Pinky Promise Chapter 4 “Noon” (Part 3/6)


When Proud and Noon passed from the sadness together, Proud and Noon were closed and best friend forever. They went together everywhere. They stuck together as nougat until Gook could touch this little difference. But she didn’t feel jealous much because Gook knew she stayed with Proud and Noon less than earlier time. Such as on Saturday in this week, Proud invited Noon and Gook to walk at Siam Center. Noon accepted, but Gook couldn’t go.

Proud wore pink cloth and flower decorated short. She equipped small back with heart decoration that was compatible with her cloth. Now she was waiting Noon at appointed place. At afternoon on Saturday, weather was hot. There were many people walked for dating or shopping. Proud didn’t know how to do. Now she only watched many couple who were walking and holding their hand together with sweet moments. That picture call Proud’s flashback about relationship between her and Gao. But now her mind was stronger. That wasn’t let her to be sad more. Her romantic relationship from fairy tale was ended successfully. Now her life was only “Present” and “future”.


Noon approached Proud from behind. That made Proud frightened a lot. Proud turned her head back to that sound. Ah!!! Noon!!! You teased me again? Proud used her hand to hit Noon with her wrath, but Noon just evaded that angry hand.

“You teased me again?” Proud said with her uncomfortable mind. But when Proud saw Noon that dressed with white cloth, cream white bag and heart decorated black skirt, Proud felt Noon was earnest and cute in same time.

“Oh… Keep calm and take it easy.” Noon embraced Proud for giving the will and hooked Proud’s hand to walk together. Both created many topics to talk together continuously, such as rumor of girl senior had relationship with many boys (that girl senior was “Sprite” due to she chatted with many boys with “Sprite Sprite” Facebook account. Actually Oil did.), alone stories about that girl senior had secret admiring with that boy senior (Toey had secret admiring with Tar, but Tar had girlfriend named Kanompanguntil funny moments from teacher.

“Have you ever heard about legendary of “Makemademade” from teacher Ingorn?” Noon asked to Proud excitedly. Ingorn was English teacher from grade 7-9 that was really funny.

“I never heard that.” Proud still confused what was “Makemademade”.

“That story was about when Ingorn taught students about verb 1,2,3, when students read until “make, made, made”, students read “make, made, made” Ingorn said “That’s wrong. Who read “make, made, made”?” Noon told.

“So what are they reading correctly?” Proud doubted.

“Ingorn said “Ma-ke, Ma-de, Ma-de” Noon LOL, but Proud confused what it is funny.

“Hey!!!? Isn’t it funny?”

“Do you think is it funny?” Proud confused.

“Yes. It’s really funny. Ma-ke, Ma-de, Ma-de.” Noon repeated that funny moment again.

“Yeah. It’s funny so I think it’s funny too.” Proud laughed to Noon.

“Hey!!! If you don’t think that is funny, don’t force yourself.” Noon could know Proud laughed without her sincere feeling.

“Do you think was it real?” Proud still doubted.

“Are you crazy? Who teach Ma-ke Ma-de Ma-de?” Noon should laughed with legend funny moment, but now she laughed Proud’s confusion.


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