The Urbanist 18+ Prologue#1

Finally this is my first owned original story that I have written myself. No translation anything. If you ever read my blog since I didn’t write about Hormones The Series, I ever wrote stories about nightlife that you should know if you wanted to go.

Warning : Strong languages in this novel.

I’m Tom.

I am Chris’s close friend.

Luckily about Thailand has some liberal policy (I want to say “semi-liberty” because something isn’t liberal as everyone think). One thing I say it is gray is “nightlife”.

If someone say about “nightlife”, many people say about “alcoholic drinks, girls, music, good atmosphere, hangout, pub, nightclub, hotel, society, etc. In Thai pop culture, many celebrities from each society such as youth investor, Net Idol (celebrities who are popular from social network), superstars love to go to nightclub with parties. Crazy parties, private parties happen at nightlife. Look like nightlife is paradise time that you can see another people at here. That is similar as when you learn at famous university and you meet many friends from clubs. I seriously say about time of learning in university is the best time ever. Friends always invite me to travel around Bangkok, Thailand, nightlife. When I went to nightclubs with my friends, that was very great opportunity to meet another one or interested girls in nightclub. My friends loved to challenge to me for requesting girl’s phone number.

Many girls denied, but many girls gave it.

Finally I couldn’t contact her. She didn’t want to talk anything. Look like that night she was drunken.

It’s really fake. So that time I didn’t go to nightclub more.

Until I graduated and I had a job, I interested to go to nightclub again because I researched society in nightlife for writing my new original novel that contained nightlife contents.

Every nightclubs I went again made me surprised a lot.



First time I went to DOUBLE DRAGON, the greatest nightclub in RCA area, I dressed with denim clothes. My face, hairstyle, facial hair weren’t same as my picture in national ID card. Rules of every nightclubs in Thailand was “before entering to nightclub, you must be checked your national ID card first.” That was international rules of nightclubs. If you’re minor and go to nightclub, bouncer denied you to enter with pushing you away. Bouncer’s duty is really dull, but that prevented nightclub to be terminated. If police knew someone who were minor and enter to nightclub or using drugs, that nightclub was terminated with 5 years.

But looked like I found first impression of the best nightclub in RCA. That made me laughed.

“Hey, please bring your national ID card.” bouncer said to me after I was pacing into DOUBLE DRAGON nightclub. That bouncer’s appearance was unfriendly. Then I brought my national ID card to him. Finally he said…

Look like you used another national ID card. Your face isn’t same as national ID card.

What the fuck is that?

I swore in my mind. That was me? What was something wrong?

“That natonal ID Card is mine.” I said to bouncer.

“No! Get out now dude.” Bouncer said and pushed me away. That time I couldn’t enter to DOUBLE DRAGON. That made me disappointed. Actually many people who entered to this nightclub were victim too. I knew from ONIKS’s official Facebook page that many people who gave 1 star complained about bouncers from ONIKS was really piece of shit. Reasons were same as when I found “bouncers teased them.” or… more than I thought because I couldn’t enter to DOUBLE DRAGON but I was welcomed with shitty bouncing me from bouncer!!!

Filled with anitsocial people who are on their phones, very generic edm crap, showing the shallow knowledge the dj had on music. Expensive drinks. Keep up the good work at being a lousy club guys!

spent good money to go watch GTA at DOUBLE DRAGON, at 1 am asked several staff when they would be playing, no one had a clue. At 3 am finally got an answer from a staff member telling us that it was at DOUBLE HYDRA and that it was already over.

Lousiest club in Bangkok. Overcrowded and barely space to move at all, even when we opened 2 bottles. Table too low – super bad structure. We were pushed around almost the whole night at our table. Service was so bad. I’m so never coming back again.

These 3 complaints were from foreigners who loved to travel in nightclubs and they got bad experiences. I agreed about foreigners (especially came from America or Europe) were really friendly that they loved to meet another people. Nightclub was one of the best place to meet new people, but smartphone seized their friendship to be anti-social. I ever was victim with this. Is it worth to go to nightclub and played your smartphone?

You ever saw foreigner’s complaint, so now these were Thai’s complaint. Manuscript was Thai so I translated to English.

