The last hope (End)

“Hi” I said to Pomelo. Today Pomelo was really beautiful. She wore blue sexy costume. Her hairstyle was long. Her eyes were small, but not small as Jane. Her body was medium but she extended her beauty and attraction by increasing her boob size with plastic surgery. Although her boobs were fake, but for men in modern age, they can accept ladies who have already done plastic surgery. So plastic surgery in this time is usual.

“Hello, do you come with your girlfriend?” Pomelo asked me when she saw Annabelle that came with me and Annabelle’s aura was detected about I and Annabelle was in a relationship.

“She is my friend, Pomelo.” I created bullshit story to Pomelo. “She is seeking booth babe that was my friend. Do you know about Toktak?”

“Toktak?” Pomelo asked me and she answers where Toktak was. “She stays at Mitsubishi.”

“Mitsubishi?” Annabelle said. “Um. I skipped it.”

“May I take selfie with you?” I asked to Pomelo.

“Yeah!” Pomelo accepted me to take selfie with me. I walked to Pomelo closely and I opened camera app in my smartphone. Then I took selfie with Pomelo. Now her hairstyle was changed. She chose bang to be her hairstyle in this time. But her identity that I had been attracted her was her smile. That was really sincere.

Actually this is the final time to meet her, Pomelo.

Because this was the final time to meet Pomelo, so… I wanted to get Pomelo’s phone number.

“Pomelo.” I called her.


“What is your phone number?”

“Um… I can’t give.”

What the fuck!!!?

“Actually I have trusted you a lot. I interested you. Why don’t you give phone number to me?” I asked to Pomelo immediately. This shouldn’t be happened to me. I closed Pomelo a lot!

“It’s inconvenience. I have many contacts for working only. I’m not ready to be in a relationship with someone.” Pomelo tell reason to me. That shouldn’t be happened. No.

“So… One year I ever meet you, say hi to you… And I purchased ticket 100 Baht for being denied with this?”

I talked to Pomelo directly. This was my feeling to Pomelo. I didn’t have anything to deal. This was my last hope for Pomelo. Finally I said…

I Love you, Pomelo. ❤


Pomelo was stunted. She was speechless within 5 seconds. Finally she contacted my eyes and she said…

You love me, but sorry. I never love you. I’m sorry very much.



After Pomelo said about this, she walked away from me. I felt like someone who I trust betrayed me by stabbing my back with the knife. It was pierced to my heart. I was stunted and speechless.

“Camp… Camp…”

Annabelle walked to me and said to respond her calling. She still asked me about “Are you OK?”

I didn’t tell to Annabelle within 3 seconds. I felt confused that my love never saw my attention. I still was strong. ฺBut… I couldn’t be strong with this forever…

“Although I say I’m OK, but you may say I’m lying.” I said to Annabelle. “Please leave from this place.”

“Camp. If you’re not OK, I’ll be with you. I don’t want you to be sad as this.”

“I loved her very much, Annabelle. Looked like I was suitable for her a lot. I could talk with her from my true feeling. I felt happy to stay with her. But… look at this! What was she doing?” I blamed about Pomelo to Annabelle.

Annabelle touched my hand to send the trustworthiness to me. She turned her face to me and said.

That’s better than being in a relationship with someone who never love you. Isn’t it?

When Annabelle said about this, I smiled to Annabelle. Finally my stressed feeling that ever stuck on my brain was eliminated. Then I smiled to Annabelle.

“Thank you very much, Annabelle.” I said to her. Then I hugged her because I want some warmth from Annabelle. My heart was broken successfully.

“Reason to come this society because I wanted to seek Alice. But… Alice was in a relationship. After that time, I met Pomelo. I thought all of time she will understand me and she love me, but…”

I continued to explode my feeling to Annabelle. Then I released Annabelle.

I don’t cry now!!! No!!!

My mind wanted to cry. But I couldn’t do this.

That time was really awful. I didn’t have any will. I and Annabelle sat van to go to Victory Monument. Luckily that time the traffic wasn’t bad. Van driver drove with very fast speed approximately 140 Km/h without caring passengers.

