The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 2 “Tingting”

“Wait…. Are you real Tingting?” Chris doubted when he saw to Tingting but Tingting who stayed in front of him wasn’t same as Chris think.

“Hey!!! Are you OK? I’m Tingting, your friend at university. Do you remember me?” Tingting tried to introduce herself to Chris, but looked like Chris didn’t believe that girl who was in front of him was real Tingting. That was some Korean superstar.

Part 1

Finally Tingting thought Chris didn’t know she had done surgery with her face. So she said “If you don’t remember me, don’t worry because I have done plastic surgery.”

“Huh!!!? Doing plastic surgery?” Chris surprised. “Can I touch your face?”

“Yeah, but touch gently.” Tingting answered. Then Chris used his hand touched Tingting’s cheek and chin. Looked like Tingting’s skin from her face wasn’t soft as he thought. That was really firm.”

“Looked like you have done fine thread lifting.” Chris said and smiled to Tingting. “Your face is really firm.”

“Yeah. I’m a woman so I don’t stop being beautiful.” Tingting said proudly. “Actually my money I got from being booth babe, I had done any plastic surgery and recovered my skin to be beautiful. You’re a man, you don’t know women who are thinking about beauty.”

“Hey!!!” Chris felt little angry when Tinting little insulted to him. “I always know. But I felt surprised when you’re more beautiful more than I think. How do you think to be booth babe?”

“Um…  Chris… ” Looked like Tingting didn’t have more time to talk with Chris. She picked her smartphone from her boobs. That made Chris felt surprised again.

“Hey!!! Do you keep your phone inside your boobs?” Chris asked to Tingting directly. But Tingting didn’t answered Chris’s question. She said “Ah… I must leave now. 2 minutes I will have to stand by at my booth. I will talk to you later Chris, but what is your phone number?”


Chris frightened and had high anxiety a lot because Tingting requested his phone number to him. Actually men usually requested women’s phone number, but for Chris, he said “No” immediately without thinking anything.

“Hey!!! Don’t play hard to get. I don’t have more time to play with you.”

“I don’t play hard to get, but my phone is at my home.” Chris said. “Bring your phone to me. I will give my phone number.”

Tingting brought her mobile phone to Chirs. Then Chris dialed his phone number to call to his mobile phone. Although that was missed call, but Chris got Tingting’s phone number.

“Thank you.” Tingting said when Chris finished giving his phone number. “I will talk to you later. Good bye.”

After that, Tingting walked away from Chris with strong walking. Chris saw to Tingting’s back and he felt loved to Tingting. She was so sexy and attractive. That was really hot. He saw to Tingting without winking his eyes due to he was stunted with Tingting’s beauty. He never saw girl who was perfect beauty as same as this.

Among many people at QSNCC, now Chris felt only him and Tingting were in this world.

Ah!!!! Why Tingting is so cute and beautiful?

“Chris…. Chris….?”

Looked like someone called Chris. That guy waved his hand in front of Chris’s sight to test conscious situation. But Chris didn’t respond.

“Chris… Are you OK?” Actually Ben called Chris who was crushed extremely. “Hey!!! Are you drunk?”

Finally Chris felt himself. He saw to Ben, his friend who was in front of him. Ben smiled and touched Chris’s shoulder. After that Ben wanted to play arcade games in this event.

“So how about flirting booth babe?” Ben asked to Chris.

“Failed 10, success 1” Chris answered. “But that success was so superb.”


“How about that?” Looked like Ben interested that successful flirtation. “Was she beautiful?”

“You can say she is angel?” Chris told about Tingting. “But you’re gay. You don’t know about passion with seeing beautiful girls.”

“No No No!!!” Ben objected. “I can know. Don’t insult me. Did you take some her photos?”

“Yeah.” Chris answered. Then he opened his smartphone and he opened gallery before he chose Tingting’s photo to Ben. Ben saw that photos and he asked immediately.

“Why do you show that cute student to me?”

“That is booth babe she requested my phone number.” Chris answered and told about Tingting. “Her name is Tingting. She is my friend from university I’ve learned. Now she has done plastic surgery, so now she looks like angel.”

“Angel?” Ben doubted.

“Yeah.” Chris answered and smiled. Then Ben saw to the ceiling of BTIEC for thinking something. Finally he said “I’m sorry. I’m gay.”

“Forget it.” Chris said after he saw to arcade game zone in TGS. That zone had many teenagers in here. At arcade zone had dancing game, shooting game, racing game. After Chris saw to that arcade zone, he called to Ben by touching Ben’s shoulder and said. “Hey Ben, can we returned to childhood?”

“What do you say?” Ben asked and doubted with Chris’s thinking.

“Look at it. That is arcade zone we ever played.” Chris saw to his target with many people in here. “I remembered you always lose with Street Fighter game, didn’t you?”

“I agree.” Ben answered and hit to Chris’s shoulder gently. “I was suck at this game, but don’t forget you always lost shooting game such as The House of the Dead.”

“That polygon zombie with green blood?” Chris remembered that game had green blood from zombie and hostages were square and polygonal. He remembered when he helped hostages in that game and that hostage gave medical box, he laughed relentlessly because hostage’s hand was cubic. Finally Chris laughed to that creatures and hostages with polygonal again.

“What do you laugh? Are you crazy?” Ben asked to Chris.

“I just remembered zombie in House of the Dead was so cubic and very rough polygonal.”




With a few seconds, finally Ben laughed out loud until another people around Ben saw to him. Someone who was listening music took off their earphones and saw to Ben immediately. Looked like Ben was really crazy!

“Do you know what I mention?” Chris asked to Ben again.

Ben smiled and said “I knew it clearly!”. Then he saw to that arcade game with very enormous screen again. “Hey!!! Let’s shoot that.”

