The adventure at BADMOTEL. (Part 1)

This story was happened before meeting Kimi.

Hey…. Where are you going, Camp?





Tong, my friend who ever learned at same university sent message via Facebook to me. Looked like he wanted to go to some nightclubs due to this day is Friday.

Hahaha… Friday!!!? I remembered to “Thank’s god!! It’s Friday!!”

After I watched Tong’s message, I open via chrome. Website was the best web to seek some nightlife event. I sought many events and I disappointed that many events were exhibited far away from my home. Finally… Looked like at Thonglor and RCA were the best places to meet nightlife society and these places were nearest.

Thonglor was one of the most popular resident places for foreign people who worked at here. And looked like this place had some nightclubs to make you fun after work off time. There were many Japanese people who loved to enjoy the nightlife society. For Japanese major people, they loved to invite their friends and have dinner at Japanese restaurant. That was Japanese behavior. They though about they worked very hard so they wanted to do something for blowing out bad feeling from their heart and be faded away at the air.

Finally I found nice event at Thonglor… at BADMOTEL!

“Hey Tong!! I know interested place to go!” I texted to Tong via Facebook Messenger. “Do you know BADMOTEL?”

“BADMOTEL!!!? What’s that?” Tong texted back to me.

“Pub & Restaurant at Thonglor.” I described by texting. “Looked like you may love it. Feeling of BADMOTEL was really awesome. For Indy people such as us.”Luckily about my smartphone was Android and I purchased swype so I could text faster than another people due to I swiped to texy many words.

“What time about this event?”

“Saturday.” I answered.

“OK. See you.”

That time I was unemployed. I resigned from former company to make my dream to be successful. I loved blogging. That was my life.

I wasn’t good person. I loved to hangout with my friends or some strangers at nightclubs, pubs. Actually I had just interested watching TV series since Hormones The Series Season 3 since September 2015. Before that time, I blogged about events and nightlife societies. That was my life. The life with the colorful spirit.

Although I was born from the Asian culture, but my attitude was really rebellious and liberal very much. Although I was rebellious and liberal, but I still focused about equality. I was sad about equality in Thailand at some society was really injustice. Finally I found nightclub. That was the best place of the equality to meet everyone. Everyone at nightclub had same attitude.

Looked like my attitude came from western land.

Night clubs were my second home.


2 days later, at Thonglor.

This was my journey without paper maps. Thank you Google for the marvelous quality of maps on my smartphone that can tell everything at Thonglor. Inside Thonglor, there were many secret places to go. Actually alleys at Thonglor weren’t joint together. That was main problem in Bangkok.

Luckily I came with BTS. Before I has worked at Asoke, when I went to Thonglor, that was very hard. I waited buses No.23 to bring me. That buses were liked Noah’s ark at nightlife.

It was very hard to meet buses No.23. Alternative buses were No. 38, 48. That buses could bring me to Thonglor too.

Finally I arrived to Thonglor. At Saturday, looked like there weren’t crowded. It was silent. I walked to Sukhumvit 49 alley to BADMOTEL. That was the way to the Japanese village. Every signs at this alley were Japanese. I could read some texts and I could translated it. There were many Ramen restaurants at here. Some Japanese restaurants attracted me to enter.

When I walked to these places, some girls called me. “Hey!!! Camp.”

She was my friend who ever met at Motor Expo. She was booth babe who was very gorgeous. Her face was done with plastic surgery. Not only her face, her boobs too. That were done. Her name is “Jane.”

Note : This Jane wasn’t Jane from Hormones The Series, but Jane who was booth babe had behaviors as same as Jane.

“Jane.” I said. “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know where to go. Can you go with me?” Jane wanted to travel nightlife with me.

“Yeah. I am going to BADMOTEL.” I said. “You may interest this place too.”

“BADMOTEL?” She asked. “Now what event is coming on?”

“Indy event.” I answered. “Hey!!! Jane. I knew you love to travel at luxury nightclub. Now I will go to alternative experiences that make you feel good.”

“Yeah.” Jane said.

“Let’s go!” I said and I made Jane following me.

I found her at Grease Mon-Sat. Looked like Jane bored Grease Mon-Sat. She wanted to meet new experiences from me.

After that, I and Jane talked and walked to BADMOTEL together.

“Camp.” She said.


“Why do you love to go nightclubs?”

“I don’t want to make you sad.” I said. “But testosterone hormone make me to seek and meet gorgeous girls to exchange feeling of love together.”

“And me?” Jane asked me. “Am I gorgeous to compete another girls?”

I saw to Jane’s appearance and I said “That make me stunned.”

“Hahaha.” Jane laughed.

“Jane.” I called to her and said. “Looked like your big boobs didn’t want another guy to touch them. But you wanted to compete another girl. Aren’t they?”

“Hey!!! Why do you know?” Jane asked me.

“Hahaha. Now girl’s attitude has really shocked. They addicted more skin cares and cosmetics to make them as Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Actually they didn’t want to attract more guys, but they want to compete another girls. That is really crazy.”

Jane believed my sentences.

“Yes”. She accepted. “So you ever stayed at booth babe society.”

“I ever have girlfriend who was booth babe.” I told my stories to Jane. “But you are more beautiful than her.”

“Hey!!!” She said.

“Listen to me.” I said. “My ex-girlfriend addicted aesthetic body a lot. Until she told me directly. She loved butch.”

“Butch!!!?” Jane frightened. “Why!!!? Why didn’t love you although you’re real guy?”

“I don’t know. And now many girls I ever met were homosexual.” I described. “But I see about love can cross sex too.”

“I agree. But I suspect something.” Jane asked me. “Why did she interest you although she loved butch?”

“She said I was good guy.” I said. “But she decides to her decision of sexual orientation.”

“I can’t know reason to love butch. Is it usual?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“Hahaha.” Jane laughed.

After that I and Jane walked to BADMOTEL successfully. Way to go to BADMOTEL was very hard. No footpath to walk easily. There were many cars that passed every times. That was really dangerous.

“Today you’re very gorgeous.” I complimented Jane again. Today¬†she wore calm black costume that increased her skin color to be brighter.

“Hey!!!” Jane was shy and she hit my shoulder.

Finally I and Jane came to BADMOTEL. In this day at BADMOTEL fulfilled with balloons and people with dressing unique costumes. That wasn’t same as another nightclub. This party was made for Indy people such as me.



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