Pinky Promise Chapter 3 “Illuminated!” (Part 1)

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon)

1 year later…

Now I was grade 11, so I had to pay attention to learn more…

Prao said to herself repeatedly. She didn’t want to be lost from her mom who trod her. Not only paying attention to learn in classroom, be diligent of doing homework and reread many books. She wasn’t different than another Thai students that had to learn in tutor schools for only target everyone wanted.

That was… being the students in the famous university that they expected.

Everyone learned at tutoring school.

Prao and Noon didn’t understand physics subject that teacher in school taught to them. Because they didn’t understand about theories and complex connections that they couldn’t reach that. And every time teacher taught, teacher would describe within 20 minutes. After that she told her personal stories from her family, such as her son who got scholarship to learn master’s degree at Austria, her daughter who will marry and another stories that weren’t physics subject. So Prao and Noon decided to learn physics subject in famous tutor school at Siam Square. Gook who was good at physics subject, she also decided to learn English with famous teacher at Sam Yan.

With laziness of seizing some seats at live teaching round, Prao and Noon decided to learn physics subject with tutor teacher named “Suchart” at DVD showing round. The atmosphere at DVD showing round wasn’t stressed as live teaching round. There were many lecture desks were rowed together. There were 6 LED TVs that were attached around tutor room for watching to all students. Prao usually felt excited with some little moments, such as first learning, she requested Noon to choose our seats in tutor room earlier than another students. Then she opened new books that just got and she smelled its paper’s smell. (And she invited her closed friend to smelled “New knowledge smell” too.) After that she picked her pens with many colors and many sizes of Post-it papers and she arranged on the desk she was sitting.

The reason of owning many pens was… When Prao used many colors from pens, that could be easier to read and review knowledge she lectured. Prao thought that was little happiness when she was learning with stressed atmosphere. Finally she just used only blue ballpoint pen and highlight marker because teacher who tutored Prao taught very fast until she didn’t have more time to change another color pen.

Prao and Noon’s learning in tutor school was a cycle. Finished learning in school > Go to Siam Square > Learning in tutor room > break time > learn again > finished learning in tutor school > wait parent to bring Prao and Noon to home. Certainly sometimes Prao and Noon felt lazy and wanted to walk at Siam Square together due to they bored to gaze that LED TV and lectured. But Prao and Noon still hyped themselves about “Don’t do this.”  Noon often told to Prao “If you do that first time, you will do it again.” So both still kept statistic that never absented learning in tutor school. But sometimes they talked together in tutor school. Noon loved to tell funny stories to Prao until Prao blew out her laughing without caring anyone in tutor room. Then she laughed quietly for forgiving classmate in tutor room.

Not only learning, for another students, this tutor school was the place for greeting new friends with opposite sex from another school. Not except Prao. Although she didn’t learn in tutor school for this reason, but… finally she met someone.

Every time when Prao and Noon walked to tutor room before another one, they often saw blue short students talked together at ladder. And Prao felt someone saw her stealthy when she passed them. Although she didn’t interest, but Prao couldn’t tolerate to watch him. She confirmed she didn’t think herself because when she saw back, that boy evaded Prao’s sight quickly.

With 15 minutes break time, Prao said to Noon to go to toilet, but Noon was exerting to lecture many necessary knowledge. So Noon refused Prao to go. Prao walked out from tutor room lonely.

When she pissed, she walked and looked below from the toilet as usual. Until she heard voice from some boy.

“You!!” That sound was really near Prao’s ears until Prao look above automatically. That boy smiled to her. Prao remembered that boy was one of the boys at ladder.

“Huh?” Prao replied without confident.

“My friend wanted to talk with you.” That boy who had orthodontics pointed to his gang. Prao saw to that gang because she wanted to know who wanted to know her. And the picture she was seeing was boys in that gang leaned to wall until someone interested her was revealed.

He was a boy who still saw her.

The boy who was tall and thin body. His hairstyle was cleaned. Look like he was shy. His big eyes contacted to Prao’s small eyes with a few seconds, but he evaded Prao’s sight immediately. Friends in that gang teased him from his shy feeling. Prao saw to behind for her shy feeling too. That was first time of being fallen in love when she was interested from another boy. Her heart boomed and unbalanced rhythms. Blood in her body injected until her cheek was fleshed unconsciously. Although that boy’s face wasn’t handsome as archangel, but that made her felt warm. Looked like Prao’s brain commanded her to stop analyzing accuracy temporally, she also gave her WeChat ID to that boy. then he said “Thanks” and walked to his gang with very proud feeling. Prao saw to that boy who interested her and she smiled back to him. He shook his ehad vertically and send small smile to Prao as “Thank you.”

Prao walked to sit near Noon in tutor room. Her mind still be floated away from that moment.

“Was you fallen in the toilet? You come lately.” Noon teased.

Prao didn’t answered and smiled to Noon with her happiness.

“You went away from toilet and you changed your mood quickly.” Noon used her hand to touch Prao’s forehead that meant “Are you OK?” to Prao. Prao laughed and wanted to change talking topic. Although Prao wanted to tell that moment to Noon, but she felt worried. If Noon knew that moment and she didn’t like and said “Don’t say hi to that boys”. Look like she felt uncomfortable so she kept this moment to herself.