This nightclub is really fucking piece of shit! Ladyboys can’t enter. I don’t understand. I don’t piss or kill to someone. I only come for celebrating my friend’s happy birthday little party, but I can’t enter. Then I must change long pants from short. I can’t enter because my  initiation name on my national ID card is “Mr.” Is this reason fucking make sense?

I’m sorry I buy my drink with my money, not want any free drinks! #beimproved

Very strict bouncers. There are gateway scanners that I feel safe. Very great decoration, inside DOUBLE DRAGON was really comfortable, not be crowd, but why the fuck many songs from DJ make me asleep? I think about that is praying across the day.

I traveled since this club named “Slim” until now is “DOUBLE DRAGON”. I feel disappointed to manager of DOUBLE DRAGON very much! Everyday he forgets loyal customers as me that I ever traveled. He doesn’t have trustworthiness to loyal customers!! Bouncer forces me to wear long pant although I wear shorts with THB 1,000. I have come for 10 years but today bouncers say Thai people can’t wear short, but foreigners can. What that fuck is it make sense? If Thai people can’t wear any short so you welcome to new customers who wear long pant with foreign customers who wear short. I stop to visit this nightclub with piece of shit!

LBGT racist I can’t be enough! I have friends who are gay a lot. But I watched YouTube clips that ladyboy ever posted. You’re fucking asshole. I can’t go to this shitty place forever because DOUBLE DRAGON’s CEO is LBGT racist. Nightclubs in US haven’t done yet. LBGT can’t get in but drug dealers can enter. That is really weird.

Everything I type is my personal comment because I am a girl who have many gay friends a lot. When I go, I go with these, but if my friends can’t enter, I won’t go again.

But don’t worry, this club have many 5 stars from foreigners. Actually this club made for foreigners, not Thai people so qualifier to Thai people was really dull.

But I really disagree policy of DOUBLE DRAGON that prevent LBGT customers. This is really racist! Look like Thai people have issue about entering to nightclub. First time girls can wear shorts, but now they don’t. What the fuck this that?

Attempt 2

1 week later, I went to DOUBLE DRAGON again.

“Hi!!! Have you ever gone to DOUBLE DRAGON?” Ping, my female friend who have Chinese race that she had beautiful smile asked me when my friends and me were going to RCA with Tong’s car.

“Yeah. But look like bouncers are really asshole.” I complained to bouncers.

“Really? I went with more times and bouncers allowed me. What’s wrong?” Ping asked to me.

“You’re lucky.” I said and smiled to Ping. “Do you want to know reason that I can’t enter to DOUBLE DRAGON?”

“What?” Ping said.

“I had facial hair, long hair and wore glasses. My photo in national ID card is short hair and don’t wear glasses.”I described problem to Ping before Ping was confused with bouncer’s nonsense qualification.

“Hahaha!!!” Ping laughed. “I ever heard this nightclub has been built for international customers. If you came to ONIKS’s Facebook pages, admin always wrote posts with English.”

“Route 66 wrote too.” I said to Ping. “DND, Safe House, Funky Villa are too.”

“But not DOUBLE DRAGON.DOUBLE DRAGON wanted everything to be perfect and professional.” Ping described aboutDOUBLE DRAGON’s attitude to me.

“I see.” I said.

Then Tong drove to RCA. that time was on Friday. Every Friday and Saturday at RCA, road in RCA always closed and Route 66 & DOUBLE DRAGON used road area to be a part of each nightclub. For Route 66, at road area was outdoor zone,  but For DOUBLE DRAGON, that was outdoor zone too, but it was smaller than Route 66.

Tong chose to park his car at parking area in basement of RCA building. Every Friday there were many cars that were parking a lot. If someone went to RCA parking zone with 10:00 PM or later, parking were “FULL” and sought to another parking. Luckily Tong found parking zone. He drove to that place immediately.

“Wow!!” Ping interjected. “Finally we come to RCA.”

“What time is it, Tom?” Tong asked to me (Tom is my alias name.)

“21:15 PM.” I answered to Tong before Tong smiled and said “Let’s go to DOUBLE DRAGON.” after he stopped his car.

