The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 1 “Victim”

Ah… Can’t I dream in this day?

Tell me please…..

Now inside Chris’s mind fulfilled with disappointment of his life. His dad, his mom were already farewell from this world. Now his soulmate Kate was dead too.

Why life was so short?

“Chris… Are you OK?”

Then mysterious sound appeared on Chris’s mind when he was dreaming. Actually Chris was sleeping on Ben’s car. Now Ben was driving from Sanctuary club to Chris’s home. Inside Ben’s heart, he felt worried to Chris much.


Ben still called to Chris. Looked like Chris was sleeping.

“Ah…” Ben breathed out and continued to drive his car. He saw behind him to watch that fire from the hell.

“That is unbelievable. Who do this?” Chris said to himself.

For unbelievable moment that happened at Sanctuary club, that made everyone felt shocked around the world because Sanctuary club was one of the most famous club in Bangkok and famous celebrity from Hollywood ever visited. He ever signed his signature onto honorable zone in Sanctuary club and he ever took his photos in this too. With usual human’s behavior, when someone ever recommended, another one had to do with same thing too. Sanctuary club was too. After that celebrity came and he posted it on his social network, foreign travelers who came to Thailand often visit at Sanctuary club too. Actually Sanctuary club was very good service and drink price was affordable. Every waiters and waitress smiled as same as someone ever told “Thailand, the land of smiles.”

Until news reporters from each TV channels in Thailand just came and reported their news.

That was very necessary breaking news.

“At the Sanctuary club, one of the most famous nightclub at Ekamai now was burnt relentlessly. Many firefighters are drenching the flames on Sanctuary Club. There are many casualties that now rescuers are bringing corpses. Fore reason of burning Sanctuary club, investigators will investigate from engineers and architects later.”

Not only breaking news on TV, news spread all of media, such as newspapers on next day, news on website, shorten tweets on Twitter, etc. That time in Thailand, Facebook wasn’t boomed as this day so news spread slower than you think.

Finally 1 hours later, world just knew this news. Every countries that didn’t block Thai’s media also knew together. And looked like this news was very enormous.

Meanwhile at Ben’s car, he often listened this news. He changed all of radio station and this news still haunted him everywhere. So he put his CD songs to CD player in his car and started to play relaxed songs.

Now Ben was frightened too. His close friends died unexpectedly. Except Chris that wasn’t victim of this. When he remembered to his friends, his tear always dropped down. In real world didn’t have Dragonballs that when he collected all of Dragonballs, he could pray to god for reviving his friends from the death.

Real world was so cruel. And why everyone should suffer from this cruel world for?

In Ben’s car, now there was only songs from CD. No talking. No enjoyment. No amusement. But it fulfilled with painful melancholy. Ben was sad as same as Chris who was lost his girlfriend, Kate. Friendship will be in his heart forever.

But looked like Chris need someone took care him. Ben ever knew Chris had major depressive disorder. Tonight Ben will look after to Chris. He worried a lot it Chris will be happened again.

1 hours later, with aggressive bad traffic in Bangkok at midnight, finally Ben came to Chris’s home successfully. This year Ben & Chris didn’t countdown at someplace. Ben who was tired brought Chris’s body to Chris’s bed. He opened big door with remote control and drove in parking place inside Chris’s home and he brought Chris’s body.


6 hours later.

Chris opened his eyes. First picture he saw was his room’s ceiling with luxurious ceiling lamp. Then Chris saw to right side and he saw his desk and windows that was closed with curtain. There was only sunlight that told him this was morning. For Chris, he could woke up instantly if sunlight touched to his eyes.

Now he wore with cloth that he used at last night. Looked like someone sent him to his room.

“Um… Last time I knew I was at Sanctuary nightclub. But who the hell sent me to my room?” Chris asked himself.

But his melancholy from losing his girlfriend occurred again. Chris cried a lot as same as many people in funeral ceremony. Inside his mind, there was only ‘Kate’.

“Kate… Where are you?” Chris asked himself again. He talked with himself as same as people who had mental disorder.

“You cannot die!!” He still said. “You must stay with me.”

Because Chris’s attitude of love was really contrast. Now Chris was very stress and worried. Until he opened drawer from his desk. There was a magnum pistol in his drawer. He picked it up and pointed to his head.

My father was dead. My mother was dead and now my girlfriend was dead!!! What the fuck should I leave in this world for?