Then Ben and Chris walked to play The House of the Dead 4. That game in 2009 wasn’t new game but it was so immortal arcade game in Thailand. When you came to every department store, you will see this game immediately. That was rule of department store. It was really fun to play, but you invested this game for more 100 THB for beating that game.

Chris and Ben ran to that House of the Dead 4 arcade game. Now someone who dressed with agent in that game was playing very great. He shot very fast and know enemy’s location as same as he knew script clearly. Not only he could know enemy’s location, he performed with player in that game, such as when that player was running, he ran too. Someone may say that guy was so crazy and insane, but for Chris and Ben who loved to play games, they felt impressive. It was real and usable in real life.

He passed stage 2…

Passed stage 3…

Passed stage 4…

Passed stage 5…

Until he would beat this game. Now he was shooting final boss’s weak points. That final boss looked like someone who used ice power. It was very hard to beat it, finally he could defeat that final boss successfully. Then everyone who were watching House of the Dead 4 clapped their hands for congratulating to him.

Clapping hand’s sound was faded away. Professional arcade game walked away. Now this was Chris and Ben’s turn.

“Our turn.” Ben said  and smiled to Chris. “Here we go…”

With finishing Here we go words, Chris and Ben walked to that shooting arcade game immediately. With passion from Chris and Ben, another people who surrounded Chris and Ben felt about that both had very high aura to play this game. That aura told about very high experiences of playing The House of the Dead 4.

Because Chris and Ben was male. Male and game was paired together.

Chris inserted his two 10 THB coins. Then Ben inserted his coin next before start button on arcade console turned the light. Yeah. Chris and Ben pressed that button!!!

With the atmosphere of darkness was coming… Now hopeless sound from the speakers appeared. Chris and Ben felt to that situation what we will encounter.

“What the fuck is that mate?” Ben swore taboo sentence to Chris..






Finally game start!! Chris and Ben shot everything that will attack them. This was first game Chris and Ben were ever played, but both were professional. Chris shot to creatures’s head immediately for dying faster. Ben always shot secret location for getting secret items in that game…

Until they met boss stage 1…

“Oh crap!! Look like we’re trouble again!!!!” Ben said.

“Don’t think anything Ben. Look at this motherfucking head and shoot it relentlessly!!!” Chris told to Ben for looking that boss’s head. That was really freak and creepy!!!


“Here we go” Ben told.

After that now boss was running to the players in the game. Chris and Ben threw grenades to that boss until freaky boss stunted.

But…. Oh no!!! player Chris was controlling was captured with enormous boss hand!!!

“Shake it Chris!!!!” Ben who was excited a lot yelled to Chris. Chris shook his gun relentlessly until that boss’s hand opened. Then Chris and Ben shot that Boss until that boss was defeated.

Wow!! Yeah!!

Chris and Ben highfive together. Next stage was coming.

Then both enjoyed this game a lot as same as they fell down to the world of game. Looked like many teenagers watched Chris and Ben who were playing The House of the Dead.

Until stage 4, player that Chris controlled was run out of health. So he inserted his coin to continue playing. But now Ben wasn’t taken damages from any enemies.

Stage 5 was passed!!! Good job…

So Chris and Ben went to final stage. That was really tough!!! It was really hard and had very high concentration to deal with motherfucking final boss.


“Come on!!!” Ben swore. “Chris, shoot that fucking projectile!!!”

Now Chirs and Ben shoot that projectiles. That were really dangerous if they hit to players.

Finally Chris and Ben beat that game successfully. Chris used 6 coins but Ben used 2 coins. Ben was really awesome!!

Not only The House of the Dead 4 games, Ben and Chris tried to play another games, such as racing game, fighting game “Tekken 6”. Looked like Chris and Ben forgot the melancholy from burnt Sanctuary club a lot. Now Chris and Ben went out from TGS.

“Hahaha!!! Why you’re good at The House of the Dead 4?” Chris asked to Ben when both were walking to Ben’s car at outdoor parking.

“I always played this game at MBK. Actually university I ever learned was at MBK. My friends loved to challenge me often so I trained myself until you saw my skills.” Ben told about playing The House of the Dead 4. But someone was calling to Ben.

“Wait Chris.” Ben talked to Chris and he received that call.

“Hi Jane.” Ben said. “How about you?”

“……. I’m ……..” Ben heard Jane’s sound that was so freaky. She was crying.

“What happened to you?” Ben asked.

“…(sobbing)… Can you receive me at hospital?” Jane cried and said.

“Yeah. I will go now.” Ben said and he ended calling. Then Ben said to Chris. “Chris. I have gotten company.”

“Look like Jing isn’t good. What happened to her?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know. I will go to receive her.” Ben said.

“Can I go with you?” Chris asked to Ben.

“I’m sorry. Looked like Jane had something. I must go alone.” Ben said and he walked to his car before he started his car and drove to Samitivej hospital. Ben let Chris away from him.

“What the fuck are you thinking Ben?” For Chris, he was shocked when his best friend, Ben said to him for leaving alone. First time Ben wasn’t that, but why?

Or… Ben thought to Jane more than friend?

Part 2

30 minutes later. Ben drove his car to Samitivej hospital that was at Japanese village in Thonglor. Before driving to Samitivej hospital, Ben called his smartphone to Jane with small-talk.

“Where are you?” Ben asked. “Now I drive near Samitivej hospital.”

“At lobby.” Jane answered. “So what is your nearing?”

“Akkharapat alley.” Ben answered. “Traffic is very bad. Can you wait me?”

“Yeah.” Jane said. “Don’t come lately. I’m really hurry.”


Then Ben ended calling. He kept going to Samitivej hospital quickly.

10 minutes later, he drove to the parking of Samitivej successfully. Looked like Jane had something to call Ben for receiving her. After he parked his car, he walked away to lobby room, but before that, he called to Jane again.

