Pinky Promise Chapter 5 “Shipping from fandom”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

Pinky Promise International Version

Part 1

The atmosphere in classroom of grade 11 room 1 was really noisy. Many classmates paid attention to copy homework. And many groups still talked and gossiped with many stories. Boy group who was playing football beside classroom made noise loudly until this classroom’s atmosphere was same as market. But some students could read book without annoying that chaos noise around them.

While Proud and Noon listen the legend of “Makemademade” from Noon again, there was a nerdy girl who wore cute glasses and looked like she was grade 10 walked to Noon, Proud and Gook. On that girl’s hand, she held small digital camera.

“Hello. I’m Jet’ame. I’m grade 10.” Nerdy girl introduced herself with her doubtful personality.

Proud, Noon and Gook saw together as same as someone could give answer why this nerdy girl approached to them.

“What do you want?” Finally Proud asked Jet’ame.

Jet’ame breathed…

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