Suchart, teacher on LED TV called every students to learn with him. Noon automatically saw to LED TV, but Prao picked her Samsung Galaxy S5 that was shaking from her pocket. Yeah!!! He greeted to her. His WeChat ID was “九”. That was Chinese letter Prao didn’t know.

九 : Thank you.
Prao : Yeah. Now I’m learning. Please talk another time.

Prao kept her smartphone into her bag and paid attention to knowledge that teacher was teaching although that came from DVD. But looked like Prao’s mind floated away and she couldn’t control her mind to be back.

Prao’s mom received Prao > waved her hand for saying good bye to Noon > opened the door > had dinner > talked many stories > etc. Everything were happened as they should be, but Prao couldn’t pay attention to moment in front of her. When she carried dishes for washing, Prao hurried until her mom warned her about “Don’t be careless.” Prao also reduced her speed of washing dishes cleanly.

Prao closed her room door. Then she picked her smartphone and unlocked screen. Oh!!! That “九” sent message again.

九 : If you have free time, please greet to me.

Then Prao sent message back.

Prao : Hi.

That Prao’s message was read immediately!!! So username “九” sent message back.

九 : Hi Prao, I’m Gao.

Prao felt weird that boy could know her name.

Prao : Why do you know my name?
九 : I looked your ID.

“Oh no!! I’m also dumb…” Prao blamed herself in her mind.

Prao : How can I read your ID.
九 : That is Chinese letter. It read as “Jiǔ” that means “Nine.” (In Thai, Gao = Nine. In Thailand, 9 is auspicious number.)
Prao : Yeah. Do you learn Chinese language?
九 : Yes. My family is Chinese too. Do you want to learn? I can teach you.
Prao : I’ll tell you later. My English is also bad LOL.

Prao and Gao chatted together compatibility. Although Gao was shy boy, but Prao felt that boy had sense of humor and fun to talk (chat) with him until she smiled to him. Sometimes she paused her chatting to Gao for talking a bath, she might often see her smartphone that was laid on her desk.

1 hour later. Prao closed her homework book. Put her Kitty stationery box into her bag. After that she picked her smartphone and laid herself to her bed. Oh!!! Noon sent message to talk via video-calling. But tonight Prao had someone who wanted to talk more than Noon.

Prao : I want to sleep now… So talk another time.
Noon : Huh!!!? Yeah…

Prao sent sleeping Kitty sticker to Noon. Then she sent messages to Gao.

Prao : I finished my homework.
九 : You’re so diligent.
Prao : That’s so-so. Hahaha.

That talking made Prao knew something from Gao. He learned at grade 11 with Science – Math learning from boy school. Gao learned physics from tutor classroom beside classroom Prao and Noon were learning. First time Gao saw Prao was the moment that Prao and Noon ate ice cream at ground floor of tutor school and Gao felt fallen in love when he saw Prao. After that he sat at the ladder to see Prao. For Gao’s shy feeling, Gao didn’t dare to greet Prao directly so he used his friend who had orthodontics to request your WeChat ID. When Prao read this message, she still smiled with her shy and fallen in love feeling as same as another girls that were crushed. Prao couldn’t refuse herself about talking to Gao made her heart to be fulfilled with wonderful happiness. And she couldn’t know how long time was passed.

Until Prao’s room door was knocked.

“Prao.” Her mom’s calling made Prao to stopped her daydream of crushing. Prao hurried to hide her smartphone under her cute pillow.

“I don’t lock that door.” Prao shouted. Then her mom opened the door with holding a glass of milk.

Prao’s mom walked to sit at the edge of Prao’s bed. She brought that glass of milk to Prao. Prao thanked to her mom and received that glass of milk from her mom’s hand.

“How are you? Do you learn heavily?” Mom asked.

“That’s quite heavy. Very much of homework, reports.” Prao answered.

“You’re grade 11 so you should be diligent and pay attention to learn more and more for your greatest future.” Mom said seriously.

“Yeah mom.” Prao accepted her mom’s opinion.

Mom hugged Prao and kissed to Prao’s cheek. Prao kissed to mom’s cheek too as pleased daughter. But when mom said “good nite” and walked out from Prao’s room. Prao also saw for being sure about her mom walked away from her room door. Then she picked her smartphone under pillow for chatting with Gao.

Prao : Here I come.
九 : Where did you go?
Prao : I talked with my mom.
九 : Prao.
Prao : What?
九 : I want to date with you at Siam Square.

Prao read that message and she was speechless. Her brain was thinking what she texted. But when Prao tried to type, Gao just sent message to Prao first.

九 : If you’re not convenient, never mind. I thought that is too fast. Hahaha.

In Prao’s deep heart, Prao wanted to date with Gao too. But she just remembered about that moment with Gao had to be the secret that didn’t let another one knew, such as her mom. Because if someone knew, chaos moments would be occurred. Then she texted to Gao.

Prao : Yeah, but I have a condition.




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