“Hi Jane. I just stopped my car at parking.” Ben said.

“OK. So you meet me at lobby room.” Jane said.

“Yeah.” Then Ben ended calling. He still walked from the parking to lobby room at Samitivej hospital. Not walking, he ran immediately. He worried to Jane a lot.

Then he opened to Samitivej hospital’s door and tried to seek Jane. Finally he saw Jane who dressed with normal costume, not psychiatrist. Jane was carrying her stuffs that were packed in many boxes. With awkward moment so Ben asked to Jane immediately.

“Jane. What happened to you?”

After that at Ben’s car. Ben was driving to someplace.

“I was fired.” Jane told with bored voice to Ben in Ben’s car.


“Really?” Ben didn’t believe Jane was fired. Jane was kidding? “Why was you fired?”

“My boss said I cured with awkward method.” Jane answered. “That fucking boss told I hugged Chris. Actually I hugged him because I ever read some book that said about hugging and giving love to someone was suitable to do. I hugged Chris with my love. I wanted to heal Chris from the melancholy, but that fucking CCTV record me every time. Fuck that CCTV.”

Ben heard about Jane’s curing method and he felt good and bad in same time. Then he wanted to know about Jane more so he asked. “So you still think to be psychiatrist?”

“No way.” Jane answered immediately. “If Thai psychiatrist’s vision still be outdated. I already think to be blogger. I allowed myself to withdraw everything I learned from faculty of medicine. Today I am not psychiatrist forever. I want to have my free life. More free, not sticking in cube room in hospital.”

“But you get more money.” Ben said. “Are you sure to throw your knowledge away from you? You learned with faculty of medicine for 6 year for?”


When Ben told to Jane, Jane was stunted and get concentration again. Sometimes she might forget herself.

“I’m sorry. Actually I wanted to be blogger too. I loved to write any stories.”

“Really? If you love to write, can you write about nightclubs?” Ben asked to Jane. “With your free time.”

“Nightclub again?” Jane asked. “Why do you interest about nightclub a lot?”

“Hey!!! Do you know Chris is DJ. If you write about DJ Chris, that can make Chris to be popular too.” Ben told about Chris to Jane. When Jane heard about this, Jane smiled and she said “Really?”

“But now he is seeking MC.” Ben introduced about Chris again.

“MC? What is MC? McDonald?” Jane doubted.

“No!!! That isn’t McDonald as you think. But you say about that, I feel hungry hahaha.” Ben said funnily. “Actually MC is short term of Master of Ceremony. If DJ has MC, it will be great to entertain someone, such as calling to that audience to move and dance together. You should come to nightclub with me. Tonight is great choice.”

“Huh?” Jane doubted. She never came to nightclub so she feared the world of nighttime.

“Go with me, you’ll safe.” Ben said to confirm Jane again. “Hey!!! Don’t lie you will be busy. You’re already stopped working as psychiatrist at Samitivej hospital. Be relax Jane. Don’t think a lot.”

For Ben, he wanted Jane to open alternative society in this world. For Jane, she had heavy bias with nightlife society. She scared so much.

“Ben.” Jane called.


“Actually I feared because my older brother was dead at nightclub. He was very good brother I knew. He took care me since I was a child. I loved him as big brother a lot. Until when he was 20 years old, he had girlfriend who loved to party at nightclub often, such as Funky Villa, Muse. I lived near Thonglor. Reason he loved to go nightclub because he addicted with colorful spotlight and beautiful girls. Actually his girlfriend was too so he could go together. My brother was a writer who loved to write alternative lifestyle. He ever said at Funky Villa was his second home. I didn’t argue with that. I agreed. He already addicted at that place. Then … he was shot with his enemy. I knew that news I felt sad a lot. My dad and mom were dead. And now my brother was dead too. But I prayed to the God and God said to me I should be psychiatrist for helping everyone. Since that time, I also learned at faculty of medicine to be psychiatrist. That is awesome.”

“But I don’t know how can I forget that hallucination from my mind.” Jane said again.”This story I never told to anyone. You’re first Ben.”

“Really? So do you trust me?” Ben asked.

“Yes.” Jane said. “Finally if you want me to go nightclub, I can, but I must stay with you closely, OK?”

Ben smiled to Jane and he said “OK.”

With Jane’s bad hallucination, that picture about her brother was dead still haunted in her mind forever. She didn’t know how to wipe that piece of shit memory in her mind. It was really creepy when she remembered about this.

But for Jane, she didn’t fear if Ben was near her. Until she requested something to Ben.

“Ben.” Jane called Ben.


“Will you go to Chao Phraya cruise tonight?”

Ben didn’t answered with his voice, but he answered with smile.

Meanwhile Chris who didn’t go with Ben came back to TGS to try flirting with another booth babe. Looked like he felt enjoyable. Many booth babe, many choice, many people… That was a center of mankind.

Now at TGS, there were many people at here. That was more than first time he came with Ben. Many child or teenagers were queuing to buy item code in online games. Chris remembered to his childhood that he played Famicom games. That time he didn’t know what is game festival? That time he knew only the concert. His parent often brought him to watch live concert. That time music was very boomed in Thailand. After that he had music skill that was very well.

Until that interested booth babe was in front of Chris. She wore with futuristic costume that was so sexy. Her boobs were very big than he think. Looked like she had enhanced her boobs to be bigger than natural. For Chris, his point wasn’t that 2 gorgeous boobs, but that booth babe was really attractive due to her smile was really sexy. She used gross lipstick. Her eyes used eyeliner. That was so stunted but less than Tingting.

For Chris, this booth babe will be alternative. Chris smiled to that booth babe and said “Hi.”

“Hi.” Booth babe answered back.

“Welcome to the past.” Chris said.