Chris said the sentence of farewell to himself. He was committing suicide. In front of mirror he saw to himself who was pointing magnum pistol to right side of head. That picture was really pity, but he chose to do nasty thing.

Chris was pulling magnum pistol trigger, but he saw someone behind him.

Fuck!!! What the fuck are you doing Chris!!!?

Ben felt frightened a lot when he saw Chris who was committing suicide. Finally moment Ben didn’t want to be happened was occurred. He shouted to Chris and busted his friend to release magnum pistol in Chris’s right hand before he wrested Chris to the bed behind Ben.

“Calm down Chris. You can’t die!!” Ben shouted to Chris directly to wake up Chris from the melancholy. “You’re my close friend!! Although you don’t have your dad, your mom and your girlfriend, you still have me as your friend. OK?”

“I don’t understand what you say!” Chris yelled back to Ben. “Kate is a part of my life. My life can’t lose Kate from me.”


Then Ben blamed and slapped Chris severely until Chris’s left cheek was red.

Why don’t you love yourself? Why don’t you give importance to yourself? You must move on from this fucking melancholy, not stick it and suffer yourself. I warn you because I love you as my friend. You just graduated from famous university and now what the fuck are you thinking?

Now Chris’s tear dropped down to blanket. He cried relentlessly and hugged to Ben.

“Thank you Ben. I don’t know how to do next.” Chris cried and asked to Ben. For Ben, he didn’t want Chris to change sexual orientation so he touched Chris’s shoulder and said “Chris. Do you know I felt sad as same as you. I lost my friends from Sanctuary club. That shouldn’t happen in real life. Now our gang is only you and me.”

“Kate, Dock, Bing, Dan?” Chris said to his friends. “They already came to the heaven.”

“God maybe call them quickly.” Chris said. “Look like god want me to do something, I also still be at this world.”

“Yeah.” Ben said.

“Look like my MDD appear again. I just thought this fucking disorder will be faded away from my body. Finally it appears again. Why am I having this shitty disorder?”

“I’m sorry. Sometimes you felt stressed more than usual people.” Ben contacted to Chris’s eyes and said. “Ah!!! I just thought!!! My friend is psychiatrist can heal your mind.”

“Who’s that?”

“Jane.” Ben said.

“Man or woman?” Chris asked.

“Woman.” Ben answered. “Do you want to flirt her?”

“Don’t talk about this. I just lost Kate from me. I don’t think anything about love.”

“OK.” Ben said before he picked his backberry to Chirs. Ben opened Jane’s photos and Chris saw it.

“She is Jane.” Ben said.

“Why she is beautiful although she doesn’t makeup?”

“She is already beautiful. Her eyes are small but her smile makes everyone fall in love to her.”

“True.” Chris agreed with Jane’s smile. He saw another Jane’s picture and he saw beautiful smile.

“Today I will bring you to meet Jane at hospital.” Ben said. “I want you to be cured from MDD. I don’t want to see you are committing suicide again. Please…” Ben released his feeling to Chris before Chris smiled back to Ben with sincere heart. That was similar as gay’s lovely moment, but actually both didn’t think about this.

After that Chris had breakfast from Ben who bought from market. Then he took a bath and prepared to meet Jane at hospital.

4 hours later at Samitivej hospital.


“Hi Jane.” Ben called to Jane who was in rest time. “Are you busy?”

“No!!! Hey!!! Long time no see Ben. How about you?”

“I’m fine.” Ben said. “I have some patient you will take care him.”

“Who’s that?”

“My friend, Chris.” Ben introduce someone who will be Jane’s patient. “Do you know about burnt nightclub, Sanctuary? His girlfriend was burnt and Chris didn’t rescue her. When he came to home and he woke up, he tried to kill himself by triggering magnum pistol. I can’t let Chris die. Please help him. OK?”

“Is Chris your boyfriend?” Jane suspected to Ben who was gay and he took care Chris more than usual.

“No No No!!! He is my close friend. I can’t let him die. He needs therapy.” Looked like Ben talked a lot until Jane was only listener. She was silent.

“Jane.” Ben called.

“What? I’m listening you.” Jane said.

“Can you help Chris?” Ben asked.

“Yeah. For you.” Jane answered and she smiled to Ben. When Ben heard about this, Ben smiled and said “Thank you. Another day I will bring you to have delicious dinner.”

“Hahaha.” Jane said and smiled. “Same place, at Thonglor. OK?”

“Why aren’t you bored restaurants at Thonglor?” Ben doubted.

