tea cup, etc. When Dada opened the door, Akiko welcomed to Dada warmly.

“Hi Dada.” Akiko greeted with cute sound.

“Hello Aliko.” Dada said and she hugged to Akiko insanely.

“Hey!!! be tender, Dada. I can’t breathe in.” Akiko said. “I am waiting for you with long time. Do you know our university is waiting you to be university ambassador.”

“Wait Akiko.” Dada doubted. “I know university ambassador contest will start at next mouth. And….”

But Akiko interfered Dada. She said. “We neet you OK? Your personality is similar as Japanese people. And Japan Expo will appear with 3 days later. I still find someone who can be our ambassdor of university.” Then Akiko picked her phone to let Dada watched many photos of ambassador of each unviersity. “Look at this, they’re beautiful, but you’re so similar as Japanese who is cute.”

Dada smiled and she asked. “And what duty does ambassador do?”

“As same as booth babe at Motor Show, but you show and present your cute to everyone.”

When Dada heard “booth babe at Motor Show”, she immediately said. “NO!”

Akiko frowned. “Why?”





“I love to present more than show my body without saying anything.” Dada gave reason. “If I will be MC, I agreed.”

When Dada wanted to be MC, Akiko grinned and she said. “Really? Actually your job is MC, Not only pose and don’t say anything.”

Dada smiled.

Did Dada know? Akiko was seeking someone can talk, can say a lot. Looked like Akiko found someone can be precious gem in this time.

“Next… try to dress cosplay costume.” Akiko just thought new idea before she wanted Dada to dress cosplay. “I already have some costumes. You try to dress it and come to me.”

After that Akiko gave costume Dada will perform at Japan Expo from her friend. That contained rainbow wig, pink wig, maid costume or….

That made Dada frowned instantly when she saw many fantastic costume.

“Will I dress with these?” Dada asked to Akiko curiously.

Akiko nodded and she gave that costumes to Dada immediately. “Dress them first, then you can comment it is good or bad.”

Dada didn’t say anything. She carried costumes, wigs to toilet. This will be first time Dada dressed with fantastic costume.

15 minutes later…

Dada dressed cosplay to Japanese club. That was so attractive when Dada opened the door and everyone inside Japanese club stunted with her gorgeous looking. Dada was so adorable!!

Dada in pink wig and maid costume.

“Wow!!! That is very very very great!!!” Akiko said with her appreciate. “You always deserve ‘Net Idol’ status!!”

Dada smiled gently and she said to Akiko “You compliment me more than I think. What are you thinking with me, Akiko? Don’t lie.”

“I don’t think anything as you think.” Akiko replied. “You look like Japanese people very much!”

Dada smiled again and she said. “Really? Actually you’re cuter than me.”

“Hahaha!” Akiko laughed then she asked to another one in Japanese club. “Hey Takeshi, look at Dada. Is she cute?”

“Yes!!” Takeshi answered and he raised thumb up to Dada.

“And you, Miyuki?” Then Akiko asked ti Miyuki again.

“She is cuter than me. What the fuck?” Miyuki felt shocked and fell in love insanely to Dada. Actually Miyuki is Japanese student who was very cute with natural. That made Dada felt confused a little when a girl who didn’t close to Dada said ‘fuck’ to her.

“Hey!!! Be gentle Miyuki.” Akiko warned to Miyuki. “Dada, she is Miyuki. Don’t mind to her taboo words she said to you. She is so rough.”

“Never mind.” Dada said. “My close friend ever said a lot. That is usual.”

Akiko smiled and she said. “Then you tried to read this script. This is MC script you will use in Japan Expo.”. Then she gave a paper of script to Dada. Dada received it and she read…

“Ladies and gentelmen. Welcome to ABAC booth!!!!

Do you know we are waiting this event with long time. We have many students who came from Japan. They are Japanese that bring you to the world of Japan you never touch!!! You may touch and see Japanese stuff only Japanese anime, manga food, TV show, ramen or Japanese village at Thonglor, but those are only little piece that come from Japan. Today you’ll know more more and more… Because we come from real origin of Japan!!!”

“Good!” Akiko said after Dada finished to read script. “But for real performance, you shouldn’t need any script. If you improvise your owned script, that is better. Look like your voice lack of excitement and interesting. Speak again.”

Because this was first time Dada said as MC, so she needed more practice. After that she practiced more more and more with dressing cosplay costume, finally Akiko felt appreciated with Dada. Dada paid attention with MC job more than someone she ever hired.

“Look like you’re tired. Keep practice, Dada. Sometimes your MC job will make your profits more than you think.” Akiko complimented to Dada kindly. She felt appreciated when she just got true gem of ABAC.

“Wait Akiko.”Dada said. “Let’s take selfie together!”

When Miyuki heard “Selfie”, she ran to Dada immediately before she said. “Me too!”

“OK.” Akiko said and she smiled. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.” Miyuki said.

“I ask Dada.” Akiko interrupted Miyuki.

“Let’s see the camera.” Dada said before 3 girls smiled to camera. Dada held her beauty camera far from her and she said…


When Dada finished telling “3”, She pressed shutter button on her beauty camera. Now selfie photo saved. Dada opened her camera to look selfie photo.

“Miyuki, what are you doing?” Akiko asked to Miyuki when she did naughty face.

“I want to make this photo is so funny.” Miyuki answered.

“I like it, Miyuki.” Dada complimented to Miyuki’s creative. After that Dada uploaded this photo to her Facebook. Yeah, that was usual when she uploaded some photos, many people liked and shared her photos automatically.

“Look at this.” Dada said to Akiko. “Our selfie photo has more than 2,000 likes in 2 minutes.”

“What?” Akiko doubted. It was impossible. Dada was so popular in social network!! “You made me popular, Dada.”

Dada smiled and she said. “Thank you Akiko for your MC job you gave to me. I love it very much. So on Sunday I will be MC at your booth in Japan Expo.”

Akiko nodded and she hugged Dada back.

“What are you doing Akiko?” Dada asked with her panic voice.

“You ever made me frightened, so this is my payback!!!” Akiko answered.

“Crazy!” Dada said.

Miyuki saw Dada and Akiko’s sweet moment lonely. She thought these girls may be in her imagination. Actually Miyuki loved to created Yaoi and Yuri fictions. So after Dada leaved from Akiko, Miyuki started to draw 1 page manga about Akiko and Dada immediately. When Miyuki was drawing, Akiko walked to Miyuki and she asked “What are you doing?”

“I am drawing manga.” Miyuki answered.

“Huh? Can you draw manga?” Akiko asked. “And what stody do you draw?”

“I will tell you later.” Miyuki answered. “But not for long time.”

Meanwhile when Dada was walking to cathedral of learning, Best sent his message to Dada. Dada’s iPhone 3G was shaken. Dada picked it and opened Message application. Yes, Best sent message to her.

Best : My dad checked file from that USB flash drive I got from assassin at 2 weeks ago. My dad said that is Japanese porn video, but interest clue is that Japanese porn video published by ‘Tiger’, underground organized crime in Thailand. This organization ever appeared with 10-30 years ago, but it was defeated. Until look like they comeback again. You ever said your dad is organized crime leader? So Tiger may have problem with your dad, with problem may harm you. You maybe in danger in this time, so when you go to somewhere, please hire some bodyguards to escort you. 

After Dada finished reading, Dada replied “Thank you Best. My dad never said about Tiger. He thinks I am usual daughter.”