“Huh?” But that booth babe didn’t understand what Chris say about…

“You come from the future. Look at this costume. Come from X-MEN comic. Do you ever read X-MEN?”

“No… How about that? As same as X-MEN movie?”

“Not same 100%, but characters were same.” Chris introduced about X-MEN. “Actually I knew about X-MEN from my PS1 Game.”

“Hahaha.” She laughed but waited me to say.

“That was so good if you’re Mystique.”


Looked like she didn’t know about X-MEN more, so Chris changed his topic to more generic.

“The Mystique was same as someone who was body-painted. That was really sexy but it was rated 18+”

“Yeah. I know.” Finally this booth babe started talking with Chris. “My friend who was booth babe as me ever done body-painting job. She was really sexy and very allure. Her tits was really big than me. When she was body-painted, I saw to her and I felt envious to her. Oh!!! Why was she so cute?”

“Looked like girl extended boobs size for competing another girl?” Chris asked. “What are they thinking?”

“But I extended my boobs size because of my working. Organizers are really piece of shit. If my boob size doesn’t big, they don’t hire me. That is really unfair.”

“That is sacrificed investment.” Chris described. “Actually my friend was too. Do you know Tingting?”


When Chris said about Tingting, she was really shocked. She was so speechless. 3 seconds later, she said “Are you liar? Many people said ‘Tingting’s frend’ a lot. Do you know I hate liar very much!!”

What the fuck is that?

Chris blamed himself in his mind. He felt shocked immediately. What was wrong with her?

“Security guard!! Capture him now!!! He is booth babe scammer!!!” That booth babe yelled to nearest security guard until Chris had to run for escaping that heat zone.

“Fuck you bitch!!!” Chris blamed again. Now he was in danger. Every security guard ran to Chris immediately. They had taser gun to shoot. If he was shot, he was electro-shocked and being captured.

Get him!!!

That security guard leader shouted to command another security guard. Now Chris thought to hide himself with crowded area. He ran to Point Blank booth that had many people. There were many teenagers in here. And some mascot were walking. OK, that can hide from security guard’s sight. He walked slowly behind that mascot.

Thank you mascot who can save my life.

He spoke with himself. That felling was same as Metal Gear Solid that was tactical action game. Chris saw around him and looked like that security guard didn’t found him. But some security guard still walking to Point Blank zone.

Shit!!! Fuck this…

Now that security guards still walked near him. He should move himself to another place. Looked like crowded situation was useless with security guard. They wore special goggle and tried to seek Chris.

Until Tingting saw to Chris.

“What are you doing Chris?” Tingting asked.

Chris frightened immediately when that booth babe who was in front of him was Tingting. But he had some consciousness to talk with Tingting. “Tingting. I’m in a danger.”


Finally 2 security guard who walked behind Chris used taser to freeze Chris!!

Taser! Taser!! Taser!!!

“I’m sorry Chris.” Tingting said and she kicked Chris away from taser’s direction. That taser electroshock attached to another guys until that guys fell down to the floor. Chris was hurt a lot.

ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHH!! What the fuck is Tingting doing?

Chris blamed again. Then Tingting brought her hand to let Chris touched to stand up. Chris tried to stand up and Tingting nodded her head for giving will to Chris.

“Thank you Tingting.” Chris said. But it was too late. Another taser gun triggered to Chris’s back.



Tingting yelled immediately. Chris was fallen to the floor and temporally paralyzed.

Part 3

“Chris.” Tingting called Chris who was sleeping from the electroshock.

“Chris…. Chris” Tingting still called.

Now Chris was sleeping in someplace. He didn’t feel anything. His body was paralyzed temporally. For Chris, only greeting made him to be tasered. That was really dangerous.

Until Chris felt himself. He opened his eyes and see around him. He saw to the ceiling that was really white and have ceiling fan that was moving. He saw to the left that had  another patient bed. Then he saw to the right. That was Tingting who was staying with him when he was paralyzed.

When Chris saw to Tingting, Tingting smiled warmly and say. “Don’t worry Chris. I stay with you.”

Chris smiled with his happiness. Finally he got new friend who was taking care him when he encountered with sadness and disappointment. But looked like Chris didn’t see Tingting as usual. Because his hallucination haunted him again. Now he saw Kate.

“Kate…” Chris said unconsciously.

“What” Tingting frowned. She confused who was Kate. But she said “Who is Kate?”

“My girlfriend who was dead at Sanctuary Club.” Chris said unconsciously again. “Last time I saw her with spirit. That picture still haunted me all of time.”

“Wait!!!” Looked like Tingting doubted something about Chris’s talking. “You said ‘My girlfriend died at Sanctuary club?'”

“Yes. Why?” Chris asked again.

Then Tingting thought to that day of the nightmare. Her flashback at Sanctuary club appeared again. She saw to the flame that was so red and shined in the dark atmosphere. It burned everything. Tingting was at that moment too. When the ceiling melted and dropped down to the floor, Tingting ran out to the alternative exit in Sanctuary club. But there were many people at here. They seized to that alternative door with chaos moment. Luckily Tingting could escape from the nightclub of the hell successfully.

“At the good bye Sanctuary countdown party.” Tingting started to tell her story. “I came with my friends. My lovely friends love me a lot. There were 10 people. 4 were male, 4 were female, 1 were butch and last was me. They were very great friend. When we went to someplace, I will go with them together, such as Phuket, Fullmoon Party, watching movies, etc. My life was so enjoyable because of these friends. I loved them a lot.

Until my friend said she wanted to party at Sanctuary club because that day was the last day of Sanctuary club. There were many promotions that discounted drinks. I heard it and I agreed immediately.

But… that was an enormous trap!! I…..” Tingting told everything about Sanctuary club to Chris. Then she cried again. She stopped to tell so Chris touched Tingting’s back and smiled to Tingting for giving will to her.

