Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Finally I have my friend who helped me translated this video. OK. So what this video was saying? Let’s read this.

Video by Kemisara Channel

Part 1/6 (0:00-5:00)

“Let’s meet… Hey… What is this name?” Male MC asked to female MC.

“Sister Dao… Dugedao Chumratpaisarn.”

“Please clap your hand to welcome Dugedao.” Male MC said to audiences “Hey!!! scream loudly to her!!” Then audiences screamed to Dugedao who was coming to stage.

When Dugedao came to stage successfully, many audiences screamed extremely. Dugedao (Fon) smiled to greet every audiences.

“Hi.” Male MC said to Dugedao.

“Hi. Dugedao.” Female MC said hi to Dugedao. But looked like no microphone that Dugedao used.

“Do you have more microphone? Can you bring more?” Male MC asked to staffs at backstage.

“Please give more microphone.” Female MC said to staffs.

“You scream until steak isn’t ripe.” Male MC said with funny feeling to audiences. Female MC gave microphone to Dugedao.

“How about you Dugedao? Are you excited that you meet your fanclub?” Male MC said.

“Um… I feel excited very much that everyone come to my grand opening event because I have pain attention to write a lot.” Dugedao told her feeling to Male MC and audiences.

But looked like audiences laughed something… Actually Dugedao told with lacking of confidence.

“Why are you laughing? Be serious!!! She has paid attention.” Male MC shouted to audiences and he smiled. Then he asked to Dudgedao. “And how about your book you have published? When you see your book, do you feel good?”

“Yeah. Actually I feel good when I gave my manuscript to her real owner.” Dugedao said and she mentioned to her love. That made everyone in event yelled with happiness.

“Oh…” Female MC interjected.

“Hey… Dugedao says something and you screamed simply…” Male MC said.

“That time I said with long time and nothing happened with me.” Female MC said when before Dudgedao came to stage and female MC said with long time, audiences didn’t scream to her.

“So what is your inspiration to make Pinky Promise?” Male MC asked.

“Someone ever said Pinky Promise was happened in Dudgedao’s real life.” Female MC described about Pinky Promise more.

“Yeah.” Male MC said.

“When I have started to write novel again, I wanted to write with realistic story that I used my real experiences to write.”

“Oh!!!” Female MC felt wonderful about Pinky Promise that Dugedao wrote from her real experiences.

“It is Dugedao and Wiriya’s relationship or say “Dao & Koi”” Dugedao continued to tell her story.

“So I want to ask something. Does your mom know?” Male MC asked and female MC, Dugedao laughed. “Does she come?”

“Today my mom doesn’t come. She is busy” Dugedao answered.

“Look like this is our luck.” Male MC said to audiences with funny feeling. Everyone laughed. Everyone ever knew about Dugedao’s mom well. “If she appears, I will be hit.”

“My mom ever read it.” Dugedao said.

“Did your mom love it?” Male MC asked Dugedao about Dugedao’s mom.

“My mom congratulated me.”

“Yeah! That is really cute.” Male MC said. “Actually, there was someone was main inspiration for making this novel.”

“Yes. Because Dugedao ever said it was made from her real story with relationship between Dao and her friend.” Female MC introduced about inspiration of Pinky Promise.

“If I never met her, Pinky Promise won’t be appeared in this world.” Dugedao said to her love again… That made everyone say Oh!


“So today… Your important person is in this event.” Male MC said. Dugedao smiled when her important person will come to stage.

“OK. So let’s meet Koi, Wiriya Korkietpirom.” Female MC said to announce Koi (Belle) will come to stage.

Then audiences screamed to welcome Koi who dressed with male style that indirectly told about “Dao is my girlfriend”.

“Look like everyone hold your camera to take photos.” Male MC said and asked to Koi. “So how do you feel? Are you excited?”

“I am excited very much.” Koi answered. “Today look loke audiences are a lot than I think.”

“Today audiences came until department store is full.” Male MC said to Koi. “No one buy anything in department store. They came freely.”

“No No No! They came to purchase Pinky Promise.” Koi told reason of audiences who came to Pinky Promise grand opening event.


“You can purchase Pinky Promise at B2S.” Male MC said about how to purchase Pinky Promise.

“So I will say about Pinky Promise. Do you read it?” Female MC asked to Koi.

“I already finished reading Pinky Promise. I felt appreciated when I was in Dao’s life since … ” Looked like Koi stopped to tell “since”. She was thinking but audiences screamed to Koi that made Koi felt shy and she smiled to hide her shy.

