The Urbanist 18+ Prologue#1

Finally this is my first owned original story that I have written myself. No translation anything. If you ever read my blog since I didn't write about Hormones The Series, I ever wrote stories about nightlife that you should know if you wanted to go. Warning : Strong languages in this novel. I'm Tom. I… Continue reading The Urbanist 18+ Prologue#1



First time I started translating Hormones The Series with early access, I focused to Jane first because Jane was one of my favorite character due to her mind was liberal. Actually I did translation with my hobby and I didn't expect that another people interested my translation a lot. Until my blog readers preferred to… Continue reading Acknowledgements

Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Finally I have my friend who helped me translated this video. OK. So what this video was saying? Let's read this. Video by Kemisara Channel Part 1/6 (0:00-5:00) "Let's meet... Hey... What is this name?" Male MC asked to female MC. "Sister Dao... Dugedao Chumratpaisarn." "Please clap your hand to welcome Dugedao." Male MC… Continue reading Pinky Promise Grand Opening (English translation by Dada)

Roxanne (The Urbanist Character)

I am Roxanne. Someone ever said to me I am queen of nightlife. But sorry guys, I just only girl who married with alternative rock musics 💞 My life can't lost any music. Music is my life. I will be suffered if I don't pick my lovely iPod to go with me. Inspired form DJ Soda, one… Continue reading Roxanne (The Urbanist Character)

Chris (The Urbanist Character)

I'm Chris. I'm lucky when I was born at 80's age. But actually I absorbed many thing in 90's age. Real name & Last name :  Experimental human Type B No. 001 Date of Birth : Febuary 14 1986 Age : 23 Zodiac : Aquarius (count with tropical time) Blood type : B (The Rebel) Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality Habit… Continue reading Chris (The Urbanist Character)

Review HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON soundtracks

Someday when I was playing Twitter, I looked at Twitter timeline that had many feeds from Fon ╳ Belle due to I followed users who were Fon ╳ Belle shippers from Thailand and another countries, such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, etc. Many contents that were appeared on the clean & tidy Twitter's timeline contained with Fon ╳ Belle contents. Some… Continue reading Review HORMONES 3 THE FINAL SEASON soundtracks

Epilogue “the letter to Koi”

Chinese Version, click here.

Translated by JustForFon

Pinky Promise International Version


Do you remember “Pinky Promise” novel that I wrote and give it to you at journalist club room?

From a bulk of A4 paper, drew with simple illustration. That was illustration with I and you held little finger together. Now it will be a book that you’re holding.

When I knew our story will be published, I wanted to tell good news immediately. But I thought to make you surprised. That was really funny that time I feared to appear my sexual orientation. I lied myself I didn’t love you to everyone. I made you felt sad rapidly. But… Look at this time. I want everyone to read our “Pinky Promise”.

Long time when I and you met together, when I saw to the past, we passed many things a lot. We passed happiness, sadness, misunderstanding and many obstacle that were the hard test with us. Everything I…

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