After broken heart, I didn’t talk anything. I felt out of will. No hope with booth babe forever. I won’t go to any daytime events because I’m busy. I and Annabelle still walked to BTS sky train to go to Siam Paragon.

At BTS sky train, looked like this day was special. There were many people were staying at this train a lot. 70% of passengers were foreign. I still watched outside BTS train. I shouldn’t stick at this fucking melancholy, but I should keep calm and go forward to the future I have drawn my picture of the future in my heart. That was really peaceful. I shall be the writer.

From my sadness, Annabelle still be with me. She touched my shoulder and smiled to me. Looked like Annabelle still didn’t want me to be sad for the girl who never know my heart well.

Then I and Annabelle arrived to Siam Paragon. At True Urban Park, I met Annabelle to relax together at TRUE Urban Digital Park, the cafe from TRUE that was designed with metropolis. Now TRUE urban park was changed a lot. Advantage of TRUE urban park was this place could try smart devices with internet connection, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Smartphones, Xiaomi smartphones, etc. Now there weren’t crowd in here. So I and Annabelle could reserved seat easily.

After I and Annabelle reserved seats, I walked to counter that have more bakeries and soft drinks. The bakeries from the counter at TRUE urban park were so damned prices. But they were premium quality. Looks like I should order some bakeries now. I was hungry.

“Hi. I want 1 strawberry cheesecake.” I ordered strawberry cheesecake that was placed at top level from bakery’s shelf. Strawberry cheesecake was one of my favorite dessert when I came to TRUE Urban park and I always ordered.

Then strawberry cheesecake was sent to the destination of receiving. It was decorated with strawberry jam. Looked like I was eating desserts at luxury restaurant.

“79 Baht.” Cashier said. I gave money 79 Baht to her and I picked a dish of strawberry cheesecake to my reserved table that Annabelle was sitting.

“Hi. Huh? Do you love to eat this strawberry cheesecake?” Annabelle felt weird when I ordered strawberry cheesecake. “That dessert is made for girl. Can I eat some piece of it?”

“Yeah.” I said to Annabelle. Then Annabelle divided some pieces of strawberry cheesecake. “Do you love to eat this?”

“Yes, but not much.” Annabelle answered. “My friend loved to make me obese. They thought I loved to eat strawberry cheesecake. But… I felt not obese when I ate it. That was really freak. Isn’t it?”

“You maybe suitable for dairy products.” I said to Annabelle. “Because your blood type is type B as same as me too.”

That’s really appreciated. He remembered my blood type.

Annabelle smiled to me and said “You remembered my blood type. Do you think more than friend?”

Huh? Hey!!! I think you’re only friend.

“Hey!!! crazy! you’ve already had boyfriend.” I said to Annabelle.

“Um… Actually I broke up my boyfriend for 6 months.”

“Why?” I asked to her.

“My ex-boyfriend was really silly and jealousy. Not only two, he was really flirted. He ever flirted to another girl and he brought her to lay together. He cheated me.”

“That’s good.” I said. “If you know about your boyfriend cheated you, you should do this.”

“But…” When Annabelle was telling something to me. Looked like Kimi called to Annabelle via Annabelle’s iPhone. I saw contact’s name that showed on Annabelle’s iPhone screen with lovely ringtone.

“Ah!!! Kimi.” Annabelle said to her iPhone to call to Kimi. ” How about you? Really? What time do you go?”…


Looked like Kimi was talking to Annabelle for going to Japan. But I said to Annabelle about I wanted to talking with Kimi now.

“Annabelle.” I said. “Can I talk with her?”

Then Annabelle said to Kimi about…

“Looked like Camp want to say with you.”

After that Annabelle sent her smartphone to me. I wanted to tell to Kimi about…

Why do you leaked rumor about I’m booth babe scammer?

“Hey Camp.” Kimi said via Annabelle’s smartphone. “What do you have something?”

“Where are you?” I asked to Kimi to know her destination. “Actually I want to date with you. Tomorrow you’ll return to Japan. Isn’t it?”

“Hey!!! That’s crazy… But… now I am staying at Thonglor. How to date with me?”

