Pinky Promise Chapter 2 “Good girl”

Chinese version, click here.

Translated by JustForFon.

Indonesian version

Translated by Shan

That small sound from a boy who was singing with familiar instrumental music.

Prao who dressed with pastel pink costume that fluffy as ballet’s Tutu skirt still stood at backstage. She didn’t know who was that boy. But when she heard surrounded sound from clapping hands all of the stage, the boy who was the owner of compliment from audiences who were sitting in the hall walked and smiled with his proud feeling and he opened opportunity for letting Prao to watch his face temporally.

“Praofah Chumratpaisarn”

Look like Dao and Prao’s real names have similar meaning. Dugedao, Dao’s real name means “As star” then Praofah means “As sky”. So Duge and Prao in Thai mean “As”.

When that boy walked away from the stage, a lady who was beautiful called Prao’s first name and last name officially. Prao didn’t call back due to she stunted from that call, but that beautiful lady walked to Prao and she saw Prao’s name sign that was attached on the Prao’s left chest. Then she embraced Prao to go to the stage with adjusting microphone that was put on the microphone stand for suitable with Prao’s height. Prao looked up and tried to convey something with that lady but that lady who ever embraced Prao saw to another direction for giving hand signal of readying to backstage staff and she walked away without seeing again.

Prao turned her head to the front to face the picture in front of her. Although spotlight shined to Prao’s eyes until she didn’t see something clearly, but the girl who had small eyes still saw many sights from adult audiences who were watching Prao’s performance. Side of stage was a pianist who was sitting at his owned piano. The girl who was standing on center of stage still stood until sound of clapping hands from audiences appeared again. She saw her mom that was seeing her among audiences. Prao’s mother was seeing to her daughter proudly. Details on Prao’s face were really cleared. She could see too Prao’s feeling via Prao’s small eyes that now Prao felt happy and smiled. Until sound of clapping hands was near to be faded away from the hall. That was really weird and feared. It was the silence that Prao never knew. Her heartbeats weren’t unbalanced. Her hands were cold and forget to sing a song. So when first note from the luxury piano appeared and another notes harmonized to the melodic songs, the girl who was standing at the center of the stage still let songs from piano played away.

Prao saw about her mom tried to say something to her. But she couldn’t recognize what her mother was saying from her mouth. Meanwhile Prao saw many adult audiences whispers something together and she knew well about they were laughing, insulting, joking with her ignorance and she would be compared with previous boy who had been performed greatly.

With uncomfortable atmosphere, Prao saw to her mom again. And she saw her mother stopped to talk with her. The face that was fulfilled with happiness now turned to disappointed feeling. Now details from her mom’s face was the picture from the girl who memorized with bad feeling. That sight, that fallen corners from her mouth, that straight neck… Prao felt sad and she couldn’t endure to let her tear drop down to the floor. Now she cried without feeling everything around her.


Prao shuddered from her mom’s voice who was calling her daughter and knocking Prao’s door room. She used her hand to clean tear before she answered to her mom. Then she went out from her bed and took a bath

When do I stop to dream this moment?

In the tidy student uniform and tight ponytail hairstyle, Prao walked to sit at her seat on dinner table.  Her dad was reading newspaper with his cup of coffee. Her mom was laying dishes of fried egg, pork, bacon, toasted bread and a glass of milk as a American breakfast. Prao’s family was familiar to another families that have parents who loved and took care her. But because Pao was a single child. Everything in Prao’s life was bordered and controlled exactly by her mom who looked like family leader, planned everything in home strictly. Meanwhile Prao’s dad was silent and give management duty to his wife.

One of duties Prao’s mom got was “Taking care Prao very strictly.”

Anytime Prao would like to go, she was allowed by her mom only. And every moments Prao was asked with interfered question from her mom, such as “Where do you go?” “Why do you go?” “Who go with you?” “What time do you come back to home?” “Who send you?” And many detailed question Prao would be gotten. Only tutoring in tutoring school Prao’s mom didn’t ask much. But of Prao wanted to go to celebration parties or dating, Prao always knew she didn’t hope because if she said about that, her mom denied immediately without prior notices.

