Epilogue “the letter to Koi”

Chinese Version, click here.

Translated by JustForFon

Pinky Promise International Version


Do you remember “Pinky Promise” novel that I wrote and give it to you at journalist club room?

From a bulk of A4 paper, drew with simple illustration. That was illustration with I and you held little finger together. Now it will be a book that you’re holding.

When I knew our story will be published, I wanted to tell good news immediately. But I thought to make you surprised. That was really funny that time I feared to appear my sexual orientation. I lied myself I didn’t love you to everyone. I made you felt sad rapidly. But… Look at this time. I want everyone to read our “Pinky Promise”.

Long time when I and you met together, when I saw to the past, we passed many things a lot. We passed happiness, sadness, misunderstanding and many obstacle that were the hard test with us. Everything I…

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