The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 3 “Dada”


Are you OK?


Please open your eyes…

Part 1

For Ben and Jane, now that sound appeared in their mind all of time. With the darkness of their sight, they couldn’t see where they were taken to someplace. But for Ben, he knew only he was on stretcher trolley that nurses were bringing to emergency room.

Ben didn’t think nurse’s beauty. He just felt himself with only a few seconds. After that he slept.

Jane still slept. She didn’t felt herself. Her vision now was only black. Sometime it was dark orange if someone used spotlight to shine at Jane’s eyes when she was sleeping.





“How about him?”

“He still sleep.”

“Do you try CPR?”

“Yeah. But he didn’t feel himself.”

“Blow your breathe to him”







Many physicians tried to cure Ben. But now Ben didn’t feel himself. He still sleep.






“It can’t work.”

“Do CPR until he feels himself.”






Not only Ben, now Jane was dying…






“Breathe in now!”

“How about her?”

“She still sleep.”

“Do CPR more!!”








“Holy shit! He feel himself.”

“Do CPR more!!”







With relentless attempts from physicians, looked like Ben felt himself. Jane too.

10 seconds later, Jane and Ben blew their waters in their lung. Both survived from the death. Ben saw around him and he just knew he was at emergency room. There were 2 nurses and 1 doctor who saved his life. Doctor smiled to Ben for congratulating him. Ben smiled back with appreciated feeling.

But… his mind missed Jane first.

“Doctor. Where is Jane?” Ben asked to doctor?

“A girl?” Doctor asked. “She survived too. She was at right side of you.”

Ben saw to Jane who was right side of him. Then he smiled with appreciated feeling. Now Jane revived. She saw to Ben and she smiled to Ben with her faith.

At ABAC, one of the most famous university in Thailand that was international university. Everyone ever went to that place and they felt in love with this university very much because buildings in ABAC was so very beautiful and gorgeous. How to go to ABAC? That was very hard. Only TAXI and personal cars could go to this place because ABAC was placed among the grassland in Samutprakarn, province near Bangkok. Someone ever said this place when in the day of rehearsal of commencement, there were many cars in here. No car exit to alternative ways except walking from Bangna-Trad road to ABAC with 5 kilometers.

It was so insane!

On the morning before learning first subject. At bench inside cathedral of learning. Dada, Toto and Best were sitting to talk together at bench.


“Hahahaha!!!!” Toto, Dada and Best laughed together when they saw video clips Best recorded with his iPhone 3G when they went to Safe House nightclub.

“My BF is white and he’s 6 feet tall!” Toto simulated Tingting‘s insulting sound with parody.

“Hahahaha!!” Dada laughed. “That time was so insane. Toto was really brave to flirt that girl and you didn’t leave back.”

“Hey Dada!” Toto said and tagged Dada’s shoulder with his right hand. “Do you forget I’m PUA?”

“PUA? What’s that Toto?” Dada asked to Toto with PUA.

“PUA is shorted term of Pick Up Artist.” Best described about PUA to Dada.

“Huh? Pick Up Artist?” Dada doubted again. “Yeah. I’m not guys as you.”

“PUA is the artist who flirt beautiful girls.” Toto said. “Such as that No.1 booth babe I ever flirted last night.”

“Huh? Is that girl the most famous booth babe?” Dada excited. “Is she Tingting?”

“Yes.” Toto answered. “That last night I had done only sample. She had very high bitch shield.”

“What is bitch shield?” Dada asked again


Toto shook his head for feeling annoyed to Dada. Then he picked his pocket book about PUA to Dada.

“Read this Dada.” Toto said to Dada and brought ‘The Game’ to Dada.

“The Game?” Dada asked. Then she read ‘The Game’ immediately.

“The Game is the diary from the greatest PUA in the world ‘Neil Strauss’. He ever laid women more than 100 times.” Best introduced about author of book Dada was reading. When Dada knew author who wrote ‘The Game’, she stopped reading and said…

What!!!? Is he infected HIV?

“No, Dada. He always used condom.” Toto said.

“That is really nasty.” Dada blamed. “But that is really interesting. Toto, may I borrow ‘The Game’?”

Huh!!!? 😯

“Can you read it. This is English book.” Best insulted Dada.

“Hey!!! We’re learning at international university. So I already knew English.” Dada said. “Look at me Best, Toto. I will read it and tell to you.”

Then Dada opened ‘The Game’ novel. She read prologue until Chapter 1 within 1 minutes from 6 pages. Dada read a book very very fast!

“Hey!!! Do you just finish reading?” Toto asked.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

“You lie, Dada. So please tell what happened from your reading.” Best challenged Dada.

“At prologue, Neil Strauss helped Mystery because Mystery tried to commit suicide. Chapter 1, Neil wanted to learned about PUA so he withdrew his money from ATM with $500 and paid to Mystery for going picking up bootcamp.”

“Wow!!!” Toto clapped his hand for complimenting Dada.

“Did you see? I can read a book very fast.” Dada complimented herself again.

“So another time can you read learning book and you summarize to us?” Best asked to Dada.


“Hahaha. I just kidding you, Dada. We can learn ourselves.” Best said.

“Don’t you have a book about ‘How to flirt men?’, Toto?” Dada asked. “Sometimes I want to have boyfriend.”

“Hey!!! Do you want boyfriend? You must have big tits as same as booth babes first.” Toto gave pervert suggestion to Dada. Then Dada watched her breasts inside her student uniform. Then she felt pungent immediately because her breasts was so small.

“Don’t say my truth.” Dada said with bad mood and pinched Toto’s left ear.

“Fuck!!! I’m hurt, Dada.” Toto said.

“Look like Toto must meet with that rude booth babe since last night.” Dada said. “You’re so naughty.”

“Yes.” Toto said. “Next month she will be booth babe at Thailand Mobile Expo. That time I will meet her again. I will flirt her.”

“Huh? Don’t you give up?” Best asked to Toto.

“Hey Best. I’m Toto. I can’t give up with this fucking failure. For me, playing the game of flirting, there are 2 results, success and failure.”

“But that time you failed. Do you want to continue flirting that chick?” Dada warned Toto.

“That is only first round, Dada.” Toto said.

For Dada, she worried to Toto a lot because that wasn’t love, but that was defeating someone. Dada didn’t know how to warn Toto.

“I don’t know what event Tingting will perform, I target her and I will make Tingting to be my girlfriend.” Toto announced his mission to Dada and Best. Dada only smiled to Toto bust Best felt pungent.

“Are you sure to flirt that angel?” Best asked to Toto.

“Angel? Don’t you know what did she say at last night? Many fuck words! She maybe Nephilim.” Toto said about dangerous attitude of Tingting. “But… I’m Archangel. So my girlfriend should be angel too.”

“Are you drunken, Toto?” Best insulted to Toto who said with surrealistic.

“No!!! That is my comparison.” Toto introduced his attitude again. That was really freak attitude. “That is simple to compare. Beautiful … No!!! Perfect girl is angel and what is suitable for angel? Archangel is!”

Dada worried to Toto’s attitude very much. Until she thought that wasn’t correct. Finally she warned Toto to know the truth of relationship.

“I think you are insincere to her. You just only own her and imprison her to be honorable that you get beautiful girlfriend. If you think with this, you will never see your true soulmate.”

“No. I love her.” Toto answered.

“But I agree Dada’s opinion.” Best warned to Toto. “That last night you thought only defeating Tingting.”

“That was my choice I chose.” Toto still retorted to Dada and Best. “I choose the best girl to build the great successor. This attitude occurred since ancestor era.”

