Jane’s hidden scene

Ping, director of Hormones Season 3 ever told to everyone about this season was cut many scene due to time constraint to on-air on TV. Some scenes were very necessary but… Finally Ping promised to everyone about necessary scenes will be shown at EP.14 “Behind the scene”.

There are 3 necessary scenes that was cut. 2 Sun’s scenes and 1 Jane’s scene. But looks like Jane’s scene was the most necessary scene that were cut with TV version. That scene you may know more about Jane. Why Jane came to Bangkok? Why Jane is so rude? Perhaps you may not know behind the scene of Jane that wasn’t strong as same as in this time.

This hidden scene normally will be shown at Episode 11 “Oxytocin” | Oil’s main episode after Kanompang argued to Jane about Jane leaked rumor. But time constraint and if using this scene, Oil’s story will be dropped and audiences won’t know feeling from Oil well.

So what happened to Jane? Let’s check it out.

In laboratory learning room at Nadao Bangkok College. Kanompang knows about Jane is staying in this place. Because Kanompang believes only Jane that knows Kanompang’s secret moment and when rumor about secret moments from Kanompang was leaked relentlessly, Kanompang also accuses to Jane aggressively.

For Jane… What happened to Kanompang?

“I shouldn’t trust people like you.” Kanompang accuses Jane


“If all of time you never trust me, I also don’t have anything to talk with you, motherfucking bitch!”


Jane feels shocked and retorts to Kanompang back because one of Jane’s best friend betrays her by distrusting Jane without knowing anything and decides only Kanompang’s vision that it will be illusion too.

Then Jane picks her bag and walk away from laboratory learning room with fucking bad mood.



Jane… Jane!!!!

Sun calls and runs to Jane. Sun feels bad about Jane and he wants to stay with Jane.

But… Jane decides to escape from school and wants to go to her home. She feels sad very much.


Jane opens her home and walks to her room, but her dad sees her and he calls “Jane!”

3 4

Fuck it!!! I forget about my room door is without knob!


But opposite room that is Ben’s room. Ben’s room door has knob to lock the door so Jane enters to Ben’s room and locks the door to prevent Jane’s dad and mom enter to Ben’s room.


“Jane…Jane!!!” Jane’s dad still calls to Jane and he tries to opens Ben’s room. “Open the door, my daughter.”


In Ben’s room. Jane sits down and still ignores her dad’s calling


“Jane. Why do you come back to home? What happened to you?” Jane’s dad still asks and still knocks the door. “Jane…. Talk with me.”

“What happened?” Jane’s mom asks Jane’s dad. “Jane?”


When Jane’s mom knows about Jane is in Ben’s room, she knocks the door and she said…

Jane… Jane… Open the fucking door now!! What are you having more fucking problems? Open!! Jane!!!


Jane’s feeling is squeezed a lot until she explodes her mood to mom…

If you’re loud, fuck off now mom! That’s motherfucking noisy!


“And why the fuck did you come back to home? Why don’t you come to fucking school? Do you know how to let you registering Nadao Bangkok College, that was very fucking hard! Don’t be speechless!” Jane’s mom still argues Jane relentlessly.


But… Jane’s tolerance is out of control!!!

And who the fuck did they say to you for coming back!!!?  Who said to you for coming back!!!? You stayed at New York, that was already good. Why did you fucking come back to me?


“Don’t be foolish in this time! You already knew what happened. Don’t fucking being silly!” Jane’s mom still tells reason that she brought Jane to Bangkok.

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I fucking know! I already fucking know! I know when Ben was dead, you’re fucking crazy! Be crazy until call me back! 


“Jane!!” Jane’s mom says.

Did you ask me? Did I want to come back? When I and you went to New York, you never asked me what I wanted to go.



Then Jane’s mom stops arguing and listen Jane’s feeling. Jane cries a lot and tells her trouble experiences to her mom and dad.

When I stayed at New York, I felt very fucking alone. I always was fucking teased by many classmates. I also came back to home and cried lonely. When I wanted to call me with my telephone, I couldn’t fucking tell! Because learn off time at New York was 4:00 AM in Bangkok. That’s motherfucking 4:00 AM! Do you understand?


Looks like Jane’s mom feels guilty that she let her daughter to be trouble…

With many years that I had my friends and adjusted society. Then my mom was crazy that called me back because of fearing I died. Have you ever said that was good to go to New York? Was that motherfucking good!!!?

Jane’s mom cries a lot. Sending Jane to the New York was her fault!!!

I started to the zero points at here. I had to be the freak girl at here. That was motherfucking tired!!! If Ben wasn’t dead, don’t you feel about this to bring me back?

If Ben wasn’t dead, may I be motherfucking dead at New York?


“I also brought you back at here now!” Jane’s mom yells to Jane. “What do you want more fucking things?”

If you wanted to bring me back, why the fuck did you send me to the New York at first time? WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SEND ME TO THAT MOTHERFUCKING PLACE? IN SPITE OF BANGKOK IS ALREADY GOOD?


“I thought wrong!! I already knew I thought wrong.” Jane’s mom still explodes her mind relentlessly. “I am your mom. Can’t I be wrong? That’s fucking hard! Do you think you’re tired only one?”


Everyone cry. But… Now Jane cries a lot. Because everything she has found are really crappy. Nothing makes her surprised with happiness after Ben was dead at New York because of car accident, Jane’s mom was crazy. That time (3 years later) after Ben was dead, Jane could adjust herself to be at New York. That time she met Win and looks like Win was really her soulmate that she loved a lot…

But… Win hid himself from New York and Jane’s mom called her to Bangkok. In Bangkok, Jane met Win again but he was already in a relationship with someone. Everything was exploded and wasted. Although Jane met Sun and he revived Jane’s bad feeling, but she still have too much melancholy in the past.

Ben, do you know I feel very tired!!!?


After Jane can control her mind and she is calm down, she opens the door to see her mom that is sad very much. Jane sees her mom and she cries a lot because her mom’s feeling is really fucking hurt as her heart too.

26 27 28 29

I’m sorry mom. Finally I know your feeling.


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