Pinky Promise Chapter 3 “Luminous” Part 2

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

In grade 11 room 1 classroom at the morning on the day with very hot weather, Kirati, English teacher was teaching by letting students spelled vocabularies in English book with reading and translating to classmates. That was very bored moment. Prao didn’t pay attention to this moment in classroom too because now she was paying attention to draw pictures on the space of some pages from English book. Prao’s drawing was that boy who was revealed his details, such as his hairstyle, his charm big eyes that was attractive. His nose was sharp and had acne on his face. Yes, he had little facial hair as same as another boy. But… Oh… someone showed highlight marker and that highlight marker was trying to write to that boy’s face on Prao’s drawing. Prao frightened and kept that book immediately. Then she saw to Noon who was holding that highlight marker.

“Who’s that?” Noon asked to Prao.

“Nichkun.” Prao said to some superstar she just remembered.

Noon leaned her face to Prao’s drawing for looking that boy better

“Hey… But… that picture is same as someone I have ever seen. I ever saw him at tutor school.” Noon frowned and she suspected to that boy Prao drew on her book.

“No No No!” Prao had infatuation.

“Hey!!! Look like you’re dubious.” Noon thought fun moment so she brought her highlight marker to be near Prao’s face. Then Prao evaded that highlight marker until Noon had to lean to Prao more.

Praofah, Viriya!!!

Prao and Noon frightened that teacher’s voice they came to their seat as same as nothing happened.

“Praofah. Please spell this vocabulary.” English teacher commands strictly.

Prao stood up. She didn’t know what vocabularies her classmates were reading. Luckily Noon used her highlight marker to highlight a word in Prao’s book for telling Prao indirectly. Prao read that vocabularies and she said…

“S-E-C-R-E-T Secret means hidden thing or something that were covered.” Prao shouted proudly to teacher. Looked like teacher felt impressive that Prao who didn’t pay attention to learn but she knew “secret” vocabulary.

“You’re so lucky, Praofah. Can Praofah and Noon stop to play or do inappropriate things? If you’re not pay attention of learning, get out the classroom NOW!” Kirait scolded to Prao and Noon who play together without paying attention of learning. Then he called another classmate to speak vocabularies and translated it.

Prao saw to Noon. She didn’t know how she angered to Noon. Because of Noon, Prao was punished to tell vocabulary. But if Noon didn’t help her, Prao may be punished more.

But when Prao saw to that cheeky close friend, Prao couldn’t tolerate to smile to her.

At lunch time. The atmosphere in the canteen always had many students who were having lunch. Noon and Gook usually had lunch. But Prao still used her smartphone. Noon saw Prao who was unusual to use smartphone a lot. She couldn’t tolerate that Prao’s smartphone addiction so she told to Prao directly…

Your meal was cold. Look like you addict smartphone a lot!

“Who chat with you?” Gook asked with teased voice to Prao.

“Did some boys flirt you?” Noon asked with her suspicious feeling.

“No!!!” Prao said and she kept her smartphone to her pocket immediately. Then she had lunch without saying or doing anything. After that Prao just had idea…

“Noon. Today I will have affair with my mom. I won’t go to tutor school. So you lecture and I’ll write your lecture later.”

“Yeah.” Noon accepted.

Prao smiled to Noon, but that was dirty smiles from lying her close friend.

Ah… that’s 5:30 PM.

This time Prao should learn with Noon in tutor school, but she was standing in front of department store that wasn’t far away from tutor school much. Prao didn’t wait with long time because Gao was coming with waving his hand as “say hi.”

“I’m sorry. Do you wait with long time?” Gao said and he removed his earphone from his smartphone into his pocket.

“I just came too.” Prao answered and she smiled to Gao with her sincere heart.

“Are you having dinner with me now?”

“Yes. I’m hungry.” Prao answered.

Both walked around that department store for seeking interested restaurant. Until they decided to have dinner at Japanese restaurant. People in that decided restaurant weren’t crowded. First time Gao wanted to sit near the glass, but Prao wanted to choose the seat inside the restaurant. Gao knew Prao’s condition so Gao accepted.

Prao saw many menu to choose. Sometimes she saw to Gao who was choosing menu seriously. Prao felt when Gao frowned himself to choosing with many details, Gao was so cute. Until waitress walked to Prao and Gao for noting Prao and Gao’s order. Prao ordered Kurobuta pork with curry rice and 2 glasses of green tea. Gao ordered value pack of sashimi.

“Your orders will be received with 15 minutes.” Waitress said to Prao and Gao. Then she left from Prao and Gao’s table. Now Prao and Gao was sitting with silent atmosphere. Prao also fixed this silent atmosphere by picking that chopsticks.

“Prao. Pick that chopsticks and pull them to be separated away.” Gao invited Prao to do something that was fun.

Prao picked that chopsticks from the paper cover. Then she pulled it separated away. Gao saw to that chopstick Prao was pulling. Oh!!! Prao teared it without slanting.

