Chris (The Urbanist Character)

I’m Chris.

I’m lucky when I was born at 80’s age.

But actually I absorbed many thing in 90’s age.

Real name & Last name :  Experimental human Type B No. 001
Date of Birth : Febuary 14 1986
Age : 23
Zodiac : Aquarius (count with tropical time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Habit : Clever, love surreal things, love retro games.
Occupation : Writer, Musician, Composer, DJ with chiptune genre
Nightclub influencer : Route 66 club from RCA
His phone : Blackberry bold (2009 model)
Appeared in  : The Urbanist 1 & 2
Like : Retro games (from Family Computer), chiptune music
Dislike : Dramatic internet users.
Relationship : Tingting (60% | 💓 love interest), Roxanne (40% | 😄 friend), Ben (40% | 😄 friend), Dada (30% | 😄 sister) Salvador (30% | Father)
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever let another girl pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personaity : D (Dominance)
Theme song : YMCK – Pleiades
When I was child, my dad was kind. He bought Famicom to me in my birthday when I was 8 years old. But that time I felt sad very much due to Famicom was outdated. But why I loved that simple sound from Famicom game? I remembered when I was child, my friend loved to go to my home for playing Famicom games with me. I remembered when my friends play Contra and I didn’t walk with my friends, my friends want to jump platform be he couldn’t jump until he fell down to the pit. My friend blamed me and threw Famicom controller to me. That was really frightened.

Until now technologies grow up very fast. 2 years ago Steve Jobs announced first smartphone with touchscreen in the world called “iPhone”. Everyone felt surprised a lot. But… that time I still used Nokia feature phone. I don’t know why I love old or outdated technologies?

Look like I am real guy who came from 90’s. Many cassette tapes now I still listen. And… I think to connect between world of modern and world of vintage to be together. My life is nightlife. Route 66 club is my second home. Look like Proud 66 club owner wanted to open room for me and I can stay as my room in condominium. I agreed. Thank you Makina, Route 66 club owner who was kind very much.

I love you… No No No!! I’m not gay.

Why I feel lucky when I meet my soulmate named “Roxanne”. She ever was booth babe, now she changed herself to master of ceremony. Her voice is really attracted, gorgeous. Her body is so tall and big. Her smile is really great. Her attitude is really good that is different than another girl who focus only perfect guy. I feel happy when she love to play game. Not DOTA2, but she love play retro games as me. Look like I can’t let her to meet another guy.

First time I met her, I met her at Funky Villa nightclub. That time I was DJ that loved to mix songs with 8 bit style. I rearranged “ยาพิษ (Poison)” from Bodyslam’s song to be 8 bit. Looked like everyone in nightclub stood up and they jumped and showed their hand.

But… No No No!!! They yelled me about I opened nonsense music. They blamed to me “What the hell is that? That is absurd music”. Someone threw bottle of beer to me at DJ stage. Luckily my intuition was fast to receive that bottle of beer. I showed cool performance by opening that beer and drank it immediately.

Until… some lady came to me. She gave 1,000 Baht note and some piece of paper. That time I was busy. I was controlling music so I yelled to that lady to meet later if my DJ job finished.

Nightclub was really chaos. But I liked it.

After I finished opening song as DJ, I walked to that ladies who was waiting me by leaning to pillar. Her hair was red, long hair, small eyes, tall body and wore red cloth and black jeans pant. She smiled to me after I walked down to her.

“Let’s talk to silence zone.” That girl said. Looked like she was offensive to me much. She held my hand and walked outside Funky Villa to outdoor zone. When I and that girl walked together, looked like I was very popular instantly when I walked with that girl. That girl was celebrity of Funky Villa?

Her perfume was really attracted. She maybe used pheromone perfume. Ah!!! No… she was cheating me. When I was near her, I felt strange to her.

“Hey! What’s your name?” That girl asked after I and that girl stood at outdoor zone. In outdoor zone, it was really beautiful. There were many light from big candles that made I felt warm.

Huh!!!? I just know you… You ask my name?

“Chris.” I answered.

“I’m Roxanne. Nice to meet you.” Roxanne introduced herself. “I love your mixed song very much. Do you know how long can I meet people who mix with chiptune style? You make me feel when I was teenager again.”

“Thank you.” I said. I felt confused temporally. This is first time of my life that girl greeted to me directly.

“What is your blood type?” Roxanne asked. Huh!!? Why she asked me about my blood type?

“B. Why do you ask?” I asked back.

“My friend who was Japanese ever said if I wanted to know habit from someone, ask “blood type”.”

“Hahahaha. So how about blood type B?”

“They’re cheerful,  independent, free, have own idea, creative, nice to smile, have private world.”

“Hey!! That’s really true.” I said to her.

“Because I have blood type B too.” Roxanne said. “Look like our destiny made me to see you.”

But pheromone effect was really strong. Ah… I hugged her immediately. I couldn’t control myself. I saw to Roxanne’s eyes. Although her eyes were small, but that small eyes fulfilled with smile. I fell in love her temporally.

After that time, I contacted to Roxanne a lot. I would be Roxanne’s girlfriend.

But… I have some nightmare…

When I remember to that nightmare… I feel sad very much. My friends were dead at that evil club. It was burnt in new year day. My friends were in that club and they were burnt to the death.  Yeah… 8 friends… they died. Only me is survivor from my group.

Many people said it was accident. But… I think it isn’t accident. Someone planned to burned that club and kill everyone.

If I know that murderer, it won’t live happily!


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