We opened car’s door and went out from Tong’s car. At parking, looked like another people wanted to park at this parking. That smoke from exhaust pipe smelled me to know. Not only smell, sound told me too.

“Why does Annabelle want to celebrate happy birthday at DOUBLE DRAGON?” I asked to Tong, Annabelle’s best friend.

“I don’t know.” Tong answered directly. “Ask Annabelle.”

“But Annabelle doesn’t come in this time.” I told to Tong.

“Really?” Tong felt confused. That time Annabelle should go to DOUBLE DRAGON. And now where was she? I decided to call her. I opened my smartphone and dialed Annabelle’s number to call her.

“Hi.” I said.

“Tom. What are you having something to tell me?” Annabelle asked me back.

“Where are you?” I asked her.

“I go with my friend.” Annabelle answered. “Actually my friend just work off.”

“I see. We are waiting you in front of DOUBLE DRAGON.” I said to warn Annabelle.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Please be patient.”

“See you again at DOUBLE DRAGON.” I said, but looked like I have some question to ask Annabelle. “Annabelle. I have something to ask you.”

“What?” Annabelle asked.

“Why did you decide to party at DOUBLE DRAGON? Why not at Thonglor?” I asked this question to Annabelle. Actually Thonglor area was suitable for celebrating birthday.

“I and owner are our friend. He allow me and your friends to celebrate birthday. Actually we are VIP guests in tonight.” Annabelle revealed her privileges to me.

When I heard about I was VIP guest in DOUBLE DRAGON on tonight, My heartbeat grew up. That was my first appreciated feeling when I heard about this. I never was VIP guest forever. But now I was. That was really cool.

“Really?” I asked to Annabelle.

“Yes.” Annabelle answered. “Tell to Ping about Ping is VIP guest too.”

“OK. See you at RCA. Good bye.” I said to Annabelle and ended call before I turned my head to say with Ping.


“What?” Ping asked and smiled to me.

“Do you know we will be VIP guest!!” I said to Ping with my appreciated feeling.

“Really?” Ping asked with surprised voice. Looked like she was interesting too.

“Yes.” I answered and grinned to Ping.

“Why?” Ping asked to me shortly. Actually she wanted to know too. Only telling ‘you’re VIP’, that wasn’t enough for Ping. There were something she should know more because for real life, saying ‘you’re VIP’ as same as ‘congratulations! you won’ on many ads on website.

“Actually Annabelle had friends who owned DOUBLE DRAGON.” I described more. “So Annabelle had many privileges. That is useful for us.”

“Such as many drinks?” Tong, my friend was real anti-social guys asked me.

“Hey Tong!! We’re coming nightclub for meeting new people, not only drinking.” I complained Tong who misunderstood reason to go at nightclub. “If you want to drink more, why don’t you buy many alcoholic drinks and drink at your home? This is international nightclub you must respect to meet new people. So can you speaking English.”

“A little.” Tong answered. Actually he was very good at English. He learned from International university.

“That’s good.” I said. “We’re liberal team. Drinking only wasn’t a thing you should do.”

“Hahaha.” Ping said. “Actually Tong isn’t anti-social guy, but this time he is heartbroken.”

“Really? Who’s that?” I asked curiously to Tong. Actually I ever remembered he ever flirted some booth babe.

“Fah.” Tong said.

That girl I already knew was same as Tong’s heartbreaker, I smiled and touched to Tong’s shoulder and said “Don’t worry. Love is come from conveying. If that people isn’t your real love, they evaded themselves without telling to you. That’s better.”

“You didn’t know what feeling after my heart was broken so don’t say about this more.” Tong blamed me.

Then Annabelle who dressed with black suit that looked gorgeous walked to us. Then she said “Hi everyone. I’m sorry that let you wait me for long time.”

“Don’t worry.” I said to Annabelle. “But I was curious. What is VIP privileges?”

“Um… That is really secret.” Annabelle said. Then she whispered me.”We will enter to secret room in DOUBLE DRAGON. That is our world that no one will seize our atmosphere.”

When I heard that Annabelle’s whispers, I shook my head for disagreeing before I said “Say this to Tong. That guy love VIP privilege very much.”