“I don’t know. I think that have Japanese atmosphere I like it.” Jane said. “Hey!!! Is your friend ready?”

“Yeah. He was sitting at the lobby.” Ben said and he saw to Chris who was reading newspaper. Yes, there was illustration of burnt nightclub too. It may repeat Chris’s mind again so he said “Wait!” to Jane from his phone and he walked to Chris for seizing newspaper. He seized it and said to Chris “Stop reading this.”

“Why?” Chris asked.

“I don’t let you to see that moment forever.” Ben answered.

“Take it easy. Nothing happened to me.” Chris said.

“Are you sure?” Ben asked. “I fear you will have melancholy again.”

With Ben’s love to his friend, he forgot his friend (or not) who was calling. Until Jane yelled to her mobile phone.


That shouting from Jane made Ben saw to his phone. Then he continued to talk with Jane.

“Hey!!! I come.”

“If your friend standby, wait at lobby before he will be called. OK? I know your patient. He is really handsome…”

“Hahahaha. Although he is handsome, but he is MDD.”

“It’s usual. But I have solution.” Jane said. Then look like Jane just think to do something.

“Ben.” Jane called Ben.


“At evening, will you be available?” Jane asked and smiled.

“What will you do?” Ben asked.

“I invited you to have dinner with me.” Jane said. “At evening I’m available.”

For Ben, he didn’t anything to Jane. He thought Jane was only friend (or not). But look like Ben felt alone when he was at evening, so having dinner with Jane wasn’t bad.

“Really?” Ben asked. But looked like he decided to appoint Jane to have dinner in evening. “Hey!! Do you know at Thonglor has new Pub & Restaurant. That make you love it.”

“Japanese restaurant?” Jane asked.

“Why do you know? Or your brain has only ‘Japan Japan Japan…'”

“I guess. I always know at Thonglor is a place of Japanese.”

“You’re so lucky.” Ben said.

“Hey!!! My break time is out. So I will tell you later with SMS.” Jane said with sweet voice.

“Goodbye Jane.” Ben said. After that calling, Ben walked to Chris and said “Don’t fear psychiatrist Jane. She is very kind. Sometimes you may fall in love to her. Hahaha.”

“No!!! How long can I meet Jane?”

“Just a mo….”

Chris. Please go to room 201

Then announcer at the lobby called to Chris via microphone and extend sound via speakers. That sound was really old. Look like old nurse said it.

“Hey Chris. go!” Ben said.

Chris also picked his bag to room 201 for meeting Jane.

He walked to room 201 proudly. After he entered room 201, he saw to Jane who smiled to him immediately when Chris walked into room 201. In real life, Jane was really cute!! Chris was stunted with Jane’s smile.

“Hi Chris.” Jane greeted Chris.

“How do you know my name?” Chris felt surprised with Jane knew his name.

“Ben ever introduce you to me.” Jane said. “Look like you just lost your girlfriend. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” Chris said. “I feel I have MDD again. I hurt my heart very much. I want to die. I want to use magnum pistol to shoot my head. I can’t tolerate when I can’t stay with Kate. I really can’t. Kate is the most precious girlfriend in my life. Kate never make me feel disappointed. But… Kate was dead. I can’t tolerate with this. How can you help me?”

Chris said everything from his mind that fulfilled with massive pressure. That made Jane stunted temporally because she rarely found MDD patience that confessed themselves to commit suicide directly. But actually she ever met some patient who had severe mental disorder than Chris. Chris was moderate patient. Only thing she could do was “Smiling” to Chris.

“Tell me more.” Jane wanted Chris to tell her more. Looked like Chris’s saying couldn’t analyze more. “How about your girlfriend? Why are you fallen in love severely?”

“I think she is my first girlfriend in my life. She was very good. She talked to me and I felt comfortable. I don’t know why I love her very much.”

“Chris.” Jane said and she saw to Chris’s eyes before she touched Chris’s hand. “I want to say about… That is infatuation, not love.”

“And how difference about infatuation and love? Do you ever have boyfriend?”

For Chris, he asked to Jane for knowing Jane’s POV of love. Jane may helped him from the melancholy. But when Jane heard question Chris asked, that was really private. But Jane decided to say about her experiences to Chris.

