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(Translated by ABH)

I’m Dao.

I’m writer of Pinky Promise.

Reason of writing this novel because I felt stressed very much. I love Koi very much, but when I and Koi was grade 11…


Looked like society controverted me and Koi a lot. I lied about I loved only guy, never loved girl.

I didn’t know how long can I lie myself.


I said I love guy as same as another girl. Finally, I couldn’t do that.

I confessed about my sexual orientation is bisexuality that I can desire some cute guys…


but I love only Koi.

I’m not confident to tell “I’m lesbian. Koi is my girlfriend” to everyone.

For my stress, I freed myself to this novel.


For you, Koi.


Please read it. This is my feeling to you.


“For Koi… and our love”


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