First time I started translating Hormones The Series with early access, I focused to Jane first because Jane was one of my favorite character due to her mind was liberal. Actually I did translation with my hobby and I didn’t expect that another people interested my translation a lot.

Until my blog readers preferred to me for translating Dao & Koi’s story.

I used 10 hours to translated Dao & Koi’s story, but result made me surprised. There were many people retweeted my translation of Dao & Koi more than Jane, Oil’s story. That made me shocked.

But I continued to translating some characters on Hormones. Finally Dao & Koi had the most views count with more than 5,000 views (at Hormones 3 ended). Now more than 7,000 views.

So I thought to thank Dao & Koi fans. I didn’t know how to do?

Finally someone said to me for translating Pinky Promise.

That was very hard to do, but for me, I tried it without thinking anything.

When I announced to translate Pinky Promise, there were many followers on Twitter followed me. Thank you very much.

First time I translated Pinky Promise, there were many obstacles such as Pinky Promise was sold out, delayed sending, etc.

But some users supported me by taking photos with many pages. OK. Thank you very much.

But translating Pinky Promise used long time. I used 1 month for finishing translating Pinky Promise. It wasn’t hard much, but it absorbed my energy to translate.

Finally 240 pages of Pinky Promise, I translated successfully. (and Grand opening)

Thank you ‘All about the fact’ who wanted to send your ‘Pinky Promise’ to me, but I denied. I wanted to support Dew’s the Pinky Promise writer by purchasing it.

Thank you ‘JustForFon’ who published my translation to Chinese language. Pinky Promise’s story is really beautiful for everyone! She ever send chapter 2 photos to me when I didn’t receive Pinky Promise novel book.

Thank you ‘梓_吼姆吼姆’ (I don’t know how to read) for supporting me all of time when I was translating Pinky Promise.

Thank you ‘Shanset’ for translating Pinky Promise to Indonesian version that let Indonesian people how Pinky Promise conveyed about.

Thank you ‘Abh’ for translating Pinky Promise with Vietnamese language with first chapters.

Thank you ‘阿冰的船’ For interesting my translation a lot. You’re only one who comment story from Pinky Promise.

Thank you ‘Mystar Box’ who retweeted every my tweets about Pinky Promise. Do you know when you retweeted, that made my translation boomed instantly.

Thank you ‘Hormones The Series (international)’ who retweeted every my tweets that Mystar Box already retweeted, that made my translation boomed more than I thought.

Thank you ‘Lovejoycenita’ who was very big supporter of my Pinky Promise translation project that interested my every translation.

Thank you ‘ก้อยㅂㅕㄹ’ who read my translation at near ended story. Pinky Promise was one of the best novel that convey about the truth of love and love is liberal that every sex can love.

Thank you ‘gabriobec’ who read my blog since I translated Dao & Koi (Hormones Character) in October 2015.

Thank you Fon and Belle who performed with Dao & Koi’s role very profould. Although I’m a guy but I love your performance very much.

Thank you Ping who directed Dao & Koi’s story since Hormones 2&3 that made everyone felt profound. Really appreciated!!

Thank you Dew who wrote Dao&Koi’s Hormones script and Pinky Promise novel. That is unbelievable you’re a male that you wrote girl story very well.

Thank you every followers and users on Twitter, Facebook that you share, retweet my contents to make my blog have reputations.

Thank you everyone.

See you again on my next project.


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