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(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

When Proud saw to fresh green wide lawn under the enormous blue sky, smell from the earth , moderate sunlight and little breeze could tell me that was peaceful day. Proud saw Noon who walked and smiled to her. That was the most cheerful smile Proud had ever seen. Noon’s big eyes made Proud felt good and warm. Then they held their hand together to walk around wide lawn without saying anything. Proud smiled happily. That time of happiness with staying together without anybody was the most precious gift that Proud wanted to keep it forever…

But…. alarm sound from her smartphone made Proud opened her eyes to the world of reality. She just touched about that happiness was the dream from the heaven. Proud wanted to close her eyes to be in that dream again. She always knew that was really impossible, but if she wanted to sleep with Noon…

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