ZomZom & Pala (Hormones 3 Ending)

Don’t fear, ZomZom.

My grandmother love you too.




Are you fucking sure? Pala?

Know about ZomZom


Narupornkamol Shaisaeng (Praew) as “ZomZom”

Real name & Last name : Supriya Kamolpitak
Date of birth : April 19 1998
Zodiac : Aries (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54016
Grade : 11 (room 6)
Habit : Cruel face, fucking ultimate unlimited super ultra perfect direct mind, love friend 100%, Who challenge? PREPARE TO DIE!
Like : I don’t know what Zomzom like.
Dislike : Someone insult her father is gay.
Her smartphone : Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Appeared in : Hormones Season 3 only
Her main episode : Season 3 Ep.3 “Adrenaline” 
Relationship : Pala (∞% | 💞 soulmate), Mali (100% | 💕 sister) , [Bew (100% | 💎 close friend), Ja (100% | 💎 close friend), Namcha (100% | 💎 close friend),] Non (50% | ✌️ classmate) , First (10% | ✌️ classmate) , Ter (10% | ✌️ classmate) , Sun, the See Scape vocalist (-100% | 👹 Rival)
Similar character in earlier generation : Pai 100%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Never
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC personality : D (Dominance)
Smoke Color : Orange (Looks like she have “Sky flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song : 
Better Weather – อย่าเสียใจคนเดียว (Don’t be sad lonely) [L]

Know about Pala


Wongrawee Nateetorn (Sky) as “Pala”

Real name & Last name : Pala Suthipornrudee
Date of birth : January 18 1998
Zodiac : Capricorn (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : AB (The Variety Star)
Sexual Orientation : Asexuality (Before meet  ZomZom), Heterosexuality (After meet ZomZom)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54256
Grade : 11 (room 6)
Habit : Shy, easy to smile, sincere, not talkative, positive thinking
Like : —
Dislike : —
His smartphone : Samsung Galaxy A7
Appeared in : Hormones Season 3 only
His main episode : Season 3 Ep.10 “Growth Hormone II” 
Relationship : ZomZom (∞% | 💞 soulmate), Non (100% | 💎 best friend) , First (100% | 💎 best friend)
Similar character in earlier generation : Mork 100%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Always (HIV antiviral drugs every 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM)
DISC personality : S (Steadiness)
Smoke Color : Indigo (Looks like he has “Mist flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song : 
Better Weather – อย่าเสียใจคนเดียว (Don’t be sad lonely) [L]

Date with Pala at Pala’s home

Yesterday Pala invited ZomZom to have meals with him at his home. Although ZomZom knew about Pala’s grandmother wasn’t agree her to be in a relationship with Pala, but Pala gave the vigorous feeling to ZomZom. Pala trusted about love can win everything. Finally ZomZom accepted to have meals with Pala at Pala’s home.

Next day at Pala’s home.


ZomZom rides her motorbike to Pala’s home. Looks like today Pala’s grandmother still suspects to ZomZom. She distrusts ZomZom about ZomZom know the truth from Pala that Pala is infected with HIV. Inside Pala’s grandmother, she fears Pala will be lost ZomZom, his precious people when ZomZom knows the truth.


“ZomZom. You try to eat this green curry. That’s delicious.” Pala tells ZomZom to eat green curry. Pala’s grandmother still observes ZomZom’s behavior if she eats green curry with Pala who is infected HIV. She goes out from the table and watch ZomZom’s behavior stealthy.

ZomZom3 ZomZom4 ZomZom5

“Don’t you eat Thai eggplant? Give it to me.” ZomZom wants to eat Thai eggplant from Pala’s dish. Pala sends piece of Thai eggplant to ZomZom. Actually ZomZom knows what Pala’s grandmother does something. She chooses to perform about eating something with someone who is infected HIV.


Looks like Pala’s grandmother haven’t dared to have meals with Pala together, but ZomZom dares.

ZomZom eats piece of Thai eggplant. Then she calls to Pala. “Please eat chicken skin from my dish. I don’t eat it.”



Finally Pala’s grandmother understand ZomZom’s feeling to Pala. That should be precious. ZomZom isn’t disgusting to Pala. They do it together for loving. Then Pala’s grandmother come to have meal again.


