Jane (The Urbanist Character)

I don’t know why I was born in this world.

I don’t know why I feel bored to this world.

I don’t know why my attitude is surrealistic than another people.

I don’t know why I live for…

Or I have sin that I must payback them?

Know about Jane, Black’s true daughter


Inspired by Park Hye Min

Real name & Last name : Wanida Sangrattikarn
Date of Birth : May 1 1990
Generation : Millennials 
Age : 19 (Urbanist 1), 25 (when she was in Roxanne & Chris’s wedding ceremony), 30 (Urbanist 2)
Zodiac : Taurus (count with tropical time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel) (Special blood type with spiritual hormone from Dr. Wayne)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Boobs enhancement : No
Graduation : MBA at Stamford International University (Urbanist 2)
Habit : Love reading novels, liberal, Nice to meet another people but don’t make relationship deeply, see forward, freedom, have leadership, believe something from the spirit world.
Occupations : ABAC Student, Net Idol (Urbanist 1)
Nightclub influencer : Safe House  (Illegal entering in Urbanist 1), Funky Villa (Urbanist 1 | Owner, VIP) DND (Urbanist 2 | Owner, VIP)
Her weapons : T62 CEW (received from Best at Chapter 3), Revolver (Airsoft gun she already equipped for defending herself), Carolina IV (Deadly revolver only use by Jane) 
Her phone & personal gadget : Apple iPhone 3G (Urbanist 1), iPhone 2020 model (Urbanist 2)
Her vehicles : Ferrari F430 (Supercar), Toyota VIOS 2007 model (for traveling with friends)
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 1 “Nightlife mission”, The Urbanist 2 “Revive the liberty”
Like : Selfie, tell mysterious or surrealistic stories to friends, cat, dog, bunny, hug to someone, making novels, draw pictures, listen songs, Japanese pop cultures
Dislikes : Conservatism, Betrayed
Facebook page likes : 400k (In The Urbanist 2)
Instagram followers : 200k (In The Urbanist 2)
Relationship : Freya (100% | Sworn young sister), Black (100% | Father), Rondo (∞% | 💞 Soulmate), Best (80% | 💎 Best friend) Akiko (100% | 💎 Japanese best friend), Miyuki (70% | Japanese close friend), Mayumi (70% | Japanese close friend), Naru (60% | Japanese close friend), Chris (Her Idol),Tingting (Her Idol), Praew (60% | 😄 Friend), Lookgade (60% | 😄 Friend), Som-O (60% | 😄 Friend)
Ever have sex : Ever (with Rondo)
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut, Absinthe)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever (Marijuana)
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Culture : Liberalism 100% | Conservatism 0%
Theme song : m7kenji x TORIENA / PULSE FIGHTER
Special ability : Absolute pitch, Speed reading, Sixth sense, Psychedelic controller, Hallucination controller
Special experience : Near-death experience (twice)
Weakness : Toluene products (sniff and instantly die due to Experimental human type B series’s issue. Toluene damages to Jane’s heart extremely, but not damages to Jane’s brain and nervous system.)
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Jane 50%, Dao 50%

Jane’s personality


She was same as another girl who love female stuffs. She love to shopping when discount festival appeared. Her dressing and lifestyle was so different than another girl because she was Black’s adopted daughter. She didn’t know who was real dad and mom, but she felt good when she was near Black.

She loved to surf internet. When she finished reading novel, she loved to chat with her friends. But her friends must know Jane’s world too because Jane’s talking was so surrealistic.

She loved to eat desserts, such as orange cake, strawberry cheese cake, cupcake, banana, etc. She disliked to eat something that bad smell.

Sometimes she traveled nightclub although her age was 19. But her friend who was Safe House’s owner give special access to her so she could enter to nightclub simply.

Safe House

For creator

I created this character from my inspiration from my personality and a girl who has very high imagination. I love girl who doesn’t care real life seriously. That girl addicts reading novel, fantasy novel, comics, manga or watching anime. That idea is rare to find in the world of novel in this time. So Jane is the character I created with Otaku’s passion.

In real life, rebellious conservative cultures are separated together. Jane is one of the girl who has liberal attitude that contrast to every social-rules. She ever said “That’s me. Why not?” to everyone who controverted about her attitude. I was same as Jane. Everyone say I’m outlaw guy. 

For concept about loving to eat desserts, I already planned first since I created this character. For girl, food or dessert were paired together. Jane loves strawberry cheesecake that is usual for her and another girl. I wanted her to be sweet girl. Although Jane is gotten inspirations from Jane HM and Dao, but Jane is sweeter than Jane because I wanted Jane to be “real woman”, not trans-woman or working woman.

She isn’t same as Freya  with her personality. Freya is very high confident and she thinks herself she is really gorgeous, but Jane although she has high confidence as Freya, but she doesn’t perform it directly due to her appearance is also attractive to many guys. She is humble. And her personality, she isn’t sexy as Freya so bikini costume, nightlife sexy costume don’t appear with Jane.

