Pinky Promise Chapter 4 “Noon” (Part 4/6) [E]


Warning : There is strong language in this article.

One of Proud and Noon’s mission of shopping was buying bra and underwear. Both walked to their target zone. There were many underwears that Proud and Noon chose and couldn’t decide immediately. Noon and Proud chose many underwears and tried to wear them in fitting room.

But… there was only one fitting room, so Noon sent signal to Proud about Proud went to fitting room first.

“Hey! go with me together. That isn’t waste time.” Proud invited Noon to enter to fitting room together, but looked like Noon felt uncomfortable, but for Proud, that was usual due to she ever learned at girl school since she was grade 7-9.

“Come here.” Proud pulled Noon to enter fitting room together. Then both laid their interested underwear to fitting room’s wall.

“That’s good to choose.” Noon said when she saw zebra patterned underwear that Proud chose.

“Noon. Am I sexy?” Proud thought to make fun moment by placing underwear that Proud chose to her chest and made her face to be sexy as presenter on TV advertising.

“That’s not work.” Noon said with her calm face. That meant she farewell to Proud’s sexy moment.

“You’re heartless.” Proud said with her high tone voice from her unwilling. But Noon laughed from Proud’s sound.

After they teased together, both started to try bras they chose. Proud and Noon turned their body away and changed bra. Then they saw to their bra.


“Do you think this collection is so cute?” Proud said to Noon when she changed bra.

“That’s good. Nice color.” Noon answered and she attached bra’s hook and wore bra’s rope.

“If I wear this to school, my friend will say about my new bra.” Prao said with funny moment.

“Do you finish?” Noon asked.

“Just a moment.” Proud answered. But looked like Proud wore bra slower, so Noon thought to tease Proud. She saw Proud’s white back and she pull bra’s rope to hit Proud’s skin.

“Hey!” Noon said. “Are you slow?”

“Ouch!” Proud interjected.

“Huh? I’m sorry. Do you hurt much?” Proud’s interjection made Noon forgave her friend. Noon touched Proud’s pained skin and she though why Proud’s skin was pained easily.

“Your skin is turned to red easily.” Noon still scrubbed Proud’s skin for curing Proud’s pain, but looked like Noon was attracted from Proud’s bright and beautiful skin. Then Proud’s hand touched to Noon’s hand that Noon was laying on Proud’s shoulder unexpectedly. Proud and Noon contacted their eyes together. From teasing moment, Noon’s sight turned feeling to another meaning that Proud could touch it. Oh!!! Proud and Noon contacted their eyes with long time. They were attracted together. That was first time Proud felt this too Noon. Only touching and contacting eyes, why Proud felt better to Noon?

Noon couldn’t answer this question.

She knew this was weird moment only.

It should happened when she fell in love with another boy.

But… Proud was a girl. No way!!

Am I love girl?





Noon wanted to stop herself for thinking inappropriate moment.

But… It’s too late. Proud and Noon entered to the new world that they never know. That was the world of…

“I choose this.”

Proud said to Noon. Oh!!! Weird daydreaming was stopped by Proud’s voice. Actually Proud didn’t feel moment of girl love girl much as Noon because she ever learned at girl school. But Noon wasn’t. That was Noon’s first time of thinking with Proud more than friend. She faked smiling for hiding her weird feeling and she turned her body out from Proud. Atmosphere turned to be usual again. Proud and Noon didn’t say that moment together although Proud still doubted what it was. Proud felt as same as Noon too. Only best friend teased her, scrubbed her shoulder, contacted her eyes and touched her. Why she felt about atmosphere of feeling more than friend existed. And… Was Noon feeling as same as Proud?

After paying money at cashier, Proud invited Noon to go to stationery zone. Noon accepted to go to stationery zone but she wanted to go to toilet. So Proud walked and watched new stationery. Oh!!! That mechanical pencil. It had Kitty design that was beautiful!! Proud picked that mechanical pencil for watching Kitty.

But… Proud’s sight unexpectedly saw a boy who was choosing earphone. That boy Proud ever knew. That hairstyle, that voice…


Proud didn’t believe that boy who ever made Proud to be crazy as mental disorder, now he chose earphone happily without nothing ever happened with him. Then something that made Proud felt more terrible… A girl who was very cute walked, talked and held Gao’s hand as same as couple. That picture Proud saw was the answer of everything she ever created many question about Gao who lost from her life.

But one thing Proud still doubted. Why did Gao do this with her. Another side of Proud’s heart, she wanted to walk to Gao and asked directly, but another side of Proud’s heart, it pulled Proud about “forget it.” Proud feared approaching and getting severe answers from Gao.

Although Proud decided to stand without doing anything as coward, but she still watch what Gao was doing with that girl who maybe Gao’s new girlfriend.

Oh!!! Gao embraced that girl again!!!? I wanted to slap him now!!

Proud thought in her mind. She wanted to teach Gao about his asshole moment made many big wounds in Proud’s heart. But finally Proud still watched her ex-boyfriend laughed with his new girlfriend without caring Proud who still watched him.


“What happened, Proud?”

Noon walked to Proud after she went out from the toilet. She saw Proud who was sad so she asked Proud.

“Gao.” Proud answered shortly. Noon saw to Proud sight what Proud was watching to someone. Proud’s eyes could tell she felt sad. So Noon saw to that direction she knew from Proud. Finally Noon knew everything that her best friend had to be sad and cried as mental disorder.

Fuck you asshole!!!

Now Noon angered to Gao who had sweet moments with his new girlfriend a lot. She said with strong language and tried to rush to that asshole boy. Proud felt it might be more chaos. She held Noon’s hand and said to Noon…

Enough. Forget it.

“Don’t you want that fucking asshole faded himself from you?”

“I don’t want to know forever. It’s over. Enough. Forget it.” Proud answered.

“Are you sure?” Noon asked again.

Proud shook her head vertically and she cried a lot. Then Proud decided to pull Noon to get out from that place. She breathed in strongly and tolerated that bad moment, but that moment was really severe. Proud didn’t know how to pass this bad feeling at tonight.

“Noon. Can you sleep with me at tonight?” Proud requested Noon to sleep with her at her room. Proud hoped when Noon would stay with her, her mind would be cured from the sadness.

“Yeah.” Noon was too. She couldn’t tolerate that Proud’s bad feeling more.



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