Let’s open Facebook or Twitter. Now Dada’s photo she took selfie with Miyuki and Akiko now was so popular!!! Now like counts were 18,976 with 3 hours. That made Akiko and Miyuki were popular in short time too because Dada tagged Akiko and Miyuki on her selfie photo.

Now Akiko got 320 friend reqeusts, and Miyuki got 603 friend requests due to Miyuki was cuter than Akiko :p

For Akiko, she smiled when she got many friend requests. But…. Someone called her. Akiko received call.

“Hi. What’s your name?” Akiko asked.

“I’m Toto, a guy who request phone number in the noon.” Toto answered proudly.

“Ah…. Toto.” Akiko blushed and pause saying with a few minutes. She was shy. “And what do you want to say with me?”

“Tonight can you go to Route 66?” Toto asked. “Is your age more than 20?”

“Yeah.” Akiko answered. “But is it good to go to nightclub? I never go to that place.”

“Don’t worry Akiko. You stay with me. You will see alternative lifestyle at here.”

Akiko thought a lot. Toto wasn’t trusted much because he just knew her only this day. And he invited her to go to nightclub. That was so aggressive. She didn’t answered directly. But…

“If you worry, bring your friends to go to nightclub together. That is more enjoyable.”

Toto said with this. That made Akiko changed her mind immediately! She said “Really?”

“Yes.” Toto said. “I think it is more aggressive when I just….”

“Hey!!! Don’t think a lot, Toto.” Akiko said. “Sometime I want to go to nightclub with some guys. And your personality is trusted. So tonight will you go to Route 66? I will prepare my costume.”

“Yes.” Toto answered.

“See you again, but… where is Route 66?”

“In evening you wait me at lobby in cathedral of learning.” Toto answered and he smiled.

Akiko smiled and she said. “See you again.” Then she ended calling and close internet connection. She didn’t interest who added her on her Facebook. Only Toto now she was interesting.

Meanwhile at Chris’s composer room.

Finally he mixed another song with 8 bit theme successfully. That song just be rendered. It was WAV file format that was manuscript. Now Chris opened encode program to change WAV file to MP3 file for sharing in social network or posting in YouTube.

But… Someone greeted him via Facebook Chat.

Roxanne Angel : Hi Chris.

“Who is she?” Chris doubted immediately. Who the hell did she know Chris’s name. Chris didn’t reply but he clicked to Roxanne’s profile picture first.


Roxanne Angel
(Professional Maiden DJ)

 🏠 Also live at Bangkok, Thailand

💰 Professional Maiden DJ at Fairy Tale from the night.

🎓 Graduated Bachelor’s of  Communication arts from Bangkok University.

📍 From Bangkok, Thailand

“Roxanne…. Angel?” Chris said. “Stranger! Block her.”

Then Chris tried to block Roxanne, but she sent message

Hey!!! Don’t you want to know where is Kate?

With that sentences, Chris changed his mind to reply black to her immediately. Was Kate alive?

Chris : Where is her?

Part 3

After Chris was talking with Roxanne via Facebook, he felt himself again when Roxanne appointed Chris to compete mixed songs at Route 66. For Chris, he smiled sexily when someone challenged him without knowing his skill.

And this… Roxanne was female DJ that they didn’t good at mixing songs, but she was good at showing her big tits and sweet eyes.

Chris thought only this. Don’t blame him. Roxanne was Chris’s rival so taking disadvantage was usual habit everyone did this.

Tonight at Route 66, look like this pub will be exploded with many people…

22:00 at Route 66.


As same as Chris ever told. This club was so crowd because this day was Friday and many people knew DJ Roxanne, one of the most sexy DJ in Thailand would open music. Many men prepared to take photos with DJ Roxanne. They were Roxanne’s big fanclub. Someone held LED sign that had “ROXANNE FC” or “สู้ๆนะ Roxanne” (Keep going Roxanne). Chris didn’t know why Roxanne was very very popular at nightclub although he always worked at nightclub. He just knew Roxanne with only this day.

Now Chris went to Route 66 to prepare his DJ tools he used for opening music. But before he enter to Route 66, looked like bouncers tried to tease Chris.

“Wait!” First bouncer said. “Who are you?”

“Chris.” Chris answered.

“Are you DJ?” Second DJ asked. “Today no place for another DJ.”

“Roxanne invited me to play with her.” Chris mentioned Roxanne’s name to bouncers. But 2 bouncers shook their head. Then first bouncer said. “Roxanne never play song with another DJ together. You’re lie dude. Get out of here.”

“Roxanne invited me.” Chris still disagree bouncers and he showed his evidence that Roxanne invited him. That was chat screen between Chris and Roxanne from his Blackberry.


“Roxanne?” Bouncer asked then he looked to Chris’s Blackberry with detail. Then he said. “OK. You can pass.”

Chris held his DJ tools and came to Route 66. Nobody welcomed him. customers in Route 66 still talked to their friends although Chris was walking pass them. Someone asked. “Who’s that?” to Chris.

Chris didn’t answer.

He still walked to his place. Look like Route 66 wasn’t Chris’s place. Actually Chris’s place was Nunglen and Miyuki Discotheque that were at Thonglor due to Chris’s residence was at Thonglor.

Meanwhile Toto who brought Akiko to Route 66 and they were sitting at sofa at outdoor zone saw Chris who was going to someplace. But they didn’t know he was Chris. So Toto said with Akiko continuously.

“Actually my friend came to Route 66 too.” Akiko said. “They ever said DJ Roxanne will open music. DJ Roxanne opened song very very great. There were many Japanese songs she mixed.”

“Really?” Toto asked curiously. “Who is Roxanne?”

“Roxanne is DJ who ever was booth babe at Motor exhibition.” Akiko said. “I don’t know about her more. But my friend name Miyuki feels crazy to Roxanne very much.”

Toto felt so-so. Who was Miyuki?

“Hey Toto!! Look at that!! Roxanne comes to Route 66!!” Then Akiko saw and pointed with her index finger to Roxanne who came to Route 66 with artist & DJ entrance. Many people surrounded her to take photos and take selfie with Roxanne. Roxanne had 4 bodyguards to protect her from chaos moments or any invasions. Flash light always flashed around Roxanne. She was so popular very much. Journalists still asked Roxanne relentlessly.

“Today what song will you open?” Journalist from some media press asked.

“It’s secret, but my mixed songs made you feel enjoyable with me.” Roxanne answered. “Actually I must thank to gorgeous MC ‘Praewa’ who can entertain my lovely audiences to enjoy my mixed music.”


After that  Praewa, Roxanne’s MC appeared at Route 66. She had model job so she walked proudly to let every media photographers took photos. Her appearance was greater than Roxanne. She seized Roxanne’s scene temporally. With her sight, her personality, her shape, that made everyone stunted together. She was so elegant, magnificent and gorgeous lady in Route 66 ever.

Then LED sign with “PRAEWA” appeared!!!

Praewa smiled to everyone who welcomed her. She walked with Roxanne together. Today she wore with very sexy costume that made everyone had to watch her!!

“Today Praewa was so hot.” Some guy said to Praewa.

“Thank you dude.” Praewa said and smiled confidentially. “But I should thank every dudes who support me.”

Although Praewa was so hot and strong, but inside her mind, she was so humble. That was a reason why many people loved her.

For Chris, when he saw Roxanne and Praewa who were appearing at Route 66, he felt so-so too. He always thought that were his rival on this night. Although they were gorgeous, but rival was also rival. Can’t smiled with sincere heart, insincere greeting was deserve.

