The last hope (Part 2)



I walked out from toilet, but… someone called…


That sound I ever knew. It was sweet and deep sound. Many Thai girls had deep sound and looked gorgeously. I ever remembered that voice. I turned my head to the origin of the sound.

Finally… Girl who called me is… Annabelle.

You? Did you leaked my rumor about I’m booth babe scammer?

I walked to Annabelle and said “Annabelle.”

Annabelle felt confused. She asked me back “Hi. Why are you so serious?”

“Did you leak rumor?”

“What do you say? Are you crazy?”

“I’m crazy everyday because of you. Tell me. Why did you leak fake rumor about I’m booth babe scammer? I was damaged a lot. Every booth babes hated me with nonsense reason. From my friend who was a booth babe now she hated me a lot.”

I blamed to Annabelle relentlessly. In that time I felt angry very much and I had to know everything that was happened from Annabelle. But Annabelle was calm and she says…

“I asked you first. Do you trust me?”

For me, I always trusted Annabelle because she was my girlfriend and I knew her behavior well. Her behavior or habit was same as me who was rebellious and didn’t care another people much. My hatred couldn’t defeat my feeling. I didn’t trust about Annabelle who leaked rumor. But I blamed her because that time my mind is unconscious.

“Trust. Tell me.” I said.

But… Kimi walked to me and Annabelle at second floor near toilet. She said “Oh!! Hey!! What’s up Annabelle. Long time no see.”

Kimi’s movement was so cheerful. She smiled to Annabelle and she brought Annabelle to our seat at ground floor. We were going downstair together. Looked like Kimi was talkative. She talked to Annabelle a lot.

“Looks like Annabelle is your best friend.” I said to Kimi.

“Certainly, Camp. Annabelle is my best friend. Isn’t it?”

“Yes. Kimi was my best friend.” Annabelle said. “We have learned at same university.”

I smiled to her.

At reserved table I and Kimi reserved.

“What are you coming with?” Kimi asked to Annabelle.

“I come alone.” Annabelle said to Kimi. “But luckily I see you too, Kimi.”

“Yeah!!! What do you think to come lonely? Why didn’t you ask to me first?”

Then Kimi smiled and said “Kimi. Have you ever stressed?”

Kimi thought carefully. Then she said “Yeah. Why? Is this mentioned to come lonely?”

“Maybe.” Annabelle said.

Then I interfered to talk to Kimi about Annabelle’s habit. She ever was my girlfriend so I knew about her well. Sometimes I knew more than Kimi.

“Her feeling is same as artist, Kimi. She’s unpredictable as me.”


Kimi was stunted. Annabelle was really unpredictable!!!

“Why do you know?” Annabelle asked me curiously.

“I ever was her boyfriend.” I answered. “Annabelle is really cheeky and un…”

“Hey!!!” Annabelle said to me. She pinched my back for teasing me with the pain. Then she smiled to me ans said to make me was quiet.

“Shhh… Be quiet Camp.” Annabelle said.

“Hahaha.” Kimi laughed. “But some side Annabelle is really cute.”

“What?” I asked.

“Stop!! Kimi.” Annabelle said to scold Kimi for stopping saying about her.

“Looks like revealing top secret’s stories are really fun. Aren’t them?” Kimi asked.

“Hey!!! I wanted my drink. What drinks do you want, Camp?” Annabelle asked?




After that was the nonsense talking. Looked like Kimi was busy. When she was talking with me, she always opened her smartphone iPhone6 to check statuses, check in or chat with her friends. She didn’t pay attention to me and Annabelle much.

Um… I thought about… she had new boyfriend.

Looks like Kimi’s new boyfriend would be jealous. I felt about this. My male intuition received Kimi’s boyfriend’s feeling well. That hanging out, looked like I was appreciated to Annabelle a lot. Her attraction at that night I focused to her talking and her conveying that was really perfect for me. This was the perfection of unconscious feeling.