Dada shook her head for disagreement. Then she just had some ideas to tell Toto who addicted many girls. But after that Best’s girlfriend came to Best and Best said “Hey!! I will go with my girlfriend. See you again, Dada and Toto.”

“Good bye Best.” Dada said and waved her hand to Best. Then Best and his girlfriend went away from Dada and Toto.

“Look at this couple.” Dada called Toto to look Best and his girlfriend who walked together as couple. “They are so sweet.”

“Hahaha.” Toto laughed. “Dada. You don’t know behind the scene of this. They argued very severe. I can’t warn them because I will be the dog.”

“Really? I just think they’re so sweet as same as romantic fictions I ever read.” Dada said.

“You’re very positive vision.” Toto complimented to Dada and he smiled . “How can I have positive vision as you?”

“Read many fictions.” Dada answered.

“No way!!!”

“Um… Read manga or watching anime. You can know the positive vision!” Dada gave suggestion to Toto. “I give some hints to you. Women love men who can make happiness with themselves.”

“Huh? Happiness can make with myself?”

“Yeah. But the most necessary is know yourself first. I knew myself I will be a writer. I want to make my owned novel to everyone read it. That is my passion. And….” Dada taught Toto about knowing himself.

“Stop!!! I already know you will ask me. Actually I don’t know what I am. It is really bad…” Toto said and he made bad mood face to Dada. “I just want a girlfriend who know about me.”

“Why do you want anyone to know yourself first although you already don’t know yourself?” Dada asked to Toto again. Now Toto stopped answering. He didn’t know how to answer Dada’s question.

Only thing Toto did was contacting Dada’s eyes. Then he smiled unconsciously.

“What are you smiling?’ Dada asked.

“Nothing.” Toto lied. Actually he felt this situation he couldn’t control himself. It came from his passion who met someone who had same chemistry. Then he walked away from Dada and let Dada alone.

“Wait!! Where are you going?” Dada followed Toto.

“We will be late! Let’s rush to the classroom now!” Toto said before he and Dada rushed to the classroom that they learned at morning.

Part 2

Meanwhile at nearest hospital when Jane and Ben got accident on the noon.

“I don’t know why that cruise exploded. But that time I prepared to die.” Ben told his chaos moment to Chris when he visited Chris and Jane at patient room.

“Woah!!! But you survived.” Chris said to Ben. Then he saw to Jane and he said “And Jane too.”

Jane smiled with her sincere heart, but she didn’t say anything.

“How about party at last night? Is it fun?” Ben asked about party at Safe House to Chris.

“Not fun, but it was really insane.” Chris answered. “Tingting was very rude. Someone tried to flirt her, but Tingting blamed him relentlessly until he stopped. Tingting ever said that guy who loved to flirt girls in nightclubs called ‘PUA'”

“PUA? What’s that?” Ben doubted about PUA.

“Pickup Artist, Ben.” Jane answered.”I ever heard about PUA was an underground community at nightlife. They flirted a girl as a game.”

“Really Jane?” Chris asked.

“I’m not sure.” Jane said. “My friend ever mention about PUA. She was flirted with PUA. They had very high skill of flirting, but lacked of sincere heart.”

“Ben, Jane. Can you go home?” Chris asked both.

“Yeah. We’re ready to go home. Looked like Chao Praya cruise owner should pay damage costs to us.” Ben said. “That night was really severe. We would be dead.”

“I watched news at morning and reporter said power generator at cruise exploded.” Chris described what happened with Chao Praya cruise. “But I think someone tried to murder as same as burnt Sanctuary club.”

“You think a lot again…” Ben blamed to Chris.

“Think carefully. I know some clues. At Chao Phraya cruise, did you see old guys who had freak facial hair?”

Ben and Jane thought to that guys who had freak facial hair. Actually Chris mentioned to Salvador.

Ben and Jane memorized everything at Chao Phraya cruise. Since they walked to the cruise, they had dinner buffet, they talked with sweet moments, they saw together. But that time Jane wanted to pee, she walked to the toilet that was at downstairs. That time she saw that guys who had freak facial hair!! But Jane didn’t think a lot. She thought only he was special guest.

“I saw him.” Jane answered. “At toilet area.”

“That was Salvador. I suspected him because when he appeared to someplace, that places will be burnt or exploded immediately. I ever saw him at Sanctuary club in countdown day. He knew me. He greeted me with a few seconds, after that Sanctuary club was burnt. Salvador would be suspected!!” Chris said. “Only thing I knew about Salvador was his daughter, Dada.”

“Dada, famous net idol?” Ben asked. “Don’t worry Chris. I have her Facebook. Do you want to know her?”

“Yeah. Chris answered.”

“But… I’m sorry. My Blackberry was lost from cruise accident.” Ben said.

“Do you know her username on Facebook?” Chris still investigate about Dada.

“Um… I don’t know…” Chris answered. “Search her at Google.”

Then Chris picked his Blackberry to search Dada’s Facebook on google. Finally he found it. Dada’s Facebook showed at first place on Google. He clicked it before he knew some information.


Dada Cupcake
(Dada Love Love)

 🏠 Also live at Bangkok, Thailand

🎓 Now studying Communication arts at Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi campus.

📍 From Bangkok, Thailand

Dada posted everything with public. So Chris saw everything what Dada did, such as suggesting interested restaurant, dessert cafes. She took photos very beautiful. Every photos Dada uploads had like counts more than 1,000. And comments she got was really generic, such as “Cute”, “Beautiful”. Someone tried to request her phone number, but Dada answered with kidding “012-345-6789”.

This time was Chris’s gold opportunity to know about Salvador. He sent message to Dada directly although he wasn’t Dada’s friend on Facebook.

Chris : Hello Dada.

Chris sent message to Dada via Blackberry. Then he waited Dada for replying.

3 minutes later. Looked like nurse made Ben and Jane surprised. she brought Ben and Jane’s back to them. Finally nothing was lost, except electronic gadgets will be broken due to drench in water. Nurse opened the door and she gave Ben’s bag and Jane’s bag.

“Thank you very much beautiful nurse.” Ben said and received his bag. Jane received too.

“How about Dada?” Ben asked to Chris.

“She didn’t answer.” Chris answered. “I will refresh Facebook again.”

Then he reloaded Facebook’s page on Blackberry again. Result was…

“Damn it!!” Chris swore.

“What happened?” Ben asked.

“Dada blocked me.” Chris answered. “I only sent “Hello Dada”, but she blocked me immediately. Fuck!”

“Where is she learning?” Jane asked to Chris.

“Assumption University.” Chris answered.

“And where did she check in often?” Jane asked again.

“Siam Paragon.” Chris answered.

“That’s not enough to know about her.” Ben said. “Now she didn’t check in at any place. She posted her portraits or selfie, but she didn’t check in. Hey!!! Wait Chris. I have my friends who graduated with MBA at ABAC. He will go in commencement day at Sunday. That time Dada will appear.”

“Great!!! So that time I will go with you.”

“OK.” Ben said.

“I think we should have Japanese buffet.” Jane said. “I’m hungry. 3 people. That’s great.”

“Really? Great! I want it.” Chris heard about he will have Japanese buffet, he felt happy very much. But Ben only smiled.

“OK. Let’s go!!” Chris said before everyone in patient room walked away to BTS Taksin station.

Although Chris and Ben’s friend were victim of Sanctuary club, but now they had new friends who will be in the new journey of the truth. For Ben, he had Jane and Chris had Tingting. First thing Chris wanted after his friends died, he wanted to know who was murderer of Sanctuary club. Salvador? Chris was sure only 50% because he didn’t have evidence to accuse him. Knowing Salvador was very hard because Salvador didn’t use Social Network. So only Dada he wanted to meet her at someplace.