“Oh!!!” Gao interjected.

“Why?” Prao asked.

“Someone ever said if someone pulled chopstick without slanting, they will be lucky at love.” Gao described.

“Really?” Prao saw to her chopsticks and she smiled. Prao wasn’t sure Gao would talk something indirectly.

“So you try this.” Prao wanted to know Gao’s pulling chopsticks too.

Gao closed his eyes and separated that chopsticks. The sound from tearing appeared. Gao opened his eyes. Oh! His chopsticks were perfect as Prao too. Gao and Prao grinned automatically without saying anything.

There were many people who were entering to Japanese restaurant that Prao and Gao were dating together. Although in Japanese restaurant had many people, but for Prao and Gao… In this time, there were only them who sent sweet moments together as same as in Korean romantic TV series. After having dinner successfully, both still ate ice cream and walked together with long time.

When Prao and Gao walked together at Siam Square, Prao saw crane game that was stood near her. Cuteness from many dolls in crane game made Prao walked to it and touched crane game for looking Kitty with her infatuation. Meanwhile Gao walked to coin exchange area and inserted his coin to play crane game.

“Which doll do you want?” Gao asked to Prao calmly. His voice looked like he was taking care Prao from his sincere heart.

“That doll!!” Prao pointed to Kitty doll that she guessed it will be captured easily.

Gao controlled crane’s direction to Kitty’s position. When he pressed button, the crane that was above Kitty doll opened its claw and lifted down to Kitty doll. But… Oh!!! Gao couldn’t do that. He couldn’t picked Kitty doll.

Gao inserted his 10 Baht coin again and start to play crane game. He tried with many time, tired, tired, tired and result were failed again, again and again. Looked like picking Kitty doll was easy, but why Gao couldn’t do that? Meanwhile Prao wanted Gao to stop playing (cheated) crane game, but Gao disagreed. Because his effort in that time was defeating that damn crane game!

Time passed a lot. Prao saw her watch and that time was 7:00 PM.

“I must go home now.” Prao said with her worrying.

Gao inserted 10 Baht coin again and he turned his head to Prao “So this is final round.”

Prao accepted and saw to Gao who exerted to be defeating that crane game. He controlled crane to pick Kitty doll again. Now this was last chance. When he controlled claw at direction, Gao said to Prao…

“Prao, press that button now!”

Prao shook her head vertically and pressed button. The claw from the crane opened and lifted down to Kitty. Now her heartbeats were unbalanced. She was pushing forward to that crane. Her eyes gazed to the crane that was lifting down to Kitty.

Please… Please… I want to get that lovely Kitty.

When the claw lifted down to Kitty doll, that claw closed itself and…

Finally that claw could capture Kitty doll!!!! Wow!!!


Prao and Gao jumped and hugged unconsciously together from their happiness. Finally Prao got Kitty doll successfully!!!

That crane moved itself to delivery tube. Then the claw opened and Kitty doll dropped to delivery area in crane game. Gao picked that Kitty doll and bring it to Prao and he grinned with his proud and said “I give it to you.”

Prao saw to Gao’s eye. That eyes made Prao touched Gao’s feeling about Gao fulfilled with his bravery and proud Prao though about Gao was proud from his effort. And if Prao didn’t think herself, Gao would also be proud to give precious gift to her.

“Thank you very much Gao.” Prao received Kitty doll from Gao’s hand. Both smiled to gether with their happy meaning.

“Let’s go. Now this is Cinderella’s timing out!” Prao’s prince said.




    • Actually I have already translated for 5 days ago. Now I’ve just finished. Next chapter I’ll separate to each parts. Look like everyone can’t wait my translation.

  1. Yes, thank you for your translation, I’ve been coming to your page to see if chap 3 was out! =) do you have any idea why in this story, Prao got to know Gao only in year 11, when in the show Dao met Din in year 10?

    • Yes, Prao got to Know Gao only in year 11. Actually Dao wanted to tell her first love with Din, but she changed Din’s name to “Gao” and changed timeline to grade 11. (Actually her first love with Din happened since Dao was grade 10) and she put Noon (Koi) to learned at tutor school. Actually Dao learned in tutor school in grade 10 without Koi.

      And Dao changed sweet moments with Din to her novel from…

      – Din requests Dao’s phone number directly (In Dao’s real life) > Gao tells his friend to request Prao’s phone number (In Pinky Promise)

      – Having lunch together in common restaurant (In Dao’s real life) > Having dinner in Japanese restaurant (in Pinky promise)

      – Go to Madame Tussauds (In Dao’s real life) > Go to “Luminous” art exhibition (in Pinky Promise)

      -Having sex without condom. (in Dao’s real life) > Kissing together romantically (In Pinky Promise)

      Dao changed story in Pinky Promise to be moderate for publishing and letting everyone read.

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