Can you translate “Pinky Promise” to your local language?

I want to say about… If you know Dao & Koi stories from Hormones The Series since 1 to 3, that are only 50% for all.

And air time for Dao & Koi looked like it was less than I hope. They showed themselves on Hormones the series season 3 at chapter 2 with main episode. After that, they didn’t appeared much and stories in season 3 were really simple, linear and disinterested than another character.

Because Dao & Koi weren’t protagonist of Hormones The Series. And Dao & Koi’s stories on Hormones The Series were separated extremely from Kanompang and her friends. That means Kanompang, Jane, Oil, Non, ZomZom and another characters don’t know who are Dao, Koi and Elle.

Oh no!!! Why did Hormones The Series writer tease Dao & Koi fans…

Finally Dew, writer from Hormones The Series season 1 and 2 who wrote Dao & Koi’s story thought to write the novel that have only Dao & Koi’s story. Because he thought Dao & Koi’s story in Hormones the series was really little and disinterested. And his more surprised moment was “Pinky Promise”, the diary (novel) Dao wrote to Koi was available in real world (with Thai language only).

But for my Hormones The Series’s translation works, many people followed my blog (for Dao & Koi stories) request me to translate the novel that Dao wrote to Koi. It called “Pinky Promise”.

First time I wanted to stop translating project and I focused to my new article with my style (review, travel, nightlife), but someday I checked my stat of my blog. Dao & Koi (Hormones Charater) was the most famous article forever in my blog. So… I created my new translation project again.

That project is “Pinky Promise international translation”

Look like there are many Belle  ╳ Fon fans and shippers from Chinese, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Someone knows only their local language and they want to know true stories about Dao & Koi that weren’t appeared on Hormones The Series much as Kanompang, Jane, Oil, Win, Kwan, etc.

So if you can translate to your local language, tell me. But I request only one thing. Please give credits (my website) to me. And I will share your translation to my website too.

I translated from Thai > English, and you translate English > your local language. Let the world know this romantic story!!

Note : Now Chinese version, @anmisaa will translate from English > Chinese.




  1. Hello, Filipino here! I can help you with the translation. Would it be okay if I choose different words in my choosing? Thanks.

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