Aom Suchar & Tina interview at Thailand Film Culture Week [H]

Hello!!! Everyone who want to know what were they saying. I know Thai language is so difficult to learn. Yes, I agree. For me, Thai language is so damn hard!! But don’t worry everyone. Now I translated this video completely!! Let’s read this.

Warning : This article contained homosexual contents. Religious people don’t read this! I warn you!!!

Video by Aom Suchar Official FC

Intro scene


“Then looked like they made every fan clubs felt appreciated a lot when Aom and Tina appeared together at Thailand Film Culture week. “They didn’t appear at any event for a year. Chinese Fanclubs also raised pressure to Aom and Tina. I think about some Chinese fanclubs travel to Thailand for meeting Aom and Tina!” Transgender MC said about what she was talking about.

“Really?” Gay MC asked to Transgender MC.

“She asked me a lot on my Instagram “At China, Are they famous?” Transgender MC said.

“Yeah. Ah!!!? What?” Gay said.

“Many people know because of Aom and Tina.” Transgender MC said. Then she said some Chinese sentences I couldn’t know. But look like she said with parody.

“Yeah.” Gay said.

“No! I want to say about I watched Aom and Tina with many people said Ching Chang Chong.”

Interview Scene

Tina, the butch (left), Aom (a girl who wore red costume), transgender master of ceremony.

“Hi.” Aom said to transgender MC.

“Woraini.” Transgender said something with Chinese to Tina. Then Tina and Aom said back with Chinese. Yeah, I don’t know what they were saying with Chinese.

“How are you? Look like you come together at Thailand Film culture week.” Transgender MC opened topic.

“Yeah. Today I come for announcing film festival that shows at SF Cinema. There are 5 Chinese movies and 2 Thai movies that are high-quality and attractive. Don’t miss this event. You must watch them at March 17-20.” Aom and Tina said what happened with this event.

“Now is it start today?” Transgender MC asked.

“No No No!! It will start tomorrow on Friday 17.” Aom answered.

“And will this event show some famous movies you already know?” Transgender asked.

“There are classic movies that is so immortal and you don’t miss them. There are some cartoon movies” Aom answered.

“Or musical movies.” Tina explained more.

“That can make another one watch them.” Transgender said.

“Yeah. It’s free to watch.” Tina said.

“But today many people are waiting you with long time.” Transgender said and little laughed. “Look at our tags.”

“Is it?” Aom asked and said to transgender MC.

“Don’t you appear together at any events for a year?” Transgender MC asked curiously to Aom and Tina.

“Yes. 1 year.” Tina answered.

“Yes.” Aom confirmed too.

“Since a day you played bowling together?” Transgender asked.

“Yes!” Tina answered. “Since that day. We appeared at my owned TV program.”

Aom laughed and she said to Tina. “That was 2 years ago.”

“Huh? 2 years ago? Really?” Tina asked. “Hahahaha.

“And at Central Embassy?” Transgender MC asked.

“Embassy?” Tina doubted curiously. “I didn’t meet Aom.”

“You shot TV program. I remembered.” Transgender said.

“Oh yeah!!! I shot TV program.” Tina just remembered.

“How about you when appear together at this event?” Transgender MC asked.

Tina and Aom smiled together.

“Actually we’re same. We say “How are you? We don’t meet together with long time” at first time we met.” Aom described what feeling she got when stay with Tina. Then transgender MC hold  her microphone to Tina for letting Tina talked something.

“Yeah.” Tina said. “We’re same Nothing are different. When we meet together, we also greet as same as close friend.”

“Because when we don’t meet together, we always greet if I see Tina. And I always talked with Tina together.”

“But look like your fanclubs are waiting you. How do you feel when your fanclubs love you a lot?” Transgender MC asked.

“I feel happy.” Tina answered.

“That is reunion phenomenon.” Aom described more.

“Now many photos on my Instagram (she said short term of Instragram as “IG”) were tagged more than usual.” Tina told to transgender MC that she was so surprised. “Since my works in 2010 to 2016. They tagged as ‘This year’ used this pic.”

“I looked your photos on your Instagram, I felt shy.” Transgender said. “That picture you used when you promoted some movies at that time.”

“I feel happy when my fanclubs interest my work relentlessly although I don’t have any works with Tina.”

“They want me to appear together, that is already enough.” Tina described what Aom wanted to say.

“Look like you were gotten shipping news that Aom told everything about Mike and Tina. How about that?” Transgender said about Aom’s news from the past that someone didn’t know what happened with Mile, Aom and Tina.

“Actually I consulted together between Tina, such as ‘Tina, is it OK? If you OK with this, please repost it.”

“She want me to repost our contents with Chinese or English in Weibo.” Tina said.


