Pinky Promise Chapter 1 “Meet together” (Part 1)

Chinese version | by 大能猫JOUY  | by JustForFon

Vietnamese version (WordPress , Blogger)

(Translated by ABH)

Indonesian version

(Translated by Shan)

Warning!! this article isn’t completed because I translated from sample e-book from online store. I already ordered “Pinky Promise” and still wait to deliver full book for 3 days for complete translation in chapter 1.

The starting was always fulfilled with many stories and a lot of feeling.

The small eyes girl breathed in deeply for raising her confidence. She wore tidy student uniform that without rucks. Her student uniform was really white, clean and new, stuck skirt, new black student shoes and beautiful ponytail hairstyle. Everything were perfect that couldn’t allow to be penalty. Only her tangled bangs that were blown from the wind at the moment.

That tangled bangs owner carried her bag and walked on the classroom building. Between the way to the classroom, there were many students that talked and enjoyed. Yell sounds were mixed with talking sound enjoyably. That girl couldn’t summarize what they talked, but she knew the happiness that everyone met again. Opening semester was this. Many friends that weren’t met together with long time had many stories to talk relentlessly. That could make her to suspect about who couldn’t talk to someone as her.

She was new students at this school, so although she paced faster, but she still had to use long time to find her classroom. And when she stopped to stand in front of grade 10 room 1 classroom, she was revealed about plan of reserving seats in the classroom was failed because all seats were reserved by classmates. She also walked into her classroom shyly. She tried to find available seats and decided to lay her bag to the table at third row that was available.

“Sorry. That seat was reserved.”

That newbie girl saw to the sound position. A girl who wore glasses saw her with calm face.

Newbie girl smile shyly, shook her head vertically to understand before picking her bag to hug.

“You..” Newbie students heard that sound from another side of classroom. She turned her head to that sound position. She saw big eyes girl called her.

“Please sit here. That seat is available.” That girl said and hit with her right hand to that seat that mean it was really available. Newbie girl felt happy so she smiled widely and her eyes were smiled too before she walked to lay her bag and sat to her seat simply.

“Hi. I’m Noon. What’s your name?” Kind girl started to talk with newbie girl.

“I’m Prao.” That newbie girl answered with sharp and excited voice.

“Hi Prao. Nice to meet you.” Noon greeted with smiled face.

“Hi Noon. Nice to meet you too.” Prao answered back.

“Please introduce me too.” Another girl that sat behind Prao said.

“Don’t you have mouth?” Noon asked with teasing and laughing. “Prao. This is Gook.”

“Hi Gook.” Prao waved her hand moderately and smiled to Gook before listening Gook’s very long description about she ever met Noon since she was grade 7-9, but she felt bored so she decided with Noon to sit with another friends. And she warned Prao to beware Noon carefully because that crazy girl was really the clumsiest.

Prao laughed when she saw Noon tried to hit Gook’s head before moving her body to open her bag for picking up her books and stationary box to her table.

“Kitty!” Noon opened her eyes widely and said excitedly until Prao couldn’t endured.


“Rarely one uses stationery box with Kitty decoration.”

“Is it unusual?” That Kitty stationery box owner asked with quiet sound as same as lack of confidence with question and answers to receive.

“That is so cute.” Noon answers with picking fabric bag that keep her pens and decorated with Mumin, the troll that not have mouth and like hippopotamus to her table.

“Do you like Mumin?”

“Yes.” Noon answers with long speaking. “There was someone told its face was same as my face.” Non opened her big eyes and do confused face as Mumin. Prao laughed before she observed about Mumin didn’t have mouth as Kitty.

“Noon. Do you know why Mumin doesn’t have mouth?” Prao created question.

“I don’t know.” Noon shook her head horizontally. That meant she didn’t know.

“I don’t know did character creator think as same as Kitty because Kitty doesn’t have mouth too.” Prao continued to tell.

Noon opened her big eyes as knowing frightened secret. She picked her stationery box to gazed closely and poked Gook that was reading Korean star magazine.

“Hey Gook. Look!! I just know Kitty doesn’t have mouth!”

“Everyone know that. Don’t you ever observe?” Gook asked.

Noon’s big eyes made Prao knew about Noon excited to know Kitty didn’t really have mouth. Prao smiled and started to describe. “Kitty doesn’t have mouth because character designer who created Kitty wanted Kitty to be friendly for everyone’s feeling, such as when you’re happy, Kitty is happy with you, or when you are sad, Kitty is sad too.”