That Roxanne and Praewa’s fanclub were looked like zombie. They still followed Roxanne and Praewa until Roxanne and Praewa came to DJ stage. 2 ladies took off their sweater and they showed their sexy appearance. Looked like there were many guys in this club. Tonight Toto was failed to choose club. But don’t worry. Akiko said her friends were coming to enjoy together.

“Many guys!!!” Toto said to Akiko when they were waiting Akiko’s friends. “I don’t know them (Roxanne and Praewa)”

“But I know only Roxanne, but that sexy girl (Praewa) I just know. She maybe Roxanne’s MC.”

“MC?” Toto doubted when Akiko preferred MC. Was MC available with DJ? “Huh? That sexy girl is Roxanne’s MC?”

“Maybe. I just know her with this event.” Akiko said. “I know earlier music festival Roxanne appeared only one.”

Toto didn’t interested about DJ much. He interested girls in nightclubs.

10 minutes later.

“Praewa” Roxanne called Praewa when they readied to perform at DJ stage. “Give my lovely Apollo X to me.”

Empire Ears Apollo X, Roxanne’s unique weapon.

Apollo X was one of Roxanne’s unique weapon. It was Customized In-Ear monitor (CIEM) that rare DJ used this. Many DJ used big headphone for being cool but Roxanne wanted more detailed sound so she preferred to choose CIEM. Then Praewa brought a box of Apollo X to Roxanne. Roxanne opened that box and she equipped Apollo X at her ears before she plugged jack to DJ pad.

“Wow!!! Now I’m staying in the world of imagination.” Roxanne said and she thumbed up to Praewa for sending signal of ready.

OK!!! Now here we go.

“Hey guys!!!” Praewa greeted to her MC via microphone. Now Roxanne and Praewa finished to set up. “Are you ready?” Then Praewa brought her microphone to fanclub to say…


“I can’t hear what you say.” Praewa said. “Again!! Are you ready?”


“Are you ready?”


“Very great!! OK. Music start!!” Praewa said and she performed as MC of DJ very very well. She entertained everyone at Route 66 until now atmosphere was really hot. Everyone danced together. With alcohol inside everyone, everything will be possible. They danced insanely. Now waitresses and waiters kept tables away from audiences. Looked like this night was so insane!!


“Hi Akiko!!!” Now Miyuki and her friends, Mayumi and Naru walked together to Akiko outside discotheque zone. Akiko that was with Toto said hi to Miyuki, Mayumi and Naru.

“Today traffic is very bad.” Naru said to Akiko. “Luckily we just come.”

“And who stays with you?” Miyuki asked to Akiko.

“Toto. Dada’s close friend.” Akiko answered. Then she introduced her friends’ name to Toto.

“Toto. This is Miyuki. This is Mayumi and this is Naru.”


“Hello. Nice to meet you.” Toto said. “So let’s take selfie together.”

Actually Japanese girls loved to selfie a lot so Akiko’s friends accepted Toto immediately. They came near Toto and said…


“Great.” Toto said. “But what are you doing Miyuki?”

Ah… Miyuki teased Toto and her friends again. She opened her mouth that tried to eat Naru’s head!

“Is my head so delicious?” Naru asked to Miyuki.

“Maybe. I just got strawberry cheesecake smell.” Miyuki answered.

“You’re always crazy!” Akiko said. Miyuki smiled.

Now Praewa entertained audiences relentlessly.

“Hey!!! Let’s jump baby!!” Praewa said and Roxanne used bass drop!!

Now bass drop appeared. Everyone danced crazily. Someone danced with crashing another one. Someone danced with dirty movement. Some couple kissed together. Looked like everyone didn’t take care their beauty or handsomeness. They were same as werewolf.

“Look at Praewa” Naru said. “I am fallen in love with her. She is so badass.”

“Stop in love her, Naru.” Miyuki said. “I don’t want you to be lesbian.”

“Hahaha. I’m just kidding.” Naru said.

Now Toto, Akiko, Naru, Miyuki and Mayumi danced together among audiences of Praewa and Roxanne.

Roxanne smiled to everyone who enjoyed her mixed song. Praewa jumped and cheered every audiences to danced together.

“Great!!!” Praewa said.

Except Chris who was opposite side of DJ zone before he listened Roxanne’s mixed song and he didn’t danced. He only saw, observed and analyzed what song Roxanne was opening. Um… This song…. so mainstream… -_-

“Boring.” Chris said himself.

With 1 hour Roxanne and Praewa performed, everyone had sweat. That was a little workout. Every audiences felt appreciated and insane with Roxanne’s mixed songs. Now Roxanne and Praewa made everyone feel the alternative world that Roxanne and Praewa built.

Finally Roxanne finished opening song. Her time was finished. Everyone clapped their hands to Roxanne and screamed extremely although many audiences were men.

“Great!! Great!!!” Praewa said. Then Praewa and Roxanne kept their tools away from DJ stage.

Now this was Chris’s turn.


He set up his tools, such as songs he used in USB flash drive, his DJ headphone, DJ pads, notebooks, etc. Yes, no one interested Chris. Chris didn’t interested audiences too.

Finally he equipped big headphone. Now Chris’s performance started.

He opened 8-Bit mixed songs with EDM beat. That sound was so freak and allure to retro gamers. Someone who just listened, they saw to Chris, but not danced. Oh!!! Look at that people. They were surrounding Praewa and Roxanne who were taking selfie with their fanclubs.

Toto, Akiko and her friend came to Roxanne and Praewa too.

Ah… Chris was so pity. No one interested his mixed songs. Although Chris’s mixed song was so crazy, but every audiences who got drunken status felt annoyed to Chris’s songs very much. Until someone yelled to Chris.

Turn off your song now motherfucker!

“Huh?” Chris doubted immediately. Was that guy thinking about Chris? But Chris still played music. He thought that guy was drunken.

Until drop bass sequences, Chris put fulfilled bass to every speaker!!! But no one interested Chris.

“Oh no!” Chris felt weird when everyone were wild to him. Someone threw empty bottle of beer to Chris. That was so insane.

“Fuck!!!” Chris interjected. But now many people who disagreed Chris threw bottle relentlessly.

Unlucky, some bottles of beer smacked to Chris’s head. Chris knocked and he slept at DJ stage. That moment made everyone felt shocked together. Toto, Akiko, Mayumi, Miyuki and Naru opened their mouth with their confusing. Was this nasty thing happened in Route 66.

That guy who threw bottle of beer were busted from Route 66. And Chris was taken to somewhere.

4 hours later.



Chris suddenly shouted with his pain from his knitted head from the wound of bottle of beer. He lost more blood so he was gotten blood type B blood bag. Looked like morphine didn’t affect to wound, so pain appeared to Chris strongly.

Chris opened his eyes. Now he was at patience room, Rama 9 hospital. Tingting and Roxanne were staying with Chris. they sat beside him. Chris saw to Roxanne, Roxanne smiled.

“Roxanne.” Tingting said. “Chris feel himself.”

“Yeah.” Roxanne said before she asked Chris. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK.” Chris answered. “But your audience isn’t OK. He threw that fucking bottle of beer to me!!!”

“I’m sorry.” Roxanne felt guilt. “That’s my fault.”

“It’s not your fault Roxanne. That guy should apologize to me. Although he is drunken, but he shouldn’t do this to me. That was so agressive.” Chris said. “But… Where am I?”

“Rama 9 hospital.” Roxanne answered. “Near Route 66.” Then she got some calling. She wanted to go outside patience room due to she didn’t want to disturb Chris.

“Tingting, how about you? After that video clip leaked, you hid yourself and didn’t contact to me.” Chris asked to Tingting.