“What happened next?” Chris asked again.

“I brought my friend to escape, but only me could survive. That fucking wardrobe closed. It blocked my friend to be burnt! Fuck this!!! When I remembered that motherfucking moment, I still be sad.”

Tingting cried relentlessly. She touched to her forehead with her sadness. Chris didn’t tolerate to see Tingting cried more so he picked his paper napkins to Tingting for absorbing her tears.

“Don’t be sad, Tingting.” Chris said. “Stay with me.”

Chris didn’t say anything more. His feeling was same as Tingting too. Only thing he did was hugging Tingting that didn’t go away from her. Chris saw to Tingting warmly and he said “We are victim of that burnt Sanctuary club. We will find the truth together.”

“Truth?” Tingting felt herself so she released Chris’s hug. “What do you mention?”

“Truth of burnt Sanctuary club.” Chris described. “I believe someone wanted to murder everyone in Sanctuary. I really believe.”

“I think that is accident. Don’t think a lot Chris.” Tingting said to Chris. Then someone called to Tingting. Tingting walked away from Chris and she received that calling.

“Hi… At 20:00 PM. I will work off…. Really? Where?…..Safe House?…….OK. But I have my friend who want to go. Can you let him to party with you?….. OK. Thanks.”

“Tingting. Who called to you?” Chris asked to Tingting after Tingting finished calling via her smartphone.

“My friend. He want to celebrate his birthday. Can you go with me tonight?” Tingting asked to Chris.

“Yeah. Look like this is interesting. But where am I?”

“At first aid room in QSNCC.” Tingting answered and smiled. “Um… I just think. Some girl who was my fanclub maybe crazy to everyone who mentioned to me. I don’t know why.”

Finally Chris knew reason that booth babe who called security guards was so rude. That was Tingting’s fanclub. But… Hey!!! Did Tingting have fanclubs?”

“Do you have fanclubs?” Chris asked.

“Yeah. Because I’m the most famous booth babe.” Tingting answered. “But actually I don’t want any fanclub. After I was famous, my life was really chaos.”

Chris knew that Tingting’s aura so really strong. Because she was really famous. After that he saw to himself and he compared with Tingting. He was so different and no fame to him.

“I see. That is really chaos.” Chris said.

“Yeah.” Tingting said. “But don’t worry. I stay with you side. Are you OK?”

Chris tried to move his body for testing responding. From head to his toes. Now they can be moved. Chris smiled and he said “They are movable.”

“Great.” Tingting said and smiled. “Let’s go to my booth.”

“Huh?” Chris interjected. Will he encounter to that motherfucking security guard again? Tingting picked her camera from her tits again to Chris.

“Looked like your tits are same as Doraemon’s magic bag.” Chris said.

“Hahaha.” Tingting laughed. “I know you took photos very beautiful. Take it. Come with me!”



Tingting pulled Chris to stand up from the patient bed and brought to her booth she stood. Chris didn’t trust everyone in TGS. He saw around him to seek security who used taser gun for taking down. Looked like they went away. No security guard now. Look at entrance, that weren’t. Looked at left side, no one. OK. Chris didn’t worry to that security guard forever.

“What are you watching?” Tingting asked Chris who saw around him.

“Security guard.” Chris answered. “I feared that guys who used taser gun.

“I know. But can you take photos to me?” Tingting asked to Chris again. “I already have camera.” Then she showed her Fuji mirrorless camera to Chris again. Chris saw that camera and he felt in love with it. It was really classic to touch.

“Why your camera is really beautiful?”

“Take me or not?” Tingting asked again. “If you want to take, go with me.”

Chris nodded and he followed Tingting immediately. That time he forgot worrying security guard who used taser gun.

Now atmosphere was really excited. There were many people who were taking booth babe photos. Look at these photographers!!! There were so mature and old! But seeing another side, they were professional. They were taking booth babe photos relentlessly. That was really excited.

“That girl is so hot.” Chris said and he saw booth babe who was taken many photos at booth near Chris and Tingting.

“Her name was Fah. She was one of the famous booth babe in Thailand. Look at this boobs. She had done surgery with more than 500cc.”

“!!!? 500 cc? What’s that?” Chris doubted immediately when Tingting said about cc. Chris just thought about cc that used only to motorbikes.

“In this time booth babe who had very big tits was attractive to be hired by organizer. Now many organizers wanted big tit booth babe. That was really sad!!! And price of hiring big tits booth babes are really expensive. 10,000 THB / Day.”

“That’s so weird.” Chris said. “You ever extended boob size but you’re balanced.”

“Yeah, but my value is 3,000 THB/day.” Tingting said. “That is injustice! Why now organizers interest booth babes with only “fake boob’s size?””

“I just know.” Chris said and he saw to that photographers again. “That photographers are come from each news media. They take only enormous tits and that is really interesting to readers.”

“That’s really freak.” Tingting said. “As same as lounge girl. Some lounge girls are ugly but their tits are same as basketball.”

“Can I touch your boobs?” Chris asked to Tingting directly.


“What do you say?” Tingting asked.

“I just kidding. I want to know about touching boobs with enhanced with silicone is soft or hard.” Chris said and he smiled. For Tingting, she laughed a lot and shy in same time.

“You’re so pervert hahaha.” Tingting said. “If you are my boyfriend, I will allow you to touch.”


Chris smiled with Tingting’s direct talking again. That was really sexual, but it came from their natural mind.

Finally Chris and Tingting walked to booth that Tingting stood. That booth was game accessories booth to use with PC. Looked like target group was male so sexy booth babe was necessary. At booth Tingting stood had 2 booth babe. First was Tingting and second was Mild.

Chris ever knew Mind. She wasn’t real booth babe. She was Webcam DJ that was really attractive. Oh!!! Looked at Mild’s boobs! Her boobs was more enormous than Tingting. And….