But Dada blocked Chris. So seeking Dada was harder.

Meanwhile at ABAC in noon. Now this was lunch time. ABAC was one of the university of Thailand that have many restaurants in here. Today Dada and her friends wanted to have Japanese foods at Japanese restaurant. With lunch time, there were many people who were queuing to reserve tables at any restaurant. Except restaurant that Dada and her friends were queuing moderately.

“Why am I popular?” Dada asked to Best and Toto. “Today I have 4 strangers who want to chat with me.”

“Hahahahaha!!!” Toto laughed Dada. “Or you retouched your face to be your Facebook profile photo?”

“No No No! Stop insulting me dude.” Dada said to Toto. “I never do plastic surgery. I am naturally beautiful.”

Toto smiled and he said “I love to tease you, Dada.”

“What? I’m not your rubber doll!”

“Hey Toto. I warn you if you tease Dada a lot, You and Dada will…” Best teased to Toto.

“Enough! I know what you’re thinking. It won’t be certainly.” Toto interrupted Best immediately. “Dada never be my girlfriend if she still has small boobs!”

“Toto!” Dada smashed Toto’s stomach with her elbow

 “Yeah!!! If I am stranger, I just think you’re couple.” Best still teased Dada and Toto.


Dada and Toto saw to Best with meh feeling.

“Or not true?”


Toto and Dada laughed together for covering their shy feeling. Then Toto, Dada and Best entered to Japanese restaurant due to their turn. Ah!!! There were many people in here. Look at that couple. Boyfriend fed that sushi to his girlfriend’s mouth. It was really envious!!! Dada wanted to have that moment!!! She couldn’t endure so she made some annoyed sound unconsciously.

“Dada. What’s wrong with you?” Best asked to Dada.

“Look at that couple. They feed sushi together. Girlfriend closes her eyes and boyfriend pick piece of octopus sushi dipped with Shoyu sauce and feed it to her mouth!!! That is so romantic!! Ah!! 😍😍😍😍😍”

“Hey!!! Stop daydreaming Dada. Sit down before someone seize your seat.” Toto said and clapped to Dada’s shoulder for coming back to the real world. She little confused before she sat at her seat in Japanese restaurant.

Then waitress came to Dada’s table. She was really gorgeous. Dada guess that was ABAC’s ambassador. She was really white and have cute smile. She held menu book and gave it to Dada.

Dada, Toto and Best chose menus to waitress. Dada chose salmon sashimi. Toto chose ramen and Best chose Japanese pizza. When Best chose Japanese pizza, Dada said “Huh? Japanese pizza…? How about that?”

“Pizza with wasabi.” Best answered. “My girlfriend ever ate it and she recommended to me.”

“May I eat your Japanese pizza?” Dada asked to Best. “You can eat my salmon sashimi.”

“Yeah.” Best said and he smiled.

Meanwhile someone posted video clip named “Famous booth babe argued with someone who flirted her.” about Tingting argued with Toto at Safe House. It was shown at Youlike, Facebook pages that contained many amateur video clips and many clips were really explicit. Looked like that clip was so popular quickly. There were many people shared that clips. With more than 10,000 shared counts. Someone comments about…

Bunjaluck Teeradech : That girl is really bitch!

Aranya Luckymermaid : That guys flirted gently and what the fuck did that bitch doing?

Sos Dadelma : I think that guy is really foolish. She didn’t play with him and that guy still continued. For me, I can’t dare as him.

Wiki Mamaru : Thumbs up to that guy. He is really badass!

Blah Blah Blah…

There were many comments. Until comment #72, dramatic moment occurred when someone commented about…

Docomo Shamisen : That is Tingting!!! I ever met her at university. She was really bitch. She enjoyed to blame every guys who flirted her. She maybe lesbian.

Actima Shindaishi : Really Docomo Shamisen? I think she is friendly. I ever met her at Motor Expo and she was really cute.

Balthier : She is lipstick lesbian. She ever had butch as lover.

Marumi Miyamoto : I confirmed No! Tingting wasn’t as you think. I’m Tingting’s friend at university I confirmed.

Mahakarb Sangcharoen : Friend and why? Now she graduated. She is booth babe so her mind may changed. She is pubic figure so she must adjust herself.

Dadulma : Beautiful girls always bitch.

Many Facebook users still criticized to Tingting relentlessly. They dramatized continuously as same as #teamTingting and #teamboy were arguing who was right.

Then Chris who was having sukiyaki with Jane and Ben at Siam Square got Tingting’s calling via his Blackberry phone. He went outside sukiyaki restaurant immediately.

“Hi Tingting. What’s up?”

“….(sobbing)….  I don’t …. know how to do….?  Organizers cancelled me…to be booth babe.” Tingting cried to Chris.

“What?” Chris doubted. It was impossible because Tingting was the most famous booth babe. “Or that night… Someone recorded video and posted in social network.”

“Really? Who?” Tingting asked.

“I don’t know. But keep calm.” Chris said.

“That feeling was same as broken heart.” Tingting described. “If someone spread my moment, I want to kill them.”


Comments dramatized relentlessly. Some clickbait website created this moment as news. That made everyone shared it again, again and again. Tingting who was famous booth babe, now she will be infamous with only this motherfucking video clip. It was really insane that viral video could destroy somebody’s life. That was so mad.

Until comment #501. That was start point of the chaos!

Cloud Strife : Wait!!! 1:24 Is that Dada?

Mayumi : Dada, net idol at ABAC?

Satjachai : Yeah, but she is only freshy student. Her age maybe less than 20 years old.

Midus : Huh? If Dada’s age was lower than 20 years old, that is really severe. NO!!! I don’t want Safe House will be terminated.

Paul : What the fuck are you saying Midus. Safe House is my second home. I don’t want Safe House to be terminated.

Dadulma : Erase your comment now!!!

Midus : I say the truth. The truth never die.

Paul : Fuck!!!

Looked like chaos moments affected to Dada directly. Best opened his Faecbook application on his iPhone 3G to Dada and he said “Look at it, Dada.”

Not only Dada watched Best’s iPhone’s screen, Toto was too. That was video clip post. It told about Tingting argued with Toto and Dada was in this video too. Someone knew Dada’s ages were lower than 20 years old. In Thai law, people who are under 20 years are prohibited to enter the club. If they entered, nightclub that contains people under 20 years old will be terminated for 5 years.

Dada looked many comments mentioned her. Someone blamed her, someone protected her. But looked like she will be in danger soon. Now Dada’s mood was fulfilled with severe stress. She couldn’t smile more. Toto saw to Dada and he said “Dada. Are you OK?”

Dada didn’t answer anything. She was so stunted. Then she unlocked her iPhone 3G screen to open Facebook application to see her feedback.

That was same as Dada’s thinking. There were many comments and messages users who had Dada as friend sent to her. She read all of notification. That were same as comments in video clip on Youlike. Someone blamed her, someone helped her. Many people tagged her to watch this video. Looked like there are 546 notifications at notifications box, 354 messages at message box and 1,563 friend requests. For another one, many notifications made you proud, but not for Dada, she was so annoyed this situation a lot.

Toto saw to Dada and he asked again. “How about your Facebook?”

“I think I should cancel my account now. My life is so chaos. I can’t let my dad know.”

Then Dada pressed ‘cancel my account’ immediately. For cyberworld, Dada made herself to disappear. But for real life, someone tried to do something that may harm Dada to be dead.