“I trusted you. You won’t be say this to anyone.” She said to me.

“OK.” I said and smiled to Annabelle. For me, when I was talking with my close friends, I always touch my friends. I didn’t know why.

After that we were going to entrance of DOUBLE DRAGON. I ever had bad experiences with this f***ing sh**** bouncers who always had very good works to bounce everyone that weren’t suitable.

But… today looked like angel from the heaven made exclusive way to the DOUBLE DRAGON.

“Hi Jacob.” Annabelle said to right bouncer. “There are my friends who are coming my happy birthday. Please allow them.”

“Yes, madam.” Jacob, that f****** bouncer who ever teased me said gently to Annabelle. I couldn’t trust that!!! Why was Annabelle exclusive VIP star? I felt confused before Annabelle said to me and Ping, Tong.

“Hi!!!!” Looked like another gorgeous girl were coming. Her eyes was also small too. Why Chinese race were very much in Thailand? She had blonde hair color. Although her eyes was so small, but her smile was really charming.

“Hi. What’s your name?” I asked her directly.

“Mai.” That small eyes lady answered. “And you?”

“Tom.” I answered. “What’s your blood type?”

“O.” She answered. “Why did you asked my blood type?”

“There are some my Japanese friend who ever told me to know another people’s basic personality. He said ‘if you want to know personality, ask blood type.'”

“Hahaha. So how about blood type O?” Mai asked.

“Very outgoing, talkative and love society very much.” I predicted to her.

“If you guess it, look like you’re really lucky. Actually I don’t trust any prediction or any horoscope.” She said to me.

“Many girls in modern ages always say about this, but finally they pray to win lottery too.” I said about hope that used with winning lottery.

“Do you play lottery?” Mai asked me.

“Hey!!! Tom and Mai!!! How long do you say?” Looked like Annabelle was annoyed my talking. She blamed me with her disagreed face.



VIP ROOM New York 5

After that Annabelle brought me, Mai, Ping and Tong to the VIP room. Thank you very much Annabelle for bringing me to be VIP customer of DOUBLE DRAGON. That was really appreciated when everyone saw to us and they respected us as VIP guests. All of time no one respected me well.

In the VIP room, the atmosphere was really dark, calm and mysterious. First time we entered to VIP room, that room was dark so Annabelle opened light switch. When the light appeared, that was really exclusive!! LED light from ceiling made everyone surprised as seeing the sky with many stellar on nighttime. Beside wall, there was Apple iMac that you can opened any songs and you can be DJ who played any musics.

“Wow!!! Am I in my dream?” Mai asked to everyone. Looked like she was stunned with many glitters from LED light. Then Annabelle squeezed Mai’s skin and she said “Do you hurt?”

“Fuck!! I’m hurt! What the fuck are you doing, Annabelle?” Mai blamed to Annabelle.

“If you hurt, that mean you’re in real world.” Annabelle said.

“Shit!!! So I must squeeze you now!!” Mai said and she squeezed Annabelle’s arm back. That moment made me and Tong laughed together.

“Annabelle.” Tong called to Annabelle.

“What?” She asked.

“Will another one come to VIP room?”

“Yes. My close friend named Ice.”

“Is he or she?”

“Shemale.” Annabelle teased Tong. That made Tong had angry face!

“What the fuck is that?” Tong blamed immediately.

“Hey!!! I’m kidding. She is cute girl. Look like Tong will love her.”

“Please be real.” Tong said.

“Hahaha.” Annabelle laughed. “Do you want drinks?

“Yes.” Tong answered first.

“Me too.” Ping said.

“And Tom?” She asked me.

“A pint of draught beer.” I said.

“OK. I will call waitress to give them.” Annabelle said before she called to waitress to order many drinks. Looked like I wanted to go to toilet so I said to Annabelle “Hey Annabelle, where is toilet?”

“Toilet?” Annabelle asked. “Beside this room.”

“Thank you.” I said.

After that I walked out from VIP room before I went to make toilet. When I was walking, I saw to ground floor that was very noisy. There were many laser light shined all of room in ground floor. Now everyone at ground floor were dancing together. Someone who were drunken were dancing with drunken style. Someone wanted to battle dancing so they used their area to battle dancing together. But I felt I should to go to toilet now!! My ass will be exploded!!