Mild was jumping for dancing. Oh!!! Why Mild’s boob weren’t shaken. That was same as she used halved coconut to extend boob sizes.

That was really freak. Mild’s shape was so thin, but her boobs were unbalanced.

“Hey!!! What are you seeing. Take photos.” Tingting shouted to Chris immediately. Chris saw to Tingting and he turned on camera to take photos. Chris chose beautiful camera angle to take photos. That was really great. Tingting when she was on photos was really beautiful. After Chris took photos, he sent camera to Tingting for letting Tingting to look preview on display.

“Wow!!! That is beautiful.” Tingting said.

“You said it is beautiful, but I need some decoration first.” Chris said. “For more beautiful.”

Tingting smiled and she said “Thank you.” Then Chris put Tingting’s mirrorless camera to his bag.

“I will go home now. See you again at nighttime.” Chris said.

“Good bye.” Tingting said. “I will call you again.” Tingting said and raised her hand to send signal of good bye to Chris. Then Chris walked away from TGS and go home.

When he was going to home, at BTS train, he opened photos he took Tingting and he saw it warmly. Looked like he felt appreciated when he took the most famous booth babe that she ever was Chris’s friend since at university.

Chris remembered when Tingting was a student. She was really nerdy. She wore glasses and didn’t have perfect shaped as same as this time. She loved to learn a lot. But sometimes she was professional of drinking. When he thought about that, he laughed all of time.

Tingting was changed!

Tingting – then (She was student)
Tingting – now (she was booth babe)

Chris opened his smartphone to look Tingting since she learned at university to compare Tingting’s photos in her camera.

That was really different. Chris agreed woman can’t stop to be beauty.

Part 4

At 17:00 hrs in Chris’s home.

Chris attached Tingting’s camera he took too his computer for importing photos to decorate. He took more than 30 photos of Tingting. Now he chose what were the best photos to send to Tingting.

He saw and analyzed with 15 minutes. Then he decorated photos’ temperature.

That used only 2 hours. Chris finished decorating Tingting’s photos. He sent them via Tingting’s email.

After that he laid himself to his bed. He saw to ceiling in his room for relaxing. Tonight he will go to nightclub at Ekamai. Tingting’s friend will celebrate birthday.

At nightclub?

What were they thinking?

Why don’t you celebrate birthday at pub or some hangout zone?

Chris only blamed to himself. Actually nightclub wasn’t suitable for celebrating birthday much.

At 22:00 hrs at Safe House, Ekamai. Today was Saturday so there were many people who loved to go to nightclub as same as Friday. For Safe House, there were many gorgeous people who were waiting their friends. Looked at that costume, she was so sexy, but I’m sorry. Your skin was so white more than I think as same as ghosts!!! That was really scared. Actually Chris loved some girl who was tanned. Tanned girl was so sexy and gorgeous such as Tingting and Jane. Um… Chris was staying in front of Safe House. What time did Tingting and her friends come?

Chris hurried a lot so he called to Tingting via his Blackberry.

“Hi Tingting. Where are you?” Chris asked.

“I’m at Thonglor. For 5 minutes, I will see you.” Tingting answered when she was sitting at her friend’s car. Now traffic at Thonglor was really bad. Tingting and her friends stuck with long time.

Then Tingting end calling. Now nightlife people were entering to Safe House. Looked like Safe House need more people to go at here. That place wasn’t suitable for someone who went alone. That was usual when everyone went to nightclub.

Chris ever went to nightclub only him, and result was…

What the fuck am I alone!!!? 😕

With burnt Sanctuary club, looked like Thai people forgot bad moment simply. Now everyone who were entering to Safe House was so enjoyable. Looked at that girl who came with 2 guys. Oh!!! Her smile was so attractive until I wanted to meet her. Then Chris saw to another side, he saw some dogs that were having sex!!!

Woah!!! 🙀

Chris laughed immediately. They were horny at nighttime!!

Then someone called to Chris again. Looked like Ben called to Chris. Chris received that Ben’s calling immediately.

“Hi Ben. What’s up?” Chris asked to Ben.

“Chris. I will dine with Jane at Chrao Praya cruise. Looked like Jane is so romantic woman.” Ben said.

“Huh? Really!!? You date with Jane again? Hey!!! Are you kidding me Ben? You’re gay and do you love Jane?”

“I don’t know. I ever talked to you I am bisexual. I can love man and woman. But…. breeze at Chrao Phraya river is so strong.” Ben described when he was staying at pier near Chrao Phraya river with Jane. That time Jane smiled to Ben with warmth.

“I know. That breeze seize your voice. It hit your microphone at your cell phone.” Chris told. “How about Jane? Does she really love you?”

“Hey!!!! Jane opened her mind to me. Don’t worry. I reserve Jane. For you, look like you will pair with nerdy girl?”

“Tingting?” Chris said. “Now she is so hot!!!”

“Huh? Is she heater?”

“What the hell are you thinking my friend?”

“Hahaha. Teasing you is so fun. Look like I will have private time with Jane. See ya.”


Chris ended calling. And now he was waiting Tingting and her friends. He saw many ladies who dressed with sexy costume. For Chris, seeing sexy ladies with long time made him bored. Everyone was sexy so no one would be interested.

Boring baby… 😒

In the boring time, someone seized that awful time and threw it to the trash. Ah!!! Finally Tingting came to Chris successfully. But… Hey!!! Where are you going to the library? Tingting dressed with nerdy costume. Not only Tingting, her friends too. They dressed with nerdy theme. Looked like Tingting and her friends planned their theme of this party.

Tingting and her glasses.

“Hi Chris.” Tingting called to Chris. “Am I cute?”