“I argued with my ex-boyfriend.” Tingting answered. “Actually I didn’t want to meet anyone. I bored myself. I shouldn’t anger to that boy who flirted me in Safe House. I’m foolish that I argued him.”

Chris saw to Tingting’s eyes and he held Tingting’s hand. Then he said. “Tingting. Can you stay with me at this time? I want to tell something to you.”

Tingting smiled and she nodded to Chris. “And… What do you want to say?”

“I forget it.” Chris answered.


Then Roxanne came to patient room where Chris was relaxing. She saw to Chris and Tingting who had sweet moments together. She warned them “Hey!!! What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Tingting answered. “Chris wanted me to stay with him.”

“Really?” Roxanne asked.

Then Chris just thought to ask Roxanne. “Roxanne.”

“What?” Roxanne turned her head to Chris’s direction and asked.

“If you know about Kate really, Where is Kate?” Chris asked about Kate.


“Kate?” Roxanne doubted. “I’m not sure Chris. I ever heard from Tiger team about Kate was in Tiger organization crime.”

“Tiger? I don’t know about it.” Chris said.

“Actually I don’t know about Tiger organized crime as same as you. But someone ever said Tiger was defeated since 20 years ago. Now looked like Tiger rebirth again.” Roxanne said. “They come to defeat Phoenix organized crime that is managed by Salvador.”


When Chris heard “Salvador” from Roxanne, he asked this question to Roxanne immediately.

“And can you know about Salvador?”

“Salvador? Yes, I already know him very well.” Roxanne described. “He is very freak person who loves many paintings, sculptures or arts from famous artist in this world. He has very high passion to do anything. His hobby is painting. Sometimes he used cannabis for making his mind to see the light of happiness. Actually his dream is creating new law about cannabis. He want it to be legal.”

“Why do you know about Salvador very well?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“I read some book about Salvador. He ever appeared at some magazine with businessman appearance. I read his attitude and I loved them. Look like he didn’t care anyone. But for cannabis, I just knew from underdround celebrity news.”

Chris nodded for accepting everything Roxanne said. Looked like she knew underground experiences more than Chris. Chris knew only DJ society, but Roxanne knew something that mentioned to underground society.

“And who sent me to hospital? You?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“Yes. I brought you to hospital. I can’t tolerate you to bleed more.” Roxanne answered. “Actually I invited you to compete me for seeing your performance. I want you to substitute me for performing music at Japan Expo 2016 that will exhibit on Sunday. Your music was so good, but you must need MC who entertain audiences as Praewa.”

“When can I find MC?” Chris asked.

Looked like Tingting wanted to answer Chris’s question.

“Me.” Tingting answered and smiled. “Roxanne wanted me to be your MC.”

“Tingting!!!?” Chris doubted. “Can you perform as my MC? Can you do that?”

“Don’t worry Chris.” Roxanne said. “Before Tingting is booth babe, she ever was MC at some festivals. So she can entertain another audiences. Now Tingting don’t have any job. Every booth babe jobs she was cancelled due to that viral video clip. Now this will make her comeback. Please help Tingting… Please.”

Looked like Roxanne and Tingting wanted Chris to accepted Roxanne’s deal. That deal was so interested because Chris never had any MC to help him. And Tingting was Chris’s friend, so they will know together when Chris and Tingting did a job together.

“Yeah… I accepted, but I have a condition.” Chris said.

“What is your condition?” Tingting asked.

“I want to know where is Kate.” Chris told to Roxanne. “When you said to her, I felt I have hope to see her again. Although that story passed near a month, but… ”


Now Chris screamed with his pain from wound on his head again. When Chris thought a lot, he felt with this immediately without any make sense reason. Then Roxanne held Chris’s hand and said.

“Stay with present. You’re not alone.”

Tingting didn’t say anything. She smiled and nodded to Chris. That was a sign of giving the will. After that Chris didn’t worry to Kate much. For this time, he was staying with Roxanne and Tingting. Both were beautiful and gorgeous, but if he decide to see relationship, now Chris knew Tingting more than earlier time, but they can’t substitute ex-girlfriend name “Kate”.

“Chris. Do you know you’re lucky very much. You have 2 beautiful girls are staying with you hahaha.” Tingting said with teasing to Chris. Chris smiled and he said. “Thank you Roxanne…. and… Tingting who will be my MC.”

Roxanne and Tingting smiled to Chris. Then Roxanne gave some box to Chris. That box was so strong before she said. “Get it, Chris.”

Chris received that box and he asked immediately. “What’s that, Roxanne?”

“Your headphone was broken. This is Universal In Ear Monitor I ever used. It called Empire Ears Athena VIII. Please open it.” Roxanne said. Then Chris opened that box. Actually Chris never used in-ear monitor so he didn’t know how to wear this.

Empire Ears Athena VIII, Chris’s new weapon.

“How can I wear this Roxanne?” Chris asked. Then Roxanne helped Chris to wear Empire Ears Athena VIII. That was so gentle. Roxanne wore it to Chris’s ears gently. Then she picked in ear monitor plug to plug at her iPod Classic before she opened her favorite songs.

“What is that songs? Its sound is really beautiful.” Chris complimented to sound from universal in ear monitor (UIEM).

“Japanese songs. I love it a lot.” Roxanne answered.

“I feel envious. You get good item from Roxanne.” Tingting said. “Roxanne, can you give some in-ear monitor to me?”

“You already have CIEM. Don’t be greedy my friend.” Roxanne said to Tingting and smiled.

“I’m just kidding hahaha.” Tingting said. “And I don’t know does Chris love your UIEM?”

“Actually I feel comfortable with headphones, but this…. what is it? I can’t remember. That is same as earphone from another planet.” Chris criticized to that Athena VII.

“You can call 2 types, UIEM or Universal In-Ear Monitor.” Roxanne said.

“And how difference between UIEM and CIEM?” Chris asked.

“UIEM has ear tips, but CIEM doesn’t have ear tips. CIEM is made from using impression from your ears. It is damned expensive.”

Chris tried to know what Roxanne said, but he still didn’t know. Look like this CIEM or UIEM was just boomed in this time. Earlier time Chris always used headphone for DJ jobs. UIEM or CIEM was the great choice for using in concert.

Then Chris equipped right side of UIEM Athena VIII and listened songs from Roxanne’s iPod classic. That sound was so superb and there were many admosphere, dimension he never felt when he used headphone. That tweet sound, that bliss sound, that guitar sound. They were so superb.

“How about this?” Roxanne asked to Chris for commenting Athena VIII, but looked like Chris still paid attention to listen music.

“Hey Chris.” Roxanne asked again and she shook Chris’s hand until Chris felt it.

“W…What?” Chris asked to Roxanne.

“Do you feel with this Athena VIII?” Roxanne asked again.

“Very very good.” Chris answered. “It make me warp to another dimension.”

“Too much Chris.” Tingting said. “Look like you feel better.”

Chris smiled to Tingting and Roxanne. Now he got his new weapon called “Athena VIII” from Roxanne. Perhaps Chris met the goddess of music. Roxanne knew everything about music equipments. She was so badass.

For Tingting? Chris just knew Tingting can be his MC. Actually he ever saw her performance since at Safe House. That time Tingting only played with MC role with her friends. That was really great.

But can Tingting perform as MC well? Chris didn’t know if Tingting didn’t practice with him in his composer room. And Japan Expo will exhibit tomorrow, but Chris will perform 2 days left.

That can be good. Chris still thought with this.