“Since first page until last page.” Koi continued to say.

“Are you thirsty? Please suck Hall candy now.” Male MC said to audiences who still screamed every sweet moments from Dao and Koi.

“As same as I was born with Dao.” Koi continued to say again. ” I’ve passed many things together.”

Then male MC laughed without any causes and he said “Look like Dao is shy a little.”

“I feel about when your relationship that transformed to many words. When you read them, how is it different from your real life?” Male MC asked.

“Actually it was different because some words in Pinky Promise weren’t transformed and shown to everyone to read. When I read Pinky Promise, I can feel everything that Dao wrote.” Koi described.

“When you read, how did you feel?” Female MC asked.

“I was happy very much.” Koi answered.

“Look like your relationship shifted more more and more, isn’t it?” Male MC asked.

“Is it?” Female MC asked again.

“And question that we want to know… Does your relationship shift to be couple?”

Audience screamed again. Look like Male MC said funny moment again, but he said with only Thai people can know so I skipped.

“So how about your relationship?” Male MC asked to Dao & Koi.

“I felt happy. There were many stories that I kept and I couldn’t tell top her, but I wrote everything to Pinky Promise completely. And I guess she will know my feeling everything. That is happy.” Dao answered. Looked like Koi felt happy too so she made her face to be naughty and she smiled with her shy.

“Why Koi do that face?” Male MC asked. “Do you make your face as “What the…?””

“I’m shy.” Koi answered.

“Are you shy?” Male MC asked again.

“So what are you wanting to say to your fanclubs?” Male MC said to tell Dao & Koi for telling something to audiences (and another fanclub).

“That is my first novel. I want everyone to read my novel and walk with us for our love story. Thank you.” Dao said.

“So everyone clap your hand to Dao & Koi!!!” Female MC said.

Part 2/6 (5:01-10:00)

“So… let’s take photos together.” Male MC said. “Hey!!! hook your little fingers together as Pinky Promise.” Male MC said to Dao and Koi to do Pinky Promise before audiences screamed with cute moment between Dao and Koi that made sweet moments together.

Then Dao & Koi did “Pinky Promise”. They smiled together that made audiences felt appreciated more.


“So you took photos and you must scream?” Male MC doubted.

“Dao & Koi are shipping.” Female MC described reason why audiences screamed to Dao & Koi’s cute moment again.

“Look like this is happiness from your relationship to be Dao’s novel under publishing of a|book, my press.” Male MC said. “After that we return to the reality.”

Then male MC wanted to bring everyone went out from the world of Hormones.

“So now we have waken up.” Female MC said.

“I want to ask about that 2 people, Koi and Dao…” Male MC said.

“Look like you’re confused.” Female MC warned male MC that Dao & Koi is character from Hormones. She wanted male MC to call their real names.

“Who is that? Belle… Fon?” Male MC said. Fon waved her hand for doing something I didn’t know.

“So do you call me Belle or Fon?” Belle asked to make MC.

“Yeah. Now we called Belle and Fon.” Male and female MC said.

“So you introduce yourself that isn’t Koi.” Male MC said to Belle.

“Yeah. I’m Belle Kemisara.” Belle introduced herself before audience screamed due to Belle said after she still listened MCs’ talking.

“Fon, introduce yourself again.” Male MC said to Fon.

“Hi~~~ Fon Sananthachat.” Fon said her name to audiences before audiences screamed with their happiness again.

“Fon. Look like you’re not different from Dao.” Male MC commented to Fon before Fon smiled with her shy. “Is your personality different than character in Hormones?”

“There are many parts, such as family relationship that isn’t same as Hormones the series but for my outer personality that staffs saw to me and they chose me as Dugedao because my personality must be usual first before I developed myself to be character in Hormones.” Fon introduced herself about her personality from real life and she mentioned something from Hormones the series.

“And Belle?” Male MC asked next to Belle. But Belle laughed first before she said seriously.

“Um…. My personality isn’t same from Hormones The Series but look like my attitude is same such as I positively see the world as Koi.” Belle said. “But for my orientation, I am clumsy very much that isn’t same as Koi with many behaviors.”

“It is different a little but you said yourself, I din’t know that is believable or unbelievable so I have Nadao Bangkok team.” Male MC said before he asked to female MC. “So do you let them to appear on stage?”