At someplace at Ekamai.

“Fuck!!! That bitch Salvador’s daughter teased me again.” Patrick, Safe House nightclub owner blamed to his assassin at his room. “I warned my bouncer a lot and no one didn’t do anything I wanted.”

“Keep calm sir.” Assassin said.

“My profit often came from this nightclub. I love it very much but it will be terminated soon. My nightclub at Ram Intra didn’t make profit as Thonglor – Ekkamai.”

“So… Do you want me to assassinate Salvador’s daughter?”

“I just think about this.” Patrick answered. “Although I maybe arrested, but you must do your job to complete. Actually I hate Salvador very much. Killing his daughter is deserve hahaha.”

“Yes sir.”

Then that assassin went away from Patrick’s room via window. Finally someone breached Patrick’s door room and they said…


Everything Patrick thought will be real in future. Now polices were arresting Patrick. That weren’t regular police, but they were DSI. He didn’t do anything stupid. He only raised his hand for giving up.

“Arrest me DSI.” Patrick said and smiled to DSI. Looked like Patrick had some alternative plans to do after he was arrested.

Part 3

Looked like Ben saw to Chris and he suspect Chris’s mood that was unusual as earlier time. Chris frowned strictly and he didn’t say much. So Ben asked to Chris directly.

“Chris. What happened to you?” Ben asked.

“That time you had dinner with Jane. But I had party with Tingting and her friends.” Chris described what happened at last night. “Someone tried to flirt Tingting, but Tingting refused him. Such as insulting with taboo words, but that guy still challenged Tingting. He didn’t leave, but he still retorted Tingting until someone spread this clip on Youlike.”

“Motherfucker Youlike again?” Ben blamed to Youlike Facebook page. He ever knew that page made someone condemned relentlessly with only one clip from this Facebook page.

“Why do you blame Youlike?” Jane asked to Ben.

“You don’t know Youlike Facebook page is severe. It can judge anyone on video clips from their followers. Thai users on Facebook love to share without consciousness. I ever thought it may happen with us. Finally it happened to Tingting.”

Jane stopped and didn’t say anything more. Social Network was same as kangaroo court.

“Tingting is famous people, so she feels uncomfortable with this.” Ben continued to describe.

“Last time Tingting called to me.” Chris told what happened with Tingting to Jane and Ben.”She said she was cancelled all booth babe jobs. And she was withdrawn from Top 10 booth babes Thailand too!”

Ben shook his head for disagreeing. But he just thought about useful of Youlike. He smiled and said. “I think Youlike can search moment at Sanctuary club.”

!!!!!!!? What?

“Try searching it.” Ben said to Chris. “At home. It is video file. You’re playing at your mobile phone so may have high data consumption.”

Chris smiled and he continued to have sukiyaki with Jane and Ben.

Meanwhile at Tingting’s home. She analyzed that video clip on Youlike Facebook page. She didn’t see many comments mentioned to her because she always knew that users still blamed her relentlessly. Only thing she must knew was ‘who recorded video clips and upload to Youlike Facebook page.’

She still watched video clips on her computer at her home. With 5 minutes, she didn’t see any clues.

But she didn’t give up. She saw again, again and again.

Until she knew who recorded that shitty video clips. Looked like her friends recorded. Because camera angle came from her table at Safe House. Not for another one.

For Toto, Dada and Best.

“Best!!” Dada asked with strong voice. “Did you upload that video?”

Best confused a little. Then he said “No.”

“Really? I just watched your video at morning. You recorded that video and why do you lie me? And if you didn’t upload, who did that?”

“Calm down Dada. I didn’t do that.” Best said. “Look at this. Camera angle is different than video clip on Youlike.” Then he picked Dada’s phone and opened video clip from Youlike before he put it against his iPhone 3G.

Dada saw video and she was calmer.

“I think it came from someone at bitchy Tingting’s table.” Toto described. “Camera angle it can tell everything you want to know.”

“For Tingting, I don’t worry, but that video had Dada. You’re so famous and everyone know your age! We’re only 19 and I knew if someone under 20 come to nightclub, that nightclub will be terminated. I worry to Dada a lot. You’ll be in danger, Dada. Be careful.” Best said to Dada.

Now Dada’s stress grew up more. Before she knew the truth, she was hungry, but now she didn’t feel hungry much.

“Do you cancel your Facebook account?” Best asked Dada.

“Yes.” Dada answered.

“Now you can’t go alone. If you want to go someplace, call us. I will go with you.” Best suggested to Dada. He worried Dada very much. She will be in danger from someone from Safe House owner.

“Thank you Best.” Dada said and she smiled to Best. Toto scrubbed to Dada’s head. Dada smiled to Toto that she didn’t know Toto did more than friend. Now Dada’s stress went lower. She felt hungry again so she said to Toto and Best “Let’s eat this.”

Dada, Toto and Best ate delicious lunch without saying anything. Because deliciousnes s from meals they chose, they paid attention to eat meal only. Dada tried to eat Best’s Japanese pizza with Wasabi. First time she ate, she felt hot at her noise due to wasabi’s spice. Toto saw to Dada and he said “Hahaha!!! Dada want some water?”

Dada shook her head. She didn’t want.

After having delicious lunch, Toto, Dada and Best went out from restaurant and came to classroom for next subject that they will learned on afternoon.

But… Dada’s classmate ran to Dada and she said “Dada. Guidance Counselor want to meet you.”

Huh? What?

Dada felt uncomfortable. She had meh face. But Toto clapped Dada’s shoulder for giving will. Dada saw to Toto and Toto nodded for saying ‘Don’t worry. I stay with you’ with body language. For Dada’s life, she never came to guidance counselor room. This was first time she will encounter to guidance counselor.

She didn’t have anything to be waste. Only thing she accepted was… walk to problem and pass it.

She walked to guidance counselor room that was in cathedral of learning area. At outdoor zone of cathedral of learning, there were many students whispered together when Dada was walking to guidance counselor room. They were whispering to insult Dada and made dramatic posts on social network. Although Dada’s friend in Facebook was more than usual, but for real life, she only had Toto, Best as friend only. Friend counts on Facebook were really bullshit. It couldn’t compare to real life.

Now Dada was infamous completely, but Dada’s friends in Facebook still connected, but they added Dada for silent investigating or doing as sniper. Dada didn’t think about friend’s count on her Facebook much. Only thing she did was let it be.

Finally Dada opened door to guidance counselor room.

First time she opened that room, the atmosphere of threaten passed Dada. Dada felt uncomfortable and she felt worried what it will be happened to her. At guidance counselor room, it was really beautiful as same as museum at someplace. It decorated with many historical stuffs. Some staffed animal was here. Something was cute, something was really weird. But now she will encounter to 3 guidance counselors in front of her. They were sitting at vintage luxurious chairs and they gazed to Dada weirdly. It made Dada felt more stressed and uncomfortable. That was very bad experience ever.

“Tell me. What happened at last night.” Second guidance counselor who was male and looked like he was 50 years old started topic to investigate Dada.

Dada couldn’t lie 3 guidance counselor. Her sense told that. Dada had sixth sense so she could predict anything from the future very well. Dada tried to smile, but 3 guidance counselor didn’t smiled back, but they frowned to Dada.

“I went to Safe House with my friends. That time I wanted to join my favorite DJ. He mixed songs very well. I am a big fan of that DJ last night. I love him.” Dada told to 3 guidance counselors. But she didn’t mention to Toto because She didn’t want Toto to be punished.

