Review HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON soundtracks

Someday when I was playing Twitter, I looked at Twitter timeline that had many feeds from Fon ╳ Belle due to I followed users who were Fon ╳ Belle shippers from Thailand and another countries, such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, etc. Many contents that were appeared on the clean & tidy Twitter’s timeline contained with Fon ╳ Belle contents. Some contents were original, some contents were came from retweet that were duplicated.

But some contents I was interested. That tweet included black cover CD song. It had big “3” on the cover among black color. So I checked this tweet. Finally I knew that was “HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON CD soundtrack”. Looked like this CD jewel used with paper. There were many tweets that mention about HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON CD Soundtrack about Fon ╳ Belle (Dao & Koi) Listen song from same earphone together. That was sweet moment!

For track list, I didn’t know, but that is “HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON”!! I was a man who interested HORMONES The series with all seasons so this CD soundtrack I didn’t miss to collect to my precious collection. When I saw about HORMONES, oh!!! I wanted to collect it immediately.

One thing I was focusing was… sound quality from songs on this CD. Worth to buy? Let’s check it out.

January 17 2015 at B2S, Central Bangna.

B2S was the place of entertainment that was near my home with only 1 kilometer. Although you thought about this was really freak to walk with 1 km, but I thought this was exercising. Walking as wanderer relax very well. I saw many surreal experiences from listening music and wandered to see many things that pass away from me.

I walked from my home to Central City Bangna to go to B2S bookstore on 5th floor. Now B2S was really enormous. That was really entertainment complex. There were many DVD movies in this. Looked like May Who (DVD) was very famous in this time. But I was focusing to the black cover album with having “3” on the album cover. That was called “Hormones The Series 3 Soundtrack.”

Luckily I found it. That wanted album was placed near Klear’s album. I picked Hormones The Series 3 Soundtrack and flipped that sealed album to backside. It made me felt surprised when this album had 19 songs to listen. That’s appreciated for me because I always listen many songs from my smartphone seriously. And in this album contained “ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (Cover Version)”. Do you know this song that I bought on iTunes was really horrible. Quality was really bad and terrible although bit rate was 256 kbps (as iTunes Plus). I loved Praewa’s voice (Praewa was the actress who performed as “Kanompang” in Hormones The Series) very much, but damn it!!! Mastering this song was really from the hell. Feeling was same as when opened gift, then I found “PS4” box and I felt appreciated and happy very much, but I wanted to burn this box immediately due to inside PS4 box was paper box with rocks.

OK, so I hope mastering “ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (Cover version)” quality would be greater and I wanted to import song with lossless quality on iTunes. Although I didn’t have iDevice, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc, but I trusted iTunes that was the best music player ever. Now looked like this application made my computer to be slow. More, more and more.

I picked this Hormones 3 The Final Season CD Soundtrack from shelf and walked to cashier.

“Hi.” I greeted cashier and gave that CD songs to cashier for scanning bar code. Cashier received CD and used bar code scanner scanned it. Then price of Hormones 3 The Final Season CD soundtrack appeared on cashier machine screen.

“199 Baht Ka.” She said. I gave my money from my old wallet to cashier. Cashier received it and smiled to me. Then she pressed some button and drawer appeared automatically for keeping money. Then she gave slip to me.

After that I went back to my home. Before I went, I wandered in Central World. Now Central World was changed a lot. That was really better when I saw new decoration that was really awesome to see. But I thought I wasn’t boomed as same as years before MEGA BANGNA, very enormous department store that placed at Bangna-Trad road 8th kilometers. But that was really better. It was cleaner.

I wandered because I always know about I bought this CD and I didn’t import songs to my computer due to my CD tray couldn’t use. It was severe broken and now I used as same as Apple computers that didn’t have CD tray. But computer at office could use CD, so next day I would go to office for importing songs.

1 day later.

I usually went to office. Today I went earlier. I came to office and I opened computer for importing songs from CD. Looked like CD in this time will be useless due to computer at next age (such as Apple computers) didn’t have CD tray, but everyone can buy songs via iTunes. But computer I was using had CD tray. I turned on computer and pressed CD button for appearing CD tray. I put Hormones 3 The Final Season CD to CD tray and waited iTunes application for detecting CD.