Part 4

For Tingting, after she argued with Sega with 2 weeks ago, her mind was better. Although her booth babe job was cancelled in this time, she still had a hope from Chris due to Chris wanted her to be his MC. Being MC with DJ wasn’t hard, but wasn’t easy. Roxanne ever confirmed Tingting performed as MC very well. But… Chris didn’t sure. He wanted to know Tingting’s skill from practicing. And 2 days left Chris and Tingting will performed at Japan Expo, so they had very big practice to do well in real performance.

After Chris went out from Rama 9 hospital, this time was 9:30 AM. Chris saw around him and he just touched the atmosphere at late morning time. But cars weren’t at road as Monday to Friday due to this day was Saturday. Bangkok was so fresh. Warm weather, no pollution.

“See you again Chris, Tingting. Good bye.” Roxanee said to Chris and Tingting to leave them before she called nearest TAXI to bring her to her residence.

“Good bye Roxanne.” Tingting said and waved her hand to Roxanne for telling ‘Good bye’ as body language before she smiled to Roxanne. Then she saw to Chris and said “Chris, where is your home?”

“At Thonglor.” Chris answered. “We can walk together at Thonglor. Can you go with me?”

Tingting heard ‘We can walk together at Thonglor’ and she shook her head for disagreeing. She didn’t wanted to walk. She felt tired if she walked with Chris, and length between Rama 9 hospital and Thonglor was so very far… with 3-4 kilometers.

“No way. TAXI is better.” Tingting wanted to go with TAXI. Chris shook his head and held Tingting’s hand unconciously before he said. “I want to chat with you privately. Only me and you.”

Tingting smiled when Chris said about this. Her face was fleshed with her shy feeling. She contacted to Chris’s eyes.

“What do you want to say?”

Chris didn’t answered immediately. He smiled to Tingting and he said. “When you’re not booth babe, you’re also natural beautiful.”

“Hey!!! Don’t lie me Chris.” Tingting said.

“I said the truth.” Chris objected to Tingting.

30 minutes later, Chris and Tingting walked to RCA zone at daytime. This zone was so different than nighttime.


“Why is RCA at daytime so weird?” Tingting saw to building and nightclubs at RCA that was freak and she asked to Chris. “That isn’t same as nighttime.”

Chris saw to many building at RCA and he also agreed Tingting’s opinion. Now RCA was same as usual alley. Many cars parked at side of the alley. Bars and pubs were closed on daytime. Look at Route 66 entrance, that was closed and it wasn’t attracted. RCA at daytime was so silence. People still walked to 7-11 or buying Som Tam or grilled chicken to eat with their friends. It was so simple life. Not so luxurious as nighttime.

“Look at that. They eat Som Tam.” Tingting said. “I see it and I want to eat that. Actually I don’t have breakfast. Do you hungry Chris?”

Papaya Salad ,Somtum Thai Food

When Tingting said about this, Chris also hungry too. Ah…. Look at this grilled chicken!!! It made Chris felt crazy with deliciousness. That smell floated to Chris’s nose until he ran to that merchat instantly.

“Huh!!!? Do you hungry a lot?” Tingting asked to Chris who interested to Som Tam and grilled chicken. Chris didn’t answered anything but he ordered Som Tam big set to merchant immediately. After he ordered, he walked to Tingting and said “This is reason why I wanted you to walk with me.”

“That’s not bad.” Tingting said and smiled. “Actually if I am another booth babe, you will be denied because they mind with their white skin. I don’t mind because I am always tanned skin. That’s so sexy.”

When Tingting complimented herself, Chris saw to Tingting and he said. “I agree. Sometime I bored white skin. Many girls in Thailand feel crazy with white skin. I don’t know why?”

“Actually ladies must condemn to every Thai guys that they love white skin ladies.” Tingting complained about Thai guys. “With their demand, it make ladies didn’t be themselves.”

Chris laughed to Tingting who complained guys.

“What are you laughing?” Tingting saw to Chris who laughed and smiled to her before she asked.

“Nothing.” Chris answered.

“Why do you laugh me?” Tingting asked directly to Chris.

Then waitress served Som Tam and grilled chopped chicked with 2 bags of sticky rice to Tingting and Chris’s table they reserved.

“Long time we date with eating Som Tam.” Tingting said to Chris. She knew that was little dating. “Actually I bored many guys who dated me at luxurious or generic restaurants in department store. I love Som Tam, do you know?”

But Chris laughed and smiled to Tingting again. Tingting felt weird with Chris’s laughingj so she asked to Chris directly.

“What are you laughing?” Tingting asked to Chris again with pungent face.

“Why do I see you and I think you’re same as cat?” Chris asked to Tingting that he saw to Tingting and he thought Tingting was same as cat.

“Cat? Why?” Tingting asked.

“Actually although you’re tanned and you don’t makeup, but you are still beautiful. Natural beautiful.” Chris complimented to Tingting. Tingting smiled to Chris and she said. “Hey!!!”

“Hahaha.” Chris laughed again.

“Don’t say with this. That make me feel shy.” Tingting said and smiled shyly.

Then Tingting and Chris ate Som Tam and grilled chicken together. Chris didn’t think this was a dating with Tingting. He just wanted to know Tingting’s personality more. Tingting was really nice. She was so attractive that Chris saw to her heart, not only big tits.

30 minutes later, they walked out from RCA zone and keep walking to Thonglor. Now in this day sunshine wasn’t strong as another day. There were more clouds cover sunlight. It made weather was warmer, not hot. Now Chris and Tingting were walking and talking together at pavement.

“Long time I didn’t walk with someone.” Tingting told to Chris. “Since I was at high school. That time I wasn’t beautiful than in this time. That time I had more friends who walked together. I remembered I was fandom of Asian Pop singers very much. They were handsome and lovely. When I remembered this again, I laugh to myself. Hahaha.”

“That was same as me, Tingting.” Chris said. “Do you know I felt crazy to Lead Dizon very much since I learned at university, but after I knew she was married, I didn’t interest her immediately. As same as being broken heart. She was so very very beautiful.”

When Chris said about Leah Dizon, Tingting laughed immediately. “I can be Leah Dizon hahaha.”

Chris saw Tingting’s smiled and he felt in love with her smile. That was so very sweet to see. Tingting was so lively.

“When you are booth babe, you’re not same as this. You’re really funny hahaha.” Chris said to Tingting.

“Actually I am funny lady. I love to make another one laugh from my saying.” Tingting said. “That is happiness. But… when I grow up to be adult, I focus to realistic moments more than something from the fairy tale.”

“I think our society make you lack of imagination.” Chris gave some opinions to Tingting. “News always run to our social network. I wanted to evade from these. Only method I can do is stopping playing social network and any media, but focus to my interested contents. Although this make me to be foolish, but knowing everything in this world may not be clever. When you know a lot, you start to criticize. Many Thai people can be that shit. They love to compare themselves and another thing. Someone say about Japan or another countries, but when read contents completely, they compare with Thailand. That is so sad when they only criticize, not do something.”

Tingting didn’t say anything, but she agreed what Chris said to her. That was real for Thai people in that time when they loved to criticize or know another stories from someone.

“But… I think Facebook isn’t bad. When I post something, everyone pressed like button and comment me.” Tingting objected about Facebook she used and nothing happened.

“And how about that video clip? Do you forget it? It destroy your job.” Chris asked to Tingting. But Tingting denied what Chris thought and she said. “I don’t mind it. Although it destroy my job, but… I don’t care.”

Chris smiled with Tingting’s positive thinking.