I want Jane to be cute and lovely, not sexy. She is Freya’s older sister, so her warmth is greater than Freya. That mean although her personality and appearance are under 20 years old, but she can take care Freya very well.


Her best friends

Toto, the PUA.
Best and Amp, Best’s girlfriend.
Akiko, Japanese best friend

Jane’s secret

Jane’s immune system in her body is very strong. She can drink any alcoholic drink and no any effect to harm her body. But except Absinthe that she got hallucination, but she can control hallucination!! So psychedelic drugs such as LSD, marijuana, DMT couldn’t harm her vision.

Someone ever said Jane was born from experiment “New generation of mankind” that can immune toxic and poison from drugs for using in organized crime.

Jane can drink this, but Toto who is professional of drinker can’t drink Absinthe.
No problem for Jane.
DMT can’t harm Jane’s vision as same as this guy.

Except any inhalants. They can make Jane die instantly.

Rubber cement, solvent glue, thinner can make Jane die instantly.

Jane ever said drugs spread together when she was grade 5. Her friend breathed in with plastic bag of rubber cement. They ever said “This is the air to the heaven”. They sniffed, and they laughed insanely!! But for Jane, when she got inhalant smell although she didn’t sniff directly, she blew out vomit as solid blood that turned to blue color and get seizure insanely. But she was survived because doctor saved her life.

3 days later, Jane’s friend who used inhalants were dead. That was one of the most disgusting moment Jane ever seen.

Inhalants ever spread together when Jane was grade 5, now someone still used this bag of the death.

But when doctor healed Jane, he frightened a lot when Jane’s blood is really freak!! Although her blood type was B but inside her, but Jane’s blood included spiritual hormone. And this spiritual hormone is very big problem if she bleeds severely because she can’t get any blood from someone who donated.

But this spiritual hormone inside Jane’s blood is a reason why Jane dies instantly if she breathed in inhalants.

Inhalant is toxic for Jane’s blood and spiritual hormone severely. Spiritual hormone make Jane to have “Sixth Sense” , “Speed reading” and “Absolute Pitch” abilities but chemistry from inhalant destroy blood cells, nervous system, some immune systems and spiritual hormone. Jane’s blood will transform to blue color and solid if it contact to inhalants. But it didn’t affect to Jane’s brain although inhalant always harms brain strongly.

After that doctor who cured Jane picked some Jane’s blood to experiment and get result of harmful effects from inhalants.


People : Permanent brain damage, memory loss, extremely destroy brain cells.
Jane : No harmful effect to Jane’s brain.


People : Hearing loss.
Jane : No harmful effect to Jane’s ear.


People : See hallucinations (as same as drunken)
Jane : See creepy hallucinations with red and black colors, twisted pictures / Get near death experience vision.


People : Nose bleeds, loss of smell.
Jane : Nose bleeds with blue wasted solid blood. No harmful effect to Jane’s sense of smell.


People : Slurred speech.
Jane : Blow out vomit of blue solid blood strongly.


People : Suffocation, sudden death.
Jane : Motherfucking damage, suffocation due to toxic blood, seizure, sudden death.


People : Irregular heart attack and death.
Jane : Get near death experience. Due to Jane’s immune system is very strong, so heart attack can’t be happened with Jane, but death come from toxic blood.

Social Network

Jane didn’t know her real name. She used “Jane Shortcake” as her Facebook name. Many people added her as friend due to want to know her movement stealthy. Every movement… Oh no!!! Someone investigated her and posted to make everyone hate Jane!!

Jane’s profile photo and her name.

At LINE, chat application, Toto used cupcake background to chat Jane.

Jane in LINE

Jane in The Urbanist 2

In The Urbanist 2, she will marry with someone, but her beauty will never change. She will stop organized crime job and ready to take care her child.

Jane in The Urbanist 2

Why choose Park Hye Min to be “Jane” in “The Urbanist”?

Park Hye Min is a girl from Korea that is very cute than I think. She sets new meaning of cute to be greater and I focus “Jane” to be cute, but not sexy much. Jane isn’t sexy character who perform sexy to another guys and they are attracted. Her eyes, smile are really cute. I see her and I don’t bore to her immediately. I don’t know why.

First time I don’t know her name. I make “Jane” character with keyword “cute Asian girl” and I see Park Hye Min. Sometimes I saw her and she reminded me to “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”, Japanese blogger and singer, but Park Hye Min is more natural that is her true charm. Then I set Jane to be a character who eliminate Toto’s womanizer habit that no one can beat his womanizer successfully. After Jane beat Toto’s bad habit, Toto said to love Jane and Jane said I love you to Toto too. That is my favorite scene in Chapter 8.

Although Park Hye Min is extreme cute girl, but she isn’t Toto’s type who is seeking beautiful girls.


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