The Urbanist 18+ Prologue#2


February 14 2015.

“Ah…. What the fuck is that?” Someone complained to game console that in front of him. “That game is very hard.”

Now someone was playing Super Mario Bros. from real Famicom console. This game was published since 1985 but looked like this guy still played this retro game.

“Holy crap!!! Hey!! can you play that shit?” That guy asked to his nearest friend.

“Yeah… I’m professional game player.” That nerdy guy said. His appearance was really nerd or geek. He wore glasses with black frame and his body was fatty. But… looked like everyone wore gentle suits. Every guys wore tuxedo and every ladies wore white costume.

Yes!!! This was wedding ceremony!

2 guys who played Famicom were at retro game room. Looked like groom and bride addicted game a lot. They addicted game since in Famicom era. That was long time ago when game was appeared to mankind. In retro game room, not having only one Famicom console, but there were 5 Famicom consoles in retro gaming room for letting guests to play Famicom games.

But… looked like guys interested games. That room didn’t have ladies in here.

So… Where were ladies?


“Hey!!! Look at this! You’re very beautiful!”

“Really? let me watch your selfie photos!”

“Wow!!! I’m the best…”

Some ladies groups were saying about their photos they took in wedding ceremony. Now every wedding ceremonies had backdrop that fulfilled with white roses, red roses, pink roses. Many guests were coming to this ceremony to take photos or selfies with backdrop. It was really beautiful and had memories to tell later in future.


Many guests were taking photos with backdrop as background. Looked like this ceremonies, guests were groom and bride hahaha.

“Hey!!! Why am I fat?” That lady who was fatty and she didn’t agree she was fat asked to photographer.

“OK!! I will retouch in Photoshop.” Photographer said.

“Thank you sweetie!” That fatty lady lied herself.

“Hey!!!” Looked like fatty lady disagreed about you were lying! So she said. “You fat? Don’t worry because your face is beautiful!”

Yes, indeed! Fatty lady was really beautiful. Only fat body was her flaw. No!!! her lacking of confidence was her flaw too.

“Really?” Fatty lady asked. That friend smiled and didn’t say anything to let fatty lady thought herself.

This wedding ceremony was mixed with luxury, alternative atmosphere. This was only wedding ceremony that you can dress with costumes you want. Except you dressed with bras and underwear or only boxer and show your muscle (or fat). Groom wasn’t gay!

So why?

Because wedding ceremony was made for Chris and Joanne. They were one of the greatest celebrity in Thailand that made indie lifestyle to be popular. So… if you was invited to this wedding ceremony, you can dress costume as you want.

And where was Chris and Joanne?

At groom dressing room. Chris was being changed hairstyle from stylist who was gay but don’t blame him. His works were awesome.

“Finish!” Stylish said when he finished styling Chris’s hairstyle. Chris saw to mirror that installed in front of him and he saw to stylist to say. “Thank you Ben.”

“Hahahaha. That is for you my friend.” Ben said and he touched to Chris’s shoulder. “Sometimes I missed Kate very much.”

“Kate!!!?” Chris interjected…

“If Kate can stay with us, this ceremony will be fun more.”

Looked like Chris remembered something about Kate.

7 years ago. At Sanctuary club, Ekamai at 23:45 hrs.


“Happy birthday to you…”

“Happy birthday to you…”

“Happy birthday happy birth day… happy birthday to… you!!!”

Chris, Kate, Dock, Bing, and Ben sang happy birthday to Kate due to this day was Kate’s birthday. They admired to celebrate Kate at Sanctuary club, one of the most popular nightclub in Bangkok that foreigners visited this place a lot. Someone ever said “If you come to Thailand and you didn’t visit Sanctuary club, that mean you never come to Thailand.”

But that quote Chris agreed. This atmosphere in this club was different than another club. Chris didn’t know why… That LED light, songs, spotlight were same as another club in Bangkok. No strippers. Um… Chris didn’t know why this place was attracted.

For Kate, she was Chris’s beautiful girlfriend. In Thailand, beautiful girls were usual. Really usual when you walked at Central World or Siam Paragon. Thai people smiled easily. You smiled to that Thai girl and you received smiled back immediately.

“Thank you everyone!!” Kate said. “Hug hug hug!!!” Then she hugged to her friends with her love as friendship, except Chris that was her precious guy.

“Hey!” Chris interjected when Kate hugged Chris and attached her breasts to Chris’s chest strongly.

“Have  you enhanced your tits?” Chris directly asked.

“No! That is really hurt if I do that.” Kate said. “I used newspaper to shift.”

“Hahaha!!!” Chris laughed. “But you look like pervert.”

“Pervert? Why do you say very direct?” Kate asked to Chris.

“I don’t know.” Chris answered. “My mouth move itself. But happy birthday to you, Kate.”

“Thank you my love.” Kate said. That was usual if she said “my love” to Chris because Kate was Chris’s girlfriend that she loved Chris very much. Then Kate used plastic knife she got from cake box to divide each pieces of cake. She divided 12 pieces. That was really awesome.

