The most views article in 2015.

This is the first year of my blog since August 2015. There were many interested articles at here. And looks like there were many people who was watching Hormones The Series Season 3 wanted to know many synopsis that I ever wrote on my blog and updated every Sunday-Tuesday. That could raise my views on my blogs a lot. Thank you for following and watching my blog.

So what is the most views article in 2015? You may know well what article has the most views. OK. You know only article, but not know view counts so this article I will reveal view counts to you.1

1 Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters)


Looks like there are many Fon & Belle fans and shippers. I have just known. When I was writing another character’s stories and I posted same article on Twitter with attaching “Dao & Koi” feature photo, there were many people retweeted my tweet that contained Dao & Koi’s picture. That was really amazing, so finally I wrote “Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters).

One of the reason that Dao & Koi’s stories was attracted a lot because their stories were the cleanest stories on Hormones The Series ever and they were appeared since Hormones The Series Season 1. Thai Hormones Fans always love characters from 1st generation a lot (such as Win, Kwan, Mork Sprite, Pai, Pooh, Thee, Toey, Tar, Dao, Koi and Elle).

Then since Season 2, Dao & Koi’s romantic story with lesbian was focused (In season 1, Pooh and Thee was focused as gay relationship too.) If you don’t know about start point about Dao & Koi’s story, read Dao & Koi (Hormones Character) but it is a synopsis from stories from HMSS1-HMSS3 EP2.

2 Top 10 the most WTF moments in Hormones The Series.

Although this article was outdated, (updated article is this.) but this was one of the article that let my blog was popular from Hormones The Series. Because first time I wrote this blog, I gave number 1 to “Dao was heartbroken” and that time Dao & Koi’s story was really very f***ing popular. So… Dao & Koi fanship shared this article on Twitter and many users retweeted them relentlessly.

3 Jane (Hormones Character) [E]


The girls who came from New York and she went to Bangkok to stay with her mom. (Reason is in EP.5) Finally she met Win who was her soulmate at New York. But… everything she found is misunderstand and unpredictable. Finally she met Sun who was really slutty. He brought Jane’s heart to the light of life.

After that night, Jane still opened her mind to be compatible. Finally she thought this place wasn’t suitable, but… Sun was the reason to stay at Bangkok. So she didn’t return to New York again.

4 Oil (Hormones Character) [E]


The most introvert character in Hormones The Series ever. She had many mysterious stories. She lied herself to stay with Kanompang. Her uneasy feeling made her be stressed.

She liked to chew her tongue when she was stressed. No one know why Oil lies Kanompang. Why she hated Kanompang. Why did she create herself for staying with Kanompang?

You asks about this to her, looks like she doesn’t answer. Only Boss know about her.

5 Kanompang (Hormones Female Protagonist / Student Council Leader)


Kanompang is a Thai word that means “Bread” so she was enjoyable to eat many desserts, foods and meals. She was the female protagonist on Hormones The Series Season 3 after she was heartbroken from Tar. Now she was looked like adult more than another people. After Non and Boss resigned from student council, she was new student council leader.

But one of the things that has stuck in Kanompang’s mind is “fear”. She feared moments of love. She feared everything about relationship because she exerts about relationship a lot. If someone will be far away from her, she will feel sad very much.

6 ZomZom (Hormones Characters)


A girl who was Pai’s character successor. A girl who was very hot air! And a girls who have her dad as “gay”.

Holy shit!!! My dad is gay!!

Not only ZomZom who has her dad as gay, Mali was too. But looks like Mali didn’t care about this.

She was in love with Pala a lot. Finally she know the truth from Pala who was infected HIV, but ZomZom doesn’t care. She wasn’t disgusting to Pala.

7 Teaser Hormones 3 The Final Season Episode 12 (Eng Translation)

Because episode 12 is very interested when Kanompang knew the truth. And Tar, character from 1st generation met Kanompang again. So this teaser was very interested. No more information about this post.

8 Teaser Hormones 3 The Final Season Episode 13 (English Translation)

As same as number 7.

9 Dao & Koi (True Ending)


The alternated article about Dao & Koi because Dao & Koi original article was very long and used very high data usages. So I separated true ending to new article.

The true ending from Dao & Koi told about Dao & Koi trusted their heart together when after graduating at Nadao Bangkok College. Although Koi’s dad didn’t allow Koi to learn and university that was far away from Koi’s home, but finally he allowed and he said about he wanted Koi to get the precious things to Koi.

10 What happened with Oil in Hormones Season 3 Episode 11?

As same as 7 and 8. But this is really interested when Oil is epilepsy. Finally she did fake epilepsy.

Non-Hormones articles

My website in another platforms

This article was comparing and saying about if my website will be in another platform, not only on computer, can you read about this?

In this article, I used “Cubic” theme that supported all of platform and have same fonts. Finally I had changed to this theme because of problem of loading Hormones Character’s article that was too long.

ART BOX THAILAND…WOW!!! That’s indie


In Thailand, flea market trend is really intrend! There were many people who were single or have lover to go to this place. Although this flea market have very expensive foods, but you should try to eat them.



As same as ART BOX THAILAND…WOW!!! That’s indie, but it was changed location to the Em District.

Thailand = land of beautiful ladies

The article of complimenting Thai ladies. For every countries in this world, there were some dirty quotes about “If you want to meet playmates, try to go to Russia and Thailand.”

Not only gorgeous discussion, I discussed more than the beauty.


This article I wrote at early time of this blog. Looks like since August 2015. First time of this blog was the blog of reviewing many events, but finally I bored about this and this is the last year of going to Motor Expo (or another events with booth babes.)

I love this illustrator a lot. His feeling of creating cartoons looks like Japanese cartoon. That ever made Japanese people misunderstood about these art was come form Japanese cartoonist.




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