“Actually I don’t know much. I ever loved someone when I was grade 12. He was really cute and smile. That was infatuation I couldn’t tolerate. I fell in love with him. But when I was student of faculty of medicine, I didn’t have time much to meet him. I denied his date appointment often. I felt sad. Inside my heart, I requested my time to be balanced, but duty was necessary. That time I thought duty was important than love. Finally my first boyfriend broke me up. I felt sad very much. That time I was same as you, do you know? I decided eating many sleeping pills to be overdose. But I stopped that crazy thinking. That was foolish.”

“After that day, I could touch the meaning of love. That was very beautiful. I received love from someone who was senior of faculty of medicine. He was doctor who healed many patients. That time I was trainee. I saw his work and I remembered about it. Every time I saw he was healing patient, I felt happy very much. That patient smiled to senior student and he said warmly for giving will to them. After that time I walked to library and I sought the book that said about meaning of love. Finally I found it. Love was very important. You may get love if you give your positive feeling to someone or something first, such as giving will, giving opportunity, giving smile, etc. As same as I am giving good feeling to you, Chris.”

That experiences from Jane was very good inspiration to everyone, But for Chris, Jane didn’t know was it suitable for Chris?

“That can’t compare with my girlfriend who was dead. She never made me felt sad. No signs of breaking up. My love with her was really better. But that fucking piece of shit…” Chris still didn’t listen everything Jane said, but Chris said with many taboo words, so Jane said immediately “Please be polite.”

“I’m sorry.” Chris forgot now he was saying to psychiatrist. Now he stopped complaining to Jane before he saw to Jane and said “But you ever said love is giving positive feeling to someone or something first. Is that right?”

“Yes.” Jane answered and smiled. “Such as my sweet smile.”

“Hahahahahaha” When Jane said with cocky & funny, that made Chris laughed out loud. “You’re also confident about your smile. But that is really attractive.”

“Chris.” Jane started to tell her story again. She should appear on her seminars. Then Jane held Chris’s left hand and said “Trust me. Everything in the past always stayed only at past. You’re in the present that can control the future. Forget your bad moments and let’s start your new life now.”

For Chris, he wanted to controvert Jane’s healing was so offensive, but he couldn’t say anything. He was stunted when he just felt this feeling. That was greater than love he always understood. When he stayed with Kate, his feeling wasn’t same as when Jane gave the will to him. He didn’t know why, but now he could touch the feeling from the true happiness.

“Thank you. Jane. I want to ask something.” Chris felt appreciated when he just touched the feeling of love from Jane’s hand. Then he wanted to know something.

“What do you want to ask?” Jane asked to Chris.

“When you held my hand and I felt warm, is it real love?”

“Yes. I give my warmth from my heart to you. How do you feel?”

“That is really weird, but I felt happy and warm in same time. I can feel what you want to say with speechless.”

Jane didn’t say more. She only smiled with her offensive therapy. She had done. That smile made Chris doubted so he asked. “What are you smiling?”

“Hahaha.” Actually Jane was shy. Then she said “Do you know my happiness is making everyone are happy. When I saw you laughed, that made me happy too.”

Chris smiled and he felt wonderful. He didn’t know what point of therapy did Jane heal to him. It couldn’t convey as any words. It was really feeling. That feeling he received wiped his painful moments from the past completely.

Or… This was real love…?

“Jane.” Chris asked more question.

“What?” Jane asked. Then he said…

I love you.


9 hours later at BREW, pub & restaurant. This time was 7:00 PM. It was lucky when this day wasn’t Friday. Actually many people didn’t come to Bangkok due to this day was new year day. Many pub & restaurants in Thonglor were closed due to new year day. Only BREW still opened.

Inside BREW, the atmosphere was calm and vintage. That wasn’t noisy much as another day. Music in BREW was relaxed. Someone ever said this place had many gorgeous waitress who had done surgery, such as change face shape, extend boob size, etc. Actually they had booth babe job so they were gorgeous than usual.

Ben decided to appointed Jane to have dinner at BREW.

“Oh!!! Japanese restaurants in Thonglor are closed.” Jane who enjoyed eating Japanese food felt sad. Only BREW was opened but BREW wasn’t Japanese restaurant. It had western meals, such as steak, french fries, spaghetti, etc. There were many beers everyone can choose.

“BREW is the best.” Ben said when he was walking in seenspace 13 with Jane. seenspace13 was a place of hanging out where everyone can rent space for opening pub & restaurants. Now this place was popular in Thonglor too.

Looked like Jane dressed very beautiful. When she was psychiatrist in hospital, she was so nerdy, but now she was attractive to another men. Her smile always was allure to everyone too. She was calm and naughty in same time.

