Pinky promise, Koi & Dao’s side story novel will be translated soon.

Many Koi & Dao fans requested me about translating this novel. First time after Pinky Promise was published, I didn’t have idea to translate this because I was tired for translating Hormones The Series. That was very tired. I planned about after Hormones The Series was ended, I will stop creating Hormones Contents.

And I started to create my own diaries and my original novel called “The Urbanist”

But many people who are Koi and Dao (Belle ╳ Fon) fans and shippers requested me a lot. So….

I confirmed to translated “Pinky  promise”

Translating this novel is easier, but use longer time to translate. I ever read Pinky Promise with some pages and looked like this wasn’t complex as translating Hormones The Series.

One obstacle is “Very hard to find Pinky Promise”. 

Many B2S bookstores are sold out. Pinky Promise was very popular and this novel was sold exclusively only B2S that was far away from my home. (Actually when I buy books, I buy at Kinokuniya.) So if I will own Pinky Promise, I’ll tell you later.




  1. I am very happy :D. Thank you so much. I’m from Vietnam. In my country, SIAMerch sell this book (Pinky Promise), it is 500.000 VND. They also translate this, but they sell translation of the Pinky Promise :(. It is 700.000 VND.

    I am so bad at English. Please sympathize with me :(.

  2. I also in Vietnam. I also have order books Pinky promise but unfortunately no english language. Thanks to you that I understand the contents of this book. Thank you very much.

    • You’re welcome. Now I am changing website’s theme for supporting Pinky Promise translation project. For latest update about my blog, please follow me at Twitter with my ID “@campzzz”

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