Although Prao’s mom was very strict, still scolded and suggested every time until Prao felt uncomfortable, but Prao always knew the reason of taking care her strictly because her mom loved her. She always believed mom’s suggestions and she wanted her mom to proud about her too.


“Prao, pick a fork and salad to the table.” Mom said when Prao was putting strawberry jam onto the bread.

“Yeah, mom.” Prao laid bread to the dish and went out from the chair to pick fork in the kitchen. Then she laid fork to the mom’s salad dish.


Prao’s mom called to Prao loudly! And she picked that fork Prao gave to her and brought to Prao. Looked like Prao’s mom felt upset.

“What?” Prao felt confused. What did her mom wanting?

“Didn’t I ever tell to you about when you pick  spoon and fork, you must pick with paired spoon and fork? Do you see that aren’t compatible?”

“That’s little.” Prao’s dad objected Prao’s mom.

“That little moment you can’t do that? So what about another moment?” Prao’s mom said to Prao’s dad seriously as wanting to know about this moment shouldn’t be passed.

Prao saw below. She thought as same as her dad. Fork was used for piercing any vegetables to the mouth. Any fork could use. But not for only her mom. The mom who exerted every details and wanted to give this personality to her daughter. So that little moment was enormous.

“I’m sorry, mom.” Prao said, and looked like she said about this with more more and more times. Prao’s apologies were frequented sentences that Prao had to say with her mom often. Many time she said because she exactly felt. But many times she said because she wanted to avoid problems and made her mom felt good.

“I have just want you to be careful. You should understand my feeling.”

“Yeah mom. I understand.” Prao disobeyed smiling to her mom for wanting her mom to be comfortable before walking to pick appropriate fork for eating salad. The uncomfortable situation was faded away. Prao, Prao’s mom and Prao’s dad had their breakfast again.

Prao’s mom had duty to drive her car for sending Prao to the school everyday that many stories Prao’s mom told between sending Prao were from radio in the car and dangerous moments Prao’s mom ever saw from newspapers. Prao’s mom often said about many modern people were horrible. News with containing raping moments were often. Prao, don’t come back to home at evening or late night. Don’t go lonely. Don’t do risky and another warning. She didn’t forget to be strict about tutoring. “You must exert at learning. Don’t have boyfriend because you will be lost of learning. Do you understand, Prao?” Prao could smile, shook her head vertically and wait necessary sentence that her mom used to finish conveying.

Don’t make me disappointing about you.

Prao always know Prao’s love and hope were very much to her. Only thing Prao should do was being everything Prao’s mom wanted.


Prao always knew herself about she had problems to talk to many people. Every time of presenting reports, Prao often avoided this duty by doing another duties such as carrying presentation boards, making presentation boards until making reports more than friends for avoiding to be shaken herself with her lack of confidence at front of classroom. But today at chemistry subject, teacher appointed everyone to do report as solo and described everything they did on the report to everyone in the classroom. Prao couldn’t aware this situation or changed duty to do another things.

“Next, number 37, Praofah.” Wanna’s chemistry teacher called Prao’s name loudly and awoke Prao form the waiting (that didn’t want to be come). She pick a paper that she wrote some facts to present for protecting her anxiety until she forgot some topics. But when she saw to classmates taht saw her directly, Prao’s hands were shaken until Prao felt angry to herself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Praofah Chumratpaisarn. Number 37 Now I’m presenting about…” Praofah said topics as same as presenting any reports in front of classroom and her heart was fulfilled with her confidence when she was presenting well. But when she saw to many classmates once, she stuck when the picture she was seeing wasn’t only her classmates, but including many adult audiences in her dream haunted her mind. It was her flashback when she was standing on the stage since she was 5 years old. Prao winked her eyes frequently until her bad flashback was faded away temporally.

“The element’s possession. Um… separating elements, possession and separating elements.”

Prao’s presentation progressed jerkily. She didn’t know how many she said “um…”. That wasn’t united about she used her hand to rub her skirt, lick her lips, combing and look down for seeing sheets. That Prao’s behaviors made her classmates and teacher felt uncomfortable. But Prao didn’t know how to do better. She saw only Noon sent signals to help Prao, but it couldn’t make Prao passing the uncomfortable time.