After that both reserved seat in BREW. Jane observed around her in BREW. there were yellow light from bulb. It was really warm to see. Behind Jane, there were instruments but today band didn’t come to BREW so BREW owner opened jazz songs to make warm and beautiful atmosphere to drink and have dinner sweetly.

Then waitress came to Jane and Ben.

“What menu do you order?” That was it. Gorgeous waitress who did booth babe job greeted to Jane and Ben. Ben smiled to gorgeous waitress until that girl felt shy. Then she gave menu list to Ben and Jane. Jane decided to open menu list first. She chose Carbonara spaghetti and pint glass of Hoegaarden draught beer. Then Ben chose beef steak and pint glass of Hoegaarden draught beer as same as Jane.

“You order beer as same as me.” Jane said.

“I’m big fans of Hoegaarden. Since I learned at university, when my friend needed to hangout, I order this first.”

“Why? How about deliciousness?” Jane doubted. Actually she seldom drank beer or alcoholic drinks so she didn’t know much about beers.

“That was more sweet and nice smell than another beers. And when you order this beer, you must order only draught.” Ben introduced about Hoegaarden.

“Um. I see.” Jane said and smiled unconsciously to Ben. That made Ben smiled back too.

“Why your smile is so sweet?” Ben asked to Jane directly?

“Why do you ask about this?” Jane asked. “You’re gay. Not interest to any girls.”

“You think wrong.” Ben said and did disappointed face. “Why do you decide any people only ‘sexual orientation’?”

Jane stunted and didn’t say anything. She thought to say next topic about healing Chris.

“Hey Ben.” She said. “I healed your friend, but after that he said “I love you” to me. What does it mean?”


Ben temporally stunted. Only word he said was “Really?”

“Yeah.” Jane said. “But I thought he only thought he loved me because I healed him from the sadness. Not more than you think.”

“I don’t think anything.” Ben said and smiled to Jane. “You have done successfully, Jane.”

“What?” Jane doubted what Ben was talking.

“Actually Chris doesn’t say ‘I love you’ easily because he doesn’t know what is meaning of love. Looked like you said something until Chris changed his mind. What did you say?”

“I forget it.” Jane answered. “That was come from my passion.”

“Oh… And do you remember what you said to him after Chris said ‘I love you’?”


Jane thought with a few second. Actually she didn’t remember what she said every words she said. Until she remembered.

“I said ‘Thank you’, and I hugged him.” Jane started to tell. “Then Chris said ‘Thank you for letting me to know ‘What is meaning of love’. It’s really warm and comfortable.'”

“Hug?” Ben stunted when Jane healed Chris with hugging him. “Why are you so pervert?”

“Hey!!! I’m not pervert. This is traditional mental therapy. Humans need hug together, but our culture is really shit. They forbade it and said it was really evil.” Jane described. “Can you allow me to hug you?”

“Only hug.” Ben said. Then Jane stood up and walked to Ben for hugging Ben with sincere heart. Jane opened her arm and embraced to Ben’s back warmly. Then Jane smiled to Ben. She contacted to Ben’s eyes until Ben’s face was red with his shy feeling.

“How do you feel?” Jane asked and smiled to Ben closely. But Ben didn’t answered anything. He only smiled to Jane.

“What are you smiling to me?” Jane asked. “So speechless…?”

Looked like Ben thought something to say to Jane. That sentence he would say may be risk. Actually when Ben said something, Ben didn’t think seriously and he said instantly, but Ben was so serious so he didn’t say with a few seconds to Jane.

“What something wrong with you?” Jane release herself and sat to her seat before she asked when she doubted Ben’s suspected mood.

After that with 3 seconds, gorgeous waitress walked and held menus Ben and Jane were ordered to the table that both reserved. First impression of these meals was nice smell. It floated to the air near Ben and Jane that made Ben felt hungry instantly.

Carbonara spaghetti made Ben fell in love with that Jane’s meal. With beautiful meal decoration, it aroused Jane and Ben a lot.

“Wow!!! That’s so cool.” Jane said and felt wonderful when she saw Carbonara spaghetti. Look at it!!! That bacon and…. cream sauce!!!? Um… Jane didn’t know about that. Only thing she knew was putting it to her mouth now! Ben saw Jane who was eating Carbonara spaghetti aggressively. Now Jane didn’t care her dirty appearance. Eating sound was so loud although in BREW wasn’t silent much. Jane’s eyes still gazed to her meal without interesting anything.

