Pinky Promise Chapter 4 “Noon” (Part 1/6)

Chinese version, click here.

Translated by JustForFon.


Moment of love Between Proud and Gao was grown as same as many beautiful flowers bloomed together at the morning that let everyone saw them and felt in love with them. The world of cute girl who loved to imagine everything to be beautiful turned to sweet pink color. Proud didn’t believe her mind that her love could be happy very much. That happiness Proud received was very much more than she imagined.






Someday… Gao was faded away from Proud’s life.




He faded away… meant when Proud sent some messages, he didn’t reply.

He faded away… meant when Proud called to Gao, she heard “No signal from receiver.”

He faded away… meant when Proud went to tutor school and she saw to boys gang who always sat at the ladder, now they faded themselves.

No telling

No footsteps

No signal

No warning sense that will warn Proud as same as romantic moment between Proud and Gao never happened.

As same as Gao never existed in this world…

When Gao faded himself away from this world, that made Proud felt stressed, worried and bad a lot until she couldn’t eat anything due to her stress. But Proud still thought about Gao might have reason to fade himself. Until a week later, silence and loneliness still existed and made Proud felt worse. Now Proud’s mind was terrible and Gao still floated on her mind more, more and more. She missed Gao a lot. She couldn’t stay alive if she lost Gao from her. Gao faded himself but he threw Proud’s enormous suspicions.


Why do you fade yourself, Gao?

What happened to you?

Why do you make my mind to be stressed?

Why your face still haunts me?

So our romantic time you made me together, Is it wasted?












She talked with herself in her mind as same as a girl who had mental disorder. Everyday Proud cried and listen songs with heartbroken lyrics when she was taking the bath in the bathroom. She absorbed heartbroken feeling more more and more… Until she couldn’t tolerate her melancholy with first indirect breaking up.

Gao… If you say “Let’s break up.”, I may hurt more moderate.

Wounds on skins could be cured easier than wounds in heart. Proud’s tears dropped down a lot…

For Noon who just knew Proud’s melancholy, she felt confused and tried to find solution and way to cure Proud’s broken heart. She didn’t want Proud felt bad more. She stayed with Proud together at the school. Looked like everyday Proud didn’t smile to Noon and Gook. That was really weird. Proud was changed for only one boy. No!!!

When Proud told her feeling, Proud accepted about her feeling was terrible. Proud’s tears dropped down from her misunderstanding, ignorance, stress, worry and something Proud couldn’t describe as a sentence. Only Gao knew what happened with him and Proud, but his answer was fading himself away from Proud without answer anything. He let Prao to be suffered more more and more but he didn’t feel anything as Proud.

All of time when Proud cried, Noon still stayed with her and she held Proud’s hand for giving the will and the positive hope. She still said “Keep calm and forget it. Only one boy, don’t bring him to be more influences in your life.” to Proud. Noon wanted Proud to smile as same as previous day. Many days in the past, Proud smiled a lot. Finally Proud understood what Noon was wanting. Proud just knew crying and absorbing melancholy were useless. But Proud’s heart was easy to be fragged and very hard to be revived with short time. Not only a boy who faded himself away from her, but everything Proud drew and created her beautiful world in her mind, they were eliminated with very enormous meteor from the sadness crashed to Proud’s imagined world. Everything were burnt together with a few seconds. When the flame of sadness passed away, result was everything turned to the ash of no hope.

Proud couldn’t tolerate to remember she wouldn’t be sad if she didn’t accepted that surrealistic kiss from the boy who didn’t respect that worthiness.

She never believed that daydreamed love and boy named “Gao” made her to be sad more more and more.

Proud requested Noon to keep this moment as a secret that Noon. Noon accepted Prao to keep it. Only Gook didn’t know what happened with Proud. With the melancholy time, Proud still stayed with Noon that now she was Proud’s best friend forever. When Proud told to Noon and she cried, released her stress, she thanked you to Noon very much. If in this world didn’t have best friend named “Noon”, she didn’t know how to do. Noon never aggravated to Proud. Only Noon’s warm sight made Proud trusted Noon’s heart forever. Noon hugged Proud, held Proud’s hand when Proud cried until Proud felt warmer and she thought in this world, Noon still stayed with her.

Because when Proud was in trouble, Proud never wanted luxury forgiveness, quote with many wills, but she wanted only someone who still stayed with her and said with simple sentences. Finally love from the world of fairy tale never existed. Proud should encounter to real life. What something happened with her, she should handle herself, but it would be more moderate if her best friend still stay with her, listen and suggested together.

Finally Proud found that someone. She was “Noon.”

– PART 2, click here. –




    I’m Thai and I checked original novel and this translation. This translation changed many words from original novel so reading this is your risk.

    • Actually I changed and extended some words because writer can’t convey character’s feeling more. I wanted everyone read and can visualize what happened in each characters better. Some Thai words and sentence arrangements cannot be used in English.

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