“Praofah. Did you really prepare your contents to present?” Wanna interfered with asking to Prao.

“I prepared.” Prao answered with shaken voice as same as she would be crying.

“So I think you should sit and prepare your mind again. Usually you’re cheerful. Why only presenting in front of classroom are you thrilled? Keep calm first. If every classmate have done presenting, next will be your turn.”

Prao said thanks to Wanna and looked below with walking to her seat in the classroom.

Noon picked Prao’s hand immediately and said “Your hand is really cold.”

“I felt excited a lot. That was long time to be happened.” Prao said with bored voice as didn’t know how to fix this situation.

“I know your feeling. But don’t worry. I have solution.” Noon said confidentially and sent big smile to Prao.

“First, you must think about you’re very famous superstar. You think you’re Aum*”

In real life, Aum is the most famous of Thai superstars ever.

After learning, Noon was enthusiastic to suggest Prao, but having Gook to listen Noon and Prao. Noon did personality as Aum, the greatest superstars exactly.

“Then you saw everyone as your royal fan club. Everyone want to listen you. Everyone see you as an angel who appear on the earth. Hi~ I’m Wiriya Korkietpirom (Noon & Koi’s real name and last name). I’m glad to meet you everyone!!!!” Noon said as she was very famous superstars who was walking on the read carpet. Then she saw to Prao and said “You should try this.”

Prao stood up and tried to do as Noon. “Hi~ I’m Praofas Chumratpaisarn. I’m glad to see you everyone!!!!” Prao copied all of Noon’s movement. “Is it?” Prao asked.

“You can do it.” Noon told.


“Oh!! Noon. Everyone can do this. Now only I and you are staying together.”

“Or you try this… You imagine about audiences is cute and gorgeous pomelo, watermelon, carrot as you say to non-living things That may help your anxiety.” Gook said to Prao and Gook with her different and creative idea.


“Yeah. That’s interesting. But it may be used long time to imagine audiences as cute and gorgeous vegetable and delicious fruit. My legs will be shaken.” Prao answered.

That 3 girls stopped to talking.

“So you say to your mirror everyday for raising yourself.” Noon presented alternate idea. “Reporting in front of classroom just a little. Everyone can do it. Why don’t you do this? I trust you can do it.” Noon sent trustworthiness to Prao via her eyes contact. And Prao know Noon’s feeling too. It made Prao’s heart was warm due to her best friend trusted her sincerely.

“Yeah. I’ll try it Noon.” Prao shook her head vertically and said with enthusiastic feeling.

That’s it!!! Prao!!!

Noon said and hit Prao’s shoulder proudly!! Wow!!! Her friend could do it!!

Prao knew that wasn’t easy to do it. Flashbacks from the past when she was a child still was. It wasn’t faded away only one night. But when she saw the hope from Noon and Gook that want her to cross the invisible limit, Prao also had passion to encounter that fear exactly. May use long time, but it wasn’t difficult if Prao tried it.

Prao smiled and her eyes were slanted for her happiness she got from Noon, her close friend.

After that, Prao practiced herself to talk at her mirror everyday from Noon’s suggestion. Although many times she tried to give up, but her friend’s trustworthiness could help Prao to have spirit and tried again, again and again. Until the day Prao had to present her report again, although she had some anxieties, but she could control her mind and continued to report until she finished. Then she got acceptation from her classmates with clapped many hands sound.

Prao thank you to teacher and walked to her 2 closed friends that clapped their heads relentlessly. Then she blew her breath to blow out her stress. She could defeat anxiety!

“Do you see? I know you can do it. When you present in front of classroom again, remember this feeling strictly, Prao. That isn’t fear.” Noon smiled and said to Prao with her soft and warm voice tone.


At evening in same day, Prao, Noon and Gook talked together with funny moments at marble bench for waiting go back home time. But looked like Noon had some great idea so she picked leaflet that said about famous and interested concert from her bag to lay at marble table.

“Hey you!!! Let’s go to this event.” Noon said to invite her friends to watch and cheer artists who Prao, Noon and Gook loved very much at mini concert. Prao and Gook excited a lot. Their eyes were big and gazed to that poster!! They were seizing to read details on the poster.

“When will it perform?” Gook asked interestingly.