Then I ran to nearest toilet. That toilet door had black light. I was near that black light and it shined fluorescent stuffs immediately. That made me surprised when my clothes shined with weird color. I opened toilet door and ran to nearest toilet room.

Ah….. Ah……

Ah… I blew my shit out from my ass before I pressed flush button on lavatory. Perfume in toilet eliminated shitty smell immediately. I opened lavatory door and I saw to someone who was talking in male toilet. That 2 guys were talking something and I should listen that conversation too because they mentioned about Annabelle too.

“Hey!! Do you know about Annabelle?” Tall guy asked to fat guy.

“Annabelle? Who’s that?” Fat guy asked.

“She is girlfriend of ONIK’s owner.” Tall guy said. “Actually I had sex with Annabelle. Nothing is perfect. She didn’t have anything made me feel arousal.”

“You insult Annabelle a lot!!! If Annabelle hear about this, you will be damned from social network users.” Fat male warned tall male.

“Why not? Social networks can’t damn me in real life. I ever saw many dramatic controversies on Facebook, nothing harmed their life. That was only opinions on social networks. That isn’t dangerous.” Tall male said.

“Can you stop having sex to someone? You’re not real playboy my friend. You already had girlfriend, isn’t it? Your girlfriend is very cute and why the fuck do you cheat your girlfriend?”

“Hey!!! Don’t be serious. I just wanted to touch Annabelle’s breasts. Look like her breasts are enchanted to extend shape.”

Then fat and tall guys walked away from toilet. I was staying in lavatory room before I went out due to that 2 horny guys walked away. I didn’t suspect to them much. That were only horny guys who wanted to have sex without knowing meaning of love. That was One Night Stand, and I still didn’t believe tall guys really had sex with Annabelle. Annabelle wasn’t cheated. I knew Annabelle well.

But… something will be happened.

I ran to VIP room after I went to toilet. Then I felt surprised when my friends slept them all.

Ping, Tong, Mai were sleeping… Looked like Mai was holding beer bottle on the little table. I woke everyone to be awaken.

“Ping, Tong Mai… Why did you sleep?” I shouted to my 3 friends, but looked like no one felt themselves. Then I saw to nearest amplifier that was at wall. I ran to that and turned it on before I connected Bluetooth to earphone.

Yeah… I wanted to wake up with my songs on my smartphone.

I opened my favorite EDM songs loudly. Yeah!!! That was very loud. Loud until only deaf people still slept.

Finally someone blamed me. “What the fuck are you doing? I’m fucking sleeping!!”

“Not fuck time. Wake up my friends.” I said.

“Shit!!! Who opened that shitty songs?” Tong blamed me.

“We’re coming to the room of VIP. So why do you sleep? Be excited!!” I ignited the flame of enjoyment to everyone.

“Wait.” Ping said after she woke up. “Look like we’re trapped.”

I turned off amplifier.

“Trapped?” I said curiously. “What about trap?”

“Someone put sleeping pills on our drink.” Ping said. “Now I feel asleep.”

“Really?” I asked.

Then Mai said to me. “Hey!!! Checked your things now. Someone may put drugs in your pocket.”

“Huh?” Everyone in VIP room interjected. Me too.

“Are you lie?” Ping asked to Mai.

“No! My friend ever was arrested unexpectedly.” Mai described with her worry. “I don’t want this will occur again.”

“I see.” I said. “OK. Check your pockets now.” Then everyone checked their pocket and bags. Annabelle may trapped us. But… For my opinion… Annabelle shouldn’t do this nasty thing.

Someone may teased us…

I thought about this. I trusted to Annabelle. But my trust would be shaken. Where was Annabelle?

“Hey!!! I doubt where is Annabelle?” Tong asked to everyone directly.

Not only I suspected. Tong (and everyone) suspected too.

“I think Annabelle trapped us.” Ping said. “This girl I never trust her.”

But I didn’t say anything. Annabelle shouldn’t be nasty lady.

“Why don’t you trust her?” I asked to Ping.

“My intuition said.” Ping answered. “Girls always know girl together.”