“I saw video clip and look like your friend tried to flirt famous booth babe. Who was he?” First guidance counselor asked Dada. Now Dada lied to First guidance counselor. She said. “That was my friend from another university. He was really flirtatious. I tried to stop his madness. But someone record video clip you saw that.”

“Dada. This moment won’t be happened if you’re more than 20 years old, but you’re freshy student. You’re only 19. And why did you come to that place? You already know yourself you’re net idol that many people followed you very much in social network. You’re public figure so you should do yourself as idol.” Guidance counselor gave suggestion to Dada. It never be happened if she wasn’t beautiful. She was net idol so everything she did was really public. No privacy for her. Dada thought carefully because Net idol had something that was different than another people. And she always didn’t agree she was Net Idol. She was only ordinal girl who loved to read many novel and manga. Not only novel and manga, she loved to watch anime although she had 19 years old.

Reason she was popular because she ever dress cosplay at Japan Expo since last year.

Only thing Dada had to show she readied to be net idol was being responsible to her faults.

“What is your punishment to me?” Dada asked directly.

“We met and debated your fault. Finally we’ve gotten your penalty. You will be suspended from coming to university for 2 weeks.” Second guidance counselor said.

Dada smiled and she said. “Thank you. I was wrong.”

“Don’t do this again. You’re Net Idol that was so famous to our university. If you do this again, not only get suspend, you will be banned for being university student ambassador. Many teachers, masters or professors hoped to you a lot. You’re very high skill of socializing and you had very good GPA. You shouldn’t do yourself worse more.” First guidance counselor said.

“Thank you.” Dada said.

But Dada’s feeling after talking to guidance counselor, she felt comfortable more than first time. Guidance counselors in ABAC didn’t silly as earlier high school she learned. That 3 guidance counselor were so reasonable and they hoped Dada to be university counselor.

But… Dada will get more pressure she never found and imagined. Masters tried to create Dada as No.1 university student ambassador. And university student ambassador will contest at next month. Now she was suspended for 2 weeks and after 2 weeks, that day will start next month.

How to do that?

She asked herself. Certainly, no one answered her question. She walked away from guidance counselor room and now Toto waited her in front of guidance counselor room. Dada saw Toto and Toto smiled.

“How about you? Did guidance counselor blame you?” Toto asked.

“They taught me more than blaming me.” Dada answered. “Not same as earlier high school.”

“So guidance counselor at high school was so silly.” Toto said.

“Yes. He was so bad.” Dada blamed to guidance counselor at earlier high school. “But guidance counselor at university was so reasonable. As same as judge in court. And they wanted me to be university student ambassador.”

“University student ambassador?” Toto asked. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know. But I ever heard university student ambassador at Thammasat University were really cute and gorgeous. For men, they were really handsome.” Dada said. “But they are really tired because they perform every activities in universities, such as sport day, great conferences or commencement day. They will be MC. But I love freedom. I can’t handle with many people. I want privacy more.”

Toto nodded.

“Toto.” Dada called Toto.

“What?” Toto asked.

“Can you be university student ambassador?” Dada asked to Toto.

Toto frowned and he said immediately. “No No No!!!”

“Hey!!! You’ll be more popular. You love to flirt many girls? This is your gold chance.” Dada said.

“No way Dada. I don’t want myself to be famous.” Toto denied.

“You talk very great. Greater than me.” Dada gave reasons to Toto and thumbs up, but Toto still denied by shaking his head.

“Hey!!! Why not Toto?”

“Although I dare to flirt another women, but for ambassador skills, I don’t have much.” Toto said. But Dada smiled and said. “If you register to qualify university student ambassador, I will call my gorgeous friend to date with you.”


“What are you saying, Dada?”

“You addicted gorgeous girl, isn’t it?  And that time you failed to flirt No.1 booth babe. I have my friends who are more gorgeous than that chick.” Dada described about her girls and she winked her left eyes.

“This time I don’t want anyone. I want to rest.” Toto said.

“But please register ambassador.” Dada still told Toto to register university student ambassador. “For me.”

“No way.” Toto said.


Dada temporally silenced. Until she said “Don’t you register? OK. I will register myself.”

“Yey!!!” Toto felt happy to Dada.

“Why? I don’t want to see many people. I felt uncomfortable.”

“Don’t think a lot Dada. Toto said.” Because you think you’re incompatible to another one? I thought you’re nice and cute. And this fault you just did at first time. Don’t worry Dada. I still support you.”

Dada heard Toto’s opinion and she smiled immediately.

“This university is wanting people like you, Dada.” Toto confirmed to cheer Dada again. Dada only smiled to Toto relentlessly until her cheek was blushed from her happiness that have someone who trusted her.

“Thank you.” Dada answered.

“Let’s go to classroom.” Toto said to Dada.

“Toto. I don’t know where classroom will we learn?” Dada asked to Toto because she didn’t know classroom.

“Go to that building.” Toto answered. Then Toto and Dada walked together. For Dada and Toto, they performed more than friend that they didn’t know themselves. Dada still smiled to Toto and Toto still smiled to Dada. Dada felt that maybe love. Although Toto was really horny and slutty, but he was sincere to Dada from his unconscious mind. He did it without knowing himself.

Until someone took photos that was sweet moment between Toto and Dada. And he posted it to social network.

Meanwhile at Tingting’s room at her condominium. She was curious about someone who published video clip on Youlike. She sought it from Youlike Facebook page via her computer. She looked to visitor posts on Youlike page. Damn it! There were many people who posted videos. Oh!!! She ever watched visitor’s posts and many video visitor posted was so awkward and nonsense. That was unbelievable when many awkward posts were so popular.


Tingting breathed out strongly. She continued to seek user who published video clips.

50 posts later, she didn’t see.

“Why many people posts amateur clips. It was really nonsense like a trash.” Tingting blamed to Youlike. But she still sought Safe House video clips.

100 posts later. Ah!!! No signal of that post.

She still sought. 100 posts she ever saw at vistor posts zone just ended only today. She still sought more. Until she saw someone who posted that clip. It was shown with No.493. Tingting saw username who posted video. That’s it!!! Her best friend did this.

“Pomelo.” Tingting told. “Fuck you bitch!!!”

Tingting felt angry to Pomelo, her best friend extremely. Until she wanted to revenge Pomelo with herself. Tingting knew Pomelo was at apartment at someplace at Bangkok. She walked away from her room and go to Pomelo’s room immediately.

30 minutes later, with Tingting’s vengeance, she wanted to know why Pomelo did that. No chitchat. No teasing. No kidding. Now Tingting din’t make up anything, except using CC cream so she was same as ordinal ladies who didn’t dress with booth babe. Finally she went to apartment that Pomelo lived.


Then she walked to 3rd floor that Pomelo was living. She knew her room. Her door was pink. Tingting was walking and seek that pink door until she saw that. She rushed to it and knocked that door.

“Pomelo.” Tingting called Pomelo and knocked the door.

But Pomelo didn’t walk to Tingting.

“Pomelo. I’m Tingting. Do you hear me?” Tingting still called to Pomelo to open her door room.

But Pomelo still didn’t open.

“Pomelo!!!! Open!!!” Tingting knocked the door again. She knock the door louder until Pomelo opened the door. Pomelo dressed with simple clothes as same as staying at her private room.

“What’s up Tingting?” Pomelo asked.

“I have something to say with you.” Tingting said and she intruded to Pomelo’s room.

“Hey!! Calm down Tingting. What happened with you?” Pomelo asked curiously. She felt Tingting was wild.