Meanwhile Ben was gentle to eat his steak. That steak was so very warm and delicious. He brought a piece of steak Ben sliced with a knife and fork to his mouth before he tasted that meat from the heaven.

Wow!!! That is very delicious!!!

Ben shouted immediately without caring chef, shopkeepers, waitress or another customers. That Ben’s shouting made everyone saw to him with doubted feeling. But that wasn’t interested so they interested to their meal.

“Hey!!! Be polite.” Jane warned Ben who performed dirty behavior as tribal people. “Hey Ben. You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?” Ben asked.

“What are you smiling me at that time?” Jane asked. “What do you want to say with me?”

That time Ben didn’t think a lot. He said immediately.

Jane. I love you.


Jane stopped eating Carbonara spaghetti temporally. She laid fork and spoon at edge of dish. Then she saw to Ben and asked. “What type do you love me? Friend? or girlfriend?”

But that pressure inside Ben’s heart occurred again. He feared if Jane refused him, he will be sad. Finally he said…

“More than friend. Or I say ‘girlfriend'”.

“Girlfriend?” Jane asked. “That’s funny Ben. You’re kidding me.”

“Kidding you?” Ben asked.

“You’re gay.”

“Gay and why?” Ben asked.

“You love male, not female as me.”

“I said directly, Jane.” Ben tried to confess his love to Jane. “Actually I interested you with long time. When I stay with you, I feel love, love that I can’t say with any words. It is really hard to say. I can’t describe more. But only ‘I love you’ sentences performed everything.”

Jane felt silenced. She was shocked that gay people as Ben could love her.

“I always ask my heart how to love. Although I have job and my personality is same as gay, but I can interest another girls too. I don’t know why… when I stay with you, you make me know what is the real meaning of love.”

“Or you want to say…  You’re bisexuality? ” Jane asked.

“Yeah.” Ben answered. With his decision made Jane felt shocked instantly. Jane reviewed everything from Ben. She just knew Ben never had his boyfriend. But his personality said about he was gay. For Jane, she confused when her close friend confessed he loved her as couple. She never knew about it.

But if Ben wanted her to be in a relationship with him, that was possible.

But not in this time.

“OK. I know what your heart say with me, but I have condition. You must perform about don’t love another men. I’m not sure you’re real gay or fake gay. I want to know clearly do you love me? This time you’re not my boyfriend, but at future, you will be if you are ambitious.” Jane said and she gave condition to Ben.

When Ben heard that sentences of hope, Ben touched Jane’s hand and he saw to Jane’s sweet eyes. Then he said “Thank you very much Jane. You give my chance to tell I love you really.”

Jane smiled and she said. “Actually I love you too, but I fear if you love another men. For ladies, some guys who break up their girlfriend and be in a relationship with another same sex people, that destroy female’s dignity severely. That said about “I’m not worth to allure guy.””

“Jane.” Ben said gently. “Don’t worry. I stay with you.” Then Ben smiled to Jane. That time Jane only smiled to Ben. She didn’t say anything more. Now she was fallen in love to Ben.

But another side of Jane’s heart, it said…

If you didn’t perform you’re gay at first time, I will love you. ❤

With romantic conversation between Jane and Ben, that made Carbonara spaghetti and Steak was cold. They don’t care how about lacking of deliciousness, but for Jane, she felt happy very much because she won’t be single forever. For medical occupations, many people were single because they stayed only hospital and they worked hard.

Meanwhile in the evening at Chris’s home, after he visited Jane at hospital to healing his MDD, Looked like Jane gave something that was a box that was covered with brown recycled paper. That was a parcel. Chris received it from Jane after his visiting was ended. Jane ever said to Chris “Peel it in your home.” Now Chris was at his home, so he opened it immediately.

He used his cutter to cut glue paper that sealed this parcel. After that he teared that brown paper immediately. Until he saw something on this parcel.

“White box?” Chris asked himself when he saw that parcel was white box that nothing was written. Then he used cutter to peel more. Finally he saw something in this parcel. It was Family Computer or shorten name “Famicom”, video game console from Japan with many game cartridges. There were many games inside this box, that was genuine game cartridges.

“Why Jane gave this?” Chris doubted instantly. “Or Jane wrote something……”

Then Chris sought something that was the reason she gave this retro video game console to him. Finally he saw some pink paper that wrote about…

Hi Chris.