But… If I returned to be in a relationship with her… Um… That will have opportunity, but I didn’t focus about this much.


“Hey Camp, Annabelle.” Kimi said. “My new boyfriend wants to meet me now, so see you again Camp, Annabelle. Good bye.”

Kimi says about she wanted to leave with us. She smiled and walked away from us.

Looked like I stayed with Annabelle only in this night. She turned her head back to me and smiled with her sincere feeling. Then she said “What are you thinking about Kimi?”

“Why do you ask?” I asked back to Kimi.

“I want to know.” Kimi described. “Looked like you love her.”

“Yes, but that is ever.” I told to Annabelle about moments with Kimi. “She is really cute. But… She is already in a relationship. She isn’t my type, Annabelle.”

“Then what’s your type?” Annabelle wanted to know my type.

“You…” I answered immediately and smiled to Annabelle. “You’re my type.”

Annabelle was stunted when I talked about this. She was shy and smiled with unconscious feeling.

“Crazy!” Annabelle said. “But I have something to tell you.”


“What do you want to tell with me?” I asked Annabelle back.

“Promise me first.” Annabelle said. “About don’t tell to everyone.”

“You should know my habit, Annabelle.” I said.

“Promise me first.” Annabelle convinced me.

“Yeah.” I talked and smiled.

“Listen to me.” Annabelle started to convey some stories to me. “Do you remember about rumor? I didn’t do this.”

“If you didn’t do, who did?” I asked to Annabelle curiously.

“I’m not sure Kimi did that.” Annabelle guessed to me. “But I thought a lot, a lot and a lot until I was near to sure about Kimi did this.”

“Why do you think Kimi spread my bad rumor?” I asked to Annabelle. For me, I trusted about Kimi never did this. Kimi was one of the most trusted people.

“I remembered about the days in July.” Kimi tried to tell me. “After I went to Safe House for dancing with DJ Soda, Kimi talked about you. She said about… freak guys who liked to selfie with many booth babes. Kimi had a lot of friends who were booth babes. And she loved to protect them. Looked like you were really freak. Isn’t it?”

“Maybe.” I answered to Annabelle.

“Why did you take many selfies with booth babes?”

“I don’t know.” I answered. “Sometimes I felt alone. I wanted to say with beautiful girls.”

“Really?” Annabelle asked me again and she smiled to me. “OK. I tell you next. Looked like many booth babes who were closed to Kimi knew about you very well.”

Fuck me!

“They talked about you a lot. But… someone told to Kimi about you wasn’t a freak people, but someone said about you was freak. You was unlucky because many booth babes who met Kimi believed Kimi very much. Luckily about… there was only one who didn’t believe you was freak.”

“Who was that?” I asked to Annabelle curiously.

“Pomelo.” Annabelle said “Do you know her?”

Thank’s god… Thank you very much Pomelo who trusted me.

“Yeah.” I answered. “Do you know Pomelo?”

“Yes.” Annabelle answered. “My former best friend. She ever talked about you to me. She said about… someone who is blogger and write about her.”

I smiled to Annabelle.


“Hey!!!” Annabelle told to me. “What are you smiling?”

“Nothing.” I answered.

“Do you love Pomelo?” Annabelle asked me directly.

Um… Actually…

“Annabelle.” I talked to her. “If you met me every 3 months, do you still love me?”


“Maybe.” Annabelle answered. “Or you mean… you didn’t meet her often?”

“Yes.” I answered. “I don’t know she has loved me… I ever told her to add my Facebook, but she didn’t add me. What is this mean?”

Now my heart was really confused. I loved Pomelo and didn’t love Pomelo at same time.

“Camp.” Annabelle said. “Finally do you love her? If you love her but your heart from another side doesn’t love, that means you still love her. If you love her, confess your feeling to her. I recommend you to do this.”

I didn’t confuse my mind. Thank you Annabelle.


At Motor Expo 2015, Impact Challenger, Muang Thong Thani.