“Um… That’s good when your home is at Thonglor. There are many nightclubs in Thonglor you can do a job.” Tingting said about Chris’s residence.

“What do you think about going to nightclub? Why many girls love to travel at nightclub, pub or any discotheque?” Looked like Chris observed ladies’ behaviors who loved to travel at nightclub a lot. He wanted Tingting to know her opinion. That was intersted question.

“They come to nightclub for releasing ther stress. They drink and dance, drink and dance, drink and dance. Someone talk a lot. Actually in real life is so stress so I or another ladies want to release.”

“And how about PUA you encountered 2 weeks ago?” Chris asked about PUA (Toto who flirted Tingting bue Dada forbade Toto). “Look like I see many PUA want to flirt many girls in nightclub.”

“PUA? I don’t care about them. Or you are ever PUA?” Tingting asked to Chrsi back.

“Yeah. Before I met you at TGS.” Chris said. “That time I flirted booth babes, but I don’t flirt anyone in nightclub.”

“Do you know PUA is really bullshit. They flirt with their scores. I don’t know who appear PUA cult, but this is the way of insincere dude.” Tingting blamed about PUA. “I am booth babe and I am flirted a lot. I also know method PUAs use to me. That is really fucking bullshit thing I have ever seen.”

“And… how to flirt you? Can you answer me?” Chris asked to Tingting. Actually he wanted to know from Tingting too.

“Actually you’re flirting me, Chris.” Tingting said. “But I love it. You see my usual appearance that don’t dress as booth babe. That is already deserved. And you don’t care my tanned skin. Rare Thai guys think as you.”

Huh? Tingting knew Chris was flirting her?

Chris smiled again. If he didn’t see Tingting’s appearance, Tingting was a girl who said directly, not indirect or synthesized sentences to be more beautiful and charm. Tingting smiled very often. She was so cute and lovable as same as Kate.

“Sometimes… our chemistry are compatible.” Chris said to Tingting. Tingting smiled. “Do you agree?”

Until Chris and Tingting walked to Chris’s residence that was at Japanese village in Thonglor 13 alley. Chris’s home was so peaceful. There were 3 big trees that his houseworkers still cleaned his home.

“Tingting. This is my home.” Chris said to Tingting when they walked to Chris’s home.

“That is really beautiful.” Tingting said. “OK. Let’s enter.”

After that Chris opened small door and he let Tingting enter to Chris’s residence. Inside Chris’s home, outdoor zone was so beautiful. Now houseworkers Chris hired them saw to Chris and Tingting who entered to Chris home. They said “Hello boss.”

“Hi. This is Tingting, my friend who will be my MC.” Chris introduced about Tingting to houseworkers who were cleaning garden outside Chris’s main home.  Then houseworkers greeted to Tingting. “Hi Tingting. You’re so beautiful as same as angel.”


Tingting felt weird when houseworkers complimented her as angel from the heaven. She frowned and said “Hello.” to houseworkers.

“Actually my houseworkers loved to watch drama.” Chris said to Tingting when he and Tingting were walking inside Chris’s home to composer room. “Thai dramas always come from fairy tale. That is little amusement for houseworkers.”

Tingting smiled and didn’t say anything. Inside her heart, look like Chris was her savior of the new hope of her job. Chris could make new opportinity to Tingting. Until she came to Chris’s composer room. That room was so epic. There were many tools to compose, master any songs. That was so superb.


After that Chris turned computer and started to show his another mixing songs he will use to another job. Usually Chris addicted 8-bit songs a lot so his mixing were inspired extremely from 8-bit songs.

Chris opened audience video clip and he set projector to show at his room. Tingting doubted what Chris was doing so she asked. “What are you doing?”

“I am building audience situation.” Chris answered before he set his music into DJ pad. He tried to press scream and clap hands sounds to appear that. With scream and clap hands sound that combined with audiences video clip, that was so enough for practicing MC.

“Are you sure?” Tingting asked. “But that is awesome.”

“Try saying to audiences.” Chris said to Tingting. “I simulated that audiences. You performed it.”

Tingting felt weird to that audiences Chris simulated. So she performed badly. She waved their audiences and said “Hey guys…” But that audiences didn’t respond to Tingting due to that audiences were come from video clip.

“That’s not good.” Chris said. “What do you want to convey with your audiences? Tell to them.”

Tingting nodded and tried again. Chris opened his mixed song and let Tingting to perform as DJ. Now Tingting did better than first time.


She said correctly. Her voice and rhythm were compatble. But for Chris, he wanted Tingting performed better than this.

“Tingting. You don’t jump. You lack your passion to perform.” Chris warned Tingting.

“What?” Tingting asked. “I must jump?”

“Yes.” Do it again.

And now Chris opened mixed song again, again and again. Now Tingting performed well. She released herself naturally. Now Tingting was so freedom. She released her booth babe appearance out from her. Now she was MC of DJ with her lively. She was so cute and so strong. Look at that Tingting’s hair. That was so flexible. Her eyes, her smile, that made Chris felt in love to Tingting temporally. Let Tingting to move was greater than staying at same place as booth babe job.

Tingting was suitable for MC.

Part 5

For Tingting, MC job was greater than booth babe job. That was her identity. She showed everything she wanted to perform. She exploded the imagination of Chris’s song completely.

As same as Chris ever told to Tingting “Sometimes… our chemistry are compatible.”

That time Tingting didn’t say anything. But Chris’s sense knew Tingting felt appreciated to him. That feeling Chris never received from someone, such as Kate.

With their chemistry were compatible, so heavy practice didn’t need it more.

Sunday at Central World, 12:00 hrs.

Japan Expo started. Many people who loved or addicted Japanese culture came to this event. Many people dressed with Japanese traditional costume that called “Kimono” and they came with their friends together. They took selfie and uploaded their photos to social network. Someone wanted to selfie with mascot of Japan Expo. Someone wanted to take photos of this event. Someone wanted to buy Japanese food or souvenir. Someone wanted to took photos with pseudo cherry blossom. All of this event was so peaceful and excited.

Until… people who dress cosplay came with their group. With their appearance, they made another one near them picked their camera and took photos as same as booth babe in Motor Show. With cosplay intuition, they posed sexy or cute pose to photographers and let photographers took photos. After that layers (people who dress cosplay) walked to photographers and request their photos. For photographers, they were attracted a lot. They could get layers’ contacts.

That time Dada just came to Japan Expo. She just walked out from department store zone to outdoor zone. She saw many layers and photographers at here. Many people!!! Dada wanted to go to her booth at university zone in Japan Expo to meet Dada.

But… looked like someone saw Dada and he called “Dada.” Dada turned her head to that sound and she smiled after that guy walked to her.

Dada with maid costume.

“Can you selfie with me?” That guy asked.

“Yeah.” Dada answered. Today Dada dressed with maid costume that was very cute. That was so attractive a lot. That guy came against Dada and he held his camera to take photos.


Finally that guy took selfie successfully. With first person could take selfie, now second, third and another people wanted to take selfie with Dada too. But Dada felt little annoyed. She only smiled to people who surrounded her and wanted to take selfie with her. Actually Dada wanted to go to ABAC booth first to meet Akiko and Miyuki who already waited her at ABAC booth.

“Excuse me. Please…” Dada tried to said to every photographers or people who wanted to take photos or take selfie with Dada, but they didn’t respond Dada’s request immediately. Meanwhile Akiko and Miyuki who ever was at booth saw to Dada so she ran to Dada and tried to pull her from the surrounded people.

“Hey!!! What are you doing Japanese?” Some photographers pushed Akiko away from them when Akiko went against photographers to seize Dada.