Chris smiled and say. “Very cute. Not generically sexy as another girls who entered to nightclub. Hey!!! You can dress with cute costume, not same as daytime you wore with very sexy until my heartbeats were unbalanced.”

“Too much Chris.” Tingting said and touched Chris’s shoulder with her right hand. Then Chris introduced her friends to Chirs. “Chris, this are Pomelo, Candy, Sherine, Mike, Top and J.”

“Hi Chris. Nice to meet you.” Tingting’s friend greeted to Chris warmly. They smiled and shook Chris’s hand. Chris smiled with this greeting. Looked like Tingting’s friends were really kind.

“Chris, wear this. Everyone wear glasses frame, that will make you be cool.” Tingting turned her head to say and give black frame glasses to Chris. Chris got this and wore immediately. Nothing different for Chris’s POV, but for another people, that made Chris to be cool with respective.

“Hey Sherine.” Tingting said to her friend. “Look at Chris, he is really handsome. Let’s selfie together, Chris.”

Then Tingting called Chris to take selfie photos. Chris smiled and saw to Tingting’s beauty camera.


“What the fuck are you doing, Tingting?” Pomelo blamed to Tingting immediately.

“I’m sorry Pomelo. Now I am not kidding.” Tingting said and prepared to take selfie photos again.


Then Tingting pressed shutter button. Flash from beauty camera activated. Everyone wanted to watch selfie photo. Looked like Tingting and Pomelo laughed out loud insanely.

Because Chris tried to photobomb by opening his mouth to eat Tingting.

“What are you doing, Chris?” Tingting asked Chris.

“I’m hungry. This place have convenient store?”  Chris asked Tingting.

“Yeah. 7-11 at opposite side.” Tingting answered. “If you want to go, go now. We will wait you.”

But looked like Chris didn’t want to go to 7-11. He said “Never mind.”

“OK. Here we go.” Tingting said and she brought everyone in her group entered to Safe House.

Among many people who were waiting their friends, look like Tingting and her friends (including Chris) went to Safe House at early groups. Everyone were checked with national ID card for verifying people. That was usual in the law of Thailand. People under 20 were prohibited to go to nightclub due to alcoholic drinks wasn’t suitable for people under 20 years old.

For Safe House, bouncers didn’t annoy and be freak. They were very friendly. No silly. After Tingting and her friends went inside Safe House, they felt excited with very dark atmosphere with blue light as same as TRON. That came from the future. The future that Safe House ever controlled to everyone who came to their place.

Chris felt uncomfortable when he came to Safe House. Although he was the professional nightlife guy, but not for Safe House because Safe House was close place as same as Sanctuary Club. But luckily he saw to fire exit, but his flashback still haunted in his mind.

For Tingting, looked like she didn’t fear her flashback very much. She focused to their friends who dressed with nerdy costume. Actually today was Pomelo’s birthday that she was nerdy girl who loved to read many books. Now she was physician. Pomelo wanted to have crazy party so she chose Safe House  to make party.

“I already reserved our table.” Pomelo said. “Our table is in front of DJ stage.”

“Really?” Top asked.

“Yeah.” Pomelo said.

“That’s good.” Tingting agreed. “We want to…”

“Hey!!! Or you want to …” J interrupted Tingting.

“amateur MC.” Tingting answered. “DJ opened songs, I am announcer to our table.”

When Chris heard Tingting who said about MC, looked like Chris interested to Tingting, but he didn’t say anything to Tingting. He will wait Tingting’s performance.

Until Tingting and her friends walked to main zone of Safe House, looked like that was really loud. Very hard to say. Shouting was suitable to do. Now everyone started to shout together. But… No No No!!! Body language was the best language in nightclub.

“Hey!!!” Pomelo said to Tingting. “That table.

Tingting saw to table Pomelo reserved. Wow!!! That was really good! It was really big! But looked like Chris wanted to go toilet so he said to Tingting. “Tingting. I will go to toilet.”

“Yeah. Come hurry.” Tingting said and sent cute eyes to Chris. Then Chris went to toilet that was behind DJ stage. He walked with relax mind because way to the toilet was more silent than main zone.

Looked like Chris knew something from conversation from 2 girl who were standing near woman toilet.

“Hey Praew. Do you know Salvador’s daughter? She loved to go to this nightclub a lot although her ages was lower than 20.”

When Chris heard “Salvador”, he saw to that 2 girls immediately and he stealthy listened more conversations.

“Really? I ever watched her Facebook, she is so cute, but not suitable for this place.”

“Huh? Is she has Facebook account?”

“Yeah. Search Dada Cupcakes to her Facebook. That was her account.”

Dada!!!? Who is that? 😮

“I ever met her at Siam Square. She was really fucking rude!! Her cute face can’t tell she is cute 100%. Not only rude, she is arrogant!”

“Really? If she has bad habits, that is really dangerous. Beware her or you will be busted.”


After that 2 girls walked away from the toilet. Chris came to toilet for peeing. Now he was doubting who was Dada, was she mentioned to burnt Sanctuary club? She may know something from Salvador because for Chris, Salvador wasn’t a trusted man.

Chris might think he will meet Dada. So… He focused to seek Dada. Although he never met Dada, but he knew only about she will be the youngest girl in Safe House.

Until Tingting walked to Chris.

“Did you diarrhea?” Tingting asked to Chris directly. “Go to table. We’re waiting you.”

“Cheers!!!” Everyone at table Pomelo reserved touched their glass of alcoholic drinks. Looked like Pomelo endured alcoholic drinks very well. She drank 2 glasses of vodka with a little soda. But… now Pomelo started to be drunken.

“Pomelo.” Top said when he saw Pomelo who said insanely. “I will take care you.”

“Chris.” Tingting said. “Can you clockblock PUA?”


Chris doubted. What is PUA?

“What is PUA?” Chris asked.

