Let’s go to ART BOX Thailand (At The Em District)

Finally ARTBOX returned again at The Em District. There are many people want this flea market to comeback again since last time ART BOX appeared in December 2015 at The Em District. There were many controversies and positive critics that mentioned with this flea market. Somebody said “Wow!!! That’s very great!!” Someone said “What the fuck!! Foods in this flea market is fucking expensive. Somebody said “I get my beautiful girlfriend because of ART BOX. This place I could meet her.” But don’t worry, ART BOX Thailand got many positive critics that you should walked if you were at Bangkok and near The Em District. This place can alternate Siam Square that is so boring (if you come to Siam Square often). For me, ART BOX is great place!! You can see everything you don’t see in real life. So what was going on? Let’s read this.

First appearance.


ART BOX Thailand’s Facebook page never posted anything for 3 months since December 2015. Someone thought “Huh? ART BOX will be faded away? No!!!” Many people requested ART BOX to comeback again, especially girls who loved to dress fashion costume and walked around ART BOX prouldly. Actually they wanted some photographer to take photos and be published at street fashion magazine.

You can check every movement at ART BOX via Instragram. They have their owned hashtags and if you put that hashtag on your photos you uploaded on Instagram, some shop on Instagram may add you immediately.

OK, here we go.

I introduced about ART BOX was social flea market. You could have friends from this market that same as dating appication on your smartphone, but this place you could meet another people that could be your friends or lover in the future. ART BOX Thailand’s concept was this. So don’t feel weird if you get someone who say hi with you first.

Luckily ART BOX Thailand was near my office. I could go to ART BOX with 1 km. Yes, I walked to this place, not using another TAXI or motorcycle.

At entrance, that was different than in December due to earlier place of ART BOX it substituted with Dinosaur Planet, amusement park with dinosaur theme that just opened. But ART BOX was inside of The EM District again. That was further than ART BOX in December. ART BOX entrance always had sercurity guards to check. That was so strict as same as at nightclubs. They bounced you immediately if you had suspicious items.

But… Do you see that LED screens? Do you remember that video?


Yeah!!! It came from Windows 7!!

After you entered to entrance successfully, there were many light blubs that floated in the pass way. That is very great. It changed ART BOX theme to be more romantic. This flea market had very high creative to do something. You might love this flea market if you loved hadmade stuffs.


Every place at ART BOX you could take photos!!! That was a charm of ART BOX. I suggested about if you come to ART BOX, you could come to your friends. But if you didn’t have any friends or your fried denied you to go ART BOX, you should had selfie stick or wide lens. If you posts photos on your Instagram, don’t forget to put #ARTBOX to your photos!

Food zone, highlight of ART BOX!


Everyone who came to ART BOX always said about “Food zone”. Damn! It always was expensive. Price with one meal started at 100 Baht. That was true. But for very high price compensated with premium quality you could get from their foods. For everyone who love cheese, you could find at ART BOX. There were many cafe that contained cheese!!! I addicted ART BOX a lot because of this cheese!!!

I saw cheese chef who scooped delicious yellow cheese from hot pot. Then he poured cheese onto fried snacks!!! Ah!!! That smell!!! I got it!! It was very good…


That was first cafe I order french fries with mega cheese topping. It costed 100 THB or approximately 2.89 USD. Actually meals in Thailand was so cheap. 1 dish of meal costed 35 THB or only 1 USD!! WOW!! But if you addicted meals in Thailand, you will say french fries with mega cheese was so expensive.

Although it costed 100 THB, but…. Oh!!! That was so delicious!!

One of the most delicious food in ART BOX I had ever eaten. Actually I always loved cheese, and this meal used favorite cheese I didn’t know ever. With pork topping with sauce, you will be fallen in love with this meal easily.

But… 1 weeks later, I tried to eat meal with cheese. Now I chose this.


Ah… I ordered Cheese…. (Ah… I forgot that name). But I got signature menu that I wanted to pay 99 THB, but i had to pay 139 THB for getting this fucking signature menu. Damn merchants cheated me. But don’t worry. It was so much to make me felt stuffed.

First time I felt delicious with this memu. That crispy snack inside cheese was so crispy. And this menu I could pick some snack and raised to show flexible mozzarella cheese as same as pizza. But… One thing I felt disappointed.

Deliciousness was so balanced. No tomato ketchup, no chili sauce or no mayonnaise to extend. If this cafe could allow customers to put more tomato ketchup, chili sauce, That was more deliciousness.


After that I saw to fashion zone. It wasn’t interested much because I didn’t interest fashion much.

Finally concert zone. This is highlight of Art Box Thailand. Now it had the tentacle of life at tree!!!

If you want to flirt or talk another one, you can, but 60 they denied.



ART BOX Thailand always be same as earlier months. Same location, same shops but atmosphere is more different. Container sight you couldn’t reach it. But if you hate crowded events, you should avoid this because ART BOX is really crowded!!!



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