Pinky Promise Chapter 4 “Noon” (Part 5/6)


At Proud’s room, Proud still was absent-minded on her bed that designed with pinky kitty. She didn’t want to do anything. Noon saw to Proud with her caring. After Noon requested her dad to stay with Proud at Proud’s room on tonight by calling via her smartphone, Noon sat against Proud.

“Proud. I don’t want you to be sad more because of that fucking asshole boy.” Noon said with taking care Proud.

“I’m sorry Noon. I know that is silly, but I can’t stop to feel it. I don’t know can you understand my feeling?” Proud asked to her best friend.

“Proud. I know what you feel.” Noon said seriously. And when Proud stopped doubting, Noon just remembered some moment that was happened with her, then she told to Proud.

“When I was grade 9, I had secret admiring with senior grade 12 named “Pat”. He was badminton player from this school. Everyone loved him. When he practiced and competed, I always followed him to cheer. When I found him more time, he knew my name. That time I felt happy very much when I was in his mind.” When Noon told to this sequence, her eyes performed as a girl who got first love. “After that, Pat greeted me. Sometimes he bought some desserts to me. That time I was also crazy. I ever kept money to buy badminton key chain to him. I woke up to go to school without alarming from my dad for seeing Pat who walked to school and said hi with me. That time was very great time I’ve ever seen. But finally Pat was in a relationship with girl senior. That time I was shocked. I just knew what was heartbroken. I never waited him again and I cried with Gook. I couldn’t eat and do something with long time.” Noon smiled and thought her bad moments since she was grade 9. “It wasn’t same as your moment, but I just tell to you about the moment I ever cried as someone was dead, but when I remembered again, it was really funny. That funny moment is… Why was I crazy with him?”

Proud breathed out strongly. She knew Noon said correctly everything. Someday Proud will remember that bad moment will be funny, but today she couldn’t passed away easily because Proud have some secrets that she still kept. All of time she avoided to mention about it and forget that never happened in her life. Proud didn’t want to remember that boy made enormous wound to Proud and made Proud felt very sad. Proud wanted to open her eyes and thought everything happened with her was a nightmare.

But finally she discover about if she still hid it, it will harm her mind more.

“If you have something, tell me.” Noon saw Proud’s face that was really stressed so she asked.

“You promise me first you don’t tell to anyone.” Proud said to Noon seriously.

“I promised.” Noon accepted.

“The last moment I ever met him.” Proud start to tell last moment between her and Gao and she saw to the window. “He climbed to my room.”

Noon felt stressed very much. She imagined the story Proud continued to tell.

“That night, he….” When Proud remembered that night and she saw Gao on today, She didn’t want to tell anything more. But Noon guessed easily what was matter with Proud. Noon’s doubting and misunderstanding about why Proud cried to Gao a lot, finally it was revealed. Yes, Gao ever had sex with Proud.

“I worried a lot. Looked at him. He stayed with another girl without remembering me. As same as I never was in this world. I wasn’t foolish. I wanted to slap him strongly.”

“Proud. I knew that was really bad. I knew you passed it lonely. Now I stayed with you. Don’t fear it. Forget it. Nothing worry.” Noon wanted to take care her immediately. She embraced Proud’s shoulder and didn’t let Proud to stay alone forever.


In pleased sentences, Proud could touch Noon’s taking care that Noon gave to Proud sincerely. Noon leaned her neck against Proud’s shoulder. Proud thanked to Noon who stayed with her and listen Proud’s top secret. That was comfortable Proud din’t have any secret to Noon forever. And Proud gave Noon as the best friend forever from her life.

That small shoulder and Noon’s arm was very great rest place. Proud leaned Noon’s shoulder that inside her mind she didn’t want to go anywhere. And that time, looked like there was a gravity attracted Noon to kiss Proud’s forehead gently. Noon’s soft lips touching made Proud to feel as little princess who was taken care. Proud saw to Noon. That silent moment, Proud could hear very strong heartbeats from her heart and Noon’s heart. Their contacted eyes made both couldn’t tolerate. Proud close her eyes and kissed together gently. It was soft and gentle. Noon’s lip gloss with vanilla smell made Proud forgot her melancholy completely.


But when Noon woke up from that sweet moment, Noon saw to another place and was silent. Proud guess about Noon might confuse what Proud did. And wasn’t sure how Proud felt from her weird moment.

“Thank you for staying with me.” Proud said and embraced Noon from Noon’s back. Although that wasn’t clear to tell, but hands that touch strongly was the answer about Proud wasn’t disgusting to do.


Cricket’s sound appeared all of village. Noon already slept. Proud still watched Noon who was sleeping and reviewed all moment that passed from her life. Actually taste of kissing from Noon and Gao weren’t different as arousal. But Proud found Noon’s kissing had warm feeling. That kiss told to Proud about Noon won’t go away from Proud. Proud wanted to thank to the world that she found Noon as best friend forever and had good feeling together. Proud smiled with her happiness and held Noon’s hand and slept together in this night.


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