“I’m sorry photographers, but we need Dada.” Akiko said to photographers. For Dada, she was never surrounded with many people. She felt frightened a little and stunted with many requests from photographers. Akiko and Miyuki brought Dada away from them and they came to their booth that was near surrounded people. At ABAC booth, Dada saw to Toto who was decorating ABAC booth to be beautiful.

“Thanks Akiko, Miyuki.” Dada said to Akiko and Mayumi. “I am never surrounded with many people. I don’t know how to do. Thank you for bringing me out from that crowded people.”

“You’re welcome.” Akiko said. “We need you to be MC. Ah!!! Look like many people interest you a lot until they wanted you to take selfie.”

“Hey!!! I think Dada was very attractive, so bring her to our booth to cheer our customer buy my Takoyaki.” Miyuki told her idea to Akiko.

Miyuki made Takoyaki to sell to everyone.

“Actually I have mascot to cheer customer. But no one want to be our mascot.” Akiko said about mascot before she saw to Toto and said. “Hey Toto. Can you be our mascot?”

“Mascot?” Toto asked before he saw to mascot costume and pointed it and said. “That octopus?”

“Yeah. Can you wear this? And you stay with Dada.” Akiko said to Toto.

“Yes I can.” Toto answered before he wore purple octopus with Japanese flag kerchief costume as mascot of ABAC booth. That costume wasn’t hot much so Toto wore it easier. After he wore, he saw to Dada and said “Hello madame Dada.”

“Hey!!! Call me Dada as usual.” Dada said to Toto and smiled.

“Hahaha.” Toto laughed.

“Huh? Are you laughing? Why doesn’t your mouth move?” Dada doubted to that octopus mascot that Toto was in a role.

“I don’t know.” Toto answered. “Hey!!! Stop kidding me Dada. Can mascot move mouth?”

“Hahahaha.” Dada laughed. “Ah!!! That photographer is coming, pose as same as welcome kids.”

“How can I pose?” Toto asked.

Toto with octopus mascot costume.

“Such as waving your hand to welcome customers.” Dada said.

“As this?” Toto asked again and he waved his hand.

“Yeah. As same as playing your dog or cat.” Dada gave more suggestion to Toto.

“Huh? I never fed dog or cat.” Toto said.


Meanwhile Miyuki saw to Dada who said and tried to hit Toto who didn’t know anything. Miyuki said to Dada. “Hey!!! Look like my friend will be in a relationship with octopus hahaha.”

“No way!! Miyuki. This octopus only opens its mouth, not saying as human.” Dada said to Miyuki.

“Hahaha.” Miyuki laughed and Akiko smiled.

“Miyuki, look at Takoyaki. It is burnt!” Dada saw to Takoyaki that Miyuki made, but now it was burnt. Oh!!! From good smell Takoyaki, now it turned to be disgusting. Look at that Takoyaki Miyuki made, Oh!!! black… can’t eat it.

“What are you doing, Miyuki?” Akiko blamed to Miyuki. “It was burnt.”

“I’m sorry. I talked with Naru very much until I forget to turn another side of Takoyaki.” Miyuki apologized to Akiko and she tried to throw burnt Takoyaki to trash, but Dada saw to that Takoyaki and she wanted to eat that so she forbade Miyuki instantly.

“Stop Miyuki. I’m hungry.” Dada said to Miyuki to get burnt Takoyaki for eating.

“Huh? Can you eat that?” Miyuki asked, but Dada picked that burnt Takoyaki and eat with wasabi. After she put burnt Takoyaki into her mouth with wasabi, she felt spiced very much until she coughed.

“Dada. Are you OK?” Miyuki asked.

“I’m OK. Actually I forget to have breakfast.” Dada told to Miyuki. “That is delicious. Octopus you used is so enjoyable to chew it. So that burnt Takoyaki I want it all OK?”

Miyuki stunted and she said. “Yeah.”

After that Miyuki kept burnt Takoyaki to paper dish for Dada before she made new Takoyaki again. Now photographers surrounded to Dada and Toto who was octopus mascot to take many photos.

“Wow!!! Look at Dada.” Some photographers said to their friends who were photographers too. ” She isn’t arrogant as same as Facebook ever said.”

“What the fuck are you believing to any news on Facebook? That came from any users who weren’t from any press.” Another photographers blamed back.

“Yeah. Look at her smile. She was so attractive and kind. Not same as booth babe we ever took photos at Motor Expo 2008.”

“Dada isn’t born to be sexy. She is suitable for MC job as this. Look at her, she just picked microphone. She will said something so you and I prepare to take a photos.”

Now Dada received microphone from Akiko because she will be on the microphone to say with scripts. Dada opened microphone and started to announce.

“Hello everyone. Let’s visit ABAC booth at here. We have delicious Takoyaki from Japanese people. That is so delicious. I ever tried to eat them. Yeah!!! That was so good. 6 pieces of Takoyaki only 50 Baht. Suitable for everyone who want to eat Japanese snack…..


With Dada’s announcing, Some kids wanted to play with octopus mascot. But looked like Toto felt annoyed with that kids who pull his costume.

“Shit!!!” Toto swore. “Calm down kid!”

But that kid (from hell) didn’t stop pulling. He say “Mom!!! Please take photo with this octopus.”

Actually Toto hated kids. He saw to kid and he posed to camera with awful feeling. Then that kid’s parents said 1…2…3! to take photos with that kids and octopus mascot. No one could see Toto’s face mood. Everyone knew this octopus was so happy due to octopus mascot always smiled to everyone.

“Damn it.” Toto blamed.

“Don’t forget to take photos with my Japanese friends, Akiko, Mayumi, Miyuki and Naru. They are also cute hahaha.” Dada said to photographers or another people who visit to ABAC booth.

Now someone came to ABAC booth for purchasing Takoyaki from Miyuki. Actually Miyuki’s dad was a chef named “Yamamoto Maki” who made every gorgeous and delicious meals at Nakiya, Japanese restaurant at Thonglor, so Miyuki’s cooking skill was very very great. But she might forget time to cook until it was burnt.

“Can I eat this?” Mayumi asked to Miyuki to taste Takoyaki.

“Pay to me 50 Baht.” Miyuki said. “Ah… I’m just kidding.”

Mayumi smiled. Now many people took selfie with Dada and octopus mascot a lot. Dada smiled to every camera from photographers. That made Dada was more popular and wiped her infamous behavior that she was so arrogant completely.

But someone wanted to take photos with Akiko, Miyuki, Mayumi and Naru. He walked to Dada’s Japanese friends directly before he said. “Hi. Can you take selfie with me?”

“Yeah.” Miyuki answered first, then she walked to that guy, then Akiko, Mayumi and Naru followed Miyuki to take selfie. They smiled together, but looked like Miyuki was so offensive. She embraced that guy’s waist as same as couple and tried to bite that guy too.


Finally that guy got selfie photos and looked like that guy asked something to Miyuki.

“Do you know what is your attraction?”

“What?” Miyuki doubted.

“Your smile is so very lively.” That guy answered. “What’s your name?”

“Miyuki.” Miyuki answered.

“And… Did you come from Japan? You’re same as Japanese very much.”

“Yes. I came from Osaka.” Miyuki answered.

“And what is your blood type?” That guy asked again.

“Blood type B.” Miyuki answered. “Why? Do you want to flirt me?”

“Yeah.” That guy answered.


