Pinky Promise Chapter 3 “Luminous” Part 3

Chinese version, click here.

Translated by JustForFon.


Prao waved her hand to Gao for saying “Good bye” with common body language that everyone used this when they separated. Prao put her Kitty doll that Gao captured in crane game to her bag before she was seeing about Noon was at tutor school.

Prao decided to sent message for asking Noon. When she got answer from Noon about Noon’s dad will received her to her home, Liar felt more comfortable. When Prao’s mom drove her car to tutor school, that meant “MISSION COMPLETED!”

Prao knew lying and having secrets weren’t appropriate to do, but Prao did these. Although Prao’s lying didn’t make another one took damages from her actions, Prao said to herself “Everything I did weren’t lethal.”

That was first impression when Prao saw and included talking moments that really compatible together. That was usual about Prao was fallen in love with Gao more, more and more although Prao and Gao had just met together for a few days. Secret moments about Prao and Gao would be continued. In lunch time, Prao used smartphone with long time until Noon and Gook warned Prao. At the night Prao didn’t call to Noon via video calling as same as previous days because Prao exerted to chat with Gao until sometimes Prao felt asleep in classroom due to she chatted until midnight. But when Noon and Gook asked to Prao what happened with her, she lied to her closed friends about she read many books so she didn’t have time to sleep.

Noon ever said to Prao “If you do something at first time, so second time you will do it again.” When relationship with Prao and Gao was closer. Prao also lied Noon about she couldn’t go to tutor school due to go with her mom and Prao wanted Noon to lecture necessary things from tutor school too. When Noon heard about this, Noon felt disappointed but she accepted.

At 5:30 PM, same time, same place.

Prao dated with Gao happily. They smiled together although their relationship wasn’t couple. Moment of being fallen in love was really sweet and luscious. Prao never touched this experience. She never knew happiness happened with listening Gao’s voice and talked to him, smiled to him, saw to hin when he saw something. Although Prao and Gao chatted together everyday, but meeting together was very great moment than chatting via their smartphone.

How much can I get happiness when I and daring hold their hand together? – Prao couldn’t tolerate to imagine sweet romance that she ever visualized. Prao knew that was really fast, but when Prao was daydreaming, Gao’s back hand hit to Prao’s back hand unexpectedly.

“I’m sorry.” Gao said immediately.

“Never mind.” Prao said.

Prao saw to Gao that had many anxieties as same as her. But Gao charged his confidence and asked to Prao…

“Can I hold your hand together?”

Gao’s face lacked many confidence.

In this time Prao didn’t analyze everything she should do. Her heart commanded her mind to stop any cause, logic, method or something without feeling. BUT HOLD HIS HAND IMMEDIATELY! When she heard her heart’s commandment, she brought her little hand to Gao as an answer. Gao smiled and felt happy before he was holding Prao’s hand and walked together as couple. But… Prao didn’t know some sights were looking Prao’s lying.

When Prao and Gao walked and held their hand together, that area had art exhibition from artist. Both decided to enter that exhibition.

That exhibition called “Luminous” Gao and Prao walked to that art exhibition that was really dark and black. Nothing illuminated except sculpture from artist that illuminated itself. Area of exhibition was wider than seeing from outside. Prao and Gao walked together until they stopped at a freak sculpture that was shining. With darkness and instrumental songs played in exhibition, they contacted her eyes together without someone were seeing them. Illuminated light from sculpture reflected to Prao and Gao’s face as same as crystal’s refection from the cave. That atmosphere made Prao and Gao were spelled by mysterious magic. Their body were activated by their desire that was sealed deeply in unconscious mind. In the moment without consciousness, Gao moved himself to lean to Prao until Prao touched Gao’s lovely breaths. Prao slowly appeared her lips to receive Gao’s lips for kissing with romantic feeling. That was soft, gorgeous and comfortable kiss. Prao closed her eyes and received only feeling without any description could describe as any sentences. Prao’s heartbeats weren’t unbalance.  That was first kiss in Prao and Gao’s life. It was really peaceful and beautiful as same as ever seen in many romantic movies or TV series. But that mysterious magic ended itself. Prao and Gao who just received sweet moment contacted their eyes and smiled together. Prao felt shy very much more than saying anything. But she let Gao walked with her to exit from exhibition.

The department store’s luminous atmosphere and sounds from information brought Gao and Prao came to the world of reality again. Time was passed very fast. Now Cinderella had to go home… Gao walked with Prao to tutor school. Prao waved her hand as saying goodbye to Gao and waited her mom as same as previous days.

But… Oh… No…


Noon waited Prao for long time and she started to argue her closed friend.

“You ever said you came with your mom? And what is this?”

“Um… I….” Prao tried to tell reason she appeared in this place.

“I ever saw you was walking with somebody at department store.” Noon said.

Prao couldn’t say to Noon. Prao and Noon saw together. Many sounds from parents and students were really noisy. That made atmosphere was uncomfortable. So only thing Prao should do was…

“Noon. I’m sorry.”

Looked like Prao’s forgiveness was useless. Noon released her hands from her chest.

“Why did you lie me?” Noon tried to asked Prao calmly

“Noon. I didn’t want to close this moment to you. Actually I wanted to tell you first. But I thought I will say about this and you won’t OK or you felt uncomfortable that you must cover this moment to my mom, so I keep this to myself. That’s better.”

“But someday it will be revealed. Won’t it?” Noon didn’t understand Prao’s reason.

“I’m a girl who cares another one’s feeling more than myself. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“Do you still think me as friend?” Noon pierced Prao’s heart by asking simple sentences to Prao.

“Yes. Why do you asked about this?” Prao asked Noon back.

“Friend should tell and share every moments, shouldn’t it?” Noon returned asking for letting Prao thought. “I always think to you about I and you are closed together. As good or bad, friend can receive everything. When I see this moment, I felt offended. That make me think I and you aren’t closed more.”

When Prao saw Noon’s offended face, Prao felt guilt immediately.

“That’s not as you think, Noon because I am closed with you very much. I also cared your feeling. I don’t want to tell this because I don’t want my love friend to be uncomfortable.” Prao describe her reason to Noon.

Noon reduced her stress from Prao’s discussion. Although she didn’t understand her friend’s reason much, but she tried to understand. Meanwhile Prao tried to think as Noon’s opinion. If Prao knew some Noon’s secrets from another one or knew with herself. She also sulk as usual.

“Noon. I’m sorry.” Prao apologized Noon from her sincere heart. I promised if I have something to tell you, I will said to you immediately.” Prao promised to Noon until Noon revealed her smile.

When she was coming to home, Prao sat to see many things on the road. She reviewed moments happened in her life. For previous 3 hours, she should pay attention to learned at tutor school, but she decided to get experiences of first kiss. Prao touched her lips for remembering that precious moments she ever get.

But for Noon, although Prao met Noon, Prao couldn’t tolerate to frighten when Noon knew secret that Prao covered it and Noon sulked when Prao lied to her. But saying openly, Prao knew about “friend” as alternative side and she felt better with Noon.

Prao smiled and she was thinking what time she should told this sweet secret to Noon.



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