Finally iTunes detected Hormones The Series 3 CD, but… no tracks name. Oh!!! Are you kidding me?

Due to I bought Hormones 3 The Final Season CD Soundtrack on the day before CCDB published, I had to put song info manually, such as song name, artist, album, album art, genres, etc. That was really tough, but I put info successfully.

I imported them with Apple lossless format, that was high resolution files that was playable with all devices. You can play Apple lossless format with every devices, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, all Android devices. But each files of Apple lossless format was really big. With 20-35 MB/file, so all of Hormones 3 The Final Season CD Soundtracks, they used more than 500 MB.

But for quality, I didn’t care much.

Then I put every files into my smartphone for listening. My earphone was individual. That wasn’t same as another earphone, but it was Universal In-Ear Monitor. It could be customized by changing cable to Fiio RE-SE1, Spinfit ear tips for better sound. You may think this is madness that I have mania of listening. But that is same as someone who addict Gunpla, Gundam models or playing DOTA2.


Hormones 3 The Final Season CD soundtrack used paper disc jewel. Actually songs from GMM Grammy usually used paper disc jewel due to be easy for recycling. But one thing I feared is CD maybe scratched.



12494988_900082606755661_4375325968768916460_nBut… look like CD scratched solution occurs when GMM Grammy changed putting system. But beware fingerprints that will appear easily.

When you open CD jewel, there are characters’ photos in CD jewel. Everyone put earphone or headphone to listen music. That is really nice.


There are 2 discs to listen, so let’s listen it!


Song’s name with red text means “Cover Version”

*Recommended driver : Earphone type you should listen. There are 3 types of driver you should know.

  • Dynamic Appeared in many earbuds, in-ear earphone, speakers or woofer. Dynamic drivers give powerful bass and natural sound, but less details. Suitable for songs with focus to rhythms.
  • Balanced Armature (BA) uses in high-end earphones or in-ear monitors (IEM). Give many sound details and melody, but lag of bass. Suitable for songs that have instruments solo.
  • Hybrid Rarely to find. Earphones with hybrid use advantage of dynamic driver and balanced armature driver to give superior sound, but nothing is outstanding.

Disc 1

ย้อน (Return) / Slot Machine

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : A minor Recommended driver : Dynamic

This is ending song of Hormones 3 The Final Season that is composed by Slot Machine, rock band from BEC TERO that ever made more appreciated songs. And look like mastering quality from BEC TERO is really awesome. Low pitch and high pitch sound is superb that show wide atmosphere that you can feel it (if you listen with high resolution files). But sometimes look like music sound disturbs vocal sound that make listeners feel chaos.

หว่าเว้ (Alone) / Bank & James (original : THE JUKKS)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : A major (B major in original) Recommended driver : Any

This song played at Ep.1 when Non performed campaign. First impression from this song is unplug guitar sound is really awesome. It’s really cleared and wide. For everyone who love guitar sound, this song don’t make you disappointed certainly.

In original version played by THE JUKK with alternative rock. If you listen cover version, don’t forget to listen original version. That is really awesome.

คุกเข่า / COCKTAIL from

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : C# major Recommended driver : Dynamic

This song was ever popular since 2012 but look like that time mastering technology was outdated. So some high pitch isn’t clear and feel horrible but don’t worry because unplug guitar sound is awesome, but not much as หว่าเว้. I don’t know what time was it performed.

เรือเล็กควรออกจากฝั่ง (Small boat should be gotten out from the shore) / bodyslam

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : B minor Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

One of the best song from Bodyslam, the most popular rock band in Thailand in 2007-2014. This song mastered very great, superb and really attracted because high pitch and low pitch sound is cleared as same as listening 24 bit songs although this song is only 16 bit. It was really clear and have good meaning. I don’t know what time this song performed.

