The day after happy new year 2016 (Part 1)

This new year I was really unlucky because I didn’t countdown at another place. My parents worried me very much although my age was already 25. I didn’t know why, some side it was good, but for me, I felt staying at the invisible cage. They worried about I was happened if I went to countdown places and that countdown place have a bomb. Looked like my parents watched news from TV a lot. My parents addicted news a lot.

Meanwhile, I didn’t care and didn’t addict news a lot, but I interested more article from some blogs I followed them. News in this time (in Thailand) were wasted to read. And click bait news website were worse. Some news that shouldn’t be the news could be nonsense news. Some stories from Pantip, biggest webboard in Thailand could be the news from click bait websites. That was really wasted.

For me, countdown place should be some nightclubs or bar, not very fucking big places due to that was really big and I couldn’t control that place. Countdown with “Happy New Year 2015” since last year I went to countdown at Grease Mon-Sat. But now in the night of countdown, I slept.

Luckily about at January 1 2016, at 05:00 AM, I came back to Bangkok. That was very good opportunity to discover and seek the atmosphere after countdown. What was it changed? This article will reveal to you.

At Central World.


In Bangkok, Central World was one of the most popular place to countdown. Every years at Central World, there are many people to countdown at this place. Such as child, teenagers, family, etc. Because Central World had all of convenience things and decorated with very beautiful stuffs, so… Central World is one of the most wanted place to countdown. You don’t know what place you go, focus to Central World first, but now the most popular places isn’t Central World, but… Asiatique.

I said about Central World only. Because going to Asiatique was far away from my home much.

At Central World… No!!! Ratchaprasong district, there were many of decorated light a lot. In this year was second year to exhibit the beautiful light, and this year looked like there were many beautiful and gorgeous lights to make everyone who walked to Ratchaprasong felt surprised too.

At Ratchaprasong sky walk
At Amarin

The day after “Happy New Year 2016” at Central World or Ratchaprasong zone still were crowded. There were many people were taking photos with the light. Foreigners who addicted surprised atmosphere things as this loved this place a lot.

But… at beer gardens, such as Chang and Singha, today they were closed due to beer gardens at Central World would be finished in December 31 2015. So I took some photos to look behind the scenes of these beer garden after December 31 2015.

At Siam Zone


Looked like there were many gimmicks of lights were showing together. One of the most interested things at Siam was the LED screen that showed “Happy New Year 2016”. That looked like I was staying at the nightclub. Crowded people were same as Central World. There were many people who loved to selfie or take many photos to collect as their memories.

Oh! That’s closed!

After that I visited Center Point, earlier Digital Gateway. This place was really silent. There were many shops and restaurants were closed due to new year day. One of the most interested game shop, Narz was closed too.


At Central World or Siam zone that was one of the most popular place to countdown always crowd, but less than countdown day. There were many Chinese people who travel in Thailand and there loved to shopping fashion clothes. They came with massive groups! If you loved to take photos with light, you should go to Central World or Siam Zone before they were ended.

Next part I will say about the day after Happy New Year 2016 at nightlife zone, such as RCA and Thonglor. How was it happened? Coming soon at


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