Do you remember this video game console we played together when we were 7 years old? It was very fun. If you felt serious, played it. Don’t think a lot.

I don’t have skill of writing much. I gave it to Jane first, then Jane gave this to you. Jane played many Famicom game until she felt addicted a lot although that games are more than 15 years old.

I hope you will remember our time of happiness.

Ben, your lovely friend.

“Ben, you again?” Chris asked. But looked like his mind wanted to play game very much. There were many games he missed a lot. So he didn’t say anything. He put his favorite game he played since he was 7 years old to cartridge feed and pressed power button.

With same atmosphere, with nostalgic feeling, Chris cried with this appreciated moment. Ben was the best friend forever. Now many friend he ever closed, they died insanely, except Ben who still stayed with him.

Until Chris felt if he stuck to the past, his life won’t progress to the future. Actually Chris was good at DJ very much. He mixed many songs and made everyone enjoyed together. And when he saw to that Famicom, he just knew new idea.

That was… mixing songs with 8 bit sound…

After that he mixed many songs he loved and he composed original 8 bit songs with Famitracker. Now he started to forget that bad moment from the past. Now he was sticking with present and future. His 8 bit mixed songs will change his life forever. Actually Chris was alone. No dad, no mom. They were already dead. When Kate was alive, Chris stayed with Kate. Kate was very good as homeworking. She make delicious meal to Chris everyday. Now Kate farewell from this world, sometimes Chris missed her. Today he bought meals from 7-11 and continued to mix songs.

Until 2 weeks later after Sanctuary club was burnt.

At BITEC Bangna, today had TGS. TGS was shorten term from “Thailand Game Festival”. This event contained many game shows from video game console, PC games. That time was 2009 so mobile game wasn’t boomed as same as 2015. Looked like this event exhibited for many kids who loved to play games. One thing that attracted mature men was “booth babes” that stayed at each booths. There were many booth babe that was really gorgeous. They dressed with sexy costume to call another guys. Because many guys love game, so using booth babe was deserved.

Yeah, booth babe was bonus in this exhibition.

“Hey Chris.” Ben said when he walked with Chris at entrance of BITEC Bangna. Chris saw around him and there were many people were queuing to enter TGS.

“Are you sure to bring me to this place?” Chris asked to Ben seriously. “What are you thinking?”

“Let’s change ourselves to be teenagers.” Ben answered. “Look at this!!! Inside this event, there were many games you will play. Very good graphics you many surprised.”

“Yeah. Ben.” Chris said and he called to his friend.


“I’ve played your Famicom. That was really fantastic. It made me remembered since I was a child. I remembered you always blamed me when we played Contra together. I came slowly and you tried to jump across platform, you couldn’t do that.”

“Hahaha. Fuck yeah!!” Ben said.

Then they didn’t talk anything. They still queued and walked to follow many people with teenager age.

But actually Ben didn’t focus to many games in this event.

“Look at this.” When Ben and Chris entered to inside of BITEC Bangna, Ben called to Chris and saw to booth babes who dressed with cosplay. Her boobs was really big and allured to touch them. Her eyes was so sweet. She dressed with maid that often appeared in many Japanese manga or anime that Otaku loved them.

“Or you mean….” Chris turned his head to Ben and he asked.

“You flirt them.” Ben answered with calm voice and smiled.

“Huh!!!? What the fuck are you thinking?” Chris blamed to Ben immediately.

“I think well. You don’t have girlfriend? So you flirt them to reduce your loneliness.”

“Fuck!! I can’t do that.” Chirs blamed again.

“Why do you give up since you don’t try to do it?” Ben asked to Chris. “I will try to flirt booth babes. See it.”

Then Ben walked to nearest booth babe proudly with fearless. He smiled instantly and gazed to that booth babe’s beautiful eyes.

“You’re also cute. What is your phone number?”

Then that booth babe gave phone number immediately. Then he asked “What’s your name?”

“Anne.” That booth babe answered and she smiled.

“Do you know what is your attraction?” Ben asked to that booth babe.

“I don’t know. Can you know?”

“Your eyes that is so sweet. I fall in love with you when I see your eyes. Not only eyes, smile is too.”

“Ah… Thank you.”

“I will contact you later.” Ben said. Then he leaved from that booth babe. Actually Ben was doing adultery. He gave hope to that booth babe although he was contacting Jane. But that moment made everyone around Ben were stunted with Ben’s flirtation.

Then Ben walked to Chris and said “I give that phone number to you.”