“Oh!!” Noon and Gook interjected together.

“That is really deep!” Noon picked Kitty to see closely. She made her face to be happy, funny. Then she changed her face to be sad. Her mouth was slanted as same as someone was crying.

“That’s really been! When I laughed, it laughed with me. When I cried, it really cried with me.” Big eyes girl excited relentlessly. “That’s very great!”

“I think Prao keep this Kitty away. Let Noon see that. After that she will be crazy.” Gook teased her friend before she and Prao would laughed together.

“How long that 3 girls do you talk?”


What time did that mature teacher walked to the classroom? But then hit sound from the stick occurred, Prao, Gook and Noon sat with straight back for paying attention of learning. Prao saw to Noon from side. Although Noon’s face was calm for pleasing teacher, but Noon’s face couldn’t hide enjoyable feeling completely. Until Prao felt deeply about that girl will be her close friend.

Until alarm sounded all of school. That was a signal of lunch time. Students grade 10 room 1 kept their items to their desk carelessly and went out from classroom. Prao dressed her untidy student uniform to their appropriate position. But when Prao was dressing, Noon hooked Prao’s arm and brought out from the classroom.

“Don’t dress it! If you go to canteen slowly, that seats at canteen will be reserved! Staying at this school must be quick!”

Prao lurched from Noon’s pull force. Gook hurried to rush together.

At the canteen, there were many students queued in front of restaurants. Someone were waiting at table to reserve their seats for their friends. Prao tried to adjust this chaos atmosphere and evaded from another one who carried dishes with rice or bowl with noodle and walked passing Prao.

“You, I found target.” Noon invited Gook and Prao to watch female students group grade 7-9 that had finished having lunch, but they talked together loudly at that table.

“What are you doing, Noon?” Prao asked with her doubtfulness.

“I will do it.” Noon said and went to that table. Prao and Gook followed Noon with confused feeling. They didn’t think about Noon would stand at that table and cough loudly until everyone at that table saw Noon and she smiled sweetly, told with polite voice “Please let me sit here.” with seeing to the dishes that were finished having lunch from that girls. And Noon sent smile from her heart again for finishing.

That girls group kept their dished and went away immediately. Noon told to thanked them before turning her head to her friends with raising her eyebrows and smirked. She couldn’t endure to proud her bravery too.

“You buy your meals first. I will reserve table.”

“What drink do you want? I will buy it to you first.” Prao said for thanking to her friend.

“Never mind Prao. I will buy it myself.” Noon answered and sent her sweet smile. Prao felt happy when she did something a little.

After choosing to buy some meals, Prao, Noon and Gook also sat to eat deliciously together. When Noon scooped chicken soup, she started to create new question to new member (Prao) again. Until Noon knew about Prao moved from girl school.

“Girl school?” Noon reviewed answer again. Prao shook her head vertically for accepting Noon’s opinion that Prao thought it wasn’t necessary much.

“Hello madame.” Noon said and felt pleased.

“Why do you move to this school?” Gook asked curiously.

Prao was answering, but Noon raised her hand to Prao for stopping Prao who was answering. Then she said “I know why you learn here.”

Noon and Gook turned their head to contact their eyes as knowing something together. Before smiling foxy.

“That’s not as you think!!!” Prao refused relentlessly with her cute, sharp voice tone when she guessed about smile and sight from her friends meant.

“Don’t refuse Prao. You came here because you want to meet another guy?” Noon poked Prao by talking and she touch Prao’s shoulder with her shoulder until Prao’s cheek blushed.

“Are you crazy? I come here because this school is famous. There are many students entered to famous university.”

“That should be real~~” Noon spoke very long before seeing over Prao’s shoulder to something that was interested.

“Hey Goog!” That is Thee, handsome march band member!!!”

Prao followed to watch Thee immediately.

“Where!!!?” Prao tried to seek Thee.

Noon laughed loudly and she said to Prao. “Are you sure about you come to this school for examining to famous university?”

When Prao knew about she was tricked by Noon, that small eyes girl slanted her mouth with upset feeling automatically. Then she had lunch without saying anything.

“You sulk? Oh!!! I’m sorry….” Noon waved her hand to Prao’s face as same as parents waved their hand to their child to stop crying.

“Crazy!!! I don’t sulk!!” Prao said.

“Next time when I will find handsome or cute senior students, I will call you immediately.” Noon still teased Prao until Prao saw to Noon and said

“Promise me…”

Noon and Gook heard that so they laughed very loud. They never thought about that sentence came from polite girl as Prao.




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