“Yeah, so let’s meet Ping, the director of Hormones 2&3 and Dew, Dugedao’s alias who wrote “Pinky Promise.” so please clap your hand.” Female MC said. Finally real writer of Pinky Promise appeared with Ping.

“Hello Ping. Hello Dew.” Male MC greeted to Ping and Dew. Ping was a man who wore black frame glasses and have gray hair color. Dew was a man who wore black frame glass as same as Ping, but his glasses was bigger and he wore Prussian blue cloth.

“Please sit down, Ping and Dew, the Pinky Promise writer.” Male MC said to tell Ping and Dew for sitting at seat that staff from backstage already prepared. But male MC unexpectedly told to Dew about Dew pinky promise so he laughed with his faults, but looked like this fault was made every audiences laughed too. So someone said about laughing was contacted disease, I also agreed.

From left. Belle, Fon, Dew, Ping and male MC.

“Hey…!!!” Female interjected before Ping and Dew sat down.

“So every said “Dugedew”. Isn’t he?” Male MC asked. Meanwhile Fon said hello to Dew and she gave microphone to real Pinky Promise writer. Then male MC saw to guests who were sitting on stage and not enough of microphone so he said to staffs at backstage “Give more microphones.”

Belle received microphones from female MC and gave microphone to Dew before he gave microphone to Ping.

“Look like many people aren’t know who is Ping because you are behind the scene all of time. I want to ask about the initiation of Pinky Promise, how about that? I already knew about you had idea. Look like it should be appeared…” Male MC said.

“It was happened when I read scripts of Hormones 3. There was someday that script team read all scripts. When script team was reading, only me that stayed lonely in locked room that I didn’t pay attention what staffs of script team were reading. Then I thought what “Pinky  Promise” is when EP 11 after Dao gave “Pinky Promise” to Koi and I also wanted to know what story in that handmade novel conveyed about… I felt what Dao had written Pinky Promise and made Koi cried because actually in real script about Koi read Pinky Promise and she felt appreciated but that script wasn’t written what stories in Pinky Promise conveyed. So it made me to want reading all about Pinky Promise and I wanted someone to write Pinky Promise. Yeah. That mean real Dugedao wrote Pinky Promise.” Ping described behind the scenes of Pinky Promise.

“So someone wrote Pinky Promise is Dugedew.” Male MC said who can be alias of Dugedao that was Dew so he said Dew as “Dugedew” before he let his hand to point to Dew. “Look at this guy’s personality. This is a writer who imagined before you read Pinky Promise.”

“Many people didn’t know Dew was script writer of Hormones 1 & 2 and he wrote Dao, Koi and Pooh’s story. When in season 3, Dew didn’t write story but he still was a fandom of Hormones 3. ”

“So does Dew always have cute moment?” Male MC asked.

“Yes.” Dew answered.

“First time I wanted him to wear Nadao Bangkok College’s student uniform, But I changed my mind.” Ping said.

“So why did you choose Dew as writer of Pinky Promise?” Male MC asked.

“Because it was very hard to write. I wanted Pinky Promise is novel that Dao really thought. Pinky Promise was a story that was alternative story outside Hormones The Series. When I sucessfully watched scene of Dao & Koi, I wanted to know what Dao and Koi will do. They successfully had meals, were in a relationship and what were they doing next. I wanted to know deeply. I felt I wanted someone who understood Dao& Koi’s personality deeply. Actually if Dew didn’t agree to write Pinky Promise, Pinky Promise won’t be published in real world. I didn’t know who could write Dao & Koi’s story deeply as Dew.” Ping described more. Looked like Dew was veryt necessary to make Pinky Promise.

“I listened your opinion and looked like Dew was under pressure.” Male MC said to Dew.

“That is very cute.” Male MC said.

Part 3 (10:01-15:00)

“So how do you be Dao’s personality? How was you thinking about Dao?” Male MC asked to Dew.

“For Dao? I ever said about creating characters that in script team, I’m about….” Dew introduced himself about how to create Dao’s character. But when he was talking, Belle brought black sweater with “DAO” words to Fon. That made audiences screamed and felt appreciated but that action seized Dew’s scene so Dew said. “Looked like they seized my scene.”

“I thought you’re cold? No No No! You used sweater to cover Fon’s leg (for preventing Dew to touch Fon’s leg unexpectedly.)” Male MC said.

“Um… Dao’s character is a girl who love to write anything and dream. And I…” Dew said continuously.

