Tingting (The Urbanist Character)

Many guys said “You’re beautiful.”

Thank you very much to compliment me…

But I’m sorry.

I bore your compliments very much.

Please being creative. You can complement me more than “You’re beautiful.”

If you interest me a lot, please say “I love you ❤ ” OK dude?

Know about Tingting

Real name & Last name : Suthatta Ploymanee
Date of Birth : January 10 1986
Age : 23
Generation : Millennials 
Zodiac : Capricorn (count with tropical time)
Blood type : A (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Graduation : Bachelor’s degree of art at Assumption University 
Habit : Easy to meet new people
Occupations : Booth babe, Master of Ceremony, Vahalla member with “MC”
Nightclub influencer : Funky Villa 
Her phone & personal gadget :Black berry bold 9700 
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 1 “Nightlife mission”
Like : Read a books, play games, hangout with friends.
Dislikes : Womanizer guys.
Facebook page likes : 3,500 
Instagram followers : 570
Relationship : Chris (60% | 👤 Close friendPomelo (100% | 💎 best friend), Candy (100% | 💎 best friend), Sherine (100% | 💎 best friend), Mike(100% | 💎 best friend), Top (100% | best 💎 friend) J (100% | 💎 best friend)
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Culture : Liberalism 30% | Conservatism 70%
Theme song : MEG | Story
Special ability : Very talkative
Special experience : None
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Kwan 50% , Toey 50%

In the world of booth babe and photographer, Tingting was the most famous booth babe ever. Because her shape was really perfect and she ever enhanced her boob size to be bigger. But actually before she had done plastic surgery, she ever was ugly. That time her face was round, not V-shape. Her skin was natural tanned that made another people who love tanned girl love Tingting.

Reason she was famous booth babe because she was really kind and friendly to everyone. She didn’t arrogant and compare herself to be stronger. She was humble to everyone so she was really attractive. With booth babe jobs, organizers who hired her ever said “Tingting is the best booth babe ever.” But actually Tingting ever be ugly so her humble behavior still stuck in her mind.

Actually her mom who was Miss Universe taught to Tingting often about good behavior when she socialized. She ever contested Miss Thailand but she didn’t win. But after that she hired as booth babe at Motor Expo and Motor Show exhibition with cute organizer. Her life isn’t perfect as you think. With her beauty, she is really 100% beauty because her heart is really kind.

With booth babe job, sometimes she hired as MC (Master of Ceremony). First appearance of Tingting as MC, she did it very well because she knew many reference of car manufacturer that organizer hired her. After that, many people wanted to take photo and selfie with her due to she was popular. Only Tingting you can selfie with her without controversy from Tingting (except when she was walking).

Until… Her beauty wasn’t famous forever. She wasn’t hired more than she wanted. Now she was seeking new job that will change her life. From booth babe to another job. Finally she decided to be MC of Vahalla, Chris’s band that he was seeking MC and he got Tingting as MC.

Until… Tingting felt in love with MC of DJ Chris a lot.

From creator

I have many friends who are booth babes. But I choose Joan to be my first inspiration to make “Tingting” character. Although Joan isn’t beautiful as another booth babe, but her attraction is really strong. Her eyes is smaller than another booth babe but that can seize another men’s heart more than you think. Joan is very kind and very cute to say. She is really friendly to start chatting.

Next inspiration is “Panpan” who performed as “Toey” in Hormones The Series. She was really chill and friendly. That was so straight to Tingting’s personality.

I scoped Tingting to be a semi-perfectionist. But with the semi-perfectionist, there is flexible due to Tingting didn’t care how many people to think with her because she was done the best. She always thinks she will do to the best. In The Urbanist, Tingting had not done surgery with extending boob size.

Actually Tingting in real life was one of the most famous booth babe in Thailand.


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