The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 4 “Japan”

Part 1 After that bad moment that happened to Dada and her friends, now everyone wanted to know why Dada was targeted to kill. Many Facebook pages administrators or Twitter users created this question to find the truth and debated together. This moment was so hot and everyone who play internet knew it all.At DSI,… Continue reading The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 4 “Japan”


Akiko (The Urbanist Character)

I was born from the land of freaking high responsibility. My hometown was Tokyo. Yeah, Tokyo people was so fulfilled of responsibility. Until I felt I was in an military area that everyone had to do all of rules. That was so robotic. Know about Akiko Real name & Last name : Akiko Sagami Date… Continue reading Akiko (The Urbanist Character)

Toto (The Urbanist Character)

Hi. I'm Toto. I proud to be born as male. Male is suitable for me. With nature or mankind, male should pair with female. And my female must be perfect. As same as the greatest breeder. Real name & Last name : (Unknown). Date of Birth : Febuary 14 1989 Generation : Millennials Age : 20 Zodiac : Aquarius (count… Continue reading Toto (The Urbanist Character)

Let’s go to ART BOX Thailand (At The Em District)

Finally ARTBOX returned again at The Em District. There are many people want this flea market to comeback again since last time ART BOX appeared in December 2015 at The Em District. There were many controversies and positive critics that mentioned with this flea market. Somebody said "Wow!!! That's very great!!" Someone said "What the… Continue reading Let’s go to ART BOX Thailand (At The Em District)

Aom Suchar & Tina interview at Thailand Film Culture Week [H]

Hello!!! Everyone who want to know what were they saying. I know Thai language is so difficult to learn. Yes, I agree. For me, Thai language is so damn hard!! But don't worry everyone. Now I translated this video completely!! Let's read this. Warning : This article contained homosexual contents. Religious people don't read this!… Continue reading Aom Suchar & Tina interview at Thailand Film Culture Week [H]

The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 3 “Dada”

Ben.... Are you OK? Jane.... Please open your eyes... Part 1 For Ben and Jane, now that sound appeared in their mind all of time. With the darkness of their sight, they couldn't see where they were taken to someplace. But for Ben, he knew only he was on stretcher trolley that nurses were bringing to… Continue reading The Urbanist 18+ Chapter 3 “Dada”