Pinky Promise “Prologue”

Chinese version, click here.

(Translated by JustForFon on, twitter)

Vietnamese version, click here. (blogger)

(Translated by ABH)

I’m Dao.

I’m writer of Pinky Promise.

Reason of writing this novel because I felt stressed very much. I love Koi very much, but when I and Koi was grade 11…


Looked like society controverted me and Koi a lot. I lied about I loved only guy, never loved girl.

I didn’t know how long can I lie myself.


I said I love guy as same as another girl. Finally, I couldn’t do that.

I confessed about my sexual orientation is bisexuality that I can desire some cute guys…


but I love only Koi.

I’m not confident to tell “I’m lesbian. Koi is my girlfriend” to everyone.

For my stress, I freed myself to this novel.


For you, Koi.


Please read it. This is my feeling to you.


“For Koi… and our love”


Click here for reading “Pinky Promise” Chapter 1 (Sample edition).

(If you click and see “Oops!!! That page can’t be found”, please wait 1 minute and click again.)


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