“Tomorrow at evening. After finish learning we will go to mini concert with bus. OK? Please go with me.” Noon pleased her friends.

“Tomorrow I will be appointed. So I will go with you next time.” Gook felt bad that she couldn’t go with Noon.

So now Prao was the biggest hope from Noon.

“Really? That’s really bad when I hear about this.” Noon was boring and she said with disappointed feeling to Gook. “And Prao? Can you go with me?’


“I want to go with you, but……….” Prao said, but now Prao was silent.

“But… What?” Noon still offended asking to Prao.

“My mom won’t let me to go.” Prao said.

“You don’t already request your mom first. Why are you give up easily?”

“I already know it is impossible to do. My mom always deny me to go to someplace.”

“Actually do you want to go?” Noon gazed with her eyes to Prao and she asked with her serious voice. Then Prao said seriously to Noon….

I want to go!!!

“So I will request your mom.” Noon gave the challenge to Prao’s strict and serious mom who liked a boss.

“You dare my mom’s influence? I ever request to her and she still denied. Who the hell do you dare my mom’s influence?” Prao talk with sense of humor.

“Nothing that Wiriya can’t do it.” Noon said confidentially.

Suddenly, Prao’s mom drove with her luxury car to park near parking that not far away from marble bench Prao, Noon and Gook were sitting. Prao stood and picked her bag for preparing to walk to her mom. Meanwhile Non ran to that luxury car.

Noon smiled and said hi to Prao’s mom who was driving. Prao’s mom opened car window and put her glasses onto her forehead. Then she said hi to Noon too.

“Hello. I’m Noon, Prao’s close friend.” Noon introduced herself.

“Hi, Noon. When Prao was at scool, was she good girl?” Prao’s mother asked about Prao’s behavior when Prao was at school.

“Prao was very cute! She was very kind.” Noon praised Prao to Prao’s mom.

“That’s so good. So if you have free time, you may tutor learning at my home. I always welcome.” Prao’s mom said to Noon kindly.

“But… actually I have something to request you.” Now Noon turned her voice to smoother for pleasing Prao’s mother.

“Huh!!!!?” Prao’s mom suspected.

“Tomorrow will have event in evening. I also request you for bringing Dao to watch concert with me.” Noon said genteelly to Prao’s mom that Prao never knew about that clumsy Noon could be polite as adult.

Prao’s mom was silent as thinking to something before she asked to Noon…

What time?

“Event will start at 6:00 PM. Concert will start at 6:30 PM. They will sing 3-4 songs then they will finish. At 7:00 PM I guess that concert will end. If concert will end, I and Prao went home immediately!” Noon said with her confidence and answered every answers that Prao’s mom will create question to her.

Prao’s mom saw to Noon’s face and Prao’s face. She considered with long time. Can she accept Noon’s request?

“Can you promise me you will come back with my specified time?”

Ah!!! Finally Prao’s mom accepted!! Wow yeah!

“I promise you. I and Prao will come to your specified time! At 8:00 PM.” Noon said and smiled to Prao with her exciting.

7:30 PM!






What the hell is that!!!? You always imprison Prao?

Noon swore in her mind when Prao’s mom said “7:30 PM.”  Prao’s mom was really strict from hell. Although now Noon was smiling, her face turned to be upset.

No…. keep calm… If I am upset, Prao won’t go with me tomorrow.

Noon said in her mind again. That atmosphere was really stressed. Finally she said “Yeah.” to Prao’s mom. Yes, Prao could go to concert with Noon.

“So tomorrow I will send you, Prao.” Prao’s mom smiled and called Prao to stay at her car. Noon said good bye to Prao’s mom and waved her hand “bye bye” to her closed friend. When Prao saw to that Noon’s waved hand. That was really warm, so she sent smile with slanted eyes to Noon as a gift of saying “Thank you.”

When Prao was staying in the Prao’s mom luxury car, Prao’s mom said “Noon is nice girl. I saw her and I felt suitable to me.”

Prao turned her head and smiled to her mom. “Yes. Noon is very good friend. My another friend is Gook. She is nice too.

“Prao. someday you bring your friends to meet me at my home.” Prao’s mom smiled

Ah…. Wow!!! Thank you Noon for opening my mom’s eyes.

