Roxanne (The Urbanist Character)

I am Roxanne.

Someone ever said to me I am queen of nightlife.

But sorry guys, I just only girl who married with alternative rock musics 💞

My life can’t lost any music.

Music is my life.

I will be suffered if I don’t pick my lovely iPod to go with me.

Inspired form DJ Soda, one of the sexiest DJ from South Korea.

Real name & Last name : Apinya Korkietcharoenpon
Her Alias : Roxanne, Professional maiden DJ, Fairy Tale
Date of Birth : June 1 1985
Age : 24
Generation : Millennials 
Zodiac : Gemini (count with tropical time)
Blood type : O (The Hero)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)
Boobs enhacement : Yes (400 CC)
Habit : Interest alternative things, liberal mind
Occupation : Master of ceremonies, Net idol, DJ (With Praewa)
Nightclub influencer : Funky Villa
Her phone & personal gadget : Nokia 2730 classic, iPod classic 160 GB, Empire Ears Apollo X, JH Audio x Astell&Kern – Roxanne II
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 1 “Nightlife mission”
Like : Electronic music, Alternative music,  Japanese culture, Cat
Dislike : Bullshit guys, insincere people, wussy guys, cockroach, betrayer
Relationship : Praewa (70% | 💎 best friend)Tingting (50% | 😄 close friend), Chris (40% | 😄 friend), PuiFaii (Her cat 🐱), Layla (her sister)
Ever have sex : Ever
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Ever
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever (Cannabis) 
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Culture : Liberalism 100% | Conservatism 0%
Theme song : MEG-Kittenish
Special ability : Absolute pitch
Similar characters in Hormones The Series : Jane 50%, Sprite 50%

I am Roxanne.

Someone ever said to me I am queen of nightlife.

But sorry guys, I just only girl who married with alternative rock musics 💞

My life can’t lost any music.

Music is my life.

I will be suffered if I don’t pick my lovely iPod to go with me.

Roxanne is a lucky girl who was born from musician family. Her dad is composer and her mom ever was singer of Lapatta, famous alternative rock band in Thailand since 90’s. Although her family is rich, but she loves to do as normal status people. She loves to have lunch with noodles. She loves to listen songs from her iPod classic 160 GB.

“Although iPod Classic is really expensive, but I always love it.” She ever said to her friends. “If you interest my songs, pick my earphone and listen with me.”

Sadly about everyone can’t pick music from iPod to computer due to restrictions of iPod with preventing copyright protection. But… never mind.

In Roxanne’s life, she ever had 5 boyfriends since she was grade 9. But looked like earlier 5 boyfriends were really bossy and wussy. She broke up 3 guys, but 2 guy broke up Roxanne with reason “What the fuck is she?”. That time she addicted marijuana because her friends invited Roxanne to try using marijuana.

Finally she stopped to use marijuana because her friends that invited Roxanne were dead. Actually they used inhalant too. And looked like her health had damage from using marijuana. Luckily policemen didn’t know Roxanne used marijuana, her dad and mom too…



When she was at high school, looked like that environment was really bad. Many people addicted drugs. Roxanne who ever used marijuana felt pity to some students that used inhalants to breathe in. Sadly in someday boys who used inhalants saw Roxanneand wanted to rape her, but her last boyfriend who ever was in a relationship with her helped Roxanne. So she was safe.

That time drug addiction spread all of school and that was really dangerous.

Last boyfriend at high school would be doctor, so he wanted to learn at faculty of medicine in famous university in Thailand.

Finally he broke up Roxanne due to his mom hated Roxanne a lot. She knew Roxanne ever addicted drug and looked like Roxanne will bring bad moments to him. Roxanne’s last boyfriend trusted mom more than Roxanne so he didn’t have any choice.

He broke up Roxanne insanely.

That was first melancholy from love. Her mind wanted to used marijuana again, but…

In June 1 2004…

That time she got very exclusive birthday gift.

That time she chose university to learn. Actually she was born with 1 of 9 special talent. She had “absolute pitch” skill that when she listened any songs, she could know that song used each notes. That talent made her decided to learn at faculty of music. She ever did examination of entering university. Finally she could be a student of faculty of music successfully.