“Not only PUA, Don Juan is too. They are a man who love to meet new people, easy to greet to stranger. Actually they want to flirt everyone in nightclub. That is really annoying.”

Chris still confused. Because he never knew what was PUA. And he didn’t know how to encounter with PUA. Was PUA dangerous?

Oh!!! Looked like a guy who was PUA came to Pomelo’s table.

“Hi. I’m Best. Nice to meet you.”

!!!!? 😐

Wait!!! Best greeted Chris. Was he gay? Tingting saw about that and she sent signal of disinterest to Chris. That guy was PUA.

“I’m Chris. Nice to meet you.” Chris answered. “Are you DJ? Look at your costume. If you use headphone, that was really great DJ.”

“Hahaha.” Best laughed. “No… You misunderstand. I am song composer. Now I am absorbing inspiration. Wait… You asked me about DJ, so you’re DJ?”

“Yeah.” Chris answered.

But Chris didn’t know Best was decoyed guy. Best wasn’t PUA, but real PUA was coming to Tingting. Best just only cockblocked Chris.

“Hi nerdy girl.” That real PUA greeted to Tingting. “Do you come wrong place? Look at this nerdy glasses, you should go to library. That’s it.”

Tingting silenced. She tried to sent disinterest signal to that PUA, but that PUA didn’t care.

“We’re staying in the center of the future, let’s forget the bad past. What’s your name?”

“My name maybe Pussy.” Tingting lied her name.

!!!!? 😰

That made PUA temporally stunted.

“Get out of here dude.” Pomelo said and pushed PUA away from table. “We don’t welcome anyone.”

“Do you own your club?” PUA asked again.

“I owned and why?” Tingting asked directly. Looked like Pomelo’s table was so hot.

“You’re lying baby. This club isn’t private area. So everyone can meet new people at here. Keep socialize. Do you love CAPSULE?” Looked like PUA still said to Tingting.

Fuck off dickhead! 👿

“Hey Best. Look at this girl. She is so rude.” PUA said to Best.

“Really? That is really fun.” Best said.

“I’m sorry Pussy. Do you love CAPSULE?”

My BF is White and He’s 6 Feet Tall! 😤

Tingting shouted to that PUA immediately.

Fuck off motherfucker! 😤

She still insulted that PUA relentlessly. Until PUA’s friend forbade him by pulling away from Tingting.

“Toto. Stop” That girl who had bangs hairstyle said. She nodded for conveying ‘Please stop.’

“Dada. Why you stop me? She is interesting.” Toto, PUA who flirted Tingting asked to Dada, a girl who had bangs hairstyle.

“Don’t you know our ages under 20. If we’re detected, we’ll be arrested and this club will be terminated.” Dada warned Toto.

Toto stopped. Then he came with Dada and Best. Looked like Chris felt interest with Best because Best had many EDM songs and Chris loved to listen many songs. Best was guru of sounds. That was really interested.

“That guys is so annoying!!!” Tingting complained to Toto. “How many PUA will I meet again?”

“A lot if you’re still gorgeous.” Chris said.

“Hahaha.” Tingting smiled. “I wear nerdy glasses, somebody flirt me… What the fuck?”

Chris smiled. Then everyone danced together with DJ songs. Looked like DJ in this day was really awesome. He was a guy who have biceps but mixing sing was really insane. Tingting now she was doing as MC. She was also awesome….

Although she wore glasses, but she still be cute. Great smile.

Meanwhile at Chao Phraya cruise.

Now Ben and Jane was dinning with high class cruise on the Chao Phraya river. They saw many beautiful Bangkok architectures. Look at Wat Arun or grand palace. That were so beautiful.

“Why do you think to dine at here?” Ben asked when he was dinning at the table. “Look like you’re so romantic.”

“You don’t need fortune tellers, you already know what I think.” Jane said and smiled. “Sometimes I want to see another things in Bangkok. Staying at white cubic room in hospital is also boring.”

“Because this is you job. You’re tired a lot so please relax.” Ben said. “Thank you Jane for exclusive dinning.”

Jane smiled. Now she was having dinner.

2 minutes later, Ben wanted to watch views outside cruise. with moderate breeze made him felt cool. Breeze from Chao Phraya river was so great. He loved it. Looked like he thought many things he passed from the past. Everything!

“Sometime we miss Kate.” Then Jane followed Ben and she started to talk at the edge of handrail of cruise with Ben. “If Kate still be alive, our life will be more fun.”

“Yeah.” Ben said. “Kate was my close friend. When we went to travel at another place, Kate made our to be fun. She made noisy talking everywhere.”

“Hahaha.” Jane laughed. “Now Kate is at heaven. Perhaps she is waiting us at heaven.”

Ben smiled. That smile made Jane felt appreciated. She felt closed to Ben a lot. That time made Ben and Jane felt in the world of only both. With suitable atmosphere to make romantic moment, Ben and Jane were closing unconsciously. Ben saw to Jane and Jane saw to Ben together. Ben and Jane tried to kiss with their love that didn’t happened from their consciousness.



Boom!!! 🌋

Now cruise exploded at generator area. Everyone screamed with frightening. Glass of beer, champagne or liquors exploded with shaken wave. Now everyone ran to the safe place. A few minutes later, emergency signal alarmed.


Announcer warned everyone to receive life jacket. Ben and Jane ran to that place immediately. But looked like everyone seized that life jacket relentlessly. Jane and Ben now queuing, but looked like queuing wasn’t tidy. They still seized aggressively. Aunties still seized without caring anyone.

Until cruise exploded again. Now cruise was being sunk. That fucking crack!!! Fuck!!! it separated Ben and Jane away! Ben tried to capture Jane, but he failed.


Now cruise was being leaned. Ben tried to catch some holders, but he failed.


Until Ben fell down to the Chao Phraya river. Jane was too.


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