The day after happy new year 2016 (Part 2)

From part 1 that I said about atmosphere from Central World and Siam Zone. Looks like that place weren’t changed much, except beer gardens. There were many people who were taking photos together. That was really beautiful and crowded. Oh!!! Wow!!! That beautiful lights made everyone could be illuminated and easier to take photos.

So… next place I went to the center of the world of nightlife. There were 2 places that I often went when I felt alone and I wanted to meet somebody to dance together.

First place was RCA.

Route 66 at Friday 1-1-2016.

RCA was short term of Royal City Avenue, the avenue between Petchaburi road and Rama 9 road. This place ever was the center of the nightlife zone for 15-20 years ago. Now this place wasn’t crowded as long time (except countdown day, Songkran festival, Halloween day.) I ever visited this place a lot. There were many famous DJ who had many impressive remix song works to show at here. But I wanted to say about this place I rarely focused for main destination of nightlife due to coming back to my home was really difficult.

I walked from the Oasis Creative market. Look like Oasis wanted to compete ART BOX THAILAND, but this was lower cost flea market. I will review about Oasis creative market at soon. Now I focused about atmosphere after happy new year 2016.

Looked like there weren’t crowded as countdown day. Although this was Friday that had TGIF, but now RCA wasn’t crowded much in today. Route 66 and ONYX increased their area every Friday and Saturday, but no one come to RCA much although this time was 09:30.

Next place of hanging out with Indie or underground style, Tuksura. Tuksura was the one of the most famous place to hangout at RCA due to alcoholic drinks or food costs was lower than Route 66 or ONYX. But you couldn’t walk and run to pick up girls (or boy) at here much. I never went to this place so I couldn’t tell about this much.

Tuksura was really dark.

Oh!!! Looked like this place was closed in this day. This was very rare picture I had ever seen. I heard about Tuksura would be closed until Monday 4 2016.

Not only Tuksura was closed due to new year day, another bars, restaurants at RCA was closed too. RCA after happy new years 2016 was really dark and very haunted in my mind forever…

Next place… Thonglor.

Game Over cafe still opened.

This place was really dark as same as RCA. Looked like in this time Thonglor wasn’t new destination of going to nightlife society as earlier years. many pubs, nightclubs and bars at here were closed due to lost many profit. Losing profit actually came from very high alcoholic drink’s tax. That was really insane and drinking alcoholic drinks was prohibited at many places. In Thailand, I had ever told to everyone who read “Beer garden = illegal” about alcoholic drinks from Buddhism means “the water from the hell”.

Someone said about this… Oh!!! I wanted to tell story I had ever seen at my village. My neighborhood addicted alcoholic drinks a lot. He drank more more and more. Every morning,  noon, evening and night. His routines were drinking alcoholic drinks only. That was really insane and mad. Someday he transformed to the dog and bark to everyone who passed him. Someday he yelled as the hulk.

Japanese restaurant closed too.

Actually drinking alcoholic drinks should know limit. If you can’t limit yourself, that will be transformed to another animal.

OK, come back at Thonglor. At Thonglor, there were many pubs and restaurants still opened. At Bottom’s Up, there were many people were having dinner at here. Oh!!! Looked at this!!! There were many lovely people at here. There was music band was playing music. That was really nice song. Sound was really great as same as listening from in-ear monitor.

So after new year at Thonglor wasn’t affect much.

Next zone, Thonglor Soi 10.


I’m sorry that I didn’t take photos from Ten. Ten was the place for renting with many pubs and restaurant. I was sorry about Diana Bangkok was closed due to lose many profits at here. At Thonglor, profit competition was very massive. Some pubs were closed and escaped from Thonglor.

So… I wanted to say about… Now Thonglor wasn’t same as earlier year. Only 4 nightclubs at here, but they weren’t big much as RCA. For me, I loved them. They were really comfortable for hanging out.

Christmas tree from the ..?


Looked like you should go to the nightclub at event day. Now TGIF can tease you too. Although you come to the nightclub on Friday, but it may tease you about no one is interested.


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