Pinky Promise chapter 9 “Revelations”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Part 1

Ah….. Today at morning Proud didn’t want to go to school.

Proud didn’t know how to do when she met Noon. She didn’t know how to greet her. She didn’t know does Noon still anger Proud from moment in yesterday? She didn’t know can she hide her bitter and melancholy that everyone can’t see? And she didn’t know if Noon will say she love Notto.

But she had to go to school.

Proud walked to greet Gook who was playing her smartphone at marble bench. Gook saw to Proud and she said hi to Proud.

“I swam at yesterday and looked like I hurt my body a lot. How about you?” Gook opened her conversation.

“Yeah. I’m too.” Proud said and she laid her bag to marble table. Then she sat onto marble bench.

“Hey!!! So last night did you say with Noon?” Gook asked.

“No. Why?” Proud…

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