Behind the scene “Hormones The Series Translation”

Every Sunday, I woke up at morning 06:00 AM. Then I brushed my teeth, opened my computer, go to LINE TV website, sought latest video of Hormones The Series, open Photoshop and…

Now!!! Translation work started!

First phase, took many screenshots.

This phase might use more than 2 hours for finishing each episode. Application to take screenshots was Adobe Photoshop, Chrome (for watching Hormones The Series via LINE TV that only in Thailand) and Print Screen button on my keyboard.1

When I was watching Hormones The Series for taking screenshots, I chose many necessary screenshot only. If in very long talking scene, I took screenshots only 2 or 3 screenshots.

But if in the climax scene, I captured every moments from that character!!!

When I saw interested scene, I pressed “Print Screen” button and I pressed Alt+Tab button on my keyboard for changing application to Photoshop.

Then I pressed Ctrl+N for creating “New”. Chose preset “Clipboard” and clicked OK.


Now I pressed Ctrl+V for pasting screenshot.

Pressed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S for Save for web & devices.


I chose JPEG with 60% quality and click save.

I created its name to numbers, such as 1, 2,3 ,4… until the end.

I did it more until I captured interested scene completely.

Each episode I captured more than 250 pictures!!! That were very much.


Then I uploaded them all. I used WordPress so I uploaded by entering WP Admin > Media > add new.

Luckily I had very high internet upload speed so I could upload 250+ pictures with 5 minutes.

After I uploaded, now this was second phase.

Second phase, put screenshots to each character’s articles.

Looked them first. What was Jane’s pics, Dao’s pics, Kanompang’s pics. Actually, I had to know what pictures I captured happened to some characters.

If I put Dao & Koi’s screenshot to Jane’s story, that was wrong.

Put them all and did it until next phase. That next phase was really necessary from my translation project.

Third phase, translation.

I always divided application to translated with 2 sides. Left is web browser I was typing translation. Right is LINE TV.


Translation had 3 style.

First, synopsis only.

Watched all of video 2,3 times, then told synopsis about… What did characters doing. What did character finding, etc. Synopsis only translation doesn’t have dialogues.

Second, dialogues.

What did they say, wrote them!!! As…

A : Hey what’s up
B : Nothing happened.
A : Blah blah blah…

Pattern of this translation was (Character’s name): What character says.

Third, fiction or novel style.

I used this style. This style was the hardest to translate because translator (or writer) had to be that character, such as I was translating about Dao, so I had to be Dao who was staying in this situation. Not being someone who saw to Dao and told what was Dao doing. It was liked as actors who be the role of character. So I had to know the character’s feeling, behaviors, attitude before I translated that character’s moments.

When I translated Hormones the series, I listened until end each sentences and I translated. Then I described what character felt and thought on that moment. This wasn’t made for analytic people. Translating drama or novel was made for artistic, aesthetic or sensitive people who felt character’s feeling. It was very hard if you don’t have skill of knowing character’s feeling.


“If all the time hasn’t made you trust me, so I don’t have any fucking thing to say with you.” – dialogue

For Jane. She is  really fucking shocked when she is doing lab and Kanompang intrudes to laboratory learning room. Then Kanompang yells, argues Jane without any causes as some ghosts substitute Kanompang’s spirit and rampage to Jane. Jane doesn’t know how to do next…? – Jane’s feeling and acting. No one narrated this. Translator had to know and describe character’s feeling to reader.

Fourth, publish.

If my translation works finished, I reviewed again and published. Before publishing, please check about you upload feature photos, wrong words or grammars, insert tags and categories.

Finally, everything was completed, so hit “Publish” button!

Attitude of making contents.

This is my tips for creating my art, such as drawing, painting,  blogging, taking photos, etc. One thing I still do is…

Make my work to the best, but not make my work to be perfect.

Because “Perfection” in this world isn’t exist. Nothing is perfect. There are some flaws. Doing perfectly is really stressed a lot for my opinion. If I am perfectionist, before to be perfect, I seek flaws with long time. Finally it’s flawless, but I wasted my time!!! Until I am critic who doesn’t create any new work, but observe, analyze some flaws.

If I am critic who is fulfilled with perfectionist behavior, I may translate with monotone feeling, read as “non-fiction” as you can watch National Geographic channel, no swears words.

So I stay at opposite side of critics.

I am not a man who uses my eyes to observe another one’s movement and criticize them, but I let someone (characters) to substitute my body, brain and heart.

That is my art.

Another things that is very necessary for my works is “Passion”

Passion is same as my energy from my body. Passion is my energy from my heart, brain. When I lacked passion, that is same as hungry. My body wants food, but heart wants books, experiences, listening music, relaxing, etc.

My writing works need many passion to do successfully. So if my passion is empty, I stop to write. Then relax, listen songs, watching another one’s experiences until my passion is raised fully.

Luckily about my blog had “SAVE” button. So if I feel uneasy, I stop to write. Then relax…

My works walk with my passion 🙂 This is my art.


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