But my intuition told me Ping was jealous. I didn’t say anything. Only smile I performed.

For Tong, he tried to seek illegal drugs. But he didn’t find it. So he said “Hey Tom, no drugs I found.”

“That’s lucky.” I said and smiled when nothing will be occurred with bad moments. But inside my heart, something were usual. I didn’t know why, but my intuition said about that.

Ah… I just thought I should call to Annabelle. She went out from this VIP room with long time.

“Hi.” I said to Annabelle via smartphone.

“Hey!!! Tom. What’s up?”

“Where are you?” I asked to Annabelle.

“Toilet.” She answered directly.”I’m peeing.”

“Really? Do you know our friends were slept?” I asked to Annabelle for weird moment in the VIP room.

“Sleep?” Annabelle felt confused too. She said with doubted voice.

“Yes.” I said. “They were slept. Did you put sleeping medicine to them?”

“No way.” Annabelle answered. “Who asked that?”


“Look like Ping read Sherlock Homes or watched Detective Conan with long time. I didn’t do that? So why did I do for?”

“If you didn’t do that, who did?”

“I may ask to waitress.” Annabelle said. “I ever heard someone ever put sleeping medicine to VIP guest. Many people gave 1 star for reviewing DOUBLE DRAGON on Facebook because of this.”

“I think I’m not safe.” I said. “Can you stay with me?”

“Yeah.” Annabelle answered and end calling. Then she walked to VIP room for 2 minutes.


When Annabelle came to VIP room, my friends saw to Annabelle and they smiled together.

“Hey!!! Where are you going?” Mai asked to Annabelle after she came to VIP room.

“I was peeing and take a shit.” Annabelle answered directly. Looked like Mai asked a lot so this was real answer from Annabelle.

“Hahaha.” Tong laughed before he said to Annabelle. “I felt hungry. Can you order some meal?”

“What meal do you want?” Annabelle asked.

“Hey!! Really Annabelle? Can I order spaghetti?” Ping heard about VIP room customer could order food.

“Yeah. But actually every customer classes can order foods.” Annabelle said. “You can eat it everything you want. Don’t care DOUBLE DRAGON hahaha.”

“So I order fried chicken.” I ordered my favorite food.

“I order potatoes chips.” Mai said.

“Give me 2 bottle of Absolut.” Tong ordered. Looked like Tong loved to drink alcoholic drinks.

After that Annabelle called to waitress before she ordered everything from her friends said. Waitress in DOUBLE DRAGON was really beautiful. She had cute smile that I felt stunted to her. But looked like Annabelle did angry face to me. 5 minutes later, we got everything we were ordered, such as fried chicken, potatoes chip, Absolut or more foods. Mai opened EDM songs from iMac in VIP room and we danced together. Spotlight and LED light from ceiling made this atmosphere will be awesome and very great. There are only 5 people in VIP room that transformed to weird monsters. Yeah, I dared to say that. Alcoholic drinks made everyone exploded their stress. We hugged together. I hugged Ping and she smiled to me. I saw to Ping’s eyes and I felt stunted to her. Her smile was really charm. Tong tried to touch Annabelle’s breasts by coming from Annabelle’s back, but Annabelle knew and she said “Hey!!”

With drunken mind made everyone in VIP room did everything they never did in real life. After that Tong took of his cloth and he dance with dirty mind as strippers. I guessed he was gay, but if he didn’t gay, that was perfect shape guy I had ever seen.

But looked like only Mai wasn’t drunken because she was being in a role of DJ. Actually she worked as DJ at Route 66, the most famous nightclub in Thailand so her skill of managing songs was the best!! She saw to everyone who felt drunken before she smiled. So she teased us by turning off amplifier.

Enjoyable music was faded away. only silence appeared before yell sound from my friends.

“What the fuck do you stop music?” Tong asked Mai.

“Hahahaha!!!” Mai laughed out loud and saw Tong’s face with fulfilled with disappointment. “Teasing you was also fun.”

“Open bitch!” Tong yelled to Mai with taboo words.

But Mai didn’t opened amplifier. She smelled curiously. Looked like she got burnt smell from downstairs. She saw to the door and tried to opened it carefully.