“What?” Chris doubted. “No No No!!! She isn’t my type.”

“So what is your type?” Ben asked.

“Gorgeous, tanned skin, calm sound.” Chris said. “She is white more than I think.”

“You’re so fucking a lot!” Ben blamed to Chris.

“But flirting is really interesting.” Chris said and he saw to some girls he was really interested. She was far away from Chris more 50 m. She was staying to gaming gear booth. “I will flirt her.” Then he walked to that interested girl.

“Hey!!!” Ben interjected.

Chris walked away from Ben. Ben smiled to Chris when he started to new things. Today Chris was really happy. That made Ben felt comfortable.

With many teenagers made everyone walked slowly. And teenagers’ smell was really shit. It was very stink from their sweat. Many teenagers purchased gaming gears a lot. But only thing Chris interested was… That booth babe.

Chris used method of flirtation same as when he flirted Kate. He walked to that booth babe and he smiled immediately. Then he said. “Hi. Can I take photo with you?”

That booth babe smiled and said “Yeah.”

Then Chris walked near that girl. Then he embraced booth babe’s shoulder gently. Um… That feeling came back to Chris when he embraced her. Then he used his Blackberry to selfie this booth babe. Look at it! She was very nice smile.

That is same as this.

Meanwhile Chris was stunted when he saw Chris who aggressive flirted that booth babe. For him, he didn’t dare as Chris.

What the fuck are you doing?

He swore inside his mind. That was unbelievable when Chris did that.

Then Chris release his embracing. He saw to that booth babe and say “What’s your name?”

“Oil.” She answered.

“Oil, what is your phone number?” Then Ben asked directly.

“Um… I already have boyfriend.”


He blamed inside his mind. That was a failure Chris didn’t care much. Ben who watched Chris far away knew Chris was failed. He silently laughed out loud that didn’t let Chris knew.

Second booth babe, Chris still chose gorgeous tanned booth babe. Now this booth babe extended boobs shape. But Chris didn’t care how boobs was so enormous. He used same method of picking up booth babe.

Selfie, asked her name…. But third sequence he asked booth babe’s blood type.

“Hi Toktak, what is your blood type?”

“Blood type B.” Toktak, booth babe Chris flirted answered. “Why do you ask?”

“My friend who came from Japanese ever told me about socializing. For basic question to know simple personalities, ask booth babe first.” Actually this routine Chris remembered from ‘The Game’ book that was written by Neil Strauss. That book contained with flirting stories. It was attractive to read, but now Chris used this in his real life.

“And how about blood type B?” Toktak asked Chris.

“Very ambitious with passionate orientation, love wildly, sincere smile, use heart more than brain.”

“Wow!!! Why Japanese is so clever? That are right it all.” Toktak said.

“Toktak, what is your phone number?” Then Chris continued to request Toktak’s phone number.

“I can’t give you. I already have a husband…”

Holy fucking shit!!!

Looked like Chris disappointed again. Why gorgeous girl already were in a relationship? Fuck me!

Next people, Fon, but looked like this booth babe Chris failed again

Again, Again and Again….

10th booth babe… He still failed.

“I’m lesbian. I don’t love any guys.” 10th booth babe scolded Chris mercilessly.


Every Chris did failed, he always blamed in his heart. Looked like something was unusual. Why flirting someone was really hard?

But Chris still never gave up. He continued to flirt booth babe. He hoped that could heal his heart from the melancholy. Although that burnt Sanctuary club passed for 1 week, but his hallucination from that event still haunted Chris in his mind.

Looked like Chris had wrong objective to go to TGS.

Until… he met some girl that was really gorgeous.

“Hi… Do you remember me?”

Chris saw to that sound. He was stunted with that girl who was really gorgeous. She was so gorgeous more than 10 girl he failed to flirt. Looked like this booth babe remembered Chris. Or she was Chris’s friend who ever learned in same university.

“Who are you?”


Next Chapter

“Do you forget me? I’m Tingting, your friend at university.” Tingting, booth babe who walked to Chirs said.


“Why are you so beautiful more than I think?” Chris surprised with Tingting’s beauty.


At milk Cafe.


“My friends were dead at Sanctuary club. They were burnt.” Tingting told her story at milk cafe.

“Really?” Chris asked.


At composer room in Chris’s home.


“Look like DJ need MC. I can be MC with you. Do you interest me?” Tingting asked when she was at Chris’s composer room.

“That’s not bad…” Chris said.


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