“Your personality is similar as Dao…” Male MC said.

“Yes.” Dew said.

“You also love to write and dream something?” Male MC seized Dew to speak. “So did you ever write any topics on webboard since you was child?”

“Sometimes I did.” Dew answered. That make Male MC said “Yeah.” and Dew continued to talk his story. “I also wrote diaries.”

“You wrote Diaries?” Male MC asked.

“Yeah.” Dew answered before male MC expanded his topic. “So you already came as a writer. When you wrote real novel, is it hard when you expanded story from your script?”

“Um… There was difficult when I was Dao’s POV that I wanted to write Dao’s feeling to Koi. So novel I wrote was a releasing character’s feeling because I always knew fanclubs or someone who interested Dao & Koi were a lot. I felt to make this work to the best so I used my all of time to make Pinky Promise to the best.” Dew said.

“Can you return to the initiation of creating Dao & Koi’s personalities that putting details or special personalities?” Male MC asked.

“Yeah. For Dao, she was a dreamer. That made Dao to love imagination and writing fictions so I set this character to be something. She had strict and bossy mom, wasn’t she? And it connected it all about mom’s strict made Dao to escape from the world of reality to release her stress by writing.” Dew introduced about origin of Dao’s personality.

“And Koi?”

“Koi is Dao’s close friend, isn’t she? So I made this character to stay with Dao since Hormones 1 so when Dao had any problems, she preferred to consult with Koi. So in Hormones 2, I picked Dao and Koi to raise relationship until they will be… Dao & Koi that everyone watched them.”

“I wanted to know how to research about girl ❤ girl relationship? Did you ever read Yaoi fictions? And Ping, how to research this?” Male MC asked to Dew.

“When I worked Hormones, I researched with people who had real experiences. So when I did Dao & Koi’s story… Actually Dao & Koi were friend together in Hormones 1 but at Hormones 1 I didn’t think how to be for Dao & Koi’s story. Actually at final scene of Hormones season I I’m not sure do you know when Dao, Koi and Elle went to Big Mountain Music Festival, I had idea about relationship with Dao & Koi were profound. But when I shot that scene, looked like it was very fucking hard to shoot. So everything were changed. But I felt relationship with Dao & Koi was possible. I ever saw Fon & Belle’s compatibility that when they stayed together, looked like there were something that Fon and Belle should be in a relationship together. Look at this! Yeah. They chit chat again.” Ping described about his behind the scene of Hormones The Series since he was script writer in Hormones 1. Then he saw to Fon & Belle that they played together. Then Belle moved her arm and hand for pulling something. Male MC was curious what Belle was doing so he asked to Belle “Belle, what are you doing?”

“Spark!” Belle said. Actually I didn’t understand what was sparking.

“That moment with Fon & Belle made I was curious topic with 2 girls loved together. So I met couple with girl ❤ girl that they really loved for researching with talking about how you love, what was your first impression to love? What a thing did you confirm to love girl more than boy that contrasted to everyone dedicated to be. And I found many things that would be Dao & Koi as in this day.” Ping said.

“So Dao & Koi’s story was realistic.” Male MC said before he asked to Ping continuously. “What moments did you research and look like it was different from your thinking?”

“First time I did story about girl ❤ girl, I confessed myself about in girl ❤ girl relationship, anyone was boy and anyone was girl in relationship.” Ping described.

“As same as offense and defense?” Male MC asked.

“Do you call about that?” Female MC asked to male MC.

“That was feeling I always knew. When I exactly researched with appointing lesbian couples, no offensive and defensive relationship.”

“Are they swapping role?” Male MC asked.

“No No No! they aren’t swapping role.” Female MC said. Looked like everyone smiled and laughed together. Ping said with laughing. “That was romantic….”

“It is so different than we understand.” Male MC said.

Part 4 (15:01-20:00)

“That is borderless relationship.” Ping said. “We don’t determine who is offensive, who is defensive. Only 2 people love together exactly and I felt that relationship is really wonderful and I wanted to appear this relationship as only 2 people love together.”

“That is gorgeous. Look like it was new topic.” Male MC said.

“Yeah.” Female MC said. “Look like TV series don’t have relationship with girl ❤ girl, rarely.

“When did you present this topic, how could you beware something?” Male MC asked to Ping and Dew.

