Pinky Promise Chapter 1 “Meet together” (Part 2)

Chinese Version (by 大能猫JOUY , JustForFon)

Indonesian Version

(Translated by Shan)

Vietnamese version (WordPress , Blogger)

(Translated by ABH)

Momentarially, relationship from that 3 girls progressed to third week from opening semester. “3 cute girls”, girls group that Prao created this name to their groups now were closed together more. Prao started to know her both friends’ behaviors, such as Noon who looked like an enjoyabke and funny girl. 

But Prao found about this friend was the clumsiest friend  in this classroom. The moment that Prao believed Noon was clumsy girl was started from someday Noon often picked wrong subject books to learn until someday she had to read with me together in my classroom. And when teacher scolded Noon, Noon also solved by yelling to Prao and Gook why Prao and Gook didn’t warn her.

But Noon’s clumpsy moments Prao specially remembered was classically moment in Gusuma’s Thai language subject class. She appointed every students to do report that everyone usually had to write teacher’s real name and last name. But in the day that students would get report back to them for looking scores, Teacher Gusuma just picked a fluorescence pink cover report to show every students for watching that freaking color cover report.

“Wiriya” Gusuma called Noon’s name

So “Noon” in Pinky Promise = “Koi” in Hormones The Series due to “Wiriya” is real name of Koi.

Noon raised her eyebrows confusedly and turned her head to Prao, pointed with her finger to herself. It was impossible that her report was appreciated to everyone. But when Noon was surprised, she raised her right hand for accepting Gusuma’s calling.

“I’m Gusuma Saezhe, not f***ing Gusuma Xingzhe*!!!” That teacher emphasized her voice “Xing Zhe” until her voice was loudly surrounded. Every classmates laughed extremely. Noon made her eyes to be big with her surprised feeling and rushed to front of classroom to receive her report with fairy tale color cover.

*Xing Zhe (เห้งเจีย) is Sun Wukong, the momkey king.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” Noon’s feeling told about her body was lean with her surprised mistake. Actually Prao quite felt to pity Noon. But when she saw Noon’s confused and clumsy face, she laughed to Noon immediately. Prao also pushed Noon with her elbow tenderly.

“Hey!!! Clumsy Noon!!” Prao teased and got sulk face from her close friend as Noon’s payment.

After that, Noon got new alias that her friends created as “Noon Xing Zhe”. That was used to tease Noon with more times.

Ah!!! I’m not Noon Xing Zhe!!!

For Gook, although she was silent girl, nothing was been any identity, but Gook exactly awoke Prao and Noon’s shipper spirit by spreading culture of screaming to famous Korean singers and superstars. Her special skill was she could remember all Korean’s male singers, actors and superstars’s name. And had gifts of persuading to Noon and Prao to see any Korean superstar’s handsomeness. Then many idol interesting was over until screaming to handsome seniors in school. So Gook was still the leader of watching famous seniors in school. And matched to push forward that girls or guys to be couple. When the time we saw that seniors were staying together and talked romantically, Gook will be a leader to see that seniors from classroom door. By having Prao and Noon operated together strictly. Although that was a enjoyable routine, but Prao grinned and daydreamed to build situation of that 2 seniors loved in her imagined world. Sometimes Prao told stories from her mind to Gook and Noon to be appreciated.

Oh !! Look at this Prao!! That famous senior!!!


“Wow!!! That male senior confessed his love with 128√e980 math problem!! He erased above side and equal “I love you”!!! That’s really appreciated!!” Prao said.

But that wasn’t enough! Prao didn’t want her every imaginations floated among the air and faded away. As a girl who loved to write some stories, she also picked her imagination from her mind to be sifted to many precious words. Prao started to write her fictions to webboard from now. By starting to pick her favorite and lovely seniors to love another senior and made warm & romantic story with her language and her feeling. When Prao wrote many fictions, she discovered about writing love stories from her imagination was bring her mind to the vortex mysterious way that joined to another world she could spell any magics and she could get it although reality world couldn’t be happened exactly. In addiction stories she had written had many people read more more and more. Then they give hopes to Prao for writing another stories.

At the day that weather was really hot, Prao, Gook and Noon talked at marble round bench under classroom building. Noon scooped coconut milk ice cream to her lovely mouth. Now Gook was doing her homework. Prao was drawing her picture carefully.

“What are you drawing? He blows his flute!”

“Thea.” Prao answered with her love feeling without seeing Noon’s face. Her hand still draw Thea with his smooth and allure hair.

“Do you secret admire that senior?” Noon teased Prao.

“No No No!!! I forget to tell something to you. When at Opening the world of clubs day, I saw senior Pooh and senior Thea played the game of balancing their body in a newspaper. And then they hugged together, that was…. Oh!!” Prao made her shy face and felt happy very much as same as she was thinking that romantic moment.




“So you also imagined and wrote that moments to your fiction?” Gook asks.

That young amateur writer shook her head vertically and said “Please create this fiction’s name…”

“The youth guy who have the heart to blow flute.” Gook said with her sweet voice.

“Chaos saxophonist and clam flutist.” Prao tried to compete creating name. But looked like that wasn’t good name. Until Noon said with explicit feeling to her friends.