“Why you post video clip I argued with PUA? Do you know it took damage to me. My booth babe jobs were cancelled because of this fucking shitty video clip!” Tingting said.

“Hey!!! Tingting. Why I did it for?” Pomelo still lied Tingting.

“I don’t know why you did. Tell me. Why did you do this?”

“I don’t know!!!” Pomelo still said.

“Hey!!!! Why do you think this?” Tingting asked.

“I’m sorry. You’re my best friend. Why did I do that nasty thing for?”

Tingting confused what Pomelo was talking. Until some guys walked out from toilet. He wore only underwear and he said to Tingting. “It’s me.”

“You, Sega!!” Tingting blamed to that guy. Actually Sega was Tingting’s ex-boyfriend who was really rogue and jerk. He ever had sex with Tingting as husband with many times.

“Hahaha. Look like you’re infamous now.” Sega said. “This is my revenge when you broke up me.”

“Fuck!! This is really nasty!! And what do you live at Pomelo’s room?” Tingting asked to Sega.

“Pomelo is my girlfriend.” Sega said.

“Girlfriend or your wife?” Tingting asked.

“Ah… I only think saying girlfriend for being softer.” Sega said. “Look like Pomelo was really sweet to be in a relationship. I addicted her a lot.”

“Why do you post that clip?” Tingting asked to Sega. “I know you recorded, not Pomelo and you used Pomelo’s Facebook account to post. What the fuck are you doing?”

“Keep calm Tingting.” Now Pomelo was at some edge of her room and she said to Tingting.

“You don’t answer my question.” Tingting said. Until Sega answered with teasing voice.

“Because I felt bored, so I must seek something that is enjoyable.” Sega said.

“Fuck!” Tingting blamed directly. But looked like Sega wanted to do nasty thing to Tingting. He opened drawer at his desk and picked revolver to shoot Tingting. Tingting saw that revolver and she felt feared.

“Say fuck more.” Sega challenged. Tingting didn’t do anything. She didn’t say and she saw to that revolver.

“Hahaha!!! Finally you don’t say anything. OK. I know you fear me, so get out of here or you want to die!”

Tingting feared a lot. She ran out from Pomelo’s room with crying. Now Tingting had to encounter with her ex-boyfriend again. His name was Sega. He was jerk who love to force everyone. Finally she knew reason why Sega posted that video clip.

“You felt bored?” Tingting said Sega’s nonsense reason.”You’re always motherfucker, Sega.”

Tingting walked away from apartment with crying. She couldn’t do anything. Looked like she had to seek someone who could help her from the melancholy.

Part 4

At nighttime.

This night was so beautiful. There were many stellar on the sky. They didn’t appeared with long time. And this day was full moon.

At Dada’s room. After Dada had taken a bath, she walked to her computer to open chat application “MSN Messager.” before she double clicked to Toto contact. She texted messages to Toto about what happened after she came back to home.

Dada : Toto.

Toto : What’s up? Dada?

Dada : Actually I was suspended for 2 weeks.

Toto : Really?

Dada : Yes. But don’t worry. You have Best at your friend.

Toto : Best? He addicts his girlfriend a lot.

Dada : Hahaha.

Toto : And do your dad know your penalty?

Dada : Yes. He blamed me a lot. He restrict me for travel at nighttime with 2 weeks. I felt bored! Ah… I missed you. Do you know?

Toto : You said you was restricted only at night? But at daytime you’re not restricted. That’s good because at Saturday I want you to go to Siam Paragon for buying some books. Actually Best requested you.

Dada : Best?

Toto : Yes. He said when our group don’t have you, he felt bad as same as something lost from him.

Dada : Hahaha.

Toto : Actually Best need you to choose some novel. Next week teacher wanted us to present about novel student read.

Dada : Really!!!? That is really great.

Toto : I know you like presenting very much.

Dada : Yes. Hahaha!! I know what story I would like to present.

Toto : What?

Dada : Katsuo!

Toto : That dirty comedy manga? Hahahaha!!! Did you read that?

Dada : I ever read it since I’m grade 12. That was really hilarious. Ah… I’m kidding.

Toto : Look like if you present Katsuo! to teacher, you’ll get zero points hahaha.

Dada : Actually I don’t know what novel I want to present. So going to Kinokuniya is deserve. There are many international books at here.

Toto : Great!! After buying a book, we will have desserts at Siam Paragon.

When Dada saw “Dessert”, her eyes shined and have very high passion to reply back.

Dada : Dessert!!!? I want it!

Toto : Hahaha. You’re really freak, Dada. You eat many desserts and you’re not fat more than I think.

Dada smiled and she typed…

Dada : Can I ask question?

Toto : Yeah.

Dada : When do you stop being PUA?

Toto : What the fuck?

Inside Toto’s mind, he felt love Dada, but Dada was his friend and Dada wasn’t his type to love. Now he confused how could he decide. Was one night stand good? Was PUA good for him? Was many girl love him good? Was… Was… and many Was…

Many question rushed to Toto relentlessly. He couldn’t answered many question in his mind. So sleeping was the best method to forget his worry.

3 days later, on Saturday. Best appointed Dada and Toto to go to Siam Paragon. Best knew about at Siam Paragon had very best bookstore named “Kinokuniya”. It was placed at 3rd floor of Siam Paragon. Many reader said this is the best bookstore ever in Thailand. There are 4 language book zone, such as Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese.

For Toto, he walked to Kinokuniya for looking dark psychology books. Yeah. For Toto, he wanted to look another PUA books. The Game? He already owned it. Rule of the game? He already owned it too. But a book he was interesting was “Mystery Method”. Wow!!! That was really amazing!!

But it was sealed. He couldn’t opened this. Then he picked at Mystery Method to look price at backside before he felt surprised with this was really expensive because that price was 700 Baht.

“Fuck!!! Why this book was so expensive?” He blamed directly.

Meanwhile Best and Amp, Best’s girlfriend were seeking Thai novel due to both didn’t good at reading English contents much. (But Dada and Toto read English contents very well.)

“Look at this. This novel is really great.” Best said to Amp who was reading ‘Blood type personality’ book.

“What?” Amp closed Blood type book and she saw to novel Best was holding.

“Assassin’s Creed.” Best said and smiled.

“Hey!! Is it a novel from a game?” Amp asked.

“Yeah.” Best said. “Assassin’s creed is really awesome. I played it in PS3 and I love it a lot.”

Amp smiled. Then she asked Best. “Best. What’s your blood type?”

“A” Best answered.

“Wow!!! I guess and I am accurate.” Amp said. “Because blood type A habit is same as Best.”

“What?” Best asked.

“Such as, thinking to another people than yourself, love everyone, love duty to do something.” Amp described everything from blood type A. Best smiled.

“And what is your blood type?” Best asked Amp’s blood type.

“O.” Amp answered.

“How about that”

Meanwhile Dada was reading ‘Scarpetta’, English novel that is really thrilled. She can read any book with more than 1,000 words per minutes. So it was easy if Dada could read any book and finished to read with only 1 or 2 days.

“Hey!!! What are you reading?” Toto walked to Dada and asked her immediately.

“Reading a book.” Dada answered. “Ah… I’ve found this. Its story is really great. And do you get any novel?”

“Mystery Method.” Toto answered and he showed book he just mentioned. It was bigger than a book Dada was holding. With Dada’s sixth sense, so she knew immediately what content Toto chose.

“PUA book again?” Dada asked and smiled.

“Why did you know?” Toto asked curiously.

“I remembered characters from ‘The Game’ Did Mystery wrote that book? Did he compete with Neil Strauss?”