“Yes. Because this is a moment from some fanclubs we know together due to controversies always occurred in social networks. I also appeared in social network with posting “Hey!!! I know it!” I want to tell I never stay at any side of dramatic controversies. I want everyone to be happy”

“That is a little stopping war on social network.” Transgender concluded everything that Aom said.

“Yes, indeed.” Aom said.

“Indeed.” Transgender said. “I said to myself.”

“So you also love as… sister…? …” Transgeder MC said wrong, so Tina said. “We’re friend together.”

“Yeah. Friend together.” Aom and Tina said together.

“And how about shipping?” Transgender MC asked.

“Shipping?” Aom asked curiously.

“Yeah!! Shipping trend made me felt shy.” Tina said.

“Because you don’t meet Aom with long time.” Transgender MC said.

“Yes.” Tina agreed.

“Do you miss together?” Transgender MC asked to Aom and Tina.

“Ask to Aom first.” Tina answered.

“Why do you want me to be asked and answered first?” Aom asked to Tina. “Tina must answer first.”

“Do I miss Aom?” Tina started telling her feeling with Aom to transgender MC.

“Do you miss her?” Transgender MC asked to Aom with English.

“Oh… <<Chinese language I can’t translate>>” Aom said before she laughed.

“Yes. I miss her.” Tina answered.”

“Yeah. I always said “I miss you. When will we meet again?” together.”

“I appointed Aom, but she is really busy. her queues made my appointment cancelled.”

“So today you will have dinner together?” Transgender MC asked to Tina and Aom.

“Actually I appointed Nai to have dinner together, but I asked them ‘I and Tina will have dinner together, will you meet us together?’. Nai said ‘I’m queued. Can you appoint me at tomorrow?”

“So tomorrow will you certainly go with Nine?” Transgender MC asked curiously.

“This depends on Nai’s queue and our friends.” Tina answered.

“After you have sweet moments, such as at birthday, you posted wishing photos together. How about that?” Transgender MC asked about sweet moments between Tina and Aom together.

“Because we were born at closed days. Aom borned in January, I was born in February, etc. So we had sweet moment together.” Tina said why she and Aom had sweet moment together.

“First time Tina said ‘Hey!!! That is really cute.’ So I had to do something cuter than Tina.” Aom said. “I had to wish to Tina after Tina wished to me.”

“That was so appreciated.” Transgender MC concluded. “More question. Will you appear with another project in future?”

“Future!!!?” Aom temporally doubted. “If someone will interest me (laughed) to appear together, we always welcome every organizers.”

“And how about your queue?” Transgender MC doubted to Tina’s queue.

“Queue? You should ask to Tina.” Aom answered. Then transgender MC held microphone to Tina.

“Now Aom is hot.” Tina complimented to Aom.

“No!!! Tina is hotter! Don’t lie baby.” Aom said back.


“Is Aom more beautiful?” Transgender MC asked to Tina.

“Yes. She is more beautiful.” Tina answered. But Aom doubted immediately. “Why have many people asked this question to me?”

“When she have more ages, she also more beautiful. Look at my eyes. I answered with sincere.” Tina complimented and confirmed Aom’s beauty. That made Aom smiled and felt shy in same time.

“Sweet eyes should taste it.” Tina said about her mouth that was so sweet due to she complimented Aom sweetly. But… she interjected “Hey!!! I’m just kidding.”

“So is this event your wedding ceremony?” Transgender asked and smiled.

“Look at Tina. She love to say with this.” Aom blamed about Tina to transgender MC.

“I love to tease her.” Tina said.

“Are you more handsome?” Then transgender MC asked to Tina.

“No No No!!! I’m beautiful. Why am I handsome? I’m a beautiful girl hahaha.” Tina confirmed she was beautiful, not handsome. 😄

“Yeah!!! She is more beautiful than you think.” Aom said about Tina’s beauty. She confirmed Tina was so beautiful. “I can’t give up!!! I should ask to Tina ‘Why are you more beautiful than me? Can you share some technique to ?'”

“So I thank you your every fanclubs around the world. How do you say something to your fanclubs?”

“Thank you every fanclubs who meet me at this event. There are some Chinese fans come to me too. That is really surprised.”

“Huh? Did they fly from China to Bangkok?” Transgender MC asked curiously.

“Yes.” Tina and Aom answered. “They really came from China.”

“For this event?” Transgender MC asked again.

“Yes.” Aom answered. “I feel happy very much!!! They don’t forget us and wait our another projects. I also thank you everyone that follow me all of time. Ah… I should to say…”

Thank you for loving us.


“I wish every fans love us forever.” Tina said.

“Thank you.” Transgender MC said.

Outro scene





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