“The saxophonist who crashes flutist!!”

Huh!!!? That name!!!? Although that is violent, but it is really badass!!! Oh yeah!!!

“Ah!!! Yes!!! The saxophonist who crashes flutist!! That name is really marvelous. I use this name “The saxophonist who crashes flutist!” Prao felt excited with her close friend’s idea that let her to imagine extremely to the galaxy.

“Please buy milk tea to me.” Noon wanted Prao to buy delicious milk tea to her and she raised her eyebrow to send signal to Prao.

“So I will buy milk tea and delicious bread.” Prao grinned and picked her drawing about handsome guy that had done to watch closely.

“If you will have done your fiction, please let me reading first. I wanted to read it.” Noon said to Prao with looking like lacking of interested feeling, but her voice was bold.

“Yeah Noon.” Fiction owner accepted Noon’s request with fresh and cheerful voice.”

With writing first chapter with “The saxophonist who crashes flutist!!” Prao was more famous. She still read many compliment comments more more and more. Many people said “You wrote it very fun, very high imagination, really appreciated.” Prao read them and smiled too, felt happy with this good result.

But she just thought about that fiction she wrote, her close friends didn’t read it.

At the morning in next day, 3 cute girls members sat at the marble bench, their reserved seat. Prao pick manuscript to Noon for reading. Althought many users on webboard liked Prao’s fiction, but Prao felt excited a little. She wanted to know when Noon read her romantic and sweet fiction, how did Noon feel?

Noon turned the page more, more and more. Prao observed Noon’s appreciated smile and shy eye contacts with sometimes. 5 minutes later, Noon read Prao’s fiction to final page before she laid Prao’s lovely fiction (manuscript edition) to the marble table.

“That’re really fun, Prao.” Noon said immediately after she finished to read  “The saxophonist who crashes flutist!!”.

“Did you read with skipping?” Gook asked to Noon. “That was really fast!!!”

“Prao’s fiction is really enjoyable, fun that suck time to be shorter. So does senior Thea read this? Do you bring this lovely fiction to senior Thea and Pooh?”

“What are you thinking? That’s really crazy to do!! If seniors anger to us, how can I do?”

“You’ll be unlucky.” Gook concluded before starting new story about Korean superstars from magazine she picked it up.

“This is the latest issue.” Gook laid her magazine to the table. Prao, Gook and Noon surrounded that Korean superstar magazine and opened each pages. Then they pointed to that famous Korean superstars. They complimented them relentlessly to his handsomeness on the paper that was printed with colors. Until Prao turned to the pages that have fan clubs or shippers ignited the light in meet & greet event with their lovely superstars.

“That pictures are really beautiful. How can they take that photos!! That’s really great!” Prao asked with her passionate feeling. Noon and Gook saw to that pictures together.

“That’s simple, Prao. You ingnite sparklers and take photos in the dark room.”

“Is this simple?” Prao didn’t believe that answer.

“That’s really simple. I can take it.” Noon boasted.

“I don’t believe!” Prao and Gook said immediately together.

“And I will proof it.” Noon said.

“Yeah!!! Professional photographer!!” Prao still teased to her close friend. She didn’t think Noon will turn her head with her big eyes. Then she gazed near Prao immediately. Her lovely big eyes made Prao breathed in badly.

Oh no!!! Noon!!! Why your eyes are so sweet?

Why do you dare to be against me?

I am shy!!! Oh no!!! Back off now!!!

Prao screamed immediately and pushed Noon’s face with her little and soft hands away from her. But Noon didn’t give up easily. She picked Prao’s arms and tried to contact Prao’s eyes closely. That moments Prao felt weird. Noon’s eyes was so cute and lovely. Her eyes was really big and sweet! But that was really weird!!! So she tried to evade that freak sweet eye contacts from Noon by closing her eyes.

No!!! No!!! No!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

“Do you fear? You teased me a lot so you get this payback from me!!!”

“I’m already feared!!! Another time I won’t teased you.”

Noon let Prao’s hand and laughed to Prao loudly. Her friend’s fearing was really funny. Prao breathed in with her tiring before she hit Noon with her arm as attacking moment.

“Don’t teased me with this again -_-“” Prao told to Noon with her fear.

“Yeah, Miss Prao, the girl who fear my eyes.” Noon laughed.

After that day, who will think about Prao and Gook’s contempt that they talked could make Noon dared to do something that her closed friend couldn’t guess.

“Hey you!! After learn off, you waited me to sand yard behind the school.” Noon whispered to Prao and Gook to hear at chemistry classroom.

“What do you have something? Prao asked with her doubting.

“Yeah!!” Noon’s voice was really serious until Prao saw to Gook. Both frowned and made her head doubtfully what it will be happened.

After learned off, Prao and Gook waited to the destination Noon appointed due to that sand yard was near garbage area, so no one walked passed to this. The atmosphere was silent until Prao and Gook felt feared. Finally Noon walked to her friends. In her hand, she carried suspected plastic bag.

“What do you appoint me, Noon?” Gook asked.