“Is Pomelo doing booth babe job at here?” Annabelle asked me when I invited her to go to meet Pomelo at Motor Expo 2015. I and Annabelle were walking to ticket counter.

“Yes. I already knew from Pomelo’s Facebook.” I answered to Annabelle.

“Looks like there are many people at here.” Annabelle said “Oh!!! Look at this!!! Why there are many men who are carrying very big camera?” I saw to many mature men who were carrying professional camera with attaching telescope lens. I knew what they were doing.

“Are they taking car photos?” Annabelle asked me.

“They take car photos only 20%.” I said to Annabelle. “80% they choose to take booth babe photos.”

“Booth babes?” Annabelle suspected my mentioning. “OK! I know.”


Then I and Annabelle queued to ticket counter. In this day was Sunday that was final day of exhibiting Motor Expo 2015. Looked like many men interested this event a lot. Some men carried their camera too take booth babe photos.

“Camp. Look at this.” Annabelle asked me and pointed to that gorgeous girl who had very beautiful shape of boobs, wore golden costume, very sharp chin was walking with photographer who was mature.


Annabelle was dumbfound. Looked like she never found any booth babes in real life. Until I waved my hand to her sight for stopping Annabelle’s dumbfound feeling.

“Annabelle.” I talked to her. “Annabelle.”


“You was dumbfound a lot.” I said to Annabelle. “Was you envious to her?”

“Maybe.” She said. “Her boobs shape is really beautiful. I want about this.”

“But you will be hurt a lot and you must pay your money approximately 60,000 Baht to extend your boob size.” I described about behind the scene of booth babe.

“Really?” Annabelle asked me.

“Actually for me, boob size can’t make my life will be happier. I ever talked to my close friend who was a booth babe that she said the reason to extend her boobs size.”


“For their job.” I answered to Kimi immediately.

That’s really weird.

Then I and Annabelle paid the fee to get the ticket. We entered to the entrance and I still talked about behind the scene of booth babe to Annabelle.

“Looks like this job was same as whore.” Annabelle showed her opinion to me. That was really explicit to tell about this. Actually this job wasn’t same as whore.

“Your opinion is really explicit, Annabelle. Before booth babes got a job, she had to pass the casting qualification first. If that booth babes was hired at small booth, no casting qualification. But if she was very big showroom booth babe, casting qualification is very massive. And… qualification is really fucking strict that you must have thin body, but your boobs must big. Organizer doesn’t know about what boobs are shifted. They interest about what is your boob size.” I described about behind the scene of being booth babe. That wasn’t easy.

“Really madness, Camp.” Annabelle said.

Then we were walking to look exhibition in this event. Today was very crowded. There were many people. Booth babes in this event were really beautiful, beautiful because of plastic surgery, but that was their job. Don’t blame it.

“Looks like I’m more beautiful than her.” Annabelle compared her beauty to that booth babe who was focused from many photographers. “But… I give up that her boobs.”

Annabelle compared her boobs with that booth babe’s boob. Then I said

“Annabelle. Don’t worry much. Let’s seek Pomelo”


I already knew about Pomelo was a booth babe at audio zone. But now I and Annabelle were staying at car manufacturer zone. This zone had many famous booth babes at here. I ever came to Motor Expo since 2013 and this year always was same as 2013. Finally I said…

I really bored.


“Why? What are you boring?” Annabelle asked.

“Same booth babes.” I said.

“I think so.” Annabelle said and we were walking to audio zone. Ah!!! There were many people at here.

15 minutes later.

“Here.” I said to Annabelle when we came to the audio zone. At audio zone, there were booth babes who weren’t gorgeous much. Their boobs looked like very big. They were busty booth babes at here. In this time they were announcing about their product. That pictures I felt bored. This maybe final time to stay at this event.



Pomelo called me. She wore very sexy blue costume. Her face was really beautiful with balanced beauty and she extended boobs size too. She was the last booth babe that she know about me well.




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