“Yeah.” Prao answered with very fresh voice from her good mood that couldn’t tell directly. That was really unbelievable when Noon could break the diamond wall from her mom’s mind until it was broken extremely. So… another time Prao might use services from Noon often.


At evening in next day, Prao’s mom sent Prao and Noon to the event that Noon appointed. Before Noon and Prao got out from the car, Prao’s mom said again about before 7:30 PM, Prao will have to be at home. Prao and Noon confirmed and rush to the wonderful event immediately as equipping cheetah’s feet.

In the event, that was really enjoyable and very excited. There were many crowded people who visit and play some games in the booths. Someone wandered all of event. But for Prao and Noon, they came with only objective…

That is watching artists Prao and Noon liked.

Noon pointed and invited Prao to look many fanclubs who were standing in front of stage. Prao saw to the enormous LED signs with her exciting. Everything was really fun. But Noon didn’t let Prao to stand and excite another people. Noon pushed Prao to be near the stage. Although the place Noon and Prao was staying wasn’t the first row, but they could see to the artists easier.

Gorgeous master of ceremony walked and said hi to everyone who were standing to watch the excited show that would be started for a few minutes. Looked like gorgeous master of ceremony was talkative. She talked continuously until Prao watched her watch. That analog watch said about this time was 6:25 PM. If nothing was delayed, Prao would see her lovely artist in front of her with a few minutes and she would go home with appointed time.

“Finally to the time you’re waiting. I believe many audiences are waiting!! Aren’t you?” Master of ceremony said to make excited atmosphere that would be more excited  with a few seconds. Many fanclubs raised their LED signs and screamed loudly. Noon did that too. She screamed to the artist who would appear now. Prao shouted that idol’s name loudly too!

“That sound is really loud!!! So someone who is staying backside of stage may want to meet you. Let’s meet him!!” Master of ceremony said done and walked outside the stage and let many scream sounds from audiences still were loud together. That personal rhythm from artist appeared with greeting sentences from backstage for calling scream sounds again. That handsome guy walked to the stage and said hi to everyone who was screaming with happiness to him.  Prao saw to that liked artist who was near her and she screamed to him extremely. Noon also excited too. Prao jumped continuously and raised her hand to hope handsome artist from her dream to watch her. But looked like Prao was shorter than he could see.

Prao sang that song from artist who was singing happily. She saw Noon who was shouting to sing that could make her felt happier. Noon saw to her close friend who was singing together and she embraced Prao’s neck spontaneously and wobbled with cute and enjoyable rhythm from the songs artist was singing on the stage. How long didn’t Prao explode that wild mood? Maybe the moment she ever traveled at amusement park and she sat in roller coaster with her cousin when she was grade 7. After that, she didn’t have another excited experiences.

First song was ended, that handsome artist greeted to everyone with moderate teasing to audiences before starting second songs that have medium rhythm speed.

Oh!!! Second song was played… Prao and Noon  waved their hand with rhythms happily. For criticizing quality, mini concerts from some events couldn’t compare with another enormous concerts that was exhibited perfectly in very big hall. For Prao, any artist, songs, stage, audiences and atmosphere was really special that she didn’t want to be ended.

Until last song, this mini concert chose appreciated song that invite audiences sang together. The sky now was without sun. The bright atmosphere now substituted with spotlight from the stage that was shining to Prao and Noon and the vocal that made everyone felt touchable warmly. Prao stopped to sing her favorite song and she saw to Noon “Thank you very much.”

“What the hell do you thank me?” Noon asked.

“You request my mom to let me see this appreciated mini concert.” Prao answered.

“You must thank to your mom that allow you to watch concert with me.” Noon answered and lightly hit Prao’s shoulder. Before both turn their body to the stage and swayed with song’s rhythm.

Time of happiness always passed very fast. Handsome artist came back to the backstage. Many fanclubs rushed to the backstage to take photos or selfie with the artist or held his hand.

“Do you want to see your favorite artist closely?” Noon asked to Prao.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Prao answered and she went with Noon.