“I think about my awareness isn’t talking something I don’t know.” Ping answered. “I tried to research girl ❤ girl for understanding this relationship. I didn’t dare to tell if I didn’t know. My awareness made me research more than usual. I didn’t only research one girl ❤ girl couple. I also researched another girl ❤ girl couples to study difference. Actually my people who were near me were lesbian too and I asked them. So I didn’t worry about this. I believed I performed stories with cause and reason.”

“And do you expect Dao and Koi are famous shipping?” Female MC asked to Ping. This is one of question she wants to know.

“Never.” Ping answered directly.

“Really?” Male MC said and he said “So what things do you want to convey?”

“Actually I wanted to convey about romance that happened with boy ❤ and girl ❤ occurred from truth of love.” Dew conveyed about truth of love. “That aren’t happened only boy ❤ girl. Everything is love.”

“Yeah.” Female MC said.

“So please claps your hand to Dew.” Male MC said to everyone.

“That is romance you shared to everyone.” Male MC introduced this sequence. “For homosexual romance, that is already agree in modern ages.” But looked like female MC wanted to say something.

“So in Pinky Promise that you wrote, there are some scenes that aren’t happened in Hormones. Isn’t it?” Female MC asked.

“Yes.” Dew answered directly.

“And you expanded it.”

“Yes, I expanded some scenes for telling to readers to know more characters’ stories.” Dew said. “Such as how to meet, after moments in series, how do Dao and Koi encounter? That is for alternative story.”

“That make everyone know better.” Male MC said before  “For Fon & Belle, are they compatible since you chose these girls at first time?”

First time Dew said “Yes,  For me, when I knew Fon who would have Dao role, I already thought Fon was Dao’s character. I also that was direct as I thought.”

“Fon’s personality already is dreamer.” Male MC said.

“Yes.” Dew confirmed.

“Fon’s appearance is imagined girl.” Male MC said.

“First time I saw to Fon, I felt that was right.” Dew said about Fon as Dao more.

“And Belle?” Male MC asked.

“As Belle, when I developed this character in Hormones 2, you always saw Koi was Dao’s close friend? But when I analyzed Belle’s character, looked like she was charming as Koi.” Dew introduced about Belle who performed as Koi. But when Dew said about Belle, many fanclub screamed to the stage.

“When you talk about Belle, looked like Belle’s nose was vibrated as same as telling “Is it right?” Male MC suspected to Belle’s nose.

Dew laughed out loud and he said “That is compatibility. If Fon and Belle never existed in this world, Dao & Koi who everyone felt appreciated won’t be appeared too.” Dew said.

“Please imagine when Fon pairs with Ploy (female MC)” Male MC said and pointed to Ploy (female MC) and he teased to her “that will be fucking crappy.”

“Looked like when I pair with Fon, I have aunt’s role and Fon have niece’s role.” Ploy said.

Then male MC asked to Fon & Belle for new topic. “I asked Fon & Belle. How about working with Ping and Dew?”

“Actually I already knew Ping and Dew since they wrote Hormones 1 script. I felt about Ping and Dew were cute. Actually I didn’t think Ping as director, but I thought Ping as my elder brother.” Fon answer and told her feeling when she worked with Ping and Dew, but looked like Fon said about Ping more than Dew. When Fon said “I thought Ping as my elder brother, Ping smiled with his shy feeling.

“First time looked like you respect Ping, but you say director… AS BROTHERRRR….” Male MC teased Fon.

“It was over from thinking Ping as director. When I worked with him, Ping wasn’t said to me for working with their duties. I and Ping and another teammates moved forward together. It was happy when I was working.” Fon told feeling when she worked with Ping before she saw to Belle and said “Hey! What’s up?”

“Hahahaha.” Belle smiled with her shy feeling and that made everyone screamed with cute moment from Fon and Belle.

“Great!! You did it very well.” Male MC compliment.

“Actually Ping and Dew were very kind.” Belle said. “I ever met Dew often. For Ping, he has 2 forms, kind guy and director. If Ping is in director mode, I feel fear to him.”

Part 5 (20:01-25:00)

“Do you really fear me?” Looked like Belle’s personality was really relaxed so Ping said with scolding sound to her.

“I’m fear… I’m fear!!!” Belle said. That made Ping laughed with his teasing. “But another side of Ping, he is very kind elder brother.”

“Yeah!!!! That is good !!!” Male MC said. “So I asked to Fon and Belle again. Are you a part of Pinky Promise for presenting another ideas to writer?”