ZomZom drinks water from her glass. Then Pala’s grandmother calls her “ZomZom.”

ZomZom sees Pala’s grandmother and says “What?”


“What does your name mean?” Pala’s grandmother wants to talk with ZomZom.



Ah… Finally my grandmother understand my love.

“Um…” ZomZom feels surprised that Pala’s grandmother have positive feeling to her. “My mom told me when I was born, my body was orange color so she called me “ZomZom”*. But southern language I ever heard about ZomZom means “bad mood.”


Actually, “Som” in Thai language means “Orange” but ZomZom created from “Somsom” to “ZomZom” in her Wechat ID.



Looks like Pala has happiness. He laughs about origin of ZomZom’s name. ZomZom felt uneasy that Pala insults her name so she smashes with her elbow to Pala tenderly. Actually ZomZom laughs too.


Finally Pala’s grandmother accepts ZomZom to be in a relationship with Pala. (Not only be in a relationship, she can be soulmate with Pala too.)


After having meal together, ZomZom and Pala go to outside of Pala’s home. Before ZomZom will go back to her room, she asks to Pala about Pala’s grandmother’s behavior.


“With today, is she OK with me?” ZomZom asks Pala.


Pala shakes his head vertically that means “OK.”

“Really?” Looks like ZomZom is curious a lot.


Ah…. Wow!!! I feel good!!!

“At New year you should have dinner at my room.”  ZomZom invites Pala to have dinner with her together. “I want you to meet my dad.”

“Hey!!! At new year I will worship Buddha crossing years with my grandmother.” Pala refuses ZomZom’s request.

“So you worship Buddha first and you come to my room.” ZomZom gives suggestion to Pala.

“Hey!!! That’s near midnight.” Pala says.

“And why can you come with grandmother to midnight?”

“Because I go with my grandmother.”

“And me?”




“You’re ZomZom.” Looks like Pala confuses what ZomZom mentions.

“It’s up to you.” ZomZom feels upset that Pala doesn’t think ZomZom is necessary. “I don’t have relationship much to you.”

“Not have relationship more?” Pala asks to ZomZom.

“Fuck yeah!” ZomZom says. “Not have relationship more.”


Hey!!! Confess to me Pala. Say “Can you be my girlfriend” to me now.

“Will you talk with this only?” ZomZom asks Pala.

“So… What do you want to say?” Pala asks ZomZom.

Fuck!!! Why don’t you know what you should do?”


“Fuck!!! So you don’t say to me! Be deaf! See you again!” ZomZom blames to Pala about his sense of sexuality. That is really suck!

But… Pala wants to say something to ZomZom.

“Hey!! Wait.” Pala says. ZomZom stops to walks and turns her head to Pala.


“What the fuck?” ZomZom asks.

“Don’t be ZomZom (bad mood).” Pala says about alternate meaning of ZomZom. Then Pala walks to ZomZom and says “Stay with me.”


“Why the fuck am I staying?” ZomZom blames Pala again.

“Please staying to answer me. Can you be my girlfriend?” Pala asks ZomZom genteelly.



Long time ZomZom answers Pala’s question. Her mind is fulfilled with shy feeling. Ah!!!! That deaf can talk and confess about love. Wow!!! That’s amazing…

I love you too, Pala. Long time I love you, but our relationship hasn’t been because of your grandmother. Today your grandmother accepted me so… This is my answers. Listen to me carefully.

“Yes, you can!” ZomZom answers.


Pala and ZomZom smiles together. ZomZom hugs Pala with her overload happiness that should share to Pala too.


Thank you ZomZom. I love you too.


Do you know I love you very much…

I don’t know why?

Although I ever gave up to you because of your grandmother.

But… Pala… Do you believe the power of love?








You ever asked me about I will be disgusting and hate you if I know you are infected HIV.

But… HIV? Why?

That isn’t AIDS.







Looks like society should change attitude about HIV more than this.

It isn’t feared.














I miss you a lot.

I love you very much.

Finally I understand my dad’s feeling.

Although my dad is gay, but he loves me a lot.





I feel appreciated very much.









Our family!!! Wow!! Yeah!!!

ZomZom26 ZomZom27 ZomZom28 ZomZom29 ZomZom30 ZomZom31




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