Going to the backstage was very hard due to many crowded people were seizing together. Noon pulled Prao’s arm to stick with her . If Noon didn’t pull Prao, Prao would be lost away from Noon and that was more trouble. Noon tried to push another audiences genteelly. More, more and more audiences until Noon and Prao met that artist closely. The dream was available in real life. Now Prao and Noon closely stood with handsome artist. Prao felt happy until she smiled with her slanted eyes to that artist.

“Hey Prao!!! Let’s take some photos to me.” Noon said.

Prao accepted but when she unlocked her smartphone to open camera application, Prao face was changed to be worried when she saw “15 missed calls” notification on her iPhone 4s lock screen.

Then she saw her watch, and she said loudly with her frightened feeling.

OH… NOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOW TIME IS 7 :20 PM.!!!!!

“What happened?” Noon asked to her closed friend who was frightening something and Prao tried to call someone.

“Mom… I’m really sorry. I didn’t hear ringtone…. Yeah mom. I will come back to home now.” Prao said to someone hurriedly and ended calling with worried face. Noon analyzed this situation easily and tried to help her close friend immediately.

“Have a few minutes! Let’s go home! I will go with you.”

Noon said and she pulled Prao and rushed together out from the event relentlessly as same as something exploded inside the stage and many people felt chaos. Outside the event, Prao and Noon saw nearest bus that would stop at bus station. But now they were quite far away from bus, so they rush spontaneously until the bus started to be accelerated.

“We have no more time… RUN!!!” Noon said.

Noon shook her head to accepted Noon.

Luckily bus cashier saw to Prao and Noon. She said to driver. “Wait!!”

Finally Noon and Prao could enter to the bus successfully.

But… it’s too late.

Noon and Prao came to Prao’s home with 7:45 PM.

Prao’s mom opened home door with bored face. Prao saw to her mom’s face and she could know what will be happened. Looked like that will be enormous disaster.

“Hi. I’m so sorry that sent Prao lately. Traffic really jammed.” Noon apologized with her fault.

“If you know it will be late, why didn’t you come out first?” Prao’s mom said to her daughter calmly.

“Please don’t blame Prao. I was wrong that was watching and enjoying to that concert until I forget to check time.”

“So another time I want you to keep your promise you give to me.” Prao’s mom smiled to Noon “That’s late evening so can you come back to your home?”

“I appointed my dad to receive me.” Noon answered.

“So have a good journey. Prao, go home.”

Prao saw to Noon with her worried mind. But Noon could do only waving her hand and said “Good bye”. Until Prao closed the door and follow her mom to the home.

Prao couldn’t tolerate to see her dad. But this wasn’t time to use her assistant who was coming to home. All of this home had only Prao and Prao’s mom who felt upset very much.

Now living room was turned to be small court that fulfilled with very justice atmosphere.

“Discuss now what happened.” Prao’s mom opened to ask.

“Concert started at 6:30 PM. But singer finished to sing at 7:10 PM.” Defendant looked below and discussed.

“Why the hell do you look down.” Mom asked.


Actually I want to translate “Why the hell” to “Why the f***?”. But there are many readers who was cute and innocent that aren’t same as Jane, Kanompang and Oil that I can use many strong language relentlessly. So I filtered many strong language to be softer.

Prao as a defendant look above to her mom that appeared her tears from the pressure.

“You always know I don’t like people who can’t keep promise!”

“I tried it… But only 15 minutes… I wasn’t unable to reach.” Prao said sadly.

“Why didn’t you manage time well? Don’t use this as excuse. You got to travel and you never kept your promise you ever gave to me. So… another time I won’t allow you to go another place.” Her mom said with louder voice as announcing “this is new rule”. That made Prao couldn’t tolerate to keep her tear that was inside her eyes. She let it relentlessly onto her blushed cheeks. When she tried to clean her tear, that tear from her small eyes didn’t stop to pour.

“I scold you because I love you. Remember about if I don’t scold, that time you will be sad.” Mom said with moderate voice but that was teaching too.