“Um… Actually….  I just know!” Belle felt surprised when Pinky Promise was available in real world. She only knew about Pinky Promise was only available in world of Hormones.

“Holy fucking shit!  What am I asking for?” Male MC interjected with strong language. Everyone in grand opening event laughed together.

“Actually I had just knew this project for 2 weeks.” Belle continued to tell.

“It was a top secret project that I prevented actor & actress of Hormones knew.” Ping described. ”

“That didn’t officially tell. But I ever said “Hey!!! Novel? I want to see what story is.” to Ping, but I don’t know what type novel will be appeared. Actually I wanted to see with long time. I ever asked Ping “Only one page? How about another pages? What another page are you writing? I want to read.”

“When you read it, How about that? Did you like it? Did you get another scenes from Pinky Promise?” Male MC asked to Fon continuously.

“I liked it because when I was working, I had to introduce behind the scene of each characters first. I will think how my relationship will move forward to be? Because when I was working, it really performed. And then script appeared, that was same as I thought. It was a book that substituted Dao’s feeling. No No No!!! Fon and me too.” Fon said about behind the scene of writing Pinky Promise.

“So let’s talk about drama.” Now Ploy asked to Fon (or Belle). “You ever played with Dao & Koi with 3 seasons of Hormones. Did you ever feel enchanted with “shipping”?” Then audiences screamed again.

“It shifted from hooking little finger to hook…. hook another one?” Male MC asked before he exploded his laughing.

“When I was entering to Koi and Dao’s mode, looked like I knew their feeling very well because I did workshop with Fon very strictly. But outside series, No No No!!! because we’re sisters that connect and be closed very much.” Belle said before she saw to audience and they disappointed to Belle with Fon and Belle didn’t be in a relationship in real world. “Everyone calm down.”

But audiences chose to laugh with Belle’s warning.

“Thank you very much for saying “Keep calm.”” Male MC said to Belle.

“And at morning, How about driving to receive Fon? Ping asked to Belle before audiences screamed again. That behavior was lover!!! Only lover drove car to receive someone.

“Oh!!! I was driving to Nadao Bangkok.” Fon answered.

“As same as Ping and Dew that ever said I and Fon are compatible very much, such as another event I and Fon performed together, I also know how to do next. That is faster.” Belle described to everyone if she performed with Fon.

“That is simpler to know.” Fon said.

“Yes. simpler.” Belle agreed Fon.

“So what feedback have you gotten when you’re shipping, such as “Hey!! Are you real lesbian?” Male MC asked to Fon and Belle.

“When EP.2 “Estrogen” appeared, my friend asked “Belle, are you lesbian?”” Belle answered and told feedback to everyone befrore audiences laughed with Belle’s telling. She said and performed her surprised behavior.

“So you answer? As you think?” Male MC said to Belle before audiences laughed together.

“That make me happy when everyone felt profound to me.” Belle complimented to everyone.

“Yeah.” Male MC said.

“For me, when my friends said “I ❤ Belle”, I said “No No No!! Belle is mine!!!”” Fon said about when her friend wanted to be in a relationship with Belle. After that audiences said WOW!!!!! That made everyone surprised.

“You said ‘Belle is mine'” Male MC said.

“That is very cute.” Ploy said.

“So another people knew Fon and Belle very well.” Male MC said.

“My mom cried when she saw Hormones at Nadao.” Fon mentioned to her mom when she saw Hormones 3 EP. 2 at Dao’s crying scene.

“Really?” Male MC asked.

“Yes. My mom in real life.” Fon said. “She said ‘Ah…. I am sorry to Dao & Koi.'” And she performed her mom was crying. That made audiences cried too. “Mom, please keep calm.”

“After shipping feedback, you have more appearing events, such as taking photos to photobook?” Ploy asked to Fon & Belle.

“Fon X Belle in real life?” Belle said to audiences. ” If you buy Pinky Promise, don’t forget to boy Fon X Belle in real life too.”

“That is really happy.” Fon said. “When I worked with closed people, I felt comfortable more than I think.” That sentences Fon said made audiences felt appreciated again. They screamed to Fon and Belle with their good feeling.

“And when I went to Japan, that was really terrible. Belle laid her items all of the room. I’m good elder sister so I helped her to keep her items. ” Fon continued to say when she went to Japan.

“Thank you.” Belle said.

“That 2 girls talked together and you always get scream sound.” MC complained to Fon and Belle.