But Noon didn’t pay attention to Gook’s asking. She opened plastic bag immediately.

“1…2…3!” Noon picked and raised sparklers from that suspected plastic bag.

“Do you remember when you insulted me about I couldn’t take photos with sparkler. Today I prove this.”

“Do you keep our sentences to think seriously?” Gook asked to Noon back. She wanted to laugh loudly.

“That sparkler? I never play it.” Instead to interest conversation between Gook and Noon, Prao felt excited with sparkler more than everything.

“Hey!!! Prao!!!? Do you lie us. You’re teenager and haven’t you play yet?” Noon asked to Prao immediately.

“My mom never allowed me to play this. She said it was dangerous. And is this hot to my hand?” Prao asked to Noon with her fear and frightened feeling that controlled her voice.

“Sparkler isn’t hot than you think. Let’s play this.” Noon hooked Prao’s arm and walked faster to the storage room that wasn’t far from sand yard. Gook followed her friends.

Noon peeked left and right direction to be sure no one was here. When she saw the way to storage room was safe, she opened storage room door and entered by Prao and Gook were following her. Although this was running to the storage room stealthy, but for girls, this was the most thrilled moment they ever found.

When Noon opened the room, that room was really dark until they didn’t see anything. Only little light showed from small unclosed window that made weird and haunted atmosphere. No time to wait!! Noon hurried to send unused sparkler to her friends and picked box of matches from her skirt pocket to ignite. The little flame from ignited match shined to reveal Prao and Gook’s face just a moment. Until the flame from the unused sparkler interacted, it shined with many shined lines from sparkler beautifully until Prao yelled from her glad feeling. Gook hurried to bring sparkler from her hand to ignite Gook’s sparkler to Prao’s sparkler. Prao hesitated with her fear although it was really beautiful.

“Don’t fear it, Prao. It’s not hot.” Noon said to Prao for believing about sparkler wasn’t hot. Then she used her hand to hit that flame from sparkler. That wasn’t hot!!

Prao brought her hand to receive that beautiful and dangerous-like sparkler. She grinned until her eyes was slanted when she was the owner of first sparkler. Her boom boom feeling inside her precious heart wasn’t different than being the owner of many stellar among the galaxy.

“Hey!!! Everyone raise you hand!” Noon said with Prao and Gook. Both raised their hand to their limit and waved their sparkler as same as they were standing in some concerts. Until first sparkler was burnt.

“You’re also addicted, Prao. Do you want anymore?” Noon asked when saw Prao’s face that was being happy. Prao accepted.

Noon brought second unused sparkler to Prao and ignited it. Prao started to adjust with many sparking flames from sparkler so she tried to hold her sparkler nearer to her.  When she was gazing that beautiful sparked flame, Prao felt wonderful time. When she saw to Noon and Gook that were playing and taking many photos, Prao felt warm inside her precious heart until she smiled later. She could know about that 2 girls, Noon and Gook had to be the best friend forever who will be her friend forever.

Prao raised her little finger and said…

Noon, Gook. We’re friend together forever!!

Prao’s friends felt weird when Prao said about that. But when they saw to Prao’s slender little finger that she brought to them, Noon and Gook raised and hooked Prao’s little finger together.

We’re friend that can go and enjoy together!!!!

Noon said and she used her little finger to ticking her friends’ little fingers. They smiled together until Gook had some ideas to share with her friends.

“Wait!! So did you take any sparkler photos without blurring?”

Before Noon was answering, the freaking light from the door shined immediately. Prao, Noon and Gook saw to that light and….

Oh no!!! What the hell is that!!!?

“What the hell are you doing here? Huh!!?” Orn, strict janitor that everyone respect her yell loudly!!!

What are you waiting for!!!? Run!!!

Noon said and 3 cute girls members ran out from that storage room as same as escaping from the murderer!!

That night Prao wore Kitty pajama and lied her body to her bed for talking Noon and Gook in group chat in LINE.

Noon : We were near to be captured!
Gook : I just knew you ran very fast, Noon. Equipped cheetah’s feet to run…
Prao : LOL. That was really thrilled.
Gook : So did you take photos?
Noon : I will just send to you!

Noon sent photos that Gook played the sparkler.

Gook : I’m really ugly! No another good pics?
Noon : Look at sparkler, not your face.
Gook : Shhh!!

Noon sent Prao’s photos.

Prao : Ah!!!!!!! What time did you take?
Noon : The time you was gazing sparkler.

Prao saw to her picture she was playing sparkler. Spark flame glittered to shine a part of Prao’s face and her eyes that looked like Prao was spelled with mysterious magic from another world.

Prao : Really beautiful.
Noon : Do you compliment my photo of yourself?
Prao : I compliment your photo.
Noon : Do you see I can take sparkler photo.
Gook : Yeah. I believe.

Prao saved her photos that Noon sent in her smartphone and smiled with her appreciated feeling.

Prao : Thank you very much Noon. I liked this photo very much.
Noon : Purchase some desserts to me!

Prao smiled and sent Kitty sticker in LINE application.

Noon : That character you sent, what is it feeling?
Prao : Now you feel , Kitty feels too.





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