Freya (The Urbanist 2 Character)

I am Freya.

I’m daughter of Salvador, the liberal master.

I don’t know why my life must encounter with many guys who want to be in a relationship with me?

Am I beautiful?

Do I have big tit?

But… I’m sorry. I have done surgery in my boobs. 

I say directly because I don’t want anyone imagine wrong and make false gossip news.

When I watch my Instagram on my iPhone,

Why many followers are online shop? I don’t understand.

When I post something, that is really good when someone press like button or comment me,

but one nasty things I usually find is “posting to promote their online shop on Instagram.”

What the fuck is that?

Many guys on Instagram and Facebook want to flirt me, or someone want to fuck me.

Ughhh… Why many guys are so rude and horny?

Real name & Last name : Freya Sangrattikarn
Date of Birth : June 1 1995
Generation : Gen Z
Age : 14 (Urbanist 1), 20 (when she was in Joanne & Chris’s wedding ceremony), 25 (Urbanist 2)
Zodiac : Gemini (count with tropical time)
Blood type : O (The Hero)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)
Boobs enhancement : Yes (400 CC)
Graduation : MBA from Stamford University
Habit : Love friends, Love party, be the best
Occupations : Student (Urbanist 1), Love pink’s owner (Gluta & Collagen supplementary business) with 320,000 Baht / month, Net Idol (products presenter) with 100,000 Baht / month , Master of ceremonies with 30,000 Baht / job (Urbanist 2)
Nightclub influencer : Safe House (return)
Her phone & personal gadget : Apple iPhone 3G (Urbanist 1), iPhone 2020 model (Urbanist 2)
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 1 “Nightlife mission”, The Urbanist 2 “The Liberal Metropolis”
Like : Selfie, make friends
Dislikes : Someone insult her, conservative attitude
Facebook page likes : 3.2 M (In The Urbanist 2)
Instagram followers : 1.5 M (In The Urbanist 2)
Relationship : Anna (100% | 💎 Best friend), Layla (100% | 💎 best friend), Stellar (100% | 💎 best friend), Rondo (100% |  💎 best friend) Euphoria (70% | friend)
Ever have sex : Ever
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking cigarette : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity : I (Influence)
Theme song : La Ong Fong : แอบชอบ (Secret Admiring)
Special ability : Infinite charm
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Sprite 100%
Similar character in The Urbanist 1 : Praewa

Freya was one of the most influencer on social network in 2020. She was really gorgeous and have beautiful boob shape due to she had done surgery at her boobs. For Miss Universe competition owner, he ever said “Aphrodite now exist in real life!”.

This is one of the most pervert moment she ever saw.

When he came to Thailand and he traveled in Route 66, that day was very big event in Route 66. That day he met Freya who was walking passed away from him. With male intuition, so he asked to Freya first “Hi, What’s your name?”

Freya smiled and she said “I’m Freya.”

“Can I say “Aphrodite” to you? You’re so same as rare diamond in this world. You’re the most gorgeous girl that god created you from the heaven.”

“Do you watch fantasy movie a lot?” Freya asked.


“I’m Freya, not Aphrodite as you say.” Freya said mercilessly.

“Hahaha. You’re so spice.” That male complimented to Freya. “Can you sleep with you at tonight?”

With pervert invitation, so Freya smiled and she said to that guy “I’m not your sextoy. Keep your cum to make another blowjob with your favorite whore.” Then Freya walked away.

Fuck you bitch!!!

That guy who was miss universe owner said. Then he grabbed nearest empty bottle of beer to smack Freya immediately. But Freya saw behind her and she kicked that guy immediately until that guy was fallen down to the ground painfully. Then many customers around that guy screamed with frightening. They stepped back to evade that guy. Looked like nearest table was shaken because that guy fell down and touched it. On the shaken table, glass of beer or alcoholic drinks was fallen down and broke themselves. That was really dirty.

With the screamed sound, then bouncers came to that place.

“What happened?” First bouncers said to nearest customers who was near that bad moment.

“That guy tried to use bottle to smack Freya.” Witness said.

Meanwhile Freya walked to another zone of Route 66. That was really chaos! Ah…

For that nasty guy, he was brought to outside of Route 66 club immediately. Bouncers who brought that guy out knew about that guy was really piece of shit. He was severely drunken.

That was pervert moment Freya found. For the most beautiful girl in this world, that made Freya felt uncomfortable very much.


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