“Audiences imagined together.” Ploy said.

“Ping, Dew, have you ever come Hormones event? Department store was really chaos. There were many people who seized toilet for peeing” Male MC said. “For very enormous Hormones feedback, how do you feel?”

“I am so happy very much. I ever remembered that event at Central Rama 9 since Hormones 1. There were many people who wanted to explode this department store.”

“As same as Walking dead.” Male MC said.

“For director, I always expect my work make everyone feel appreciated.” Ping continued to tell. “But no one expect there are more than 100 million views or another. So when I saw the day at everyone love my characters I created, I feel happy very much. That day performers had fanclubs to follow such as feeling profound to Dao’s crying”

Part 6 (25:01-End)

“As same as Koi’s crying, I felt everything was mine. I don’t care how many views on YouTube (and LINE TV), but I felt my drama entered to everyone’s experiences completely. This is my most happiness.”

“Look like Fon cried.” Male MC said to Ping before Fon smiled with her shy feeling.

“Look like Hormones 3 is final season, isn’t it?” Ploy asked to Ping.

“Yes.” Ping answered shortly.

“It never be again?” Ploy asked for being sure.

“Yeah.” Ping said again.

“Why don’t you make season 4 or later?” Ploy asked curiously to Ping.

“Transformers will have 10 episodes.” Male MC said.

“Simple answer, I’m tired.” Ping answered directly. This was real reason for Ping? “Actually my team were bored together. We worked with long time and I wanted to make another projects so I wanted to finish Hormones story with the most beautiful ending. So I thought Hormones 3 was suitable to be finished.”

“Everything have their ages.” Male MC understood why Ping wanted to end Hormones with season 3. “I want to ask another topic to Dugedew. Now Dao and Koi are so lively to everyone. How many expectancy do you want?”

“Yesterday I read many tweets on Twitter, I felt tireless very much.” Dew answered from male MC’s question “Because many Dao & Koi’s fanclubs bought Pinky Promise books until every B2S bookstores were sold out. Someone said on Twitter ‘This is my first novel I decide to read.’ or someone never read any book, Pinky Promise was first novel they read.”

“So today who read Pinky Promise as first novel in your life? Please raise your hand.” Male MC asked to audiences.

“Usually I read books only 7 lines.” Ploy said with audiences’ role.”But now I read all of book.”

“Ah… tomorrow I will do final exam, but can I read Pinky Promise first?”  Dew said with audiences’ role too. That made everyone laughed.

“You make another one lack of their duty hahaha.” Male MC teased with blaming to Dew.

“Relax Relax.” Ploy said about reading Pinky Promise could relax your mind.

“Someone finished to read only 1 hour and 30 minutes.” Dew said.

“I want to know who finish reading Pinky Promise?” Ping asked to every audiences, then someone raised their hand.

“For someone who finish reading Pinky Promise, can you give your Pinky Promise to me?” Male MC asked.

“But someone when read near to finish, they stop reading.” Dew said.

“As same as when someone read their favorite books near to finish, they say ‘Wait!’ that they don’t want to finish reading.” Male MC said.

“Look like they don’t want to finish reading.” Ploy said.

“I feel happy very much because when I created characters until Dao & Koi made everyone love them. That is my achievement I am really proud.”

“So please claps the hand.” Male MC said. Everyone felt appreciated with Dew very much. Dew was real Dugedao!! Then everyone claps their hand together.

Now this is final sequence.

“What do you say to your fanclubs more?” Male MC asked to Fon & Belle.

“OK, Please purchase ‘Pinky Promise’. Sale exclusively at B2S. When you purchase it, please give ‘Pinky Promise’ to your boyfriend, girlfriend, your aunt, mom, dad. That is precious souvenir for everyone.” Belle said.

“As same as ‘Hey aunt! This book make you imagine more than you think.'” Male MC said.

“OK, Please purchase ‘Pinky Promise’ by Dugedao from me and Dew. I hope when you read it, you will be in love with us.” Fon said about Pinky Promise.

“OK. Thank you for Dew, Ping, Belle, Fon. Thank you very much.” Male MC said before he and audiences clapped their hand together.

After that Ploy gave souvenir to everyone. That was books from a|book press. Before Ping went out from stage, he said “I only said about Dao&Koi story isn’t ended.” That made everyone screamed again.

“And don’t guess from this book. Hormones script team is really fucking cruel!” Dew said to audiences.

Then they took photos together.


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