“Maybe” Toto answered. Dada shook her head and she say.

“Buy another one. Leave this book to shelf.”

“Why not Dada?”

“Don’t you know what teacher we learn with? That teacher is so conservative. PUA theory is really liberal and he may disagree your presentation.” Dada told reason to Toto. “Get this!! It is suitable for you.” Then Dada gave ‘Blood Noir’ novel to Toto. Toto saw to novel cover and he smiled immediately because he thought it was so erotic.

“Why are you smiling?” Dada asked.

“When I see you that is so serious, I can’t tolerate to laugh. You’re same as cat.” Toto answered.

“Cat!!!?” Dada frowned and pinched Toto’s stomach immediately


“What are you doing?” Toto blamed immediately. “It is really hurt!”

“I’m human, not a cat.” Dada said.

Then Dada, Toto, Best and Amp chose novel they interested. For Dada, she chose ‘Scarpetta’, Toto still chose ‘Mystery Method’, Best chose ‘The Last Patriot’ and Amp chose ‘Where Are You Now?’. They queued to cash counter and paid money to cashiers.

After that Dada, Toto, Best and Amp went out from Kinokuniya and Toto started to say something.

“Let’s go to 4th floor.” Toto said. Dada smiled to Toto.

Then 4 people went to 4th floor for reserving table together. For Best, he decided to reserved table with Amp, so finally Dada and Toto met together again. Dada and Toto reserved table together.

“Look like I am having dessert with you again.” Toto said and smiled. Dada smiled back and didn’t say anything. Then waitress sent menu catalog to Toto and Dada, Best and Amp.

“What do you want to choose?” Toto asked Dada.

“1 piece of Strawberry cheesecake.” Dada said to waitress before waitress wrote menu Dada ordered.

“1 piece of brownie.” Toto ordered brownie.

“And a glass of milk.” Dada ordered glass of milk. Actually Dada’s blood type was B and milk was suitable for Dada very very much. It was same as spiritual drinking.

“Why are you choose healthy drink?” Toto asked to Dada.

“Hey!!! I love to drink milk.” Dada answered.

“As same as teenagers.” Toto said.

“It is healthy drink. I must drink it to be cute.” Dada said.

“Hahahaha.” Toto laughed with Dada’s reason. “But it so good. I want to ask something Dada, do you ever tried to drink alcoholic drink?”



“And what alcoholic drink did you ever drank?” Toto asked.

“Why do you want to know about this?” Dada asked to Toto. But Toto didn’t answered back. He silenced and saw to another side of milk cafe in Siam Paragon. Now he saw to another couple that was so sweet. They smiled together.

“Look at that, Dada.” Toto said. “I want this moment. I should have some girlfriend to get this sweet moment.”

“Want any girlfriend?” Dada asked. “Imagine I’m your girlfriend and make couple moment.”

“Hey!!! No way! You can’t be my girlfriend OK?” Toto insulted Dada immediately.

“No No No!!! Try once and you may change your mind.” Dada said and smiled. Then she did sweet eyes to see Toto. But Toto immediately asked with naughty feeling “Do you want to be Moomin?

“What is Moomin?” Dada confused.

“Don’t you know? I think you’re a girl and you may know about Moomin.” Toto said. “Moomin is character who has 2 big eyes.”

“Finally I also don’t know.” Dada said. “Forget it.”

When Dada and Toto were talking together, waitress sent everything Toto and Dada already ordered to Dada’s reserved table. a dish of strawberry cheesecake was for Dada, a dish of delicious brownie was for Toto and a glass of milk was for Dada.

“When I saw to this glass of milk, I remember when I was child. I don’t know why I had to drink with this, finally I knew. This is reason why my body is so big.” Toto said. Then Dada smiled to Toto and she divided a piece of strawberry cheesecake to Toto.

“Toto.” Dada called Toto. “Open your mouth.”

“What are you doing?” Toto asked.

“Open.” Dada said with simple words and she winked her right eye. Then Toto opened his mouth. Actually Dada wanted to Feed piece of strawberry cheesecake to Toto. She was performing romantic moment to let Toto knew.

“Hey!!!” Toto interjected.

Dada didn’t say anything, she only smiled with her happiness to Toto.

“Thank you.” Toto told. His feeling was so complicated… Or this was love feeling?

“Do with this to me.” Now Dada wanted Toto to feed his brownie cake to Dada’s mouth. Dada waited Toto to opened her mouth. Then Toto fed his brownie cake to Dada. That feeling was so fulfilled with happiness because Dada never had someone fed any foods to her mouth. She couldn’t do anything. Only smiling she was doing. Now her cheeks were so blushed and her eyes saw to Toto’s eyes that she said via her eyes about this was really appreciated very much. She didn’t know could Toto know about this? This feeling was come from Dada’s deep mind of love.

Toto felt weird with Dada very much. He only thought Dada was friend, and what the fuck was this? Dada  was fallen in love with him? Actually Toto felt fallen in love with Dada too, but he didn’t say anything more. He saw to another place among him. Not only another couple or tables, chairs, look like someone wore suspicious armor and he was equipping some sniper gun and point to Dada from 5th floor. Looked like Dada was in danger!!

Dada!!! Sniper!!!

After Toto shouted to Dada, that guy who wore suspicious armor and helmet for covering his face used 3 round burst sniper rifle! He shot to Dada after Dada evaded bullet direction. Bullets from sniper rifle crashed to glass of milk Dada ordered at first time.

“What the fuck is that?” Best shouted to Toto.

“Dada is in danger!” Toto answered with his anxiety.

“Amp run away. I want to take care Dada.” Best said to Amp. Then Amp ran away. She didn’t know what happened with this. Only thing was escorting Dada to safe place. Everyone ran out from milk cafe. Not only customer, waitresses, chefs and cafe manager ran out from milk cafe.

“Go there.” Best said. Then Dada opened her bag to pick her revolver airsoft gun to fight that armed guy. Toto picked his pistol airsoft gun to defend himself too. Only Best that had real weapon, T62 CEW, his taser gun he got from his dad who was police. Actually Toto, Dada, Best usually played BB gun at BB gun field near ABAC, so their skill of using gun was so more expert than another one.

But direction Dada, Toto and Best were running, there was another assassin who was aiming his 3 round burst sniper rifle again.

“Fuck!!!!” Best interjected. “It’s Artemis, 3 round burst sniper rifle!”

“3 round burst sniper rifle?” Toto said to Best that he, Dada and Best were hiding from that assassin. “Is it available in this world?”

“Yes.” Best described. “Look like that got from black market. We don’t have more time. Run to that elevator and escape to Siam Paragon now!!”

“Yes sir.” Toto said as same as he was private soldier before he picked Dada to elevator. Now everyone were running to elevator with chaos. Girls who were pregnant were escorted with many security guards. Many shops in 4th floor in Siam Paragon were closed.

“There are 2 assassins!” Dada said. “How to do next?”

“I have smoke grenade.” Best said. “It help us.” Then Best threw smoke grenade to him for blinding assassin’s vision temporally. Now everything around Dada, Best and Toto was so chaos! Everyone that heard gunfire sound wanted to escape from their intuition. Now Siam Paragon was unsafe. Everyone escaped from every exit. Fire exits were too. Now many security guards went to secret room in Siam Paragon and they armed with deadly weapons, such as shotguns, revolvers, TAR-21 and shields. Every security guards stayed at appointed place such as entrance door to kill that assassin.

For Thailand, news went really fast. Now many reporters came to Siam Paragon for reporting breaking news. At Siam Paragon was so very bad traffic. It was really chaos. Everyone felt stress more more and more. No one wanted this to be happened.

