Pinky Promise Chapter 4 “Noon” (Part 2/6)


In the raining day, Prao saw to the sky and she breathed out from her disappointed feeling.

“What’s wrong with you?” Noon asked to Proud when she saw Proud’s face that felt sad and bad. Although in this time Proud’s mind was stronger than previous days, but Noon knew her best friend could not forget that moment easily.

And yes! That uncomfortable atmosphere and something that could not tell simply. Weakness inside Proud’s mind activated again. Finally rain fell down to the ground. And gale passed Proud and Noon’s skirt to open them.

“Lest’s go to building.” Noon pulled Proud and ran to the building in school. But Proud stood and resisted Noon’s pulling until Noon saw to Proud.

Noon saw Proud’s tears. She knew that were tears exactly. That weren’t raining drop due to Proud used her hand that Noon pulled it to cover Proud’s eyes. Yes, Proud was crying.

“Proud. You must stop crying!” Noon shouted with competing gale’s sound and rain’s sound. That rain was dropping stronger. Until Noon decided to embrace Proud and evade herself and Proud in building. Noon’s pulling force made Proud paced herself to follow Noon. And when Noon and Proud was running, she used her bag to cover herself and Proud from rain drops. Proud saw Noon’s face but looked like Noon was thinking how to go to building quickly. Noon’s ambitious sight made Proud stopped to be sad temporally. She raised her bag to used as an umbrella for covering Noon. Then they ran together. Their body were closed and looked like they felt closed more and more.

Feeling when they were evading rain together. (Picture from promoted poster in Hormones The Series Season 2)

When they evaded from raining successfully, Proud and Noon that was wet from staying among rain sat at the edge of ladder.

“You. I’m sorry. I cried crazily again.” Proud talked with Noon when she opened her bag to find something.

“Don’t be dramatic.” Noon gave suggestion and she picked paper napkin to clean raining drops on Proud’s face.

“I don’t want to be this. I don’t want to be weak.” Proud said with voice from her sadness.

“Enough! You lose many tears, but someone is laughing to insult you. That is unfair. Stop being sad.” Noon said and embraced Proud to hug her. Then she smiled to Proud for giving will.

When Proud saw Noon’s big eyes and her grin, Proud felt better.

“Yeah! Be strong!” Proud said strongly for eliminating her bad feeling.

“That’s it!! If I will see you are crying, you’ll get something.” Noon warned Proud strictly.

“What something do you mention?” Proud asked.

“Get this!” Noon said and she pull Proud’s bra to hit Proud’s skin until Proud frightened with pain from Proud’s bra.

“You’re so naughty!! Noon!” Proud said and sulked. Noon had to pleased Proud immediately.



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