“Roxanne. How about your test result?” Roxanne’s dad asked her when Roxanne was watching her test result on internet via her computer. That time internet was connected with former ADSL technology with 256 kbps.

“Dad?” Roxanne said. “I love you.” Then she hugged to her dad immediately. Actually Roxanne missed her dad a lot. Her dad ever worked at another countries now he came back to Roxanne. For 4 years that Roxanne never met her dad. That time was really precious to see her dad again. WithRoxanne’s hugging, that made her dad cried profoundly. He scrubbed Roxanne’s head gently and he said “How about you? You grow to be beautiful more than I think. My daughter never makes me disappointed.”

“Dad? I have good news to you.” Roxanne said.

“What is your good news?” Roxanne’s dad asked.

“I had admission be student at the most famous university in Thailand!!” Roxanne said with her excited voice.

“Huh!!! Have you graduated grade 12? Why you grow very fast?” Looked like Roxanne’s dad felt surprised that her gorgeous daughter was graduated grade 12. That was good signal when she will be student in university.

“Dad…” Roxanne said.


“Do you forget my birthday?”Roxanne asked to her dad and she did sulk face.

“Roxanne. If I forget your birthday, I wouldn’t give this as your birthday gift.” When Roxanne’s dad finished to say, he held that precious gift from nearest table in Roxanne’s room to Roxanne. Looked like that gift box wasn’t enormous much. Or…

“Oh!!! That box shape look like diamond ring is inside. Do you want marry me hahaha.” Roxanne said with sense of humor.

“No No No!! You’re my cute daughter. Look like your talent is music? So open this box and you feel excited.” Roxanne’s dad described about something inside that gift box. That time Roxanne was teenager so when she was curious to something, she excited very much. She picked that gift from her dad’s hand and she used cutter to cut paper that wrapped gift. She opened that box until she felt surprised when that gift was iPod Gen 3.

“iPod?” She interjected. “Where did you buy?”

“At Apple store in New York.” Dad answered. “For your birthday gift.”

When Roxanne’s gift was iPod, she felt happy very much because she ever wanted this since she was grade 11. That time iPod was the best music player ever. And she loved to listen musics too. Many songs she loved such as from Bodyslam, Clash or some rock music at that time.

“Why are you so kind?” Roxanne asked.

“Hey!!! That is my gift that I proudly give to you. Use it with your future.”

“Future?” Roxanne said.

“Your future I already guessed. You will be great musician, vocalist or composer as me. What do you want to be? You decide it.”

That time Roxanne didn’t know herself what job she was good. She never sang a song, composed any songs, played musics. Only thing she can listen music and transcribe notes in each songs. With her doubt to her future, she thought a lot. But…

That time she thought only present.

3 years later.

When she was year 3 of student from faculty of music, she was popular on internet when her photos were shared on Dek-D webboard. Many people on internet said to Roxanneabout she was really beautiful and she was really cool. With that sharing, so she would be popular in Hi5, social network before Facebook that was popular in Thailand in 2007. Many people sent friend requests to Roxanne. Look like her friends helped Roxanne by clicking accept friend request buttons. That time Roxannee was really busy for learning so she didn’t play Hi5 as another one. She never answered everyone who sent some message to her.

Until she was blamed by many (fake) friends on Hi5 who sent messages to her and she didn’t answer back.

Every night she opened computer and opened her Hi5 webpage. Many people sent message to her and she felt shocked when that messages were insulting her relentlessly. She wanted to strike back to them but her mom ever told her about striking back wasn’t good way to do because that was only trolling. Silence was the best weapon to eliminate trolls.

So she decided to deactivated her Hi5.

That time she could enter to nightclub due to her age was older than 20 years old. Nightclub she often entered was Funky Villa because her friend was one of investor of Funky Villa. Yeah, Roxanne was celebrity of Funky Villa.

She drank alcoholic drink for social only. Her drinking was really clever. She didn’t let herself to be drunken. She ever said “Drinking is the bridge of surreal conversations”.

Roxanne ever had her best friend called “Orn”


Orn was gone away from this world…

She was burnt in Sanctuary club in January 1 2009.

From creator

Actually, this character I got inspiration from DJ SODA 50%, but I found someone who should be Roxanne, so I chose her as featured image.

DJ Soda, Roxanne’s character inspiration.
DJ Soda on performance.

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