“Breaking news!! Now terrorists tried to kill famous influener’s daughter and their friends. Now everyone at Siam Paragon rushed out from Siam Paragon with chaos.”

Many reporters reported about this and they published on Twiiter, Facebook or many social networks. Everyone who addicted social networks opened it. Then they shared together.

“She is so pity.” Some Facebook users commented to news’s content on Facebook. It mentioned to Dada. Many people knew Dada was Salvador’s daughter. But no one knew Dada was only Salvador’s adoptive daughter.

“How can I help her?”

“Let her die!”

“She is deserve with this.”

Blah Blah Blah…

Thai Facebook users commented and shared this news very fast. It was so viral. Some users wanted Dada would be survive. Some users wanted Dada to die. That were internet trolling who thought Dada to die.

Then Dada, Toto and Best ran to the elevator at 4th floor with their anxiety. They couldn’t do anything right. Only their intuition commanded their body to be survived. But looked like many people were queuing elevator. Couples, oldies, kindergarten were standing in front of elevator for waiting elevator to come. They were so calm and didn’t know what happened.

“There are many people at here.” Toto said when he saw to crowded people were waiting glass elevator. It was really slow to move. But unluckily!! Some aunties saw to Dada and she shouted to Dada loudly!

Fuck off!! You bring trouble to me!!

Dada confused very much!! That auntie was so rude. They saw to Dada for disappointing severely. That made Dada felt bad and guilt instantly. Toto saw to Dada and he said

“Dada. Are you OK?”

Dada saw to Toto and she nodded for saying “I’m OK.” with body language before she said…

“Go left and keep hide from it.”

Then Dada and her friends ran and equipped their weapons to next elevator that was another zone. It was long to reach. Damn it!!! Many people who tried to escape blocked Dada and her friends way. And someone had stink smell until Dada wanted to blow vomit.

“Ah!!!! His smell is really bad.” Dada said to Toto who stayed with her.

“Dada. Look!” Best called Dada to see that next elevator. There were many people who were queuing too. Oh!!

“Shit!!!!” Dada blamed when she saw to that elevator. It was fulfilled with many passengers again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then assassin triggered gunfire again. Artemis sniper rifle was so unique because its sound was same as video game. But it was so dangerous because if someone was shot with 3 bullets from round burst, that meant you died immediately. Although no record of using this gun, but for experimenting from laboratory of gunfire, scientists researched and confirmed 3 round burst bullet could kill anyone instantly.

But that 3 bullets crashed to pillar. Dada and her friends cheated the death again.

“Run to escalator.” Best shouted to Dada and Toto before they ran to the nearest escalator. There were many people again. But looked like Dada and her friends didn’t have any choices to escape. Dada prepare her revolver to trigger immediately. Although her revolver was air soft gun, but bullets she used can electroshock.

Although security guards armed, but they didn’t help Dada and her friends much. They took care Siam Paragon’s customers more than Dada. They kept everyone went out from Siam Paragon with chaos. After that, at BTS was so crowded. Everyone thought with same thing, so looked like Dada should escape to another place immediately.

Then Dada, Toto and Best rushed to Siam Square, but looked like another assassin still tried to kill Dada.

“Kill them!” Some assassin said via radio communication.

“Go to Lido cinema.” Dada said to her friends. “At Lido cinema, ways were so complex. Assassins won’t kill us simply. That time you prepare fire to them.”

Now Dada and her friends were rushing to Lido cinema that was far from them with 500 meters. When they were rushing, there were many people who wanted to open flea market at Siam pavement. That was so really annoyed so Dada and her friends escaped to Digital gateway first.

Luckily at Digital gateway had many exits so they could go to Lido cinema immediately. But at Digital gateway had many people who were seeing mini concert from some artists. Yeah!!! audience were in panic again when…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Artemis sniper rifle was triggered again from main entrance of Digital Gateway. That assassins shot to Dada relentlessly. Looked like they wanted to bring Dada to the death immediately.

“Fuck that assassin.” Toto blamed. “Why do they want to kill Dada?”

“I don’t know!!” Dada directly answered.

Then Dada and her friends ran to Lido cinema. They ran to Banana Banana cafe that was placed at 2nd floor of Lido cinema. But some assassin kicked Dada until Dada floated and crashed to Banana Banana’s wall.


Dada interjected. Then that assassin walked to Dada and showed his hidden blade to kill Dada. Dada saw that hidden blade and she was fulfilled with anxiety! That blood smell Dada got. Dada moved her body until her was against the wall.

Assassin held his hand at he prepared to stab Dada’s heart. Dada saw to that blade and she temporally fainted. That blade will come to stab Dada!!!!

But Best shot T62 CEW first. That assassin shocked from electricity from T62 CEW bullet. He stunted and laid himself to the floor. He couldn’t do anything. Only lying. His hidden blade was hidden immediately.

“Good!” Best said. “You’re safe, Dada.”

Dada opened her eyes from the faint. She smiled before Best brought his hand to let Dada held for standing.Many people near Dada frightened with weird moment Dada and her friends encountered.

But now assassins was 2 left. Looked like Dada wanted to go to BTS train, but it was far away from 200 meters. That made Dada and her friends bored again.

“Let’s go to BTS.” Dada said to Toto and Best. Toto and Best nodded and ran together.

Now Dada and her friends rushed to BTS. When they were entering to BTS system, Oh!!! Another assassins triggered Artemis again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That 3 bullets pierced to some shop inside BTS system. But no one took damage from this.

“Shit!!! Another one.!!!” Toto blamed and he fired his air soft gun with electroshock bullet to that assassin. It was stunted and temporally paralyzed. After that security guard took down that assassin completely. It couldn’t move. It was captured. Some people also recorded video clips and posted to Youlike. That was it. Another one knew Dada was in danger!!!

From hatred, to pray Dada for surviving. Finally Dada and her friends ran to BTS immediately.

“Let’s go!!” Toto said and Dada, Toto and Best jumped to BTS train immediately. Luckily people weren’t crowded as usual in rush hours, but they felt weird to Dada, Toto and Best a little.

“We’re safe.” Dada said and smiled. Toto clapped Dada’s shoulder and smiled too.

“You’re safe, I also feel happy.” Toto said to Dada. Dada smiled.

3 minutes later, BTS train ran to Nana.

“Next station Nana.” Announcer in BTS train said via speakers to tell everyone.

“We will…” Dada wanted to say ‘We will go to Thonglor.’, but last assassin appeared from crowded people again. Toto screamed…

Dada!!! evade!!

Dada saw to left side and that assassin captured Dada and catch Dada’s body to smack at BTS train door. Dada couldn’t fight against with him. She only evaded but she was failed. That assassin triggered emergency switch to open the door before he push Dada to fall out of train. It was really dangerous! Dada’s head was outside BTS train, but she saw another train will run passed her so she pushed herself to train again. Assassin didn’t agree so it showed hidden blade and tried to stab Dada. But Best, Toto kicked that assassin go away from train. Its body floated outside BTS train and crashed to another train violently.

“Finally that motherfucker is dead.” Toto said. Best saw something that was at floor. He walked and picked it to simply analyze.

Dada who laid at floor stood up and she walked to Best before she said “What’s that?”

“USB Flash drive.” Best said. “It may tell something from this assassin. I will send it to my dad.”

Finally awkward moment in this day was passed. Dada and her friends were safe. But looked like this was just started. Not only Dada was in danger, everyone who contacted to Salvador will be danger too.



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