“Stay at that place” I said. “Wait here.”

Then I sent Annabelle’s smartphone to Annabelle.

“What was she saying to you?” Annabelle asked to me.

“She was staying at Thonglor.” I answered. “I wanted to meet Kimi for booth babe scammer.”

“Please stop this Camp. It has been over. You said Pomelo was the last booth babe you flirted. But… why do you wanted to seek this although this was over?”


I thought about this with long time. Annabelle said right. Because if I didn’t flirt Pomelo successfully, I should quit from this society and go to another place or society, and rumors will be faded away.

But… actually…

“I’m sorry, Annabelle.” I said to her. Then I walked away from Annabelle. This is my decision. I trusted Annabelle’s opinion that she said to let me stopped my revenge. And I already wanted to leave booth babe society after Motor Expo. Failure from flirting Pomelo that meant I didn’t have anything to be stuck from this society. I was free. Chains that imprisoned me now they were broken with many fragmentation and my wings from the back now appeared and wanted to fly away from this society. Although my idea was really from fairy tale, but I trusted about world of reality and world of fairy tale are growing with parallel time. They could be connect together.

I had just decided to… tell last sentences to Kimi before she will go away from Thailand.

I transported with BTS skytrain again. That was really flexible and fast to move myself to another place in Bangkok. Time of going from Siam station to Thonglor station was really less. Only 7 minutes!!!

Finally now I was staying at Thonglor. Now at Thonglor was dark. This place sunset very fast. Lights at footpath were opened. I walked from Thonglor junction to Thonglor 10 alley. That was really far. Finally I found Kimi where she always was at Starbucks Coffee.

But… I didn’t find Kimi’s body. She dropped her messages about me to the table that I and Kimi always reserved. Luckily that Kimi already reserved that seat first so I saw Kimi’s note to me. That note was pink. Looked like Kimi want to confess love to me. OK. Let’s read this.

Dear Camp.

Actually booth babe scammer rumor Annabelle didn’t leak, but I leaked it. I knew this was really bad to do, but I wanted you to stop seeking booth babes to be in a relationship. I’m sorry Camp. I do everything because…

I love you very much ❤ But I can’t stay with you.

Annabelle love you very much. Do you know? For me, if I am in a relationship with you, that’s impossible. I can’t betray my best friend. Do you know? I have been suffered a lot that I love you but I can’t be in a relationship with you openly. Because I didn’t want Annabelle felt sad.

Although I love you very much ❤ But I don’t know Annabelle can love you very much as same as me.

I wanted to bring you to travel with me in Japan. I felt lonely when I stayed at Japan. Although I have a friends, but no one that same as you. You’re also rebellious. I love it.

In Japan, people with blood type B as me and you, no one accepts us because we are rebellious and really rude. But… in Thailand, you called it is “Indy”? I really loved it very well.

I don’t have anything to say. You should love Annabelle very much. She love you a lot. See you again next time.

Kimi, exchanged student from Japan


“Was she gone?” I said to myself. “Fuck me!”

For me, if Kimi wrote this and they were true from Kimi’s heart, I thought about I should love Kimi more than Annabelle. Because Annabelle never stayed with me at this time. Annabelle was my ex-girlfriend and could return too, but… that time I already interested “present” time or “future”.

Before I met Annabelle, I already met Kimi. Kimi took care me very much. Much to think about her more friend. But that time I interested Pomelo. Finally love wasn’t doing everything to get, but love was giving, hoping and trusting someone or something. All of time I stayed with Kimi, I felt very good. Really very good.

For Pomelo… I was sorry. I didn’t know you very well.


For Kimi, although you’re not gorgeous as same as Annabelle, but I felt comfortable to stay with you.









But… everything was really crappy. My really love returned to Japan.








I was really foolish that I believe outside appearance.







Because Kimi was the best!!!





Then the door from staff zone was opened. There was some girl walked to me and say “Camp.”

I turned my back to that sound.





Can’t I dream? That is Kimi!!

Kimi was the girl who said to me. She smiled to me and hold my hand. She contacted my eyes and said “Camp. I want to say something, but tonight will you go to my room?”




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