ผจญภัย (Adventure) / Mrs.Slave

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : A major Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

This is indie genre song in this CD. This song is come from SANAMLUANG, indie record label under GMM Grammy. It is different than 4 songs above because vocalist in this song is girl that have very cute voice. The greatest moment in this song is atmosphere is really wire and has air in this song. Look like you’re in concert if you listen this song. This song was performed at Ep. 1 in walking to Nadao Bangkok scene.

ซึนเดเระ (Tsundere) / Siamese kittenz

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : F & G (in refrain) / G# & A# (in refrain) Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

If you say ผจญภัย is indie? ซึนเดเระ is more indie because this song is J-POP genre that isn’t boomed in Thailand much. If you ever listen J-POP with idols sings together, such as AKB48 or another idol bands, this song feeling is same as AKB48 too. I don’t criticize to song feeling but I focus only mastering quality. I want to say mastering quality from this song isn’t good. Music and vocal in refrain mix to be chaos and terrible. If this song is mastered better, it will be one of the greatest song in this album. This song was performed when Jelly campaigned with her teammates in canteen.

But… don’t forget about this song mastered from indie record label.

Actually this song with demo version used Hatsune Miku as vocalist via VOCALOID.

ปล่อย (Let it) / Pop Pongkul

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : G major Recommended driver : Any

Solo artist finally appeared! This song is come from White Music, record label under GMM Grammy so you can trust mastering quality. But if you listen from MV, you may say “What the… that is really crap quality”. Don’t disappoint to this song because in this CD remastered to be cleaner and melodious. I don’t know what time this song performed.

สถานีต่อไป (Next Station) / อพาร์ตเมนต์คุณป้า (Aunt’s apartment)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : B Major Recommended driver : Any

I ever knew อพาร์ตเมนต์คุณป้า since they were in underground record label, but now they are in SANAMLUANG, indie record label. Wow!!! this song may have atmosphere similar as ผจญภัย that artist showed about their mood directly via their songs. This song was performed in Hormones 3 when Painful, rock band from Farbarworn school played in Nadao Bangkok college in episode 4. Mastering quality is near perfect, but look like this song lacks many bass impact. But don’t worry. If you listen it in iPhone or iPod, you may think bass in this song is balanced, but if you listen in smartphone without extending bass, song quality is same as garbage.

ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (If you want to forget him)  / Praewa (original : POLYCAT)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : C# minor (B minor in original) Recommended driver : Dynamic

⭐️⭐️⭐️ BEST SONG EVER!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is cover song from Kanompang, cute student council leader. She played with See Scape at Loi Krathong festival. Kanompang’s voice is really cute and melodious, but mastering quality is really fucking terrible (in iTunes version). First time I bought this song from iTunes in single version, I felt disappointed severely. No atmosphere, no hope although I tuned my IEM with replacing ear tips to Spinfit. 1 month later, I hoped this song in CD version was improved atmosphere. Finally….

It improved!! Sound was better than iTunes version. But lack of bass if I listen in smartphone that gave bad quality sound.

For original version, it is alternative song under Small Room, indie record label. It is different than Kanompang’s version due to have independence more than Kanompang version.

ช่างมัน (Whatever) (Cover Version) / See Scape (original : SOMKIAT)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : C major (E major in original) Recommended driver : Any

I don’t know why mastering quality was terrible. Look like composer wanted to master this song to be wide, but it was fake width. Lack of bass impact. Feeling as same as using software wide extension from Realtek. This song used when See Scape play concert in Ep.4.

For original version, look like sound quality is superb. Bass impact, atmosphere and high pich perform very well until I feel love it.

Disc 2

เสพติดความเจ็บปวด (Pain addiction) / The Yers

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : D# minor Recommended driver : Dynamic

This song played as First’s theme when he was running. Mastering quality is really good and superb, but high pitch is really crazy!! It harms my ears directly.

พลังแสงอาทิตย์ (The power from the sun light) / Sweet Mullet

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : D# major Recommended driver : Dynamic

This song played in Ep.9 when Sun was taking a bath and he practiced with his friend at music training room. If disc 1 have cute songs, disc 2 fulfills with excited rock song that make you jump or shake your head. This song is really crazy. For Rocker who love to absorb crazy music everyday!! But instrument part mastered horribly that mid-high pitch disturbs low pitch.

