Pinky Promise final chapter “The last hope”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Proud woke up early morning. After she cleaned her teeth to be fresh, She walked to her mom that she was busy in the kitchen to prepare foods for offering monks.

“Happy birthday Proud. Have very high happiness in this year.” Proud’s mom smiled and prayed to Proud due to this day was Proud’s birthday with her happiness. Proud thanked to her mom and she grinned together. This was the special day in every years that Proud loved. Sadly about this year her dad worked at another province immediately. So he didn’t give the will to Proud.

“Go to clean your teeth. After that you will offer food to monks at front of village.” Proud’s mom said to Proud.

“I have done.” Proud knew how she should do and hurried to carry tray of foods diligently.

“At evening will you have dinner specially? I will prepare it.”

“Anything that is…

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