“So what is your phone number?” Ah… that guy was so offensive. He asked Miyuki’s phone number. Then Miyuki got guy’s mobile phone named “Nokia E63” to dial her phone number. After that Miyuki gave Nokia E63 to that guy and she say.

“It’s not fair if you got my phone number only. Please give your phone number to me.”

After that Miyuki gave her mobile phone named Nokia 7100 Supernova to that guy for dialing his mobile phone. Actually flirting Miyuki was so very easy, but you had to be sincere because Miyuki forgot very easy. Actually many guys could contact to her, but looked like no one wanted to date with Miyuki much.

Mayumi already knew Miyuki who was flirted often until she asked to Miyuki “Hey!!! How about earlier guys?”

“No one call me back.” Miyuki said.

“Yeah, charm girl.” Mayumi said and Miyuki smiled.

For Akiko, she thought a lot when Dada was near Toto. Because when Toto talked to Dada, that was a couple moment. But she still thought Dada and Toto was friend together.

30 minutes later, Now this was Chris time. From Roxanne that she ever said to Chris when he was at Rama 9 hospital about Chris will show DJ due to Roxanne was hired to another place. He was setting his tools to open songs. Luckily at Japan Expo, organizers already prepared basic DJ tools so Chris set easier than he played music in nightclubs. For Empire Ears Athena VIII he got from Roxanne, he felt unsuitable with in-ear monitor much. But this came from Roxanne, so he tried to use it. It wasn’t bad when he used to listen songs, so monitoring might be suitable.

“Ah. That is usable.” Chris said when he tested to sound system at DJ stage. Then Tingting walked to DJ stage for setting microphone system and testing sound.

“1-2-3-4” Tingting tested sound to use microphone. Now looked like another guys walked to DJ zone. That time Dada who was relaxing inside ABAC booth observed to DJ zone. And she saw to Tingting who was talking with DJ.

“Hey!!! Toto.” She called to Toto who was eating Takoyaki. “Look at that MC. She is familiar as famous booth babe you flirted her at Safe House.”

Toto saw to that MC who was near DJ. First time he saw that face, he immediately said “Tingting. That girl is MC?”

“Huh? She change job from booth babe to be MC? Why?” Dada asked to Toto.

“Do you remember that video clip you was brought to guidance counselor room? Tingting was infamous at booth babe society extremely. So now she may change her career to be MC. But… for MC, she is pretty good, maybe better than booth babe.” Toto said about Tingting to Dada. Dada smiled to Toto.

Now many people who was in Japan Expo interested to DJ zone a lot. Layers and photographers were going to near Chris and Tingting. For layers, Chris was famous DJ that used 8-bit sound to compose. He was famous at anime and manga society. For Tingting, because she was ever famous booth babe, now she associated as MC, that made another one shocked with her alternate skill that was greater than booth babe. Sometime MC job was suitable for Tingting.

“Hey guys!!!” Now Tingting held her microphone and started to talk to audiences. “Are you ready for dancing together?”


“Huh? I can’t hear that!!! Are you ready?”


“Are you ready?”


“Again!! Are you ready?”


“If you ready, Music GO!” Tingting said to start crazy songs from Chris. Now music appeared. Everyone danced together although that songs had instruments from 8-bit style. Chris mixed songs very very well. That weren’t outdated. Feeling was same as EDM very much. Actually Chris covered songs that were popular in that time as 8-bit version so many people knew their songs easily. They danced. They jumped. They had happiness together. That was the picture of jubilee that happened rarely.

“Huh? What is this DJ? Why he mixes songs very well?”

“Waiting for his new album.”

Many people said and complimented in YouTube when someone uploaded video clip to YouTube. Someone asked DJ’s name and MC’s name. Someone replied that comment. Now Chris and Tingting were positive more than earlier time.

“Here we go!” Tingting said to many audiences. Now Chris changed songs to another songs. But now Tingting performed herself to dance crazily as same as in nightclub. Her feeling was same as dancing with her friends at nightclub.

Meanwhile assassin who ever wanted to assassinate Dada for 2 weeks ago appeared again. Now they stayed at another building near Central World. They were aiming sight to Dada who was with Toto and she was talking to her Japanese friends. That assassin still steadied Artemis sniper and it wanted to eliminate Dada and her close friend, Toto. Due to Artemis sniper was 3 round burst, so eliminating 2 targets wasn’t hard.


“Hey!!!” Akiko said to Toto who was wearing octopus costume. “You’re pretty good when you’re octopus. That is really you.”

“Hey!” Toto said. “Why do you think with this?”

Finally Artemis sniper fired. That bullet pierced to Toto’s octopus costume with 3 bullets. Luckily that couldn’t take damage to Toto.

“Fuck! I failed again.” That assassin said.


Toto felt interjected when he felt something pierced to his costume. He saw to his octopus costume and he felt weird when there were 3 bullet pierced it. That pierced costume showed smoke from bullet.

“What the fuck is that?” Toto asked.

“What happened with you?” Akiko asked.

“Dada is danger again. Some assassin used sniper rifle to kill Dada.”

“What?” Akiko felt shocked when Dada was targeted.

“Bring Dada to safe zone now!!” Toto shouted to Akiko to let another one knew.

“What?” Now Dada felt herself. She asked to Toto directly. “What happened with you?”

“Sniper!” Toto answered. “Now I don’t know where sniper is. But you’re not safe. Please come with me.”

“Huh?” Dada confused. She didn’t know how to do next.

“What are you waiting for Dada? Come with me now.” Toto held Dada’s hand and ran out from the Japan Expo together. Before he escape, he said to Akiko “Akiko, come here.”

Akiko nodded and she abandoned everything she held before she escaped with Toto. Then Mayumi, Naru and Miyuki followed too.

Now everyone escaped from DJ zone of Japan Expo. High Experiences Polices (HEP) were coming to Japan Expo and tried to fight with sniper from high building. Now Tingting and Chris were in danger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“What the fuck is that?” Chris swore and he hid himself with Tingting at DJ table.

“I don’t know, but we’re in danger.” Tingting who was hiding from sniper said to Chris. Now Chris saw to exit way to avoid sniper’s shooting. At department store? Not good. Many people are escaping and security guards closed Central World door. The best exit was at pavement and ran to Sky Walk at Ratchaprasong district.

“I will count 1,2,3 and you run with me.” Chris said to Tingting to run together. He held Tingting’s hand.

1…2…3 run!

Chris stood up and brought Tingting to escape to hot zone. Looked like sniper will shoot again. He didn’t trust to sniper. That was so evil. Chris ran and hid with barriers at pavement. Now everyone at pavements were felt chaos. They saw to Chris and Tingting who ran out from Central World with panic. Sometimes Chris crashed to another one on pavement.

What the fuck are you doing?

Many people shouted to Chris and Tingting. Actually they escaped from the death.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another bullets from Artemis sniper rifle fired again. But looked like assassin didn’t wanted to kill Chris and Tingting because it chose to shoot tree.

Finally assassin stopped to use Artemis. It stood up but it was smacked by High Experiences Police team. They kicked that assassin and smacked that assassin violently. They only want who was assassin.

Until assassin’s helmet was broken due to HEP no.1 push assassin to smack the wall. Now HEP knew who was assassin and why assassin wanted to kill Dada, Salvador’s adopted daughter. That was so shocked when that assassin was a woman.

“Woman?” HEP no.2 said. “Tell me. Who are you? Who send you to assassinate Salvador’s adoptive daughter?”

“I can’t tell you who send me to kill that bitch. But…. My name is Jane, former psychiatrist from Samitivej hospital.”

Finally, assassin appeared. That was Jane. What?


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