Kwan (Hormones female protagonist)



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Know about Kwan


Aungsumarin Sirapattarasuckmetha (Patty) as “Kwan”

Real name & Last name : Kongkwan Dilokthummasakul
Date of Birth : October 18 1995
Zodiac : Libra (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 52137
Habit : Very clever, exert everything to do, sincere, tender, have leadership, mercy
Grade : 11 room 1 (Season 1), 12 room 1 (Season 2)
Her smartphone & phablets : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Apple iPhone 5S (Season 2)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 1,2,3 (In SS3, she appears at Kanompang’s ending only)
Her main episode : Season 1 Ep.9 “Cortisol” , Season 2 Ep.7 “Kwan”
Like : Everything that came from sincere heart
Dislike : Distrust people, Win when he didn’t stop to use drugs
Relationship compatibility: Win (∞% | Soulmate), Mork (100% | Best friend), Sprite (100% | Best friend forever), Dao (60% | lower class girl)
Her successor character : Oil 75%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (With society)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnancy : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personality : S (Steadiness)

Her stories (Synopsis only)

Hormones The Series Season 1

Kwan at Hormones The Series Season 1.

Kwan was born from the perfectionist mother. She exerts to do everything to be perfect. She cares society more than friends and rules from the friends. Every semesters she got GPA 4:00. Until she met Win, but she didn’t love Win because looks like Win might insincere with her. When Win sat with Kwan, he stopped to suck tobacco.

Sometimes Win tried to flirt Kwan, but Kwan thought Win was insincere to her.

But… Finally her truth of family will be revealed. Her mom was minor wife due to Win met Kwan to met another Kwan’s dad’s son indirectly.

My dad!!!? What the fuck is that? So… my mom is minor wife?

Then rumors about Kwan had mom who was minor wife spread together. Kwan stressed a lot. She couldn’t do examination well until she cheated examination by writing scientific formulas to her left hand.


Finally Kwan was suspected and she was punished by getting science subject with grade 0.

Next day she knew about Win planned Kwan to meet the truth of Kwan’s family. She knew from the men toilet when Mork and Win were sucking tobacco. She hated Win a lot. Win tried to apologizes Kwan, but Kwan hates Win more.

“Win…. Why did you do this?” Kwan asks to Win.

Until at secret tutoring time, Win was drunken a lot and he tried to rape Orr, English teacher. Everyone judged about Win was really fucking asshole, but Kwan didn’t trust that rumor. That time Win was hidden with long time.

Hormones The Series Season 2

Her relationship with Mork was a lot. Because Mork taught how to take photos with film camera to Kwan.

Looked like nightmare visited Kwan again because Win sent apology texts to Kwan, but Kwan didn’t answers to Win.

Until Kwan met Win again. Win tried to apologize Kwan again. Finally Kwan forgave Win with everything.

But… looked like Win was unusual…

What was Win doing?

At sea trip, Mork confessed love to Kwan to loved her. Finally she was in a relationship with Mork.

In the night at sea trip, she saw Win was holding something. Looked like drugs named “Heroin”. And Win’s behavior was unusual more more and more. Not rebellious as earlier time. Kwan followed Win to the rooftop of apartment. That time Kwan talked to Win about Orr. Then she asked about drugs Win was used. Win tried to say advantages of using drugs, but Kwan disagreed and wanted Win to stop using drugs. Win disagreed Kwan’s opinion.

She still trust Win about… Win can stop using drugs.

Reason to go the sea trip because Mork wanted to take photos at the sea to compete the contest of photography. In contest day, Mork was the winner of contesting. He took photos with Kwan. That was really beautiful.

But… Bad news!!! Mork’s father was dead. Kwan and Mork were sad very much.

After that day she met Sprite who got mysterious gift. Oh no!!! Sprite didn’t know who sent. Kwan knew again when Sprite was stabbed and sent to the nearest hospital. That day Kwan met Kanompang, Tar’s girlfriend and Oil, Kanompang’s friend.

Finally Kwan knew about that nerdy guys who sent mysterious gift was taken down by Pai. So next case was… Who created Sprite’s fake Facebook account? Because many people misunderstood about that Sprite’s Facebook account wasn’t real.

So… Finally Sprite knew someone who created fake Sprite’s fake Facebook account. She was Oil!!! Sprite, Mork and Kwan went to Oil and squeezed Oil to confess everything that Oil did…

Finally Oil confessed everything. Sprite forgave Oil.

But…… Oh…. Win was unusual again. She argued Win about Win used drugs. But Win still used it. Mork suspected Win’s movement too. Win absented more more and more. Tar suspect too.

In this time only Kwan knew Win used drugs.

Until someday Win was dying due to use drugs a lot. Kwan worried a lot because Win’s voice was really unusual and dying. Finally she brings Win to the nearest hospital for reviving Win from the dying.

One thing that Kwan wanted from Win is… Win stopped to use drug.

Now Win accepted Kwan’s request. So he could be revived.

Meanwhile Mork tried to be in a relationship with Kwan, but finally looked like Kwan loved Win more than Mork and Kwan didn’t dare to tell directly about breaking up. Finally Mork know Kwan what she was thinking. He broke up Kwan and demote status to best friend.


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