“I’m so sorry.” Prao said with this often sentence again and she used her hand to clean her tears that was sticking on her cheeks. Then Prao’s mom allowed Prao to take a bath. After that, little defendant hold her bag and walked to her room, subside herself onto the bed and catch Kitty doll that today it had to be sad to Prao too. Prao breathed in deeply and tried to understand about that strict mom did that because she wanted Prao to be good girl. Although many time she felt her mom was really strict from the hell and she wanted to say something to her mom, but Prao knew that was useless to do that, and it would be worse. So when she thought about that, she laid Kitty doll down and went to take a bath.

After having dinner, Prao came back to her room, opened her computer for connecting to Noon via Skype. When Noon accepted Prao’s calling, Prao also saw Noon who was wearing pajama and nerdy black thick glasses that looked weirdly.


“Prao. How about you?” Noon asked to Prao with her taking care feeling.

“I was scolded a lot.” Prao said with bored feeling.

“I’m sorry Prao. I made you to be scolded.” Noon said with her fault.

“That’s not your fault. My mom was really strict from the deepest hell. I didn’t know why coming to home lately with 15 minutes, my mom angered me as same as killing someone.” Prao started to explode her stressed feeling to Noon. When she memorized to that moments, her tear dropped from her small eyes again.

“Prao… Don’t sad. Don’t cry.” Noon saw Prao’s tear and she said with giving the will to Prao.

“I’m sorry Noon. I was stressed. You shouldn’t see my crying.” Prao looked ahead and she cleaned her tear. And she tried to smile although her heart was broken.

“Hey!!! Don’t be sad Prao. At least you know your mom love you very much. And you have me as my friend. I still be with you, Prao.” Noon said to warn Prao for thinking better and she gave the will to her close friend. When Prao saw that good taking care face from Noon, she felt better that she couldn’t discuss how she felt as the speech.

“Thank you very much. Noon.”

“Because you’re my friend.” Noon smiled to Prao.

“I felt lucky when I have you as my closed friend.” Prao said with her feeling. If she didn’t have Noon, she did only hugging Kitty doll and cried lonely.

“You’re the dramatic queen again!!!!” Noon laughed and stopped immediately when she thought something.

“Please wait…….” Idea owner went out from the display and came again with her red lipstick in her hand .

“What are you doing?” Prao asked question to Noon. Noon answered with opening her mouth to use lipstick as ad presenter. After that she sucked her mouth to appear “Por!!” sound from her mouth with her sexy feeling.

“I come to send my kiss to you for feeling better.” Noon made her voice to be sexy before she brought her mouth to be near her webcam and she sent kiss to Prao. Prao frightened and screamed with that weird moment. Finally she laughed with Noon’s funny moment. Noon loved to enjoy teasing Prao. So Noon sent her kiss to Prao relentlessly until Prao’s mood turned to be happy.

“I see you’re laughing so I feel good.” Noon came back to sit at her chair again and she grinned to her closed friend. Prao grinned with her good feeling as replying. Look like grinning was the symbol of happiness that both had given together without saying anything.


At school in next day. At morning, Prao ate desserts with Gook as same marble bench.

“How about that concert?” Gook asked.

“That was very fun.” Prao answered with hoarse sound.

“I heard your voice so I can know that was really fun. You screamed until your voice is hoarse.”

Prao smiled to Gook. Truth that Good said was right half. One another reason was she talked, laughed with Noon together at last night.

Then Noon walked and held her bag that she leaned her head too. Prao didn’t tolerate to laugh to Noon when she saw Noon’s ambitious mind to control her head to be straight. But Noon’s neck was hurt until she leaned her head again.

Noon walked to say hi to Prao and Gook.

“What the hell did you do? Your neck still lean.” Gook asked Noon.

“I was sleeping at computer.” Noon turned her head with upset mood to Prao as meaning “because of you!!!”

“Do you hurt much? I will massage your neck.” Prao stood up and started to massage Noon’s neck.

“Ouch!” Noon yelled very loud until another students that were near Noon stopped to walk and saw to Noon. Noon gazed to Prao with her big eyes and shouted with her pain.

“Hurting neck? Just a moment. You will be cured. But hurting your heart is long to be cured.” Prao picked quote from stickers that were stuck beside trucks and used it. Gook and Noon laughed with that quoted a lot because that quote was really silly. That time Prao, Noon or Gook didn’t know what was hurting heart symptom, and how long to be cured.

Until Prao know herself.





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