“Hey Mai.” I said to her. “What’s wrong?”

“I got burnt smell from downstairs.” Mai said. “I will opened it.”

Then Mai walked to the door and opened calmly. When the door opened, she knew reason about burnt smell. At ground floor was burnt relentlessly. Everyone on ground floor were chaos. They abandoned everything they drank to the exit. DJ tried to keep their tools to their bag and rushed away from DJ stage. Now LED screen behind the stage melted as chocolate fondue. everything burned burned and burned. It was more chaos because everyone couldn’t go out from DOUBLE DRAGON. That was the minute of the hell. When Mai saw about this, from her mind that was enjoyable with EDM music she opened to her friend, now was turned to the fear instantly.

“Mai. What happened?” I asked to Mai.

“Fuck!!! at ground floor was burnt.” Mai yelled. “Annabelle, where is fire exit?”

Annabelle who was drunken answered slowly to Mai. “Fire Exit? No. No fire exit in DOUBLE DRAGON.”


Everyone yelled with strong language. DOUBLE DRAGON was one of the greatest club in Bangkok, so why almighty club didn’t have fire exit?

“Are you kidding me, Annabelle?” Ping asked to Annabelle curiously.

“We must run now!!” Annabelle said. Inside Annabelle’s mind, she felt chaos too. Looked like her friend didn’t mention about fire exit. No one said about it. And today DOUBLE DRAGON blew their fire to everyone. How could they escape from this room of the hell? Luckily Annabelle had very high sixth sense so she saw secret room of VIP room so she said “Hey!!! Follow me.”

When Annabelle finished saying, she rushed to the secret door in VIP room. She pressed button on secret door, but looked like trouble occurred again when that door wasn’t activated due to electric circuit was broken from fire.

“Shit!!!” Annabelle swore. “Fuck this switch. It is useless.” Then she tried to smack door switch, but that door wasn’t moved.

Meanwhile fire from ground floor still burned everything. Looked like many people  were dead from burning. Ping saw to burnt people and she screamed extremely. That was very nasty and gross picture she had ever seen. From the paradise, now it was hell in real world.

No!!!!! that flame burned to the VIP room!!!

“Fuck!!! This VIP room wasn’t fucking OVEN!!” Tong yelled.

“Annabelle…” I said. But now oxygen air wasn’t enough. We coughed together. VIP room lacked of air to breathe in. Only smoke that substituted oxygen. Everyone thought everything to survive. Mai sought fire extinguisher but she didn’t find it. Now atmosphere was gray from smoke.

“Open motherfucker!!!” Annabelle yelled to secret door. She didn’t know was it really fire exit? But she believed that might be real exit to the survived zone. But she still turned on electronic switch. It didn’t work. She coughed a lot and she closed her eyes because her eyes received many smoke ashes.

Now everything was burnt!!! Ah!!!! That ceiling melted and it dropped to my skin. That was very fucking hot!!! I screamed with my pain. It ignited my clothes too. Everything were fire… fire and fire!!! Me had flame too!!!

I screamed with my pain a lot. I hurt!!! My body was burning. I should die now!!!




“Fuck!!!!!” I screamed unconsciously.

When I had concentration, I saw around me. There were alarm clock, white door, my picture frame with Annabelle, my desks, my computer, my blanket, windows, pillow and my love, Annabelle.

Yes, Annabelle was my wife. I always slept with Annabelle. I already married with her. And now I was at my room.

On the night, I sat up and screamed extremely. That bad moment was nightmare that I hoped it will never be again.

“Hey!!! What happened?” Annabelle who was sleeping woke from my screaming sound.

“That nightmare performed again.” I said to Annabelle with fear voice.

“Burnt nightclub for 7 years ago?” Annabelle asked curiously.

“Yes.” I said and felt said in same time before I laid myself to contact Annabelle’s eyes.

“Tom.” Annabelle said and she scrubbed my head. “Don’t worry. I stay with you. Tomorrow Joanne and Chris will marry together. That will be holy day.”

I smiled to Annabelle and said “Thank you.”

Then I slept to the next day. For preparing to be guests of Joanne & Chris’s wedding ceremony.


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