อย่าเสียใจคนเดียว (Don’t be sad lonely) / Better Weather

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : G# major Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

This is “real” original soundtrack from Hormones 3 The Final Season that made for this TV series. In iTunes version, mastering quality had flaw when volume is lower than usual, but in CD version, it was improved volume to be usual. This song is melodious and very great meaning. It used with Pala and ZomZom’s hardcore confession scene.

เพราะทุกครั้ง (Because every time…) / Bank & Praewa (original : SLUR)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Scale : E minor (A minor in original) Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

Why cover songs from Hormones 3 that played with unplugged guitar is really melodious and awesome? This song is too. First impression is guitar sound in intro. Mastering is wide more than I think.

But I prefer original version. I think original version is better because it is alternative rock with retro style from 90’s. Actually I love 90’s song style hahaha.

กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา (White deer in the center of mountain) / Jonus Anderson

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : G major Recommended driver : Any

This song appeared when Robot sang this song to Mali. Look like this song is traditional Thai pop song that played with many festival. If you go to another province in Thailand, many songs with this style are played.

จูบเย้ยจันทร์ (Kiss to the moon) / Orawee Sudjanon & Charint Nuntanakorn

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : D major Recommended driver : Any

This is vintage Thai pop song style that played often when in 50’s to 70’s. But now this song style still existed if you’re in military clubs that general or colonel loved to sing or in Chalermkung vintage clubs. It appeared with Sun’s dating scene with Tukta at karaoke lounge. Although this song had more age than I think, but mastering quality is really superb. (except in YouTube that reduce song quality.)

Heartbeat / LOMOSONIC

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️…. (I want to give unlimited star to this song!) Scale : A minor Recommended driver : Dynamic

Finally extreme rock songs comeback! This song played at First & Oil had sex together in Ep11. But sadly this song played only “intro”

Mastering quality is insane! Feeling as 24 bit songs! When you want to shake tour head and jump extremely. Many users in YouTube said this song was similar as ONE OK ROCK. But don’t worry. I give this song is one of the best song in Hormones 3 CD soundtrack.

ขอ (Request) / Retrospect

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Scale : F minor Recommended driver : Dynamic

This song is really great since I was grade 12. It was published since 2007. That time EMO genre was popular in Thailand. If you listen Heartbeat, this song is similar, but feeling is rawer than Heartbeat. This song appeared in Ep.8 with First, but I don’t know what First was doing when this song appeared.

But… looked like this song has demo version. Let’s listen.

แตกต่างเหมือนกัน (To be different together) / All Stars from Hormones The Series (original : Getsunova)

Mastering quality : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️…. (I want to give unlimited star to this song!) Scale : A minor (B minor in original) Recommended driver : Balanced Armature

This is limited edition song that published only in this CD. Yes. Hormones 3 CD Soundtrack isn’t available in iTunes so this song isn’t available in iTunes too. It rearranged with melodious music from piano and have proud atmosphere. This is “real” ending song of Hormones 3. No No No!!! All of Hormones the series because in MV had many moments since Season 1-3. Every actor & actress sang this song. It make everyone profound.

Actually this song ever be main theme of Hormones season 1 and it was used as march band song in Hormones season 3. For original version, it’s alternative rock song from Getsunova.

Why some songs aren’t appeared in Hormones 3 CD soundtrack?

You may doubt why some songs aren’t appeared in Hormones 3 CD? Because another songs came from Smallroom, Spicy Disc that Hormones 3 team failed to deal with these record labels. (except cover songs)

So this is songs from Hormones 3 thata are come from Smallroom or Spicy Disc.

อากาศ (Air) by Yokee Playboy / Spicy Disc (Sun & Jane’s theme)

เวลาเธอยิ้ม (You had me at hello) POLYCAT / Smallroom (Dao & Koi’s theme)

ร่องน้ำตา (Tears) – Greasy Cafe / Smallroom (Oil’s theme of melancholy)


199 Baht (5.6 USD) with 19 songs, but I felt appreciated when I listen many songs from this CD. There are many melodious song in these. So if you have opportunity to own this song, let’s buy it.




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