“Strawberry cake!!!?” Bing said and made her face surprised.

“Yeah!” Kate said. “I know you love this, isn’t it?”

“Yes, indeed! You know my favorite.” Bing said.

Meanwhile Chris didn’t interest talking to his friends much. He focused only that sweet dessert. He ate it immediately.

“How about deliciousness?” Kate saw to Chris who was eating pieces of strawberry cake. Chris didn’t say anything, but he showed his thumb to convey “That is delicious!”

“Great. You love strawberry?” Kate still asked Chris

“Maybe. But I love apple more.”

“Hahaha. Don’t lie yourself Chris.” Kate knew Chris will say about cocky funny to her. “You always love strawberry. I remembered someday you dated with me at Siam and you ordered strawberry with chocolate fondue. No male ordered this.”

“But I love it.” Chris said and contacted to Kate’s eyes. “You love it too. Your sight tell me.”

“Hahaha.” Kate giggled and smiled. “Don’t make me shy more.”

That was usual when couples smiled together as this. For Chris, Kate was his love only in this time. When he saw to Kate’s eyes and Kate saw to Chris’s eyes, their feeling visioned to be only both in the world.

But their friend pulled their daydreaming faded away.

“Hey!!! Stop making sweet moment.” Dan felt envious and blamed to Chris and Kate. “Go away from table if you still make sweet moments.”

“I’m sorry Dan, but my heart cannot stop to do that.” Kate said with allure feeling and smiled to Dan. Dan just know people who were in love were this.

“Dan. Do you want girlfriend?” Bing asked to Dan who had sad mood. She smiled and brought Dan with her challenged feeling.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked.

“Hey!! Look at that chick.” Bing said and pointed with her index finger to beautiful girls opposite side of nightclub. Looked like she was similar as Taeyon from SNSD, but she was taller than Taeyon. Then Bing said “Do you interest her?”

“I think I can’t flirt her.” Dan said. “She is very beautiful.”

“No No No!!! Keep going!!! Beautiful girl love guy who dare to meet new people.”

“OK. I will try it.”

Then Dan walked to that girl. He had a lot of anxieties that made his body shook a lot. Sweat still dropped down to the floor. When he saw to that beautiful girl, heartbeats were very frequent. He came to that chick and his heartbeat accelerated to be frequent more, more and more until the insanity.

Ah… I can’t tolerate it…

Dan kept stepping to that girl. He slowly paced. with 2 seconds, he paced with his fear. Although EDM songs from DJ was very loud that still eliminated Dan’s anxiety, but with wussy guy as Dan, EDM sound couldn’t destroy Dan’s anxiety completely.

He still paced, paced and paced to near that girl. Finally he was near beautiful girl. He smiled and said “Hi.”

“Hey!!! What’s up?” That girl asked Dan and smiled.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” Looked like Dan was out of control. He was charmed extremely from that girl. After that he fainted instantly.

“No!!!!” Then that girl shouted with her frightening before she told to her friends. “Please bring this guy to safe zone now!!!!”

Then her friends who were male carried Dan who was fainted to safe zone of Sanctuary Club. Everyone near Dan felt frightened too. Girls screamed unconsciously. Male stepped back instantly.

Meanwhile Chris was waiting his close friend who was gay. His name was “Ben”. Don’t insulted him because he ever got winner prize of hair stylist contest in Thailand. Although Chris’s sexual orientation was heterosexual, but he wasn’t disgusting Ben who was gay as another one. Sometimes Ben wanted to have sex with Chris, but Chris still denied.

With the cold weather outside Sanctuary club, that made Chris hugged himself when cold breeze passed to him. People who were outside Sanctuary club still waited their friends to enter nightclub together. Chris was too.

Chris couldn’t tolerate cold breeze. His mouth was shaken. He called to Ben again.

“Ben. Where are you?” Chris asked to Ben directly.

“I’m near Ekamai. Are you already at Sanctuary club?” Ben asked.

“Yeah. I’m waiting for you.” Chris said. “Come quickly before Kate’s cake will be empty.”

“Huh? Today is Kate’s birthday!!!?” Ben asked. “Ah!!! I can’t wait… I should offer some drinks to her!!! This night must be the greatest!!”

“Hey!!! You’re so insane!!” I teased him. “Say about birthday, your passion accelerate instantly.”

“I already had been in a relationship with party.” Ben said. “Every party I will come.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed. “Keep going mate.” Then I stopped calling.

After that I heard screaming sound from fanclubs behind Chris. Chris doubted with cause of that sound so he saw to the back. Finally Chris knew why they screamed loudly because Salvador, the Liberty team leader went out from Sanctuary club.

Chris knew Salvador via his game show program on CH10 TV channel. He ever watched Salvador’s game show program. That was really fun!! But Chris never saw Salvador in real life. That was first time he saw. Today Salvador wore tuxedo and very long hat as same as magician. He was walking with his bodyguard. There were many photographers were taking many photos to Salvador.

But Chris felt surprised when Salvador walked near me and he said “Stop!”

Salvador’s bodyguard heard their boss’s command so they stopped walking. Then Salvador walked to Chris. With cold breeze, it couldn’t make him cold. Salvador eliminated it instantly. Chris didn’t know why he was near Salvador and he felt warm unusually.

“Hey!! What’s your name?” Salvador asked Chris.

“Chris.” Chris answered.

“Chris?” Salvador said Chris’s name again and he thought something. Finally he said mysteriously. “In the future, we meet you again…”

Then Salvador and bodyguards walked away from Chris. He threw mysterious question to Chris. Chris didn’t know what Salvador conveyed about. It was really cryptic.

What is he thinking?

Why I felt warm when I was near him?

Does Salvador have magic?

Why did he stopped to me?




Many question Chris created immediately on his mind. When he thought a lot, he went out from the real point. Then cold breeze came to Chris again. That breeze was colder than another one. Many people were waiting their friend to enter the Sanctuary club.


Looked like Chris’s close friend, Ben came to Chris. He started to say hi to Chris.

“I’m sorry. I wait you for long time. Are you cold?” Ben asked with a few question.

“I’m waiting for you. Why do you come lately?” Chris denied Ben’s question before he asked his own question to Ben.

“Bad traffic.” Ben said. “Today is countdown day. That traffic is really insane.”

“OK. Let’s go, Ben.” Chris brought Ben to inside of Sanctuary club, but Ben saw something that was really weird.

“Chris. Look at it.” Ben said before he saw and pointed to that entrance door of Sanctuary club. When Chris saw that door, he felt weird a lot. There were many people ran out from the door. Beautiful girls who dressed with sexy costume, now they ran out from the death inside Sanctuary club. Not only people ran out from the Sanctuary club, there was gray smoke floated out too.

Or… inside Sanctuary club was burning?

“Shit!!!” Chris swore instantly.

“What happened Chris?” Ben asked.

“My friends…” Chris shortly said before he rushed to Sanctuary club. He thought he should help his friend for escaping from the sanctuary of death. Many people rushed from burnt Sanctuary club with chaos feeling. They screamed for unexpected moment of the death.

Meanwhile in Sanctuary club, many people stopped to chit chat together. They attempted to escape from Sanctuary club. Unluckily about this club didn’t have fire exit. There was only one entrance door that can get in and get out from Sanctuary club. Fabric of decoration on the ceiling burned and ignited to dangerous flame. Everything happened very fast. Except Aphrodite statue at the center of Sanctuary club wasn’t ignited. Goddess couldn’t save everyone. That was only myth.

“Ah… Fuck!!!” Dock said with friends that stuck in Sanctuary (of the hell) club. His friend, Bing was surrounded with ruins of fire. She dared to jump across fire from the ruin that blocked her. Although her skirt was burnt, but she drenched it with water bucket near her.

“Bing.” Dock yelled to his lovely friend with his happiness that he met Bing. “Let’s go.” Then Dock held Bing’s hand and rushed together. Among the flame, Dock tried to find another exit. But looked like no exit was here. Only flames surround him.

“I can’t give up.” He said to himself before he saw to Bing who was fainted. “Bing. Stay with me!!”

“I…….can’t………………..” Bing said slowly. She was unconscious.

“Bing!!!” Dock shouted and shook to Bing. “Bing!!! Open your eyes.”

After that melted ceiling dropped to Dock and Bing. They couldn’t survive.

“Kate!!!” Chris who was staying outside Sanctuary club yelled unconsciously and tried to go to burnt Sanctuary club. But Ben pulled his friend to stay with him and he said “Keep calm Chirs.”

“What the fuck are you forbidding me?” Chris retorted to Ben immediately when Ben pulled him. He severely shook his arm to go away from Ben. Ben couldn’t tolerate Chris’s force. He released Chris’s arm away and Chris rushed to the entrance that fulfilled with fire. Now firefighter came to Sanctuary club, but inside Chris’s mind. He saw only “Kate”. Now he was mad and wanted to go to the door of hell.

“Sorry dude. Inside Sanctuary club is dangerous.” Firefighter stuffs said to Chris when Chris tried to intrude restricted area of the death after they still block the way.

“My girlfriend is in this fucking hell!!” Chris told reason that he had to go to inside of burnt Sanctuary club.

“Keep calm dude.” Another staff said. “She has already gone to the heaven.”

“So I go to the heaven too.” Chris said and tried to breach staffs of firefighters.

“Fuck!!! You’re committing suicide!!” Nearest firefighter shout to Chris. They still pushed Chris went away from them. For Chris, now he saw some spirit was gazing his eyes. That spirit was “Kate.”. She saw to Chris and she waved her hand for ‘bye bye’ Chris.

“Kate…” Chris said and gazed to that flame from the hell inside Sanctuary club. Now Chris’s mind didn’t want to go away from Kate. He brought his right hand to point to Kate’s